18 Great Ideas for Fabulous Blonde Highlights

Everyone’s familiar with Rachel Green from Friends. Aside from Jennifer Aniston’s superb performance, Rachel is known for having the perfect blonde highlights that complimented her outfits. If you’ve been inspired to get those blonde highlights just by looking at Jennifer Aniston, then welcome to the club. The truth is, a lot of women are now eyeing that famous hairstyle.

What Are Highlights?

Most people mistake highlights for the streaks of blonde over dark blonde or brown hair. However, those aren’t what you call highlights. Highlights or highlighting is a coloring technique that uses smaller sections of the hair for applying a lighter dye. For example, if you have dark blonde hair, then the dye that will be placed on you are blonde.

The traditional way of getting highlights is through the use of aluminum foils. The foils are used to separate sections of hair. The section to be highlighted is placed on top of the foil then painted on.

Things to Consider When Getting Highlights

Highlights are never out of season, but before you get into those lighter shades, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Here are the five things you need to consider before getting blonde highlights.

1. Your hair’s health

The first thing you should consider when getting highlights (or any hairstyle for that matter) is your hair’s health. If your hair is already dry and frizzy, getting a new hair color might not be the best thing to do. In fact, a lot of artificial hair products cause your hair to look more damaged than it is. If your hair is going through tough times now, make sure to give it time to recover.

Most of the time, hair colorists recommend that you give your hair some TLC a month before you get a new hair color. During this time, brush up on the hair moisturizers and the dry shampoos that you need in order to bring your hair back to life. Doing so will help you have stronger strands that can hold the dye together.

2. Your skin tone

The second thing you have to consider is your skin tone. There are two types of skin tone colors – warm and cool. Warm colors are those who often get a “bronze” effect once they get a tan. You will notice that their undertone is yellowish or brown. On the other hand, cool skin tones are those who are fair. They don’t easily get a tan no matter how long they stay under the sun. Instead, they get a little darker (minus the bronze effect) and get a little pinkish.

If you plan on having blonde highlights, then it’s best to pick a shade that suits your skin tone. For this, you can always consult your colorist on the different shades of blonde. If you have cooler skin tones, they might suggest adding platinum white or ash gray as highlights on top of your blonde hair. They can also suggest having strawberry blonde highlights if you have a warmer skin tone.

3. Your budget

Another important thing to consider is your budget. On average, blonde highlights can cost anywhere from $75 to $300. It will depend on the dye, the hair length, the number of colors you’ll add and other factors. Most of the time, salons charge higher if their branch is situated in the heart of the city or high foot traffic areas. If you plan to get blonde highlights, it’s always best to do a little research before heading to the salon.

When you think about your budget, don’t forget to consider the touch-ups that you have to do and the time you can shell out going to and from the salon. These things have costs as well, and if you are unable to maintain highlights, it’s best to stick to lowlights or a more affordable hairstyle.

4. Your lifestyle

An overlooked factor in deciding the kind of hair color to choose is your lifestyle. Why is this important? If you’re having hair problems, one of the reasons why your hair is the way it is is because of your grooming lifestyle and where your hair is exposed to. It may not seem obvious, but those who are always styling their hair end up with flat and lifeless hair. If you’re also in the habit of bleaching your hair from time to time, you will notice that your strands will start to look dry and frizzy.

5. Your hair colorist

Lastly, a big part of what you should think about is your hair colorist. Even if you have healthy hair, your blonde highlights experience could end badly if you are not going to an experienced hair colorist. Sure, you can always do DIY, but if you plan on doing this style right, make sure that you see a professional. After all, it’s better to get an expert on these things than end up with having disastrous hair that you have to bare every time.

Highlights vs. Lowlights

Nowadays, there’s another type of highlighting that is similar to the traditional highlights. It’s called lowlights. Lowlights use dyes that are darker than your natural hair color. It is the opposite of highlights where you choose a lighter shade. Lowlights are often used to add more depth and dimension to the hair. Depending on the colors, lowlights can have a more subtle effect.

When should you use highlights or lowlights?

Aside from adding depth to your hair lowlights, can also be your savior if you have highlights gone wrong. Lowlights can cover up hair disasters like very light dyes or bleaching gone wrong. It can also help you get your natural hair color back by mixing the lighter dyes with a darker shade.

Another reason to use lowlights is if you want a low-maintenance style. Unlike highlights where you have to do touch-ups every 2-4 months, lowlights can be done once or twice. Of course, these all depend on how well your hair holds onto the dyes. If your hair strands naturally absorb the dye, then your touch-ups can be reduced to 2-3 sessions.

FAQs on Getting Blonde Highlights

Still a highlights newbie? Don’t worry, here are the most frequently asked questions for those who are curious about having their first blonde highlights.

1. What kind of highlights works well with black hair?

If you think about it, blonde is contrasting with black hair. Usually, hair colorists will recommend that you either lighten the base color of your hair or choose a shade of blonde that is darker. However, if you just want to have a metallic look for highlights, copper highlights work well with black hair.

For those who have dark brown hair, it’s a lot easier to find a blonde shade to use for your highlights. If you want it to be more subtle, you can choose to have blonde auburn highlights instead.

2. What’s the best way to treat highlighted hair?

Too much styling and bleaching can cause your hair to be dry and damaged. If you’re already at this point, then it’s always best to go to a hairstylist for a consultation. Depending on your hair needs, they will recommend certain products like a conditioner or a hair mask or even treatment. On the other hand, if you just noticed your hair drying up after getting highlights, use a deep conditioner once a week or go through some hot oil.

3. Should I use a color-safe conditioner?

When you get blonde highlights (or any kind of hair color for that matter), it is imperative that you use conditioner. A conditioner will help you retain your hair’s volume and life because some hair products can be too strong for your strands to handle. As much as possible, choose a conditioner that is sulfate-free so it’s gentle on your hair. When it comes to color-safe conditioner, it is not necessary for colored hair since most conditioners can already do the job. Nonetheless, a color-safe conditioner will help keep the dye intact. If you want to protect your highlights from fading, a color-safe conditioner should be used.

4. How do I maintain blonde highlights?

Not all hair is the same, but when it comes to blonde highlights, there are a few hair care tips that you should not forget. The first one is to wash your hair less. Washing your hair all the time will be the primary reason as to why your highlights will fade. If you can’t skip shampooing because your hair gets oily, it’s better to use dry shampoo instead. When you choose a shampoo, make sure that it is also for blonde hair. In this way, you can maintain the color better as opposed to using regular shampoo.

It also helps if you rinse your hair with cold water. Cold water can help close the cuticles while locking in the nutrients in your scalp. Besides, showering with hot water can damage your hair even further. If you want to add more shine, you can also use a shine spray once your hair is dry.


Ideas For Blonde Highlights Whatever Your Hair Color And Length

There are many ways to incorporate a bit of blonde-ness into your hairstyle even if you have dark hair. In fact, blonde highlights always look great, because they make your hair look sun-kissed and a bit sparkly as well. Blonde highlights also work even during the cooler months because a little bit of sunshine is always a good idea!

Here are great ideas for stylish blonde highlights.

Subtle Highlights For Blondes

Even if you have blonde hair, you can still adopt blonde highlights. You can try a shade that is lighter and brighter than your base color. It will be very subtle, but it will definitely give your hair some lift. Thus, this is a great idea for blondes whose hair appears a little dull. This look goes well with an edgy haircut.

Blonde Highlights For Dark Brown Hair

Very dark hair with light blonde highlights has that very beachy, summer vibe. The highlights brighten up the hair and on wavy hair, the hairstyle looks sun-kissed. This is a classic summer look with that bohemian feel to it.

Blonde Ombré

This look starts off with a dark-to-light-brown ombré and some blonde highlights added to the look. There is a bit more blonde color compared to usual highlights but it does create a bold statement. This is a beautiful look for those looking for a transformation.

Blonde Highlights For The Short Bob

Every once in awhile, you might want a drastic new look. Cut those long locks and embrace a new bob with blonde highlights. Very light blonde ones will really stand out against dark brown hair. It looks like the sun shining on your hair even on the coldest and grayest of days.

Glam Caramel Blonde Highlights

This look retains most of the base color while adding the right blonde highlights towards the ends and the sides so that the hair framing the face looks significantly brighter than the rest of the hair. This is a gorgeous look that is eye-catching and glamorous.

Champagne Blonde

This look is as close to a natural blonde as you can be. The roots are light brown with champagne blonde highlights that seem the lightest at the topmost layer of your hair. This color is bright and still natural-looking, although you can choose a different shade for a more subtle look.

Icy Blonde Highlights

This multi-tone look creates so much dimension, transforming a dull hairstyle into a social media-worthy one. To create this style, two kinds of highlights are added to dark hair, one light blonde and the other icy blonde. The former is more subtle but the icy blonde will really add drama. The end effect is hair with contrasting colors.

Stylish Highlighted Bob

This is another great idea for those with short hair, especially for those who want a low-maintenance look. The darker roots are paired with blonde highlights towards the ends, creating texture on an otherwise flat hairstyle.

Warm Blonde Highlights

This is a good idea for those who are not really interested in adding too much blonde to their look. Warm blonde and caramel highlights will soften a darker brown base, without transforming them into blondes. Still, the hair looks much lighter and the shades still look natural while adding texture as well.

Honey Blonde Highlights

Most highlights tend to be lighter towards the ends, but this look deviates from that. The honey blonde highlights are lighter around the eye level, going darker as they reach the ends of the hair. The highlights are also more subtle, just enough to make the hair look sun-kissed.

Trendy Angle Cut With Blonde Highlights

Light brown hair with a trendy angle cut will look great with some blonde highlights. This is a good idea for those with wavy hair, as the highlights will make the hair shine. With the angled cut (longer at the front and shorter at the back), this is what you need for a complete hair transformation.

Light And Honey Blonde Highlights

A multi-tone look is a great option for those with very dark brown hair. With some honey and light blonde highlights, you can lighten up your hair a little bit without having to go blonde. The combination of various shades mixes together to create a natural-looking hairstyle that’s perfect for the summer.

Highlights For Short, Thin Hair

A layered bob is a good way to add texture to otherwise flat or thin hair. In order to add volume, you can also get blonde highlights that will contrast against the dark base. You can also use various shades of blonde for an edgier look.

Ash Blonde

This trendy look can be easily achieved by getting ash blonde highlights against a dark brown base color. It matches various hairstyles, from wavy to straight hair, short or long.

Dark Caramel Highlights

This is another subtle highlight color for those with medium brown hair. The dark caramel highlights will not pop out too much from the base color and instead, creates a sun-kissed look. It is not the boldest, but it is still a gorgeous look.

Light Blonde Ombré

This ombré look creates a statement, no matter what the root color is. The blonde gets lighter towards the edges until it goes up to ash blonde at the tips.

Bold And Bright Highlights

This is not like other looks, wherein the highlights are meant to blend in with the other shades. Instead, the bright blonde is meant to stand out, for an edgy and trendy hairstyle. If the very bright blonde highlights are not your thing, a different shade will work.

Platinum Blonde Highlights

The blonde highlights are much lighter compared to others, but this is meant to create a striking look that will catch everyone’s attention.

These are some ideas for incorporating some blondeness into your current look or a new hairstyle, even if just to catch a little bit of the fun that blondes always have.


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