200 Glossy Chocolate Brown Hair Shades for Every Appearance Type

Chocolate brown hair captivates with its depth and overflowing beauty. In fact, many women are the proud owners of a pronounced naturalness of this hair shade. Restrained, but also attractive, chocolate brown hair mesmerizes through the warmth of its halftones. Luxurious and glossy, this hair color comes in countless shades and it can be achieved at home or in professional salons, depending on shade and dyeing complexity.

A classic that never dies, this hair color is updated every year with unusual shades and interesting color effects. From luxurious cocoa to creamy, milky chocolate shades, the available palette is surprisingly diverse. In this article, we will talk about the most delicious chocolate brown hair shades and explain the intricacies of dyeing hair in such shades.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? You can come across this choice and it might not be related to what type of dessert you’d like. Conversely, it could be about mentally trying on a new hair color. Among the wide variety of chocolate brown hair shades, finding the perfect one for you can be difficult. That’s why we will clarify the meaning of cold and warm shades in accordance to all appearance types.

Chocolate Brown Hair – Main Considerations

Spreading in all latitudes of the globe, chocolate brown hair is one of the most popular hair shade in the world, after black hair. In addition, there is not a single other color that is saturated with as many shades as brown is. Ranging from dark blonde to copper and golden tones, this hair shade can look very intense.

The explanation why chocolate brown has so many shades is the following: Two types of melanin are combined, namely eumelanin, which is dark, and pheomelanin, which is lighter. When these two type of melanin are mixed, the combination can lead to an infinite number of shades.

Among the color trends of the moment, the most popular is the chocolate shade of brown hair. This is because it is soothing as a dessert. Among the trendiest are dark chocolate, which is equivalent to a very dark brown tone. Moreover, we can count chocolate hazelnut, chocolate milk and numerous others.

That is why, regardless of season, chocolate brown hair can look stylish and fashionable. The chocolate shade can advantageously set off the tan in the summer. In addition, it can create a bright contrast with the natural color of the skin.

This sweet palette also perfectly combines with other shades and dyeing techniques. More specifically, hair dyed in chocolate shades and intermediate tones looks great when the balayage technique is used. This means the main color is combined with shades like burgundy, ruby ​​and others. Chestnut, for example, makes a tasty combination with other similar colors, conferring an aristocratic look.

Coloring Chocolate Brown Hair of Different Lengths and Thicknesses

In order to make short hairstyles more voluminous and add texture to them, specialists pick either a monotonous dark coloring, or a complex one based on two tones. In the first case, due to the brilliance of the color itself, the hair appears to be thicker. As for the second case, the impression of volume is created due to color glare.

Medium-long hair perfectly reflects the effect of chocolate shades. If you have thin locks, give preference to lighter shades and a combination of several tomes. Caramel-chocolate or a combination of colder colors – dark chocolate and light walnut – will look optimal.

Long locks are a vast field for experiments. It allows you to try all modern dyeing techniques. For example, you can mix the color of chocolate milk with light highlights along the entire length of your hair.

Keeping the brightness of your chocolate hair requires an update from time to time. The recommended frequency depends on how thick or thin your hair is. More specifically, if your hair is thick, you can choose dark and saturated shades that require more regular touch-ups. In case of thin hair, you should pick shades that are close to your natural hair color. This is because thin hair shouldn’t be dyed too often. For example, if your natural hair color is brown, you can pick a chocolate milk shade.

How Chocolate Hair Dye Works

When it comes to this hair color and the proper way to achieve it, you have to get rid of all generally accepted patterns. This is because they are only misleading. For example, they say that brown hair is only suited to women with brown eyes and tanned skin. To make such a restriction is inconsistent because all you need is to look around and see that such rule doesn’t apply. There are a lot of women with eyes of any color, skin of various color and so on, who wear chocolate brown hair. What you should consider are the following guidelines:

If your natural hair color is blonde or light brown, then the chocolate shade you achieve should be very close to that on the dye’s package. In this regard, there is only one dangerous situation. We are talking about overexposure. This means if you leave the dye on your hair for too long. What will happen will be a darker turnout of your hair color. Even so, this is not something you can fix by washing your hair a few times. The color washes off slowly even if it’s permanent.

There is another nuance that always occurs when dyeing light hair in darker colors. Light hair grows back, and it shows more than anyone would like. So, you will have to dye your roots over and over if you like your chocolate brown hair.

Skin Tone vs. Chocolate Shades of Brown Hair

Depending on your skin tone, some chocolate shades suit you best than others. Let’s find out which!

Cold Skin Tone

The cold, aristocratic skin is inherent in pink and in some cases, in blue. If you take a look at your wrist and see that your veins are blueish, then your skin tone is cold. In this case, you are looking for cold, saturated, hair tones.

Warm Skin Tone

For such a skin tone, gold and yellow tints are characteristic. However, your appearance might be misleading, so check out of the color of your veins is green. This means you have a warm skin tone.

Neutral Skin Tone

The neutral skin tone is not warm, nor cold. It combines the features of both types at once. This means that the combination of cold and warm tones is visible. Even though you might not be able to determine what color are your veins, you should be open to experiments. We are saying this because those with a neutral skin tone took the best characteristics from cold and warm tones.

If you still have doubts and can’t determine your skin tone exactly, look in the mirror and appreciate the color of your eyes. They can also tell you which hair shade is perfect for you.

The Color of Your Eyes vs. Chocolate Hair

As said before, the color of your eyes is also helpful when trying to determine your future hair color. Let’s find out why!

Blue Eyes and Chocolate Hair Shades

Blue eyes emphasize cold hair shades. Great examples in this regard are Emilia Clark and Emma Stone. They both have cold skin tones, blue eyes and contrasting shades of chocolate in their hair.

Chocolate Hair and Green Eyes

The most common type of green eye is that with amber or brown spots. Such an appearance is a clear sign of a warm color type. So, when it comes to chocolate hair, you should refuse cold tones. In fact, the shades ideal for you would be caramel and classic chocolate shades. However, in case of pure green eyes, you can experiment with cold shades.

Gray Eyes and Chocolate Hair

This eye color goes well with almost all tones. However, it is worth abandoning the combination of chocolate and copper shades. Give preference to natural or plain colors.

Chocolate Hair and Brown Eyes

Brown eyes go well with all chocolate shades.


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Chocolate Brown Hair Shade for Every Appearance Type

When choosing a hair shade, it is necessary to take into account not only the color of your eyes and skin, but also the natural color of your hair. This is necessary because you want to avoid color inconsistencies and the manifestation of unexpected dyeing flaws.

A mix of chocolate with chestnut notes has an advantage over other chocolate brown shades, as it harmoniously combines with any skin type and color. However, other shades of these basic tones provide special preferences:

  • Reddish or copper notes in hair are ideal for young ladies with golden skin, light tan, clear light or hazel, amber eyes;
  • Girls with fair skin and grayish hair, on the contrary, should choose reddish shades from the chocolate brown palette;
  • If your skin is pink or peach and your eyes are light brown, then a shade of saturated chocolate brown suits you best;
  • Dark chocolate chestnut or the color of dark chocolate mix well together with brown and blue eyes, as well as fair and tanned skin;
  • Blondes who are gifted with delicate face features can try a soft, chocolate milk shade. In this way, they will become brighter in appearance and more expressive as well.
  • If a lady has snow-white skin, freckles or initially bright red hair, she is better off choosing a lighter tone of this gamma.
  • Girls with bright eyes and bright eyebrows should not dye their hair in dark browns;
  • Any bright coffee and chocolate shade emphasizes the imperfection of the skin.

Appearance Types and Their Afferent Brown Shades

Characteristics of the Spring Type: The hair, as a rule, is light. The appropriate shades range from brown to honey and gold. Moreover, the hair of the Spring type is easy to dye. You just need to choose the right shade, which does not conflict with the color of your skin.

The Summer Appearance Type: In this case, the skin has a pink, slightly cold hue, or a beige or gray-olive hue. This means that you can pick any ashy shade of chocolate brown.

Characteristics of the Fall Type: In this case, all hair shades are warm. We are talking about reddish, copper and carrot tones. Brunettes often pick a metallic shade that ranges from red to gold.

The Winter Appearance Type: This appearance type is characterized by cold shades, from black to snow-white. Therefore, cold chocolate brown hair shades are suitable.

Available Shades of Chocolate Brown

Now that you know what shades of brown to look after, we will present a few of the trendiest ones.

Hot Chocolate

You can get this shade containing golden pigments using the appropriate hair dye or by adjusting your natural hair shade with the help of a special tinting shampoo. Hot chocolate is a glowing brown hair color suited for women with matte skin, all tanning levels and any eye color.

Cold Chocolate

A very dark chocolate brown color, cold chocolate is definitely lighter than black. You can find it under the name of brown mocha or maroon in most hair color palettes. Because it is a cold color, it is suited for women with olive skin or light skin with a pinkish tint. Moreover, it is obtained by mixing the classic dark chestnut color with an ashy dye. That’s why, after washing your hair multiple times you might notice a reddish hue. You can fix with tints that neutralize the appearance of red.

Caramel Hair Shade

Caramel is a hair shade preferred for dyeing techniques such as ombre, balayage and basic highlighting. It is best combined with chocolate and hazelnut shades. This is because these shades don’t create too many contrasts, but are in harmony with the rest of the hair. To give the face more radiance, you can lighten the strands around the face.

Red Chocolate Hues

The combination between chocolate chestnut and red is carried out in contrasting techniques along the longitudinal sections of the hair. The color effect is neat and clean, almost geometric, as if it wants to break the uniformity of brown hair. Mahogany are brown is a bold combination that makes us think of a dark chocolate bar with chili peppers inside.

Purple Chocolate

A rich shade, purple chocolate is a cross between chocolate and eggplant. It is not easy to get such a shade, therefore it is recommended to contact an experienced colorist for this. Moreover, this color goes well with gray and blue eyes. As for the skin tone, it can be both dark and light.

Chocolate Pink

Chocolate pink is a hue that combines a brown base with cool, pink undertones. It is a bit like caramel, but the chocolate pink hue is colder. This color is well suited for the Spring and Summer appearance types.

Milky Chocolate

The total mass of brown pigment is dominated by shades of cocoa and vanilla. Milky chocolate is in harmony with tanned skin, as well as ivory, brown and green eyes. It does not go well in combination with dark skin and light, almost transparent eyes.

Golden Chocolate

Golden chocolate is a soft color. It is achieved by combining a light brown color with a golden sheen. Hair of this shade shimmers in the sun, and all haircuts look more voluminous. Moreover, this hue looks very beautiful when combined with dark skin, brown or green eyes. However, it is not suitable for the representatives of the Winter type.

Care for Your Chocolate Brown Hair

On average, stylists recommend updating the color of your hair at least once per month. However, you can prolong the result of hair dyeing with the help of competent care. Here is some advice:

  • Try to use normal shampoo less and dry shampoo more. If you don’t wash your hair, the color cannot be washed out;
  • Use only hair care products especially designed for dyed hair. They gently affect the structure of the hair and contribute to color preservation as well as shine;
  • Do not forget about means of deep conditioning, such as hair masks. They are indispensable for softening dyed hair.
  • Try the hot oil treatment. After washing your hair, apply your favorite hair oil and wrap it with a hot towel. Coconut oil is good too. You don’t have to spend fortunes on a professional hair oil.

More Inspiring Brown Hair Shades

So far we talked about various chocolate brown hair shades, as well as how to pick them according to your appearance type. Although things might be clear in your head, maybe you didn’t find a picture with the shade that is suited for you. That’s why, we will leave you with 100 more inspiring photos containing chocolate brown hair shades. There’s isn’t a shade that’s one hundred percent similar to another, so take a close look before wrapping things up. If you found your ideal hair shade, drop us a line in the comment section below!

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