250 Rich and Vibrant Auburn Hair Shades – When Brown Meets Red

Various auburn hair shades have been popular for several decades. Throughout the history of their existence, they received several turns of popularity. These days, stylists agree that auburn hair suits women of various ages. Even so, numerous shades of reddish brown are considered classic or even old-fashioned. The final result depends on how well the hair shade matches the color of the eyes and skin of the woman who wears it.

Auburn hair is considered by many to be trivial. This is because its ambiguous reddish notes can highlight one’s flaws. Indeed, you could look older than you are if you pick the wrong shade. That’s why we will put a few guidelines at your disposal that should help you pick the right auburn shade for your appearance type.

The modern interpretation of auburn hair implies beautiful woody notes, as well as chocolate shades. Maybe that’s why this hair color continues to attract young fashionistas. However, auburn is a color based on mixing red, copper, brown and sometimes even purple shades. Due to all these shades, reddish-brown cannot be classified as being a cold or warm color. From bright auburn shades, to chocolate shades with a slight tint of red, the available array is quite wide.

As it follows, we will present a few auburn hair shades, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as guidelines that will help you pick the new color of your hair with ease. Also, you can gaze at 250 photos of women with auburn hair, all different in shade.

Auburn Hair – General Considerations

Auburn is a word that sounds pompous, luxurious and why not, exotic. It expresses a rich and vibrant color, characterized by the combination of red and brown. Moreover, it is considered among the most popular hair colors in the world. This is not only because it looks beautiful and bright, but also because it is not flashy enough to attract the attention of others. In other words, it is a bright color that retains its elegance.

Auburn is a hair shade created specifically for those of you who want to experiment with their hair color without indulging in outrageous fashion trends. Some hairstylists would say it is suitable for women who prefer a classic look. However, just because you want a hair color closer to natural shades, this doesn’t mean you can’t be daring with the undertones. Not defiant or very bright, auburn hair looks beautiful and expensive.

Before deciding on a hair color change, it is important to understand which of the auburn shades suit you. Whether the chosen shade matches your skin tone and eye color is crucial for your upcoming hair transformation!

A Personal Shade of Auburn

The only prerequisite for auburn hair is light skin. The reason why is simple. In combination with dark skin, a bright shade of auburn can highlight the redness of your face or, on the contrary, it can confer a grayish and sickish face color. Even so, various auburn shades look good on both light and dark natural hair. As for the eye color, a dark shade emphasizes the deepness of your eyes, while a light color can confer a nice glow. Moreover, stylists recommend auburn hair to Winter and Summer appearance types. The Spring and Autumn types could have a harder time identifying the right shade. This is because the main undertone must be chosen carefully.

Girls with a dark skin tone, hair and eyes need to look for alternatives to fiery auburn shades. Usually, such women look best with hair shades characterized by a predominance of brown and dark tones.

When it comes to dyeing your hair, you need to focus on natural shades that are in harmony with your natural hair color. For example, women with dark brown hair and brunettes cannot try light tones from the red palette. This is because their hair is too dark. So, copper and red shades are only available for women with light hair or for those who decide to bleach their hair.

However, brunettes can choose the classic auburn shade. It is a very rich and bright color that will not leave anyone indifferent. The brown undertone is a great addition to the color itself. For women with a light skin tone, such coloring may seem too gloomy. This is because it may not be in harmony with the rest of your appearance characteristics.


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No matter how confident you are in your sense of style and taste, you should consult a professional colorist before dyeing your hair. He or she gives advice based on your appearance, skin tone and other nuances that are important when choosing a hair shade. Most hairdressers recommend a hair color that is two shades darker or two shades lighter than the base.

Shades of Auburn Hair

Auburn is a common name for a whole group of hair shades, which may be based on different tones. The main tone is typically selected by the stylist, based on features such as appearance types and goals client’s goals.

Chestnut Auburn

Chestnut auburn is the calmest auburn shade. It does not look as bright as the rest. Even so, it would allow you to achieve your goal, namely to confer your strands a deep, reddish ting. The chocolate-chestnut note makes this hair color look less flashy.

Auburn’s Reddish Notes

At the heart of this shade of hair is a red tone, which is softened by subtle, wooden accents. The result turns out bright and interesting. It is an unusual color that immediately catches the eye.

Notes of Copper Added to Brown

The solution for women with a warm skin tone is a brown hair color with a coppery note. It balances the coldness from the red color with the color of your skin and eyes, conferring a magical result. Also, it is an organic color that looks stylish especially in combination with fair skin and dark eyes.

Bright Auburn Hair

Those of you who like to attract the attention of others should appreciate bright auburn hair. This is because it looks ultra-bright, it is always in fashion, it emphasizes a special style and allows you to always feel great when you’re in the spotlight.

Brown With Notes of Purple

The purple undertone immediately turns the usual auburn color into a fashion trend. This is because purple colors and all lilac shades are at their popularity peak. So, purple brown is a very cool and stylish variation, which may require a change of wardrobe.

Red Chestnut

Red chestnut is a hair color characterized by mostly red shades. During sunny days, such hair color looks very bright and luminous. This is one of the reasons why red chestnut is considered a chameleon color. Under artificial light or weak sunlight, red chestnut looks more like chestnut. Conversely, under direct sunlight, this color looks like amber.

Red Chocolate

Red chocolate is an auburn shade with chameleon properties as well. Girls with freckles, green or amber eyes should be especially careful with this hair color. Moreover, it is a color that successfully camouflages unsuccessful dye jobs done previously.


Reddish-brown is not the most provocative hair color. Even so, it is suitable for women of all ages, as well as skin tone. This is because reddish-brown is a neutral color. When worn right, it creates a charming and noble aura around the woman.

Cold Shades of Auburn Hair

The cold auburn shades available for hair dyeing are refined and not conspicuous. Moreover, they don’t emphasize wrinkles and they are a perfect choice for ladies with gray hair. Depending on preferences and needs, the colorist can make red to be the predominant color, or, conversely, brown.

Frosty Chestnut

Frosty chestnut is a dark hair shade with interesting, reddish reflections. Suitable for women with cold skin tones, this hair color flatters girls with light eye colors, such as gray, blue and green. Conversely, girls with warm skin tones would look exhausted and generally not good with this hair color.

Dyeing Techniques Compatible With Auburn Hair

You can experiment not only with a specific shade from the rich auburn palette, but also choose one of the many coloring options. In this way, you could emphasize the beauty of color, as well as confer your hair more volume. Also, various hair dyeing techniques are useful when trying to mask certain minor imperfections in appearance.

The Ombre Effect

Stunning results can be achieved using the ombre technique. The latter involves a gentle, inconspicuous transition from one shade to another. As a rule, the tips become bright, and the roots remain either the original color, or they are dyed in a more neutral shade.

The classic style of ombre dyeing is the creation of a smooth transition of two shades from one to another. It is widely believed that such a transition looks the most natural. Best of all, an ombre with a transition to auburn is suitable specifically for owners of dark hair.

Applying the ombre technique at home is actually not hard. One of the reasons is because you don’t have to change the color of your entire mane. The hair dye should only be applied to the ends of the hair, which should be the brightest. In addition, between the roots and the tips, there must be a transition area characterized by smoothness.

Add Auburn Highlights

Bright contrasting locks can revive any hairstyle. So, the combination of dark hair shades and bright red highlights is successful. You can choose to add highlights in your bangs or in the strands that frame your face. Regardless of how you choose to highlight your hair, remember that red looks attractive only on healthy, clean and well-groomed locks.

Balayage on Dark Hair

In case you haven’t heard of balayage, you must know it is a hair-dyeing technique that confers a very natural look. The highlighted strands look like they were discolored by the sun, not bleached with the help of chemical products. In other words, you can try auburn highlights done with the balayage technique and enjoy the naturalness effect.

Maintain Your Perfect Auburn Hair

Any hair dye, being it permanent or not, washes off after a while. In this regard, special care is necessary in order to ensure a long lasting hair color. Regardless if you dye your hair by yourself or you seek professional services, you must ensure that your auburn hair color doesn’t loose its brightness. To do so, we recommend a few basic rules for you to follow:

  • Before dyeing your hair in the selected color, make sure it is healthy and there are no other serious problems. If everything is in order, then pick resistant dyes. They have a stronger and long-lasting effect;
  • If your hair is not strong enough, it is damaged or weakened, you should choose a more gentle dye that does not contain ammonia;
  • After dyeing your hair, you need to take care of it with specialized products selected for colored hair, namely shampoos, conditioners and masks. The required products can be found online or in specialized stores, as well as supermarkets;
  • You shouldn’t use shampoo for dyed hair only. Pay attention to moisturizing and nourishing the hair structure as well;
  • After coloring your hair in an auburn shade, you can also try hair lamination. This is a popular hair procedure that can be done at home or in salons. The result is well-groomed, thick and beautiful hair with a restored surface. Also, the dye absorbed in the structure of the hair is sealed;

Further Care for Your Auburn Hair

  • Dyed hair is damaged from the start. That’s why you should try not to expose it under direct sunlight. The strong, ultraviolet rays destroys the structure of your strands and discolors your hair. If you really need to be outdoors, then use a special hair spray with UV protection;
  • Try not to wash your hair for a few days after dyeing it. This will allow the coloring components to better fix in the structure of your hair;
  • Keep in mind that weak, damaged hair doesn’t retain as many dye pigments as healthy hair does. So, make sure your hair is in best shape at all times;
  • Pool water containing strong reagents, such as bleach, has a negative effect on dyed hair. Moreover, the steam and high temperature from the sauna is also harmful for the hair. That’s why you should try and protect your strands from such exposures. You can do so by covering your hair with a bath hat or a towel;
  • Using professional hair products, including professional hair dye, increases your changes of wearing bright auburn hair for a longer period of time;
  • When you wash your hair, make sure to use warm water, not hot water. If the water is hot, then the pigment from your hair will wash off easier and faster. For the same reason we recommend using thermal protection sprays before styling your hair.
  • In case of auburn, various tinting shampoos are not recommended. Red is a tricky shade to work with.

Match Auburn Hair With Your Clothes

If there is more red than brown in your hair and your face has a warm, yellowish tone, then this is your color scheme.

Auburn hair camouflages the imperfections of many women’s figures quite well. It confers brightness and adds a touch of majestic in your look. Moreover, you can combine it with woolen things, silk blouses and cotton products. Evening dresses look great in combination with this royal hair shade.

Dark orange is a shade that complements the auburn tone. So, you can wear a suede cropped jacked over a dress. You can choose gloves, shoes and a handbag of the same color to match with your hair.

A green tea hue refreshes and soothes when combined with the main tone. For example, you can use it in jewelry and other accessories such as scarfs and headbands.

A complex, dark and multi-faceted tone can be combined with multiple other shades. Classical pars are black, white, gray, silver, beige, brown and dark blue. Moreover, combinations with yellow, red, pink and green leave a vivid impression.

More Auburn Hair Shades

Auburn hair doesn’t represent just one hair color. Fortunately, there are numerous hair shades that fall in this category. As mentioned before, some of them are predominantly red, while others are predominantly brown. The way you pick them should be based on your appearance type, as well as on fashion trends if you care for them. In this regard, there was no single similar shade of auburn in the pictures contained in this article so far and there will be none as it follows either. The purpose of sharing so many photos is to highlight the diversity of the nuances, as well as to present various appearance types. Also, in this way you can see if a certain auburn shade matches the tone of your skin or the color of your eyes just by looking at pictures.

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