120 Blonde Ombre Combinations With Natural and Rainbow Colors

Blonde ombre is perhaps the most popular of all ombre types. And if you think about it, it makes total sense. Since the technique itself consists in making a gradient transition from dark to light colors. Most women who try the blonde ombre are brunettes or have brown hair. These colors combine nicely with various shades of blonde. However, starting with a blonde ombre, you can transition to natural colors or to less conservative colors such as pink, blue, green and so on.

In this article, we will talk about the ombre hair dyeing technique, who should and shouldn’t try it, as well as how you can combine it with various other shades. There are multiple types of ombre, even if we are talking about the blonde range. In addition, there is a huge collection of pictures waiting for you to browse through. The visual approach is much more effective when you are looking for a certain style.

The Classic Blonde Ombre Style

The first option we want to tell you about is the classic ombre. This is the most sought after and most beautiful color combination from the ombre hair color line. It is chosen by Hollywood stars and the most luxurious women of fashion in the world. This is because it combines many advantages and bright stylish accents.

Among the pros are the natural look that emphasizes the beauty of a woman. The color depth and the transition of colors add density to a woman’s hair. In addition, it generates a gentle intrigue among others. It also advantageously sets off the complexion, making it brighter. Moreover, such a hair coloring technique does not require frequent touch ups. Professional hairdressers recommend a once in a six months retouch.

The Cyclical Return of a Universal Style

As you know, fashion is cyclical and everything returns. The same thing happened with ombre hair. We used to call this color “vintage highlighting”. However, back then, few people were ready for it. This is because over-grown dark roots were considered untidy and not well-groomed. Fortunately, the time when this sort of look was unacceptable has ended. Even so, we can’t say that women of all age categories choose this hairstyle.

For one reason or the other, blonde ombre hair is appealing to teen girls and young women. Mature women don’t seem to give preference to this particular hair dyeing technique. That’s not logical at all, because it would look great regardless of age.

With teen girls and young women, things are a bit different. They don’t need extra makeup to match their hair since they already look fresh and beautiful without additional manipulations. Also, their look is enhanced by the naturalness of the classic ombre. This is because that color looks as if it was created by nature itself. It adds coquetry and tenderness to one’s look.

The Ponytail Effect

One type of blonde ombre that looks natural is that which follows the ponytail rules. In other words, the hair color will change from the ponytail’s level towards the ends. This procedure might seem weird to you, but stylists are trying to obtain a natural effect with it. Just as the sun would discolor the hair from the ponytail, the hairdresser uses bleach to lighten the hair.

As a rule, bangs are not included in the ponytail. So, the sun ray’s would brighten it from all sides. However, when the bangs are missing, the dyeing continues with the secured hair only. This is why some women have blonde strands of hair that frame their faces and some don’t. Sarah Jessica Parker is an example in this regard. Her frontal hair strands are lighter from the roots to the ends.

Vintage Ombre Considerations

Vintage ombre is when the effect of overgrown roots is created. The transition from light tips to darker roots should be smooth. There is a thin line where the light color slowly fades and turns into a saturated dark one. To make such a transition, you need a very subtle sense of the brush and a lot of experience in highlighting hair. Moreover, this option is suitable for short, long and medium hair.

The Transverse Ombre Hair

This hair coloring type can be observed on Sandra Bullock’s hair. It is not highlighted as if it was burnt by the sun. At first glace, she only has dark roots and slightly lighter ends. However, if you look closely, there is still a transition made from the dark brown shade to the dark blonde shade of her tips. In fact, her hair color is a combination of three shades, namely cold ash brown, saturated gold and gold-copper tips.

Blonde Ombre on Dark vs. on Light Hair

There is a difference in how blonde ombre looks on dark hair and on light hair. First, brunettes can enjoy a striking color contrast, which cannot be said about the blondes. When dark and maximum light tones are combined, the result is impressive, bright and stylish. On the other hand, the result of combining light shades with lighter shades is more delicate and less contrasting. Even so, the ombre effect will not go unnoticed.

The Advantages of Blonde Ombre on Dark Hair

  • Great way to be more trendy;
  • You can create varied looks;
  • Luxurious color transitions;
  • There is no need for frequent root retouch;
  • Brunettes enjoy a less radical color change;
  • Suitable for all types of hair;
  • An ideal choice for women who only desire a partial hair color change;
  • It involves a gentle bleaching procedure;
  • It can be done on all hair lengths;
  • This technique can serve as natural contouring;

Popular Blonde Ombre Types

Except the classic blonde ombre about which we’re already talked about, there are a few more types worth mentioning:

Sharp Ombre – The difference is the flow of shades with a precisely established border.

Colored Ombre – Peerless execution to embody the image of eccentricity. Brilliant colors for tips are used. Harmonious combination with the top of the head.

Clear Border – It is an eccentric and intricate variety, where the black color and the bright blonde are often combined.

Multidimensional Ombre – It involves a variation tones. The result is a unique architectural color that creates airiness.

Bohemian Blonde – A blurry-smooth flow from the roots to white-contrasting tips. Stacked simply, carelessly and gently.

Tortoise Shell Hair – It is a rather polysyllabic option using a large palette of shades. The main direction is an amazing combination of tones.

Super Natural – An elegant variety that does not provide bright color accents. Gentle soft and glaring subrogations are performed.

Ash Beige and Ash Brown Ombre

For this, perhaps the most noble version of the ash-ombre, cold beige and light brown shades with an ash tint are used. Many Hollywood beauties have already chosen this exquisite color for themselves.

Silver-ash ombre looks especially beautiful on black hair. Properly executed ash-silver ombre has a very clean and light silver tint, as in the previously fashioned salt-pepper coloring.

Blonde Ombre With Romantic Babylights

The so-called baby hair shine is one of the most feminine and romantic options for coloring in the style of ombre. The fashionable trend of romance and youthful freshness is perfectly reflected in this cute ombre style, which has been very popular in Hollywood for several years.

The effect of baby hair naturally burnt out over the summer is the basis of this type of dyeing. Of course, the effect of “sunny kisses” is somewhat exaggerated. But, at the same time, the light shade does not go too far beyond the natural color spectrum. It elegantly emphasizes the effect of naturally burnt locks.


130 Ombre Hair Variations for Gradual Contrasting Color Choices

Icy-Blonde Ombre – Ice Blonde With Ombre Roots

Ice or platinum blondes are luxurious, feminine, attractive. For many centuries, many owners of dark hair have been dreaming of this color. However, to maintain your hair healthy after such color change, you must use natural oils or special products. Moreover, this combination of colors will add glamour to your look, as well as make your eyes more vibrant and expressive.

Striped Ombre on Dark Hair

The name of this non-standard type of ombre speaks for itself. Contrasting light strands look very impressive on dark hair and confer brightness and conciseness.

Blonde Asymmetric Ombre

A familiar haircut will sparkle with completely new colors and take on a fashionable look if we complement it with trendy asymmetric dyeing in the ombre style.

The Solar Ombre

The so-called solar ombre or the “solar illumination of strands” can be performed using a variety of dyeing techniques. Its main advantages are the effect of warm sunlight and shininess.

For a solar illumination of the strands, warm light shades in golden-wheat and golden-honey colors are most often used. Golden flowing strands will give your hair a summer lightness and sunshine and will make your look joyful, fresh and very attractive.

Delicate Caramel Blonde on Your Hair

The caramel ombre is considered extraordinarily beautiful and elegant. It is a godsend for romantic and sophisticated women. Moreover, this gentle gradation from dark chestnut to soft caramel shades will make you look chic, mysterious and have incredible appeal.

Other Types of Ombre Hairstyles

Starting with a blonde base, you can try multiple other types of ombre. In this regard, there are numerous semi-permanent colors that you can try. Moreover, the more you try, the better you will know what shades suit you!

The Berry Ombre

The berry ombre looks fresh and juicy. It can attract confident brunettes who may or may not have a deeper connection with nature. Saturated shades of blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and cherry generate a memorable combination of colors.

Burgundy Ombre Style

The juicy and rich burgundy wine color will undoubtedly add a striking touch to any blonde or brunette. However, you must keep in mind that this hair color dictates a certain style of clothing. So, you would have to be very careful when you choose your wardrobe.

Such a coloring style can look luxurious if you take care of the shine and healthy appearance of your hair. Furthermore, it is recommended to use professional oils and serums before or after styling.

Amber Honey Ombre

If you need to get a powerful positive charge and improve your mood, then pay attention to the optimistic and bright amber honey ombre. Dark hair with a brown tint is an ideal basis for such dyeing. Amber is a symbol of joy and happiness, therefore this magnificent ombre will certainly please not only you, but also those around you.

Mahogany Ombre Type

Among the variety of colors used in ombre coloring, the Mahogany color takes its rightful place. The color of the mahogany is brownish, with a pleasant, unobtrusive and muted reddish tint.

In nature, this hair color is extremely rare, but hairdressers have long noticed how this exquisite shade can ennoble brown and dark brown hair. The shade of mahogany will confer more softness, warmth and charm.

Another interesting version of the ombre mahogany is made in the form of separate contrasting strands at the ends of straight hair or along the contour of a cascading haircut.

Ginger and Red Shades Ombre

Another fantastically vivid version of the ombre is a fiery copper, red ombre. With such hair color, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Even if you will be dressed casually, your appearance will be quite flashy. So, if you don’t mind being in the center of attention, give this ombre type a try!

If you have a bright and passionate nature, but you do not like warm red colors, stylists advise you to pay attention to the fashionable cold red-berry shades, which are also very relevant this season.

Blonde Ombre Combined With Fun Colors

Cheerful and charismatic young women can afford the most vivid and bold colors. These include all the colors of the rainbow, pastels and other fun hues. The choice of colors depends on your desire, style of clothing, occupation and lifestyle.

Please do not forget that any bright and extravagant coloring attracts increased attention to your hair, so they should look perfect. In addition, you might want to pay attention to the spectacular pastel pink ombre. It comes in a wide variety of shades of pink, from lilac to cyclamen. The main characteristic of this ombre type is that the pink colors are muffled and look as if a little powdered. However, powdery ombre with a subtle pinkish-lilac shimmer is a clear favorite of this season.

Blonde Ombre for Short and Medium Hair

If you have short or medium dark hair, then a blonde ombre will certainly give a new charm to your haircut. The ombre will help emphasize the most attractive facial features and give new fashionable accents to your familiar look. Moreover, the hair dyeing doesn’t have to be symmetrical, so the length of your hair isn’t important. However, only an experienced hairstylist would know how and where to apply the bleach or the hair dye in order to obtain the desired effect. So, don’t let the length of your hair hold you back from trying a blonde ombre or other color combinations!

If obtaining the ombre effect on long hair doesn’t look difficult to you, it sure is on shorter hair. This is because the stylist will have to identify which areas to highlight and which not. And, he or she will have to consider not only your physical characteristics, but also the length of your hair. So, don’t try to dye your hair by yourself!

Are Your Ready for a Blonde Ombre?

Now that you know exactly what ombre means and how it’s done, you should also know if you are ready. As you have read, there are many, many types of blonde ombre. So, there must be one type that appeals you the most or that suits you the most. Since this technique is not very damaging to your hair and it doesn’t need frequent retouches, it sounds ideal! However, there is no possible way to know before you try it!

Perhaps the next step you should take after deciding on an ombre type is to look for a specialist colorist. This step is as important as picking the ombre style that you like. Without someone experienced in this hair dyeing technique, the results are not guaranteed. So, make sure to do your research well before making a color change of your hair. Previously discuss the details in case you don’t know him or her. You might find out clues about the hairdresser’s experience in this field of work. The looks of your hair should be taken seriously!

Did you find the perfect shade of blonde yet? If so, don’t hesitate to share your finding with us in the comments below! Many fashionistas are curious about your choices and preferences! We can join forces and discover more tips and tricks when it comes to hair dyeing in general and ombre in particular. How about maintenance? Is there a magical product that keeps the colors lively and shiny all the time?

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