125 New and Old Bob Hairstyles – The Return of a Classic Haircut

It is practical, easy to maintain and insanely hip – we are talking about the most casual hairstyle on the planet: the bob. As it follows, we will tell you why this hairstyle is always in vogue and what bob hairstyles are available for you to try.

Whether you opt for a long bob, a shaggy bob, a baby bob, an A line bob or a wavy bob, this medium-length cut is and remains a classic. Even so, it’s so versatile that it changes a little every year, so you must take a look at the following 100+ bob types!

As a bonus, we will also tell you how to make a faux bob. There are certainly long haired women out there who don’t want to cut their hair, but they would love to sport a bob hairstyle.

What is a Bob?

The bob is a straight-cut short hairstyle in which the hair reaches as far as the earlobe, or just below or above it. What makes the bob so special? With its clear lines, it gives a woman instant strength. The final look stands for independence and self-confidence. There is no wonder that women like Cleopatra or Coco Chanel made it famous.

Bob hairstyles are not only great as transition hairstyles. They are so versatile that they can be adapted for every face shape. Furthermore, they can also be cut successfully regardless of hair texture. In other words, there is a perfect bob for every woman. Whether it’s medium-length, short, with or without bangs, parted on a side or in the middle, asymmetric or blunt, you will definitely find your favorite! In addition, we will tell you which bob hairstyles flatter your face shape and how to style your hair optimally!

The Bob Haircut – A Sign of Emancipation

In the 1920’s, the bob became a trendy hairstyle. Women around the globe were tired of having to comply with the then existing images of femininity. Thus, the first wave of emancipation started rolling. And, with it, came short haircuts. At that time, they were considered unfeminine. So, when emancipated women started to cut their hair radically, the 20’s bob was born. The latter was characterized by a short length, at about the level of the earlobes. In addition, there was also an accurate, straight bang involved.

Later on, during the 1960’s, the bob made its comeback. What triggered this trend once more was the youth movement of the swinging 60’s. Compared with other long hairstyles that were fashionable at that time, the bob was easy to clean. In other words, women had more time for the important things in life. They were not sitting in front of the mirror for hours anymore.

Bob Hairstyles – A Haircut With Many Faces

Why does the bob always seem to be trendy? Because it always reinvents itself. These days, there are so many bob haircut types that it is difficult to decide on one. Moreover, they are incredibly variable and suitable for all ages, hair types and face shapes. Whether you have straight or curly hair, work on a creative or conservative job, are young or old, there is always the right type of bob for you. Designers and stars have discovered the versatility of this hairstyle for a long time.

So, if you want to be careful, you can start with a shoulder-length bob. Conversely, graphic bob haircuts, such as the blunt bob or pageboy might tickle your interest. Or, a particularly cool option is the choppy bob. The latter loses its precise line and confers a messy look. Wavy or curly bobs, as well as A line or asymmetrical bobs are among the options too.

Bob Cuts Variations Suitable for Every Woman

In order to style your hair easily and for it to perfectly frame your face, you first need to choose the proper cut. So, let’s see what types of bob haircuts are available!

The Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is characterized by a blunt cutting technique without thinning and gradations. Moreover, it is particularly suitable for straight hair and for a slightly wider face shape. Typically, these bob hairstyles are cut without bangs and worn with a center parting either smooth or wavy. This cutting technique gives especially fine hair an immediate volume boost.

The French Bob

The French bob shines with the typical nonchalance of French women. It is cut short, with the tips reaching the chin. Instead of being cut at an angle, it is cut horizontally, on a straight line. In other words, it is similar to the blunt bob. This version can be worn with a middle or side parting, or in combination with bangs. The latter would confer a more pronounced Parisian, chic appearance. Moreover, the styling recommendations for this bob type are as wild and as imperfect as possible. Super voluminous straight hair, or wavy hair are optimal. Even natural curls work perfectly together with the French bob.

The Swirl Bob

The swirl bob is a mix between a long bob and a quiff. The hair is cut shoulder-length and slightly layered for this bob trend. Especially important is the styling. What you need to do is pull a deep side parting and then comb the hair loosely over the side. This style is loose and promotes an undone look.

The Clavi Cut

The coveted clavi cut is indicative of bob hairstyles that reach the collarbone, hence its name. This cut is recommended for women with a slender or angular face. Moreover, wavy styling is also advisable because it softens the features of an angular face.

Layered Bob Hairstyles

These types can be cut very differently and give especially thin hair volume. Either the back of the head is heavily layered or you choose the razor bob. Razor bob hairstyles are cut medium long with a straight outline and get their unmistakable look by the approximately three-inch high, varying gradations.

Asymmetric Bob Hairstyles

For daring women, asymmetric bob hairstyles are definitely worth a try. You can opt for longer hair in the front and shorter in the back. Or, you could choose to have one side of your hair longer than the other. A side or undercut are also options for the asymmetric bob. The only downside of such haircut would be to wait for you hair to grow back.

The Choppy Bob

There are many great things about the trendy choppy bob. Among them we can count the sexiness of the fringed cut, the fact that it’s uncomplicated and easy to handle. Moreover, this haircut is perfect for women with very thick hair. More specifically, the hair doesn’t lose its basic volume because it is shaped properly and structured properly. In addition, the choppy bob is considered practical because it can be styled super fast.

This casual layered look is suitable for everyday use and can be styled quickly. The trademark of the choppy haircut is its cheeky-fresh twist. Different lengths give this haircut lightness and movement – which makes the subsequent styling particularly easy.

The main instructions when it comes to styling a choppy bob are to use heat protection before blow-drying it, as well as a hazelnut-sized hair foam product. In addition, you can wave it smoothly or use a round brush. In case you are in a hurry, you can use a bit of hair wax to accentuate the layers and you’re done.

The choppy bob confers more expression for narrow faces and contours round faces nicely.

The Shaggy Bob

The shaggy bob is one of the wild hairstyles that needs to look undone. The good thing about this bob type is that it can be styled in a few minutes, unless you have thin hair. What you’ll need to this haircut is naturally wavy hair. However, if your hair is straight, you can just use a curler to make big curls. The effect you’re going for are loose curls that look messy. In order to make this look last, you’ll also need to use hair foam. Sea salt spray is also recommended, but only if your hair is naturally wavy.

The Cool Girl Bob

The cool girl bob usually differs only in length. However, it is characterized by a special feature, namely blunt edges that look razor sharp. Therefore, when it comes to styling, we are talking about smooth edges, without any frizz.

Those of you blessed with voluminous hair, as well as those of you with thin hair can both enjoy the cool girl bob. This is because this haircut confers proper volume.

Short Bob Hairstyles

Especially popular this year is the short bob in combination with a long bang. Among its features are shorter hair at the top and a long bang. In other words, this is a super casual look that’s really easy to style. Add a bit of texture throughout your hair’s length and you’re done!

Women with elongated or oval face shape can enjoy this haircut the most. However, those of you with a round face shape should rather pick a long bob or a sleek variant of the short bob. This is because it optically extends the face in length. In addition, anyone who has fine hair and wants more volume will look great with a short bob. The chin-length cut immediately conjures up more fullness in your hair. You could get even more texture with a short bob with light beach waves.

Bob Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

Fine hair benefits from a bob hairstyle immediately. This is because the straight cut makes the hair look stacked. With thick hair, however, the bob can quickly look too full. So, it’s worth adding soft graduation or having your ends thinned out. Moreover, there are bob hairstyles suited for both straight and curly hair. It goes without saying that straight hair is easier to highlight. However, if your curls aren’t too tight, then you will definitely pull this haircut off.

  • Fine Hair. In case of thin, straight hair, the blunt bob is ideal. This is because the entire hair is cut to the same length and looks much more voluminous due to the blunt cut. If you have fine, but lots of hair, you can also wear short bob hairstyles. However, do not forget to regularly cut the ends of your hair so that it does not appear even thinner.
  • Thick Hair. Full and thick hair often seems too voluminous. Therefore, you will need a shaggy bob or a shattered bob in order to conjure up more momentum and lightness.
  • Curly Hair. The long bob has a particularly feminine effect on women with wavy or curly hair. Moreover, layering accentuates the structure of this hair type.

Pick the Bob Cut for Your Face Shape

The best thing about bob haircuts is that they are adapted for every face shape. Because they are so diverse, there isn’t any woman who wouldn’t look good with a bob haircut. So, let’s see which bob types are suited for which face shape:

  • Oval Face. If your face is shaped like an oval, then you can wear any bob haircut you’d like. This is applicable from graphic bobs to shaggy bobs. If, however, your facial features are rather elongated and narrow, we recommend a bob cut that reaches just below your chin. This hair length completes the long face shape and gives it more body.
  • Round Face. In case of women with round faces, we recommend a long bob or a clavi cut. The latter stretches the face visually and makes it appear narrower.
  • Heart Shaped Face. A heart-shaped face shape works best with a buffed bob hairstyle that is slightly longer than the chin. If you add bangs, your forehead will appear less wide.
  • Square Face. Women with angular facial features should refrain from graphic or short bob hairstyles, as they emphasize the angular chin area. Long bobs or asymmetrical bob hairstyles that distract from the angular features are better.


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Try a Faux Bob Hairstyle for Fun

If you have long hair and you’re not ready to cut it, you can still try a bob hairstyle. Also called a faux bob, this hairstyle allows you to see how you’d look with it if you ever decided to cut your hair. The procedure is very simple because all you have to do is cleverly pin your hair up. You are looking to create a visual impression of a bob. In this regard, there are several ways you can achieve your desired look.

To begin with, think how long you’d like your bob to be. You cannot choose a really short one, of course, because there wouldn’t be any way to secure your long hair and hide it. However, you can pick shoulder-length for your first try.

First, put your hair together in a ponytail or two, depending on how thick your hair is. Next, roll your hair and try to secure it underneath the upper layers. More specifically, put the loose ends underneath and attach them invisibly to the back of the head with hairpins.

With the faux bob, you have the choice whether to style a center parting or a side parting. Keeping your hair smooth or curly is also a matter of taste. However, keep in mind that a straight faux bob is easier to detect. Conversely, if you want more volume, you should wave your hair beforehand with a curling iron. Make big, loose curls, not tight ones.

If you have particularly heavy hair, you can loosely braid your hair and then use hair spray. In this way, the hairpins will have more support.

The Advantages of Bob Hairstyles

  • There are numerous styling possibilities;
  • Bob hairstyles are nice and airy especially during the summer;
  • You can still put your hair up in a bun or ponytail;
  • Your hair looks more voluminous and thicker;
  • Bob hairstyles are timeless;
  • A proper bob cut looks great on both straight and curly hair;
  • Styling takes less time with such a hairstyle;
  • Every woman can find a bob type that fits her perfectly;

In conclusion, the bob is a universal haircut that can be styled in numerous ways. Thanks to the emancipation period that women went through almost 100 years ago, we can now enjoy shorter hairstyles. The latter are much easier to care for, style and maintain. Thus, we don’t need to spend endless hours styling our hair. In addition, we can actually pick a hairstyle that’s cut depending on our physical characteristics. In other words, the bob is a custom haircut that works on short, medium, long, straight, thin, thick, wavy hair.

Are you the proud wearer of a bob hairstyle? Or, are you looking to change your appearance with a bob? Please let us know in the comments below which is your favorite bob, or, which hairstyle do you like the most and can be done with a bob haircut? Do you also think about highlighting this haircut with various colors?

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