147 Caesar Haircut Ideas – All Roads Lead to Rome

Everyone knows about the famous Caesar salad, but this can not be said about the men’s haircut under the same name. The history of the Caesar haircut may seem somewhat curious: the great commander and public figure of the Roman Empire, Guy Julius Caesar, was very shy of his bald head and began to comb his hair from the top of his head towards his forehead in order to mask it. So, Caesar himself looked very dignified and noble.

In our time, the peak of popularity of the Caesar haircut was during the 90’s, when George Clooney starred in the cult TV series Ambulance sporting it. Also, it was worn by other famous and charismatic actors, such as Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler.

The Caesar haircut is most often chosen by men who prefer minimalism and simplicity. And these are really the strengths of such a hairstyle, giving it versatility. However, it should be borne in mind that not only impeccable haircut technology is needed here, but also neat styling.

Among the wide variety of men’s haircuts, the Caesar hairstyle does not claim to be a leader. Moreover, it does not stand out for creativity. Also, it is inferior in popularity compared to the undercut, faded hairstyles, as well as top knot hairstyles for men. Even so, many men choose this hairstyle for its convenience, restraint and simplicity.

As it follows, we will tell you a bit more about the occurrence of this haircut, who should wear it and who should not, as well as Caesar types and care considerations. In addition, a dazzling collection of 147 photos will come to your aid when choosing the right Caesar cut for yourself!

Caesar Haircut – A Short Origin Story

The Caesar haircut got its name from the great ancient Roman commander Guy Julius Caesar. According to history records, he was struggling with the problem of baldness. So, he combed his hair from the crown towards his forehead in order to mask the missing hair patches.

Even so, the person who made this haircut popular in our days was George Clooney. He appeared wearing this haircut as the protagonist of the series named “Ambulance” during the late 90’s. Therefore, this short hairstyle with combed crown hair on the forehead has gained recognition among middle-aged men.

Features and Subtleties of the Caesar Haircut

Many modern men choose the Caesar haircut for the same reasons as the great commander of antiquity. This cut is able to successfully hide thinning hair and even a bald head due to a shortened nape, slightly elongated crown and short straight bangs on the forehead.

With such a haircut, a man looks not only neat, but also stylish, and most importantly uncommon and strong. Moreover, this haircut is suitable for men of different ages (even young boys), of different physiques and emphasizes the social status of the person who wears it.

The Modern Caesar Haircut

The main characteristic of the Caesar haircut is the presence of short, horizontally-cut bangs. The hair all over the head can have the same length. Whether you want your hair shorter on the sides or not, that’s a matter of personal taste.

The classic Caesar has a top length of 0.6 inches to 2.75 inches (one and a half to seven centimeters). However, modern variations combined with textured hair allow all sorts of transitions done around the perimeter of the head. Your choice when it comes to these options will help the hairdresser figure out how short to cut the sides and the back.

Choosing to shave the sides of your head and the nape of the neck too will confer you a visually younger and sportier appearance. Moreover, longer hair on the sides is especially suitable for mature men. Regardless of your choice, this is a hairstyle that requires the most basic services, so it is relevant during every fashion season.

Should You Try the Caesar Haircut?

The Caesar haircut can hardly be called universal because of the bangs. The latter makes the face look wider, so it is ideal for men with an elongated or oval face shape. The combination between round and square faces with such a hairstyle is not recommended. These face shapes will seem even wider and more massive with such a haircut.

As mentioned before, there are no age restrictions for the Caesar haircut. It is a great option for little boys due to its convenience and practicality.

Numerous hairdressers think that this hairstyle looks good on straight hair only. This is because it is easy to tame and to style. However, if you take a look at the bust of Caesar himself, you will see that his hair is slightly wavy and neatly laid in strands. So, this cut also suits men with wavy hair. Even so, curly hair is out of the question.

A big plus of this haircut is that it can mask bald patches, covering the retreating hairline. With this hairstyle, a man does not have to spend too much time in front of a mirror. His look will remain neat both at the gym and at the office.

Currently, there are many variations of the Caesar haircut. Provided that the desired hair length is selected and the correct style is performed, freedom of experimentation with different styling is possible.

Age Considerations Applicable for the Roman Haircut

To date, stylists and hairdressers do not put forward a special age framework for haircuts. But as practice shows, most often such a haircut is preferred by men of respectable age, who, like the Roman leader himself, want to hide the appearance of bald patches on the forehead. As said before, this haircut involves combing the top of the hair toward the forehead, which allows you to hide the parietal region of your head with hair.

Men’s Caesar hairstyles are popular among adult men for several reasons:

  • This haircut fits perfectly into almost all styles and looks of a man, starting from the classics and ending with the sports style;
  • It has no restrictions for men of different ages, professions and characters;
  • The features of this hairstyle allow you to adjust any imperfections on your forehead and emphasize other facial features;

Caesar haircuts for young men is a special topic that requires immediate attention. Caesar is among the best haircut options for them. This is because this hairstyle is comfortable, practical and cute. Moreover, it is believed that if a first grader wears such a haircut, he will be much better at learning and catching everything on the fly.

Variations of the Caesar Haircut

While in ancient Rome there was just one type of Caesar cut, the modern world offers numerous variations. These types make the cut more versatile than it was in the past. In addition, it is now easier to personalize it than it was back then.

Cut Your Wavy Hair Caesar Style

This is a modern variation of the hairstyle of the Roman emperor and a good example of how an antique look has undergone a huge transformation over the centuries. Among its characteristics are long top, shaved lateral and occipital areas done by following the fade style rules. In addition, the wavy bangs are combed forward in order to achieve a distinctive look.

Combined with a long beard, the Caesar haircut looks even more spectacular.

The Short Variation of Rome’s Emperor Cut

The Emperor’s traditional haircut includes hair cut between 0.6 inches and 2.75 inches (one and a half to seven centimeters) long. However, modern variations are not bound by this rule. One particular example would be the front hair combed forward, which has a length of less than 1 inch, and the sides and back of the head carefully shaved with a machine.

Since the hair is very short, we do not recommend wearing a long beard.


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Classic Bangs Combined With the Fade

This is a simple and natural hairstyle. The fact that the hair is combed forward towards the forehead makes this hairstyle similar to that of the emperor. The beautifully styled top of the haircut is combined with a faded line that gradually starts on the sides.

Caesar Haircut with Bangs of Medium Length

The hair is styled forward to cover the forehead by about one inch or more (a couple of centimeters). Please note that the elongated strands are also kept in the back.

The Textured Caesar

You can create the Caesar hairstyle with just about any type of hair if you are creative. This look is distinguished by a long top, decorated with the creation of some spikes. On the sides and at the back, the hair is smoothly shaved.

This style is best for guys who prefer long, voluminous hair. Although this version will be a little harder to maintain in the long run, it provides an amazing look.

The sharp contrast that separates the shaved areas of the head from the longer top makes this hairstyle really special.

The Caesar-Style Medium Haircut

This is another example of the famous hairstyle made in a natural manner, with almost no cut. Long bangs provide a style achieved with almost no effort. However, correction with scissors is necessary. With the right length, the hair can be stacked even with your hands. And this design is possible only on thick, magnificent hair.

The Balanced Caesar Cut

The balanced Caesar cut is represented by a style in which the hair is maintained at about the same length as the beard. In fact, this is one of the things that make this look amazing. Although the top hair is not as short as the facial hair, it is cut in such way that it looks balanced. This is a fairly simple design, best suited for men who like to maintain the same hair length. So, choose a hairstyle that reflects your personality, trying a balanced version, without any flashy corners or undercuts.

Natural Curls Laid Caesar Style

With proper cut and styling, curly hair can also be shaped into a Caesar. All that is needed is to maintain a uniform length of hair throughout the head, namely between 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7 centimeters or more if you want to have more hair.

The Office Type

If you work in a corporate environment or in another similar space, you most likely have to maintain a super well-groomed appearance that requires a neat haircut. Although you cannot fully express your creativity through such hairstyle, you can benefit from its clean and cool look.

Add Color to Your Hairstyle

While maintaining an unmistakable base, the Caesar modern haircut allows alternative shapes and textures, including colored hair. These days, not only celebrities dye their hair, but also ordinary guys. So, why not think about a fashionable hair coloring if you are also thinking about a fashionable hairstyle?

You can show your eccentric side by adding a splash of color to your hairstyle. You do not have to go icy blonde from the start, but you can experiment with color. For a sophisticated look, choose more natural shades, such as copper.

The Perfect Little Caesar

This is probably one of the best Caesar haircuts among other hairstyles for little boys. When choosing the right style, attention to detail is crucial. Here, in particular, a perfect indicator is the design of the hairline. The edges and corners, especially on the forehead, are ideal.

Caesar Style Variations for Teens

Teens have a few variations at their disposal, such as the Modern Caesar, the high fade, hipster Caesar and so on.

  • The Modern Caesar: While some teen boys prefer to stand out from the crowd due to their bright hairstyle, others tend to pick a clean finish.
  • High Fade Cut: There are many ways in which the transition from long hair to short hair can be done. The flowing lines of a high fade will probably overshadow everything around, since a high fade blends very well with facial hair.
  • The Hipster Caesar: The design is characterized by volume and thinned bangs.

Caesar Styles for Mature Men

One of the most significant benefits of the Caesar haircut is that it is suitable for all ages. This style is a favorite for men over 40 due to the lack of need for hair modeling, with taste tailored to a universal shape.

A sloppy style is one of the few designs you’ll never go wrong with, regardless of your hair type. A short sloppy top is maintained in this hairstyle, while the rest of the hair is smoothed.

An Unpretentious But Needed Care

A short Caesar cut is unpretentious in care, but it requires a perfect scalp. Dandruff does not belong here, and therefore special products, such as dandruff control shampoos will be useful. More specifically, the shampoo must contain substances that eliminate dandruff and prevent its reappearance, as well as substances that moisturize and clean the scalp properly. For the best effect, you need to wash your hair at least twice per week and leave the shampoo on your hair for 5 minutes.

In the case of a long Caesar variation, it is important for the hair to stay clean for a long time and to be easy to style. In this regard, we recommend a special shampoo that helps emphasize the texture of your hair and that completely removes styling products.

Important: The Caesar haircut requires either a neatly shaped beard (like Arab sheikhs have), or its complete absence. The only exception is a uniform three-day stubble.

How Fast does the Caesar Cut Grow?

Men’s hair usually grows quickly. So, after two weeks from your last hairdresser visit, your Caesar will not look too good. Even so, minimum correction can be done at home with a little help.

More Caesar Hairstyles

As shown before, men’s Caesar hairstyles can be of different variations. In fact, many men prefer to leave the crown hair longer than that from the neck and temples. This allows them to further emphasize their straight and thick bangs of short length, as well as adjust the shape of their heads. However, this doesn’t mean that men with wavy hair can’t opt for this cut.

The Caesar is ideal for schoolchildren, because according to numerous legends and beliefs, this haircut enhances their intellectual abilities. For adult men, the Cesar helps hide bald patches and emphasize the beauty of the correct oval of the face. Most importantly, this haircut is versatile and practical. So, it can be adapted to different ages, hair texture and hair lengths, as well as the current fashion trends when it comes to hair.

If the information you’ve read so far was not enough to convince you and nor were the photos above, then we will leave you with even more images that show variations of the Caesar cut. It goes without saying that you should choose a model that looks like you, not one with totally different facial and overall physical features. In this way, your hairdresser will have an easier time giving you exactly what you desire.

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