20 Amazing Burst Fade Hairstyles For Men

Men always need to get a haircut. In fact, men get haircuts more often than women do. Most barbershop and haircut salons don’t run out of lady customers, but they surely don’t run out gentlemen as well.

Just like haircut and hairstyles for women, men also have tons of choices to choose from. They can get a hair treatment, hair color, or even their favorite haircut. Haircuts are necessary to most men especially when he is working for a corporate or federal office.

Haircuts also vary depending on their chosen style. There are tons of haircuts and hairstyles for men, however, the most trending haircut for 2020 is the burst fade hairstyle.

Burst fade is not new. As a matter of fact, it has been one of the hair trends that are popular to men in the past decade. A lot of men, especially those who are in the 20s and early 30s, get this popular, clean cut hairstyle. But before we go into more details, let’s first talk about what is a burst fade hairstyle.

What is a Burst Fade?

As mentioned, burst fade haircut is one of the most popular haircuts for men for the past years. It is a hairstyle that features a burst fade tapers line of hair behind the man’s ear that shows off a longer hair at the neck. More often, a burst fade haircut looks round, showing a sunrise look at the back of your ear.

In addition, a burst fade may be categorized under the haircut type undercut. However, the difference is that a burst fade can be made possible whether you have short hair or long hair.

In other words, a burst cut is a combination of an angle mohawk, but you can have a long hair at the top, a short cut on the sides, or even a pomp hairstyle at the back with a high top and a side part.

You can also have it shaped rounded or curved along the sides and back of your head that will definitely leave your head smooth-looking through a nice fade of mohawk. Just always remember that burst fades are much more like a drop fade that focuses more on the edge of a man’s hairline.

When did burst fades become a thing?

The burst fade haircut basically started as a traditional haircut for black men. If you watch television or if you’re always on social media, you can see black artists or even just black men on the internet have this type of haircut.


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Although it has been made famous by black men, white men have also joined the trend and could even rock their burst fades in their own. Whether they have it with short, medium, or long hairstyles, any guy can surely rock this haircut. Guys who even have straight or curly, sleek or fresh finish, can even pull this look off.

Also, there are many ways that you can totally rock a burst fade haircut. You can try it with a comb over, a traditional mohawk fade, faux hawk, with a puffed quiff, pompadour, or even a flat top.

Is it the same as a fade haircut?

We can admit that there are also a lot of haircuts for men that involves fade and it can be hard to tell your barber what type of fade you want to get. The best fades are made to perfectly complement the haircut. For example, if you want to get a short haircut, choose fades that will match your sides and the back of your head. This will drag more attention and focus on your style.

Burst fade haircuts are not hard to request as well. All hair professionals and barbers probably know this haircut, since its been a trend in the past recent years. There are tons of ways that you can do a burst fade. In fact, you can have it in 20 styles.

In this article, we will be showing you 20 best burst fades that you can try with your barber in your next visit. If you’re impressed with how burst fades change a man’s feature, check out these burst fade ideas and make that 2020 new-year-new-me spirit coming!

20 Best Burst Fade Hairstyles You Can Try

1. Burst Fade Mohawk

Among all burst fade hairstyles, this is the most classic and traditional version of it. This burst fade hairstyle features a very kinky look especially when you top it off with a bald burst fade on the sides. You can also try to edge up along the hairline and your temples.

However, if you want to look cleaner and more polished, you can always get a clean-cut finish with this burst fade hairstyle to keep your cool in the most classy and sexiest way. This type of burst fade is what most black men use as well.

2. Burst Fade Comb Over

This type of burst fade style offers a more classic look compared to other burst fades. The comb over fade on top is styled in either low, mid, or high taper without leaving its traditional look. The comb is used to brush up the top hair to the side leaving it with a cool and clean division in the scalp.

For this style, you may opt to use a styling gel or a high-quality matte hair cream to add more volume and texture to the hairstyle. This will emphasize your jawline and your face features perfectly.

3. Low Burst Fade

For this type of burst tape hairstyle, this is best for men who like their hair short and clean. This burst tape hairstyle keeps the sides and back short, but it does not get too high above the neck part. This version is more edgy and adventurous looking without giving up the professional vibe of it.

If you’re the type that likes to keep their top hair textured naturally, this is burst fade version is just the one for you. You may have this haircut before you go to a client meeting or even if you have formal parties to attend to that requires you to look formal yet dashing. This version is also the most famous burst fade style to barbers, so it won’t be hard to tell them what you want.

4. Burst Fade Faux Hawk

Since burst fades are associated mostly with mohawk hairstyles, this version is a perfect example. Faux hawk, or also known as a fohawk, features a more textured finish and shaved back that is mostly incorporated with a thick beard.

It focuses more on the fade sides that are nicely styled. You can also have it with a faux surgical line that will part your top hair from the fades on the sides. This will also allow your hair to permanently stay as it is parted.

This gives out a very sweet, daddy-like look that you will surely love. In order for your faux hawk to stay on the faux surgical line or the hair part, use a strong styling gel to keep in place. You may also use a shine wax to make it look shiny.

5. Burst Fade with White Guy

It was mentioned in the early parts of this article that burst fades originally was popularized by black men, but in our time today, a lot of white men has been following this hair trend as well. This version of a burst fade is perfect for all men of color—Black, White, Asian, and even Hispanics.

This cut makes your hair look tall and sharp. It features a low bald fade and an upper shape up on the top that is naturally thick. It is often brushed from the front to the back and is slightly combed to give that soft and subtle effect.

This burst fade haircut is best for medium and long hairstyles. The longer the hair the more volume it has to offer. To top this look off, use sturdy hair cream or clay.

6. Burst Taper

This type of burst fade hairstyle does not really feature a bald trim and offers less skin on the head. This haircut is a combination of thick and straight hair that is topped into a mohawk.

Some barbers and men would say this is the “baddest” and modern type of burst fade haircut because of the aura that it gives to men after it’s created. You can also combine different hairstyles with this version and is a very flexible type of burst fade. You can use a sturdy pomade or your favorite hair wax to finish your whole look.

7. Burst Taper with Curly Top

This is the burst taper version that suits black men very well. Most black men, in general, have curly hair. A burst taper with curly hair is also a perfect combination and gives off a very cool and unique look to a man. Top this burst taper with a short curly hair on top or have it made as a mohawk with tight curls.

You can pair this look with a nice and smooth skin fade that is easy to request from your barber. Having a skin fade is also easier to maintain than any other hair fades. If you like to grow a beard out, this hairstyle will also fit your style perfectly and will give you that masculine look.

8. Burst Taper Fade

Now, you might be confused on how is this different with the normal burst taper. A burst taper fade comes with a blended short cut on both sides and at the back. However, instead of a straight and thick hair on top, you match it with messy curls instead.

This version can also be considered as the curly hair fade. For a burst taper fade to look extravagant all day, use hair cream and a hair enhancer to help stabilize your loose, messy curls without making it look haggard.

9. Burst Fade with Design

This is like a normal burst fade however there is a twist: you can tell your barber to put designs on it. For this version of burst fade, you can customize your design in your own personal style and in the way you want it. Think of a cool design or go on the internet for fade design ideas.

This burst fade version also features a thick and long mohawk on top that you can dye with highlights or have it in tight or loose curls. Overall this haircut gives out a very cool and edgy aura. If you want to go for something clean as a finishing touch, you can tell your barber to slash a line on your hairline to part it.

10. Flat Top Mohawk

This version of a burst fade is one of the most unique ones you can get. A flat top gives out a very classic look and getting a burst fade with it will just add up an extravagant look to your style.

A flat top is a very clean and sleek cut that is very edgy, making it a very modern hairstyle a man could get. You can dye your hair or leave it with its natural color. Either way, we bet you’ll still pull this haircut off.

11. South of France with a Burst Fade

This is actually just another name for a burst fade mohawk, but it features a higher burst fade that is tapered down to the skin. This is also known as the “Usher Look” because this used to be singer and songwriter Usher’s signature haircut way back then.

It also comes with thick twists and turns that come up with curls. This actually gives out a stylish look that you can go on for days.

12. Mid-Skin Burst Fade

This version of burst fade comes in a lot of forms. This haircut is also perfect to pair with a mild bald fade. A mid-skin burst fade is basically a blowout and a mohawk combined in one hairstyle.

It usually features a spiky top, making it look like a garden of little spiky mohawks. You can ask your barber to add some contrasting effects on the side fades or even go for a zero-fade clipper. You can also trim along the hairline for it to look more edgy and unique. This is one of the coolest types of burst fade and will surely add self-confidence to yourself.

13. Burst Fade for Straight Hair

If you’re one of those type of guys who have soft, silky straight hair and you want to get a burst fade haircut, this version is for you. Since burst fades can work on all hair types, straight hair is not an excuse. Although we might see more burst fades with curly or wavy hair, it won’t look any less different with a straight hair.

Unlike other hair types, a straight hair can be pulled off successfully especially when you put it up as a messy hair look. You can also contrast this burst fade version by following short sides and a long top hair.

14. White Guy Mohawk Fade

Just like the burst fade with white guy, mohawks can also be pulled off by white men. Mohawks and fade hairstyles are commonly known for black men, but in our modern time today, hairstyles have evolved, and cultures have already been mixed in a unique way.

Little do people know that white men can also rock a mohawk fade in any time. The styling is unique on its own and if you’re one white guy who loves to try new things with your hair, you should go for this hairstyle. It features a low burst fade that seamlessly runs through the sides up to the beard, giving it a clean and smooth glide on the face features.

Your hairline will also be aligned around your temples down to your jawline, so it really looks flawlessly tapered. This look is becoming more popular day by day and you should not miss out on this.

15. Burst Fade Pomp

This is one of the most elegant burst fades ever to exist in the men’s hair category. Some men are into pompadours, and the good news here is you can pair your pomp with a nicely done burst fade. When we talked about burst fades works on all hair types, we mean it.

Pomp fades give out a very clean look and is best to wear on a formal night or occasion. It has a high or mid-low fade, but it’s still up to you on how you want your fade to look like.

However, for this version, most men would leave an extra length on the top hair for them to lift in a clean and volumized pomp crown on the tom. You may opt to use a hair spray for your pomp to stick up throughout the day.

There are a lot of ways that you can be creative with your hair, and burst fades are just some of it. If you’re thinking of getting a new cut for a new and fresher look this 2020, always remember that burst fades are trendy and fashionable that will surely go with your self confidence and will boost your self-esteem.

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