262 Brown Hair With Highlights Styles for the Sun to Glare in Your Hair

The truly beautiful effect of sun kissed hair can be created on brown hair with highlights. Lightening can be done not only on light and red hair, but also on very dark hair and chestnut strands. In this regard, the most important aspects would be to choose the right colors and highlighting technique. In addition, proper after care is as notable as the highlighting itself.

Wearing light, slightly sun-burnt strands of hair is very fashionable right now. The look everyone is after is the natural discoloration of the hair as a result of exposing it to the sun. Even if you are spending your entire time at the office, this doesn’t mean that you can’t look like you just returned from the beach.

As it follows, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of getting brown hair with highlights, as well as about various highlighting techniques that guarantee a natural look. In addition, there are a few shades of light brown that got our attention, being this season’s stars. No less than 262 examples of this hairstyle await you as well!

Brown Hair With Highlights – Is it Worth It?

Highlighting is a great way to make your hair visibly more voluminous and emphasize its structure. All these are possible without coloring the entire mass of hair. Also, if you are thinking about completely dyeing your hair in a particular shade, it is better to start with highlighting. In this way, you will look more natural and your hairstylist will know how your hair behaves to color.

General advantages of highlighting your hair:

  • The full procedure includes bleaching individual strands only;
  • It does not have a strong negative effect on your hair;
  • Hair is highlighted in advantageous shades that emphasize your natural color;
  • Your entire look will be more fresh and light;
  • Highlighting hides gray hair, overgrown roots and previous hair dyeing fails;

The Effects of Highlighting on Your Hair

Highlighting is considered more or less a gentle coloring. Even so, it does not exclude the negative effects of bleach or hair dye with ammonia on your strands. So, your hair might become drier and brittle after adorning your brown hair with highlights.

At the same time, dark hair often has to be lightened in several stages. This is because the high content of natural pigment in your hair. So, this can change the structure of your hair. However, professional stylists know exactly what type of bleach or dye to apply on your hair. They choose it depending on the texture of your hair, if it was dyed before and other similar factors. The maximum preservation of hair quality is a priority with this type of highlighting.

Brown Hair With Highlights – What Shades Are Suitable for Brown Hair?

Owners of black or dark brown hair are often afraid to experiment with color. However, this is really not necessary because brown hair can be combined with a wide array of lighter shades. The trends are inclined towards natural looks. So, we are talking about warm colors and even reddish shades in some cases.

Ash Highlights on Brown Hair

As mentioned before, the preference goes to warm tones. However, those of you with very dark or black hair can experiment with ash highlights. Cold tones and brown hair aren’t always an appealing combination.

Brown Hair With Gold Highlights

Highlighting your hair with a similar color is infallible. Stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and many others chose this type of hair dyeing. Therefore, it is safe to say that such color combination almost always looks advantageous. The result everyone is aiming for is the effect of hair burnt by the sun. The latter is now more relevant than ever when it comes to hair fashion.

In addition, brown hair can be highlighted with red shades as well. Especially on really dark hair, the result consists in an easy to notice contrast.

Soft Result With Red Highlights

Adding red highlights on brown hair is considered a good choice as well. However, for some brown shades, combining them with red tones can turn out to be far from the most advantageous result. Red is a color that has the power to shade the natural softness of other colors. So, if you really want red highlights, it is a must to consult a colorist.

Techniques Used to Obtain Brown Hair With Highlights

When we talk about adding highlights to hair, we are not thinking of a specific method. In fact, there are numerous ways highlights can be added to your hair. Among them we can count the classic highlighting, area highlighting, bronzing, balayage and so on. We will tell you a bit about each below!

The Classic Highlighting Method

The classic method is characterized by a partial bleaching of the hair. The latter includes the dyeing or discoloration of individual strands of hair along their entire length. So, the highlighting process is done starting with the crown to the tips. In this case, the width of the colored strands ranges from 0.07 inches to 0.4 inches (2 millimeters to 1 centimeter). However, it can vary depending on your wishes, as well as the recommendations of your hairstylist. Moreover, this technique is considered among the most versatile and suitable for almost any color and length of hair.

Area Highlighting on Brown Hair

Area highlighting is one of the most unusual types of highlighting. This is because only the top layer of the hair is dyed. However, the stylist creates a natural contrast with the darker, lower strands of hair. In addition, this technique is recommended for women with thin hair due to its gentleness.

Brown Hair With Highlights or Bronzed Hair

Bronzing is among the latest hair dyeing methods. It is a mix of classic highlighting and coloring, which allows you to achieve the most luxurious and natural lightening of your dark hair. This technique works well due to the fact that the hairstylist uses several shades to gradually highlight the hair. The most often used shades are walnut, gold and pearl shades.

The Super Natural Balayage

If you are a connoisseur when it comes to hair, you have definitely heard of balayage. The later is a hair coloring method that was recently invented by specialists. On brown hair, it allows the hairdresser to pull your natural color downwards and combine it with individually painted hair strands. A free hand technique, it consists in using several lighter tones that are close to the natural tone. Wavy hair in light brown shades looks spectacular when touched by this technique.

Long Brown Hair With Highlights

Traditionally, long hair is great to work with. This is because you and your hairdresser can use your creativity on it. More specifically, one can play with color without hesitation and use several techniques at once. A few properly done highlights can change the texture of long brown hair.

What if you wear bangs? You will find the best answer to this question at the beauty salon. Factors such as the density and the shape of your bangs are really important. The specialist will take into account the shape of your face, as well as your general appearance when he or she will decide.

Highlighting Hair With Color

Two things are worth knowing about color highlighting. Namely, it looks incredibly impressive and, it has the power to change your hair texture. We are saying this because color highlighting includes two stages. The first one consists in bleaching the hair. The second one consists in coloring the bleached hair. Therefore, you should proceed with caution by preparing your hair beforehand.

Tiger Eye Highlighting

Tiger-eye hair dyeing is a fairly new trend in hair coloring. Its name comes from the analogy with the semiprecious stone called tiger eye. The later is characterized by ocher strips of various intensities that alternate on a brown background.

Having appeared recently, it is already crowding out all of the above methods. This technique involves the creation of  alight caramel glare on a dark base. As a result of dyeing, a smooth transition from chocolate to amber tones appears on the hair.

Tiger eye highlighting is a privilege exclusively for brunettes and brown-haired women, as well as owners of dark blond hair.

Tiger Eye Advantages:

  • Caramel-colored strands look voluminous and airy;
  • Tiger eye creates a glossy highlight, thanks to which the hair acquires a healthy shine, and the curls look firm and elastic;
  • The right combination of shades will help give your face a fresh look.

Ombre Style Highlights on Brown Hair

Ombre is characterized by a smooth transition from dark to light colors or the other way around. As a result of this dyeing technique, the natural shade is retained from the roots to the middle of the length, followed by a soft transition to another color, which becomes as intense as possible towards the tips.

Ombre has a sharp border and does not look as natural as balayage. However, ombre is an ideal option for those who love to experiment. Also, if the bright highlights on your hair become boring, then you can easily dye them again in a color of your choice.

Suitable for: the technique creates beautiful sun glare on blond hair. But for brunettes who dream of a natural effect, it is better to abandon the ombre, because a clear transition border is inevitable here.

Ombre Highlighting Advantages:

  • Ombre has numerous options for coloring. So, you will definitely find an option that is right for you;
  • In case of unsuccessful coloring, you can easily dye your hair again in a darker shade or cut off the tips;

The Diagonal Highlighting Technique

The diagonal highlighting technique is used both to emphasize the expressiveness of the natural color of the hair, as well as to create stylish looks. Among its features are not bright, but contrasting colors, and the parting is done at an angle.

This technique can also be used for highlighting in soft pastel colors. Also, recently it is often used for avant-garde hair dyeing, which is recommended for extravagant girls and ladies who prefer bright and creative hairstyles.

The monochrome diagonal highlighting looks very original too, with white strands of hair on a black background that can be either very thin or quite wide.

Brown Hair With Highlights  – Top Color Choices

Stylists call brown hair with coffee and caramel highlights one of the most fashionable color combinations. Moreover, they say that dark chestnut colors are ideal for young girls. However, they do not recommend the use of such shades for ladies over forty. This is because they don’t emphasize their beauty, but rather their first wrinkles.

In case of young women who think about getting chestnut curls, experts advise they have long and straight hair. So, if your hair is naturally wavy, you should pick another option or straighten your hair. Straight brown hair reflects light better and therefore shines a lot. However, using the flat iron has its disadvantages, so its use should not be abused.

In this regard, the most affordable and easiest way to make chestnut hair look more shiny and vibrant is to rinse it twice a week with freshly brewed strong coffee after washing it. There is no need to rinse the coffee out too. This is because it will leave your hair silky and shiny, as well as smelling great!

Caramel Shade Recommended for Brown Hair With Highlights

Caramel is the lightest of all chestnut shades. It is known to confer a fresh and healthy complexion to young ladies. Take Julia Roberts as an example. She prefers to wear her brown hair with caramel highlights. Thus, her look is youthful and natural too.

Creme brulee and toffee are the sweetest caramel shades. They combine in an excellent way with green-eyed women. In addition, they fade away nicely throughout the hair. So, this means that you can keep your natural shade in the roots areas and go for a retouch less often.

Although it sounds yummy, the nougat shade is quite pretentious. It is definitely not a great fit for everyone. In addition, brown-eyed women should add a few red highlights to it. This is because they accentuate the brown eyes and makeup is no longer mandatory.

Add a Touch of Chill in Your Hair

Assuming you know the bright red color of chili, you might not be too found of it. However, you must know that there are a few shades of red that aren’t too bright or saturated. For example, a light, reddish shade was chosen by actress Julianne Moore in order to highlight her natural hair color. She chose the reddish tone in order to remove several years off her face. So, remember that bright and saturated colors are suitable for girls and young women, while light ones for older women.

Brown Hair With Highlights Overview

The natural brown or black hair color may seem boring, but the Duchess of Cambridge forced the public to look at it from a different angle. This is because for many of them she is an example to follow. Even so, more and more women are less satisfied with their natural brown hair color. For them, there is nothing better than adding walnut, chestnut and caramel highlights. In addition, their makeover can be done in such a natural way, that everyone will think it’s natural. Of course, the exceptions are fashionistas like you!

In this regard, the most recommended highlighting techniques are ombre, balayage, gradient and bronzing. You already had the chance to learn about their characteristics, so it’s time to make a choice.


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Hair Care Features After Highlighting

Dyed hair always requires reverent care. UV protection, moisturizing and nourishing components will help preserve the beauty, shine and smoothness of your hair. When choosing a shampoo, pay attention to the presence of keratin, protein, polymers and vitamins. Among hair masks, it is better to choose those that help maintain the color and are suitable for dry hair. In addition, hair sprays, oils and serums should be your best friends.

Products that consist of natural ingredients are recommended as well. As a result, you comprehensively nourish your hair with useful substances that were lost when dyed.

100+ More Brown Hair With Highlights Styles

As it follows, we will leave you with more than 100 examples of how you can add highlights to your brown hair. So far we have talked about various techniques and shades. However, you might feel that looking at pictures can help you pick a certain style more easily. That’s only fair and that’s why we are always counting on visual examples. However, most of the examples included in this article are long haired women and some medium-length styles. So, this goes without saying that such effect can only be achieved on medium to long hair. When it comes to highlighting short hair, the principles and the techniques are changing. Are you interested to find out more about highlighting short hair? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know!


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