12 Long Bob Styles For A More Sophisticated Look

If there’s one hairstyle that has made its way to the top, it’s the long bob. The long bob or lob as most people call it is a longer version of the bob. Usually, this hairstyle is chosen by people who do not want to have super short hair and yet they want to get rid of those long locks. The long bob is the best compromise by having short enough hair, but not too short to make you feel uncomfortable. Check out why it’s the chosen hairstyle of the season!

Why The Long Bob Can Be Your Best Hair Decision

There are many reasons for you to love the long bob. If you’re looking for that extra push to get this most famous hairstyle, here is what you’re missing out without a lob.

1. Light and bouncy hair

First of all, getting rid of very long hair is such a nice feeling. Sure, shorter hair can be hard to style and you might have to wait for months for it to grow back, but it is all worth it. Cutting your hair until your shoulders will already lessen the weight you carry on your head. If you don’t believe it, just ask people who have cut their hair. They will all tell you that they feel lighter and freer once they got rid of those dreadful long and dry hair.


2. Addresses split ends

Once in your life you have experienced every long-haired girl’s nightmare – split ends. Split ends are the worst! Not only are they a sign of unhealthy hair, but they also force you to cut your hair so short. The worst part is that if your split ends have gone up, you have to end up with short hair.

If you’re worried about cutting your hair too short, the long bob is there to save you from committing to a super short cut. The long bob’s length is short enough to get rid of all the split ends, but it’s also long enough to make you feel comfortable. Now you don’t have to be so mad at your hair because you’ve found a compromise!

3. Cool and sophisticated look

Not all hairstyles make you look cool yet sophisticated at the same time. The long bob can give you both and more. This hairstyle allows you to do lots of styles with your hair. You can do a one up, one down style or you can do some balayage techniques to make it more unique. Whatever you do with a lob, it will always remain a classy hairstyle that looks great on girl bosses. This is definitely the style to cop if you want to achieve that highly-respected CEO look but at the same time a fashionista at heart.

4. Versatility

Don’t let the lob fool you. Even if it’s short, there are loads of different things you can do with it. From highlights to ombre, the long bob shows that it’s a lot more versatile than you think.

5. Perfect for all face shapes

Whether you have a heart-shaped face or a round one, there’s a lob style that looks great on you. The long bob style can have many styles under it, so don’t worry about your heart-shaped face. In fact, the layering of a lob depends on the face shape and hair texture you have. Your stylist will recommend you a lob style that suits your features, so don’t worry.


When Is It Time To Get A Haircut?

Not a lot of people are aware of when they should get a haircut. If you didn’t know, your hair should always go through a regular trim so that it gets rid of the dry parts. Plus, a regular trip to the salon will help assess how healthy your hair is or what treatments you should do keep it that way. So when exactly should you get a haircut?

1. When your hair is already flat

One of the major signs that you should get a haircut is if your hair is starting to look flat. Flat hair is a result of using too much hair iron or bad styling. There are right ways to style your hair, but if you do it wrong and often, it’s going to take a toll on your hair. After a month of bad styling, you’ll notice that it’s starting to look more lifeless and dry.

Another reason why your hair gets flat is because of grease. Grease is another main culprit in weighing your hair down so it looks heavy. Grease is not just oil on your hair. Sometimes, it can be a combination of dirt, humidity, and oil which makes your hair look flat. There are people who have naturally greasy hair, so even if you cut it to a lob, it still won’t fix the main issue. Thankfully, there’s what you call dry shampoo. Simply put some on your hair will already absorb all the excess oils.


2. When you have a lot of different colors on it

You can probably relate to having many colors on your hair. You might have put highlights all the time or you shifted from one color to another. You could’ve gone through a lot of bleaching too. If this sounds familiar to you, then your hair might need to take a rest from all the hair coloring.

Take a look at your tips. If you have more than one hair color found in that area, then you might want to consider chopping off that part. This is a good start if you want to transition to a new hair color. With a long bob, you can apply a new hair color especially if your previous color is wearing off at the roots. This is normal because when your hair gets longer, your natural hair comes out again.


3. When you have a lot of split ends

As mentioned earlier, split ends can cause you to cut your hair short. Split ends are often a result of styling, dry or brittle hair, or bad brushing. If you brush your hair when it’s wet, chances are that it can easily break. For some people, dry hair can end up creating a lot of split ends. If you’re going through the same situation, don’t feel bad that you have to chop your long locks. Instead, you should look forward to a new hairstyle to try.


4. When you are done with those long beachy waves

Face it, the long beachy waves style was so 2017! Although a lot of people still want to copy this hairstyle, it’s time for you to move to a different cut. If you’re looking for something new, why not try a haircut that is different from having that much hair?

When you’ve had the long beachy waves for a while, you will start to love having long hair, but if you shift to long bob, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing for so long. The long bob didn’t become popular for no reason, so it’s time to try this trending hairstyle. From Victoria Beckham to Alessandra Ambrosio, the long bob is here to replace the long beachy waves look.


5. When you want to get a haircut but afraid to make the commitment

Again, the long bob is mean to give you a compromise between having short hair but not too short. Most women are reluctant to cut all their hair because it probably took them at least 6 months to grow out. But face it, having very long hair is not the best decision you’ll make if you want to keep your locks healthy and smooth. In fact, having long hair can be quite a commitment too. Imagine all the products you would have to place just so you can clean every section of your hair.

It’s time to switch to a long bob. It’s the perfect medium-length hair that will allow your scalp to feel lighter. Sure, you’ll miss your hair that goes down all the way to your belly, but after a week, you’ll forget it. The long bob will make you feel more comfortable and easy-going on your scalp.


6. When it’s already summer

Sure, long hair looks good on beach photos, but it doesn’t show the reality of managing it under the sun. All those times your neck will be sweating because too much hair is covering it is not really worth it. It’s even so heavy to manage once you go swimming (unless you’re wearing a swimming cap which is rarely the case). Besides, having long hair for the summer is so last season. Most women nowadays opt for shorter hair just so they can feel a lot more comfortable under the sun.

The long bob actually has a dual purpose. It doesn’t just make you feel a lot cooler, but it also prevents going through dry, flat, and tangled hair. If you aren’t aware, heat and humidity can cause your hair to dry or look frizzy. It can also make it look lifeless. To avoid having that hair nightmare, try a long bob even before the summer starts!


10 Styles You Can Do With a Long Bob

There’s a lot of things you can do with a long bob. If you’re looking for some style inspiration, you’re in the right place. Check out these 10 different styles that will make your lob more exciting.

1. Tousled Long Bob

Tousled hair gives you that after-sex look that is so natural. Ironically, even if it looks messy, it does the trick of making you look fashionable. Somehow, the volume it gives to your hair makes you look more natural and blooming as ever. And who doesn’t want to look as if they woke up with sexy hair? If you ever had doubts that a long bob can pull this off, just take a look at these voluminous tousled hairstyles.


2. Go Blonde

There’s a lot of power when you’re a blonde. Take it from Elle Woods – being a blonde gives you that confidence that you can do anything you set your mind into. It might take you more than 3 trips to the salon, but this is going to be a once in a lifetime experience (or more, if you want to stay blonde).  You can also do all sorts of coloring techniques to give your new blonde look a different touch. For example, you can add ash gray highlights or simply go for a balayage coloring technique. With the latter, you can add more than just one dye color.


3. Outrageously Colorful Hair

Who says you should dye your hair with just the natural colors? If your company isn’t strict with hair, then why not try something very different? Step out of your comfort zone by dyeing your hair with a pop of color. Go for bright colors like violet, pink, green, and even blue. Since you’re already chopping off your long locks, why not go the extra mile to dye it in a different color? If you are afraid of the commitment, you can start off by having colorful highlights. In this way, you can get an idea of how different colors match your skin tone. You can also consult your hairstylist for colorful ideas that might suit you.

4. Sleek and Straight

There’s something about the sleek ‘do that makes it a favorite among celebrities and models. Just check out a Vogue magazine and you’ll see a number of women flaunting this hairstyle. One of the reasons why it’s always on models is because it gives a very powerful look that says “don’t mess with me”. Here’s Bella Hadid donning this sleek and straight hairstyle. It makes you feel intimidated, right?

And it’s not just Bella Hadid that gives this powerful look. Check out these sleek long bob hairstyles. You can say that this is the ultimate “girl boss look”.

5. A-Line

You’ve probably seen an A-line haircut before. This haircut simply has a shorter cut at the back of your head and it slowly grows longer the more you go to the side of your face. It mimics an inverted V except that your hair in front can be longer than the rest of your hair. Sometimes, the front section of your hair can be considered medium-length while the back part acts as a short bob.

6. Short and Soft Waves

Just because the long bob is short, doesn’t mean that you can’t curl it. Let these hairstyles prove that you can glam up even with short to medium-length hair. Sure, you won’t get to achieve the Goldilocks hair, but who needs it when you have soft curls perfectly shaping your face?

7. Chopped and Highlighted

Want to get that chopped and highlighted hair most girls have? All you have to do is get a long bob and pick your dye of choice. Simple? Yes it is!

8. More Volume with Layers

The more layers, the more volume. This is what a lot of hairstylists say when you want to get rid of that flat-looking head of hair. Layers are best paired with a balayage coloring technique because the color matches the cut of your hair.

9. Topped with Bangs

Aside from hair color, bangs are one of the biggest commitments you’ll make with your hair. Bangs take a long time to grow out so you should only get them when you’re absolutely sure that it’s what you want. If you’re worried that you won’t like it, you can start out with side bangs first. With this cut, you can still pin it on the side instead of having them all over your face.

10. Salon-Ready Soft Layers

Ever dreamed of having salon-ready hair? You can achieve this by cutting your hair to a lob with layers. Tell your hairstylist that you want to create an illusion that you’ve stepped out of the salon every time and they will give you this voluminous haircut. A trick to get it ready in no time is to air dry it in front of a fan.

11. All Natural Brown Lob

Most people have naturally brown hair. What’s great about this color is it looks good on everyone. Whether you have a cool or a warm skin tone, there’s at least one shade of brown that will look good on you. Choose from these brown shades to match with your new long bob.



12. Warm in Auburn

Fall is coming so it’s time to change your hair color. Give a new dimension of color to your long bob by giving it a reddish-brown hue. If you’ve been wanting to be a redhead for so long, then now is your chance! You can do a burgundy auburn hair color or a light brown auburn mix. You can even try out balayage for this hair color because light bounces perfectly on auburn hair.



More Long Bob Hairstyle Inspirations

Still looking for the perfect lob look? Take a look at these other hairstyles for your next trip to the salon.





Overall, there are so many things you can do with your long bob. What are you waiting for? Book that salon appointment now!


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