22 Fabulous Style Ideas for Copper Hair Color

Do you want to have an exciting hair color that will get you noticed? Go for the copper hair color, which is one of the popular shades of red. It is a combination of red and bronze colors. It is also referred to as auburn.

Copper hair color is versatile. It can be styled in many ways. You can have it cut short, straight, long, wavy, braided, or tied in a ponytail. When applying highlights, one can use a wide array of colors that can enhance one’s hair color and texture. This color can be as bright as the sun.

Copper hair color is also described as fiery. It can last a long time because it does not become grey. Instead, the color simply fades as time passes by. The roots only become lighter. From its deep color, it can turn as light as a rose color or even white.

Here are several hairstyles that enhance the beauty of copper hair color:

1. Deep Copper Curls

For girls with deep copper hair, adding some big waves at the end can make the color flow smoothly. You can wear your hair like this every day. However, this style will look fabulous when attending special events. Light copper streaks

2. Dark Copper Hair With An Edge

Give your dark copper mane an edge by styling it into a shaggy edgy cut. Dye the ends of the shag in a deeper and richer shade of red to make the edges more eye-catching.

3. Short Copper Hair

A short bob goes well with copper hair. The result is a messy ad wavy hair that is made more attractive by the coppery color.

4. Brown Fading to Copper

If you are a brunette but you want to have a copper shade of hair, mix brown with copper tint and apply ombre. This will make the hair look like it is fading into a copper hue downward. The bright copper color near the tip of the hair becomes more noticeable because the upper portion is brown.

5. Hair With an Autumn Look

Give your hair an autumn look by mixing dark copper and light copper will result in fiery tresses that explode tile a new autumn day. Add some streaks of pink and for a more appealing look.

6. Coppery Brown

Do you want your brown hair to have a coppery sheen? Apply copper highlight and see the amazing result. Your hair is not really red but it now has a coppery luster that is more attention-catching than its former color.

7. Spiraled Side Bangs

Make your copper red hair lovelier by giving it a side bang with spiraling ends. It is flat at the top with soft lovely curls at the end.

8. Enchanting Fairy Tale Waves

Queens and princesses in Disney fairy tale movies wear lovely bright red hair with giant waves that cascade down their backs. You can have the same hairstyle if you have long copper-colored hair. Style your hair in such a way that there will have big shiny waves rolling down from your shoulders to your back.

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9. Awesome and Angled

Women with fine and thin strands will look great with an angled cut. However, women with dense hair can still try this style. A dark color such as copper with highlights can make hair with thick strands look finer and more sophisticated.

10. Fine Red Strands with Bangs

Get a fresh look in this minimal hairstyle. Bangs with your long copper hair is easy to maintain and manage. This hairstyle is also trendy. For accents, you can wear a small lovely hat or some flowers to adorn your hair.

11. Saturated Auburn for Curly Hair

An intense auburn hair is great for curly hair. The many shades of copper can do wonders for your hair. Apply deep and intense highlights of tangerine or ginger. For warm colored skin, include red and see the amazing effect.

12. Copper Hair with Clip

For a neat hairstyle and a fresh look, part your brown hair on the side neatly. Then gather one side and keep it from falling to your face by clipping it. A clip with dazzling stones will add sparkle to your hair. Apply a flexible spray to keep straying hair in place.

13. Wet Copper Hair Look

Give your hair some fullness to your copper tresses by adding curls at the ends. Apply a spritz spray to give your hair a wet look.

14. Light Copper Hair with Side Bangs

Wearing bangs has been a popular hairstyle for decades. It comes and goes then comes again. Having brown hair with side bangs lends a cool vibe of the ‘70s. Use a small hair straightener to keep the bangs smooth and to tame the flyaways.

15. Copper Hair Pixie

A pixie hairstyle is versatile. Short hair is popular among celebrities and women who are have a busy lifestyle and have no time for an intricate hairdo. Apply oil to your hair for a slick pixie look.

16. Copper Bob with Curled Ends

Copper hair will look great in this modern bob. Silver bobby pins keep the hair on both sides in place.

17. Half-up Half-down Copper Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks great on copper hair. Gather hair from one side, pull it to the top, and tie it into a pony tail. To give the hair some body, curl the layers underneath for wavy hair.

18. Copper Fishtail Braid

A fishtail braid never goes out of style. It also looks great in copper hair. To do a neat braid, use a texturizing spray to make it easier to do a neat braid.

19. High Copper Bun

Gather your copper hair up and make it into a bun. This style can give you a classy look. For a neater and sleek hair, apply a hair gel and secure straying using bobby pins.

20. Side-swept Copper Hair

Get a romantic look by sweeping your copper hair to the side. Use a heat resistant spray and make bends using a wand. After bending the hair, part the hair and sweep it over your shoulders.

21. Copper Braided Halo

You will need someone to help you with this hairstyle. After your hair is braided, put the braid around your head to form a halo. Then, secure the braid using bobby pins to keep it in place.

22. Low Copper Ponytail

Here is an easy-to-do hairstyle for long copper hair. Gather your hair on your nape to make a ponytail. Use a scarf to tie it. The scarf will enhance the appeal of your low ponytail.

Application Ideas on Copper Hair Color

With almost all women trying different kinds of hair color and styles, several application techniques have come to the fore. The most popular way of highlighting hair color is balayage and this is followed by foils and baby lights. The results can be classified as ombre or somber.

Balayage is a technique of highlighting hair color by painting or sweeping color into the hair. The hairstylist uses a free approach, making it easy and quick to do.

Balayage aims to lighten the hair from top to the tips, making it look like you have spent a long time on the beach during summer. It also aims to make your hair shiny and light like the kind of tresses that you had when you were still a young child.

For blonde hair balayage, the tips are the lightest and they appear to be sun-kissed. Dark hair balayage also aims to achieve gradual lightening of the hair from the roots to the tips. A copper hair balayage can result in dark red highlights that go lighter and lighter with rose-colored tips.

The use of foil in applying highlights to hair is quite time consuming because the hair has to be divided into small sections, placed in a foil, colored, and wrapped in the same foil. While balayage results in a seamless combination of colors, the technique using foils results in a similar pattern of the distribution of hair color.

The result of balayage can be described as ombre or somber. With ombre, the dark color changes into lighter shades with the tips as the lightest. Somber results in hair with roots left in their natural color and with lighter tips.

When it comes to copper hair color balayage, the result is an ombre. A dark shade of copper will be applied from the roots of the hair. The color becomes lighter and lighter as it reaches the tips of the hair. One can use chocolate or coffee brown shade. The upper portion of the hair will be painted in these colors.

Another technique of highlighting is baby lights. This technique applies fine highlights to the hair to achieve a soft and lighter effect that resembles your hair when you are still a baby. Foil is also used. However, a very small amount of hair is wrapped in the foil. The fine highlights look soft and one cannot notice where the highlights begin and where they end.

Flamboyage is a new technique that is starting to become popular today. This hair coloring technique makes use of transparent adhesive tapes. Once done and the adhesive strips are removed, the result is a soft highlight that seems to appear then disappear in the hair.

You can choose from among these techniques to give your tresses a new look. All of them can enhance and transform hair color and texture. The difference lies in the cost, length of time needed to do the job, and maintenance of the hair.

Because treating the hair can cause hair damage, there are things that one has to do and not do to keep her crown of hair glorious at all times. Check these rules and observe them if you wanted beautiful hair. They are as follows:

Do’s and Don’ts of Copper Hair Color Care

How can you keep your copper hair color always bright? Here are the dont’s and do’s in maintaining a brilliant copper hair color.

Do use hair products that enhance hair color

Using hair products intended for colored hair will help you keep your copper hair bright and glossy. Check if the shampoo, hair conditioner, hair spray, and other items that you use on your hair are designed for colored hair. Using just any kind of shampoo, hair conditioner, and hairspray can destroy your hair and make it look terrible rather than terrific.

Do use hair conditioner

Applying a hair conditioner after you shampoo will keep your hair moisturized, soft, and shiny. Apply hair conditioner when you start to shower. Leave it on your hair while you are showering. Make rinsing off the conditioner when you are about to finish. Apply a leave-in conditioner and wrap your hair when you sleep. Hot oil and deep conditioner once a week will keep the hair supple and soft.

Use the right kind of hairbrush

There are several types of hairbrushes and there is always a design made for a specific hair type. For colored hair styled in a sleek way, a paddle brush is the best type of hairbrush to use. To add body or fullness to your hair, use a round hairbrush with natural bristles.

Don’t expose hair to the sun for longer periods

The ultraviolet rays of the sun can severely affect colored hair. It can cause hair color to fade and the strands to become dry and brittle. Using hair products that have high sun protection factor or SPF will also protect your hair against the ultraviolet rays. If you are staying long outside on a sunny day, bring a hat or umbrella with you. These coverings will prevent your hair from being exposed to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Don’t shampoo frequently

Do not use shampoo every day because this can strip your hair with oils and with color. The result is a faded hair color and brittle and dry hair.

Don’t apply more spray than necessary

Hair spray can make the hair color look dull. If you really need a spray for some hold, immediately apply a hair serum for more shine.

Don’t use a hairdryer or blower

A hairdryer or hair blower emits heat. This can close the follicles of the hair resulting in coarse hair. As much as possible dry your hair naturally. If you really need to use hot devices on your tresses, apply heat protectors first. This will prevent hair damage.

Don’t flood your hair

When taking a shower, avoid rinsing your hair several times using huge amounts of water. Cover your hair with a cap when going swimming. Saturating your mane can srip all the essential oils to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.

Best Outfits to Match Copper Hair Color

A woman’s wardrobe must be planned around colors of clothes that will suit her hair color. For women with copper hair color, green is the most flattering color. You can wear an outfit with bottle green, moss green, sage green, olive green, and other shades except greens combined with yellow such as yellow-green.

All shades of blue will look great on someone with copper hair, as well as clothes in all shades of brown. Of course, black and white are natural colors and they can be worn by those with copper hair color.

How about wearing red? Some people think red on red might not look good but as long as one chooses a true red shade, she will still look great. Women with copper hair color must avoid outfits that bear yellow and orange shades.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about copper hair color:

  • What is copper hair color?

A copper hair color is a combination of bronze and red color. It is also referred to as auburn.

  • Is a copper hair color warm or cool?

This color comes in several shades. Some are warm while others are cool.

  • Is copper hair color prone to turning grey or white?

With copper hair color your hair will not turn grey because this hue will just fade as time passes by but it can turn blonde or white.

  • Can I have a copper hair color balayage?

Yes. Your hairstylist can apply copper highlights to red hair.

  • How can I keep my copper hair color from fading?

One way of keeping copper hair from fading, wait for two to three days before washing the hair after it was dyed. Use hair products that are made for hair that has been colored. Always use cold water when rinsing colored hair.

Copper hair color is one of the most versatile shades of red. It suits all haircuts and styles. You can have a bob, bangs, braids, or curls and your hair will still look magnificent. Copper hair color can be highlighted using balayage or other techniques. Women with copper hair color can wear all other hues except yellow and orange.

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