185 Crazy Beautiful Braid Hairstyles That Will Make You Start Weaving

Every girl wants to look beautiful and emphasize her female attractiveness with the help of her hair. In most cases, straight or curly hair laid naturally doesn’t look as spectacular as the simplest braid hairstyles. So, adding an accent braid to your everyday look can make your appearance more interesting. However, you don’t have to stop there. You can try various types of braids and include ribbons and other accessories in your hairstyle.

A braid can be romantic, austere, elegant or impudent. It all depends on the chosen weaving technique and on the overall design. French braid, Dutch braid, fishtail, 4 strand braiding and other braid types are available for you to combine and create amazing braid hairstyles.

The missing elements stat may stop you from trying various braid hairstyles could be your lack of experience or you might not have all the needed accessories in order to create them. Not to worry because we will tell you a little bit about every braid type, what accessories are necessary as well as present the advantages of sporting braid hairstyles. In addition, almost 200 pictures are available for you to see what you’d like to get!

The Main Features of Braid Hairstyles

Braid hairstyles are incredibly popular these days. Despite the fact that weaving is complex and also time consuming, many young and adult women often wear their hair braided. Among the most common plaits are the French braid, the Dutch braid, the fishtail, the lace braid and so on.

In case you have already tried these braid types, you should start experimenting with the various hairstyles that result from them. As it follows, we will present variations that you can’t ignore and you will most definitely want to try. In addition, we will also mention a few considerations regarding the relation between braids and different face shapes.

The Numerous Benefits of Braid Hairstyles

  • Braids will never go out of fashion. They are a universal way of styling hair.
  • Any type of braid is considered to confer femininity. This fact, according to hairstylists, doesn’t even need confirmation.
  • Wearing a braided hairstyle can help you hide dirty or oily hair. In addition, you can create a neat hairstyle in no time.
  • In case you are looking to curl your hair naturally, you can also rely on braids. Sleep with your hair braided and undo it in the morning.
  • Braid hairstyles can be adapted for various events or they can be worn at the office or as everyday hairstyles.
  • All hairstyles are different in appearance, but they are based on simple braiding techniques.
  • Due to the large number of weaving options, you can sport a new look every day. To do this, it is not necessary to study millions of variations.
  • Such hair styling can be done independently. If you practice a little, you will be able to create various looks for yourself. In addition, if you end up mastering hair braiding, you might even earn money off of it.
  • Braid hairstyles are most advantageous because they hold well. The braid retains its shape without loosening up if you plait it right from the beginning.

The Few Disadvantages of Braided Hair

  • Hair length matters. Although even short to medium hair can be braided in thin plaits, they don’t look very advantageous. Especially in case of graduated haircuts, braiding is not recommended.
  • You need skill and practice. Except the braiding techniques that you can actually learn, there is another drawback. When most of the weaving is done in the back, you will have a hard time seeing what’s going on there. So, the ability to weave complex braids may only come with experience.
  • Braided hairstyles have many varieties. Afro braids for example, are plaited tightly to the head and count between 100 and 250 pieces. To make such a hairstyle, artificial strands of special Kanekalon material are woven into natural hair. Such a hairstyle does not allow you to comb your hair, depriving the scalp of natural massages.
  • A common hairstyle that consists of one or two regular braids can also harm the health of your hair for one reason. More specifically, they can harm your hair is they are braided too tight or secured with rough hairpins or less maneuverable elastic bands. When you are putting pressure on your scalp, the blood circulation is disturbed. So, avoid tight braids by all means.
  • The condition of your hair depends on many internal and external factors. More specifically it depends on the general health of your body, the cosmetics used for care and styling, environmental conditions, nutrition and so on. Illness, emotional stress, the constant use of the hair dryer, curling iron or other styling tools are also harmful.

Tools and Accessories Needed for Braided Hairstyles

In order to weave your hair and obtain your dreamy hairstyle, you will need a few items. They will not only facilitate the weaving process, but they will also help secure the hairstyle. Even so, there’s a high chance that you already own the needed tools and accessories. Let’s see what you need:

  • Several types of combs. We are saying this because you won’t have to simply comb your hair and disentangle it. You will also need a comb with a sharp end in order to separate the hair strands with precision. Even so, the latter is not always needed because you can also use your fingers. However, they will not work as well if you are looking for perfection.
  • Hair products for fixing the braids. Among these hair products we include hair spray, mousses, foam, gel or wax. They must be used according to their purpose, starting from the roots to the tips.
  • Accessories for decorating the braids. There are a large variety of elastic bands, hairpins, invisible hairpins, ribbons, small decorative flowers, and compact tiaras with iridescent stones.
  • A big mirror. The best suggestion in this regard would be a mirror with folding sides that would allow you to see yourself from both sides. However, if you don’t own one, then you can use the two mirror trick. This means that you should look at a mirror that’s positioned in front of you in order to see the back of your head in another mirror that is placed behind you.
  • Lots of free time. In case you want to create a complex hairstyle with braids, you will need between 20 to 40 minutes of free time, depending on your skill and experience. For example, an experienced girl might need more than 1 hour to complete one look.

Pick the Right Braid Hairstyles According to Your Face Shape

The shape of your face should be taken in consideration in case of braid hairstyles as well. When you cut your hair and do your makeup, you are trying to emphasize your good features and hide your less flattering ones. The same goes for braided hair. Specialists argue about how many face shapes are there, but we decided to present six of them, namely, square, oval, round, triangle, rectangle and pear.

Hairstyle With Braids for Square Faces

For a person with a square face, hairdressers recommend voluminous, light and asymmetric braids. They will soften this face shape a little, making it more feminine. Braid hairstyles around the head are not recommended in this case.

Oval Face Shape and Braiding

Women endowed with this face shape can wear any hairstyle they want, with or without braids. Anything goes except those hairstyles that have large volume on top of the head. This is because it will create a further elongation effect of the face, which is not needed.

Round Face Combined With Plaits

In this situation, experts recommend braiding long and thin pigtails that visually stretch the contour of the face. At the same time, it is better to braid the hair on the sides and in the back.

Weaving Hair for Triangular Faces

In this case, we are looking to hide the protruding cheekbones. A voluminous hairstyle with low braids is the most recommended. The wife, frontal part of the face can be covered with bangs.

Braid Hair According to a Rectangle Shaped Face

Girls with this face shape should wear long curls. Thin braids are not recommended, as they visually make the face even more elongated.

Pear-Shaped Face vs Braids

If your face is shaped like a pear, then crown braids are for you. They will have an expansion effect on your upper face part. Hair weaved on the sides is also advisable because it may hide wide cheekbones.

Prepare Your Hair For Braiding

Braid hairstyles cannot be done on freshly washed hair. At least a few hours should pass from the moment you wash your hair until you start braiding it. The explanation for this is the fact the immediately after you apply the shampoo, your hair becomes elastic. That is not the desired texture needed for braiding. So, make sure your hair is not the cleanest when you try a hairstyle with braids.

If you think your hair is ready for braiding, remember to apply a special product for volume on the roots. Braids are usually heavy, so you want to avoid having a flat top.

In order to make weaving a more comfortable process, apply a bit of texturing wax. However, you should be careful not to use too much wax and make your hair oily.

Braid Hairstyles – Step by Step Weaving

As it follows, we have prepared a few braid hairstyles very fashionable at the moment that come with step by step instructions.

Regular Braid on a Side

In order to achieve this look, you should comb your hair thoroughly. Next, pick a side, take a wide strand of hair and divide it in three parts. These three parts should be braided in the most common manner, adding more strands of hair from time to time. Since this is a side braid, it should go from one ear to the other. After you’re done, secure the braid with an elastic band.

In case you want a more relaxed look, don’t be afraid to slowly pull the hair from the braid a little.

A Braid With Lace Effect

The lace braid is a semi-French type of braid. It is suitable for romantic dates or if you like the Bohemian style. Moreover, it represents a great way to hide short bangs that cannot be hidden with other hairstyles. The weaving begins with thin strands of hair near the forehead. Start with the hairs from the parting. Next, you should gradually use more and more strands as you weave towards the ear.

One important element of this hairstyle is the fact that the lace braid is laid over the length of the hair. When you’re done, do the same on the other side. After both braids are ready, don’t rush securing them. First loosen them up a little and then tie them together.

The Double Dutch Braid

This hairstyle is common among girls who follow celebrities. However, most of them don’t even know its name. To be more exact, this hairstyle was made popular by Kim Kardashian and her sister Chloe. You might even hear people refer to this hairstyle as box braids. The latter name comes from the fact that the weaving is tight and tucked behind the ears. Such braiding style does not interfere with sportive activities.

The secret of this hairstyle lies in the right parting. You must divide your hair in two equal parts. Take your nose as a landmark and virtually divide it in two. That’s where the parting should be. Each side must be plaited individually, so it would be smart to secure one side while working on the other. This step will help you keep that clean parting line.

Before the actual weaving, you may use a styling product that will help the hair stay in place. However, this step is not mandatory. As for the braiding itself, the technique is just the opposite of French braiding. More specifically, you don’t braid on top, but underneath. So, take the central strand and pull the right strand under it. Next, pull the left strand under the central strand and repeat.

Secure the finished braid with an elastic band. Repeat the procedure for the other half of your hair.

Charming Rose Made of Braids

Although this look is not at all common, the rose made of braids can be done in an easy way and it doesn’t take a long time either. An unusual and eye-catching look, this one will definitely attract the enthusiastic look of others.

Before you start weaving, you should decide where you want the rose to be placed. For example, you can braid your hair leading to a center rose or you can direct your hair to one side. Weaving starts from the side you want your rose to be.  Next, you need to follow these instructions:

  • Divide the hair in 3 to 5 equal parts;
  • Braid each part using the regular technique and secure each at the end;
  • Add extra fluff to your braids by pulling the hair a bit outwards;
  • Next, just wrap these plaits around each other looking to create the rose effect;
  • Secure the result with the help of hair pins, hair spray or even glitter;

With such a hairstyle, you will look more gentle and feminine. Even if you can wear this look daily or with any occasion, it is most recommended for dates or for when you’re going out.

Braid Hairstyles That Look Careless

Careless braids confer a more relaxed look and will make you appear visually younger. In this case, your hair will look like it has lots of volume. In order to obtain such effect, follow the next steps:

Start braiding your entire hair or just parts of your hair in any way you like. Next, try pulling a few strands of hair completely out of the braid. Here we are not looking for the loosening effect, but for strands of hair that are no longer included in the plait. Also, the braid’s knots should be as relaxed as possible.

Braid Hairstyles are Ageless and Fashionable

Although we didn’t manage to present all the braid hairstyles that are fashionable or easy to do, one thing we can say for sure. Namely, that they are ageless and never go out of fashion. Only short hair is problematic when it comes to braids. Other than that, anyone can sport a hairstyle based on braided hair or at least one cute and thin accent braid.

If you know the basic braiding techniques, nothing can stop you from trying all the hairstyle suggestions comprised in this article. Fortunately, we will leave you with even more pictures with braid hairstyles worn by actresses, models, as well as regular women. However, don’t forget to take the shape of your face into account when choosing a certain hairstyle.

If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and maybe share your hair braiding experiences with us!


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