20 Crown Braid Styles To Welcome The Summer

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means, it’s time for another hair makeover! One of the most common hair trends that you’ll see popping out for this season are curls.

Beach curls, soft waves, large curls, any type of curl or wave will be seen on a lot of women. However, there’s another hairstyle that not a lot of people do (simply because they don’t know how to do it). It’s crown braids.

All About Crown Braids

In a nutshell, a crown braid is just a braid that wraps your head. It’s either placed just above your forehead or just at the back of your hair where you usually place half-up, half-down do’s.

Most people think that this is a complex hairstyle, but it’s not. Underneath what looks like a very complicated braid is just a bunch of hair sectioned to parts either placed over or under the other sections. Don’t worry, this will all make sense in the other sections of this post.

Why you would want a crown braid?

Aren’t crown braids for children? Wrong! Crown braids look good on any woman whether they’re young or not. Crown braids are a great way to show your feminine style while also helping tame your hair.

If you have baby hair, split ends, or even bad hair days, crown braids can help you draw attention away from them. Plus, it’s one of the hairstyles you can do if you have to attend something more formal, say, a wedding.

As you will see later, crown braids are one of the most versatile hairstyles out there. You can use so many different types of braids to create that crown or half-crown, and you can do so many things with the rest of your hair.

20 Standout Crown Braid Styles

A quick Google search will show you that there are different styles of crown braids. It’s not just one singular style where a braid is wrapped around the shape of your head. If you’re curious to know more about the styles of crown braids, check these out.

1. Full Crown Braid

The full crown braid is one of the most popular types of crown braids. This is the kind that goes around your whole head and often ends or gets tucked right above your nape. It is also called the halo braid because it creates a halo around your head.

The full crown braid has been around for so many years. This hairstyle has been used during the Ancient Greeks and Celtics and Vikings. You will notice in Greek vases and drawings, that even men flaunted this hairstyle during their daily affairs. Fast forward to this century, Frida Kahlo is also famous for her full crown braid.

2. Half-Crown Braid

If there’s a full crown, of course, there’s also a half-crown. Half-crown braids or half-halo braids are similar to the style above except that it doesn’t encompass your whole head. Instead of ending above your nape, it ends just at the middle of your head. Think about half-up, half-down hairstyles.

You can create your half-crown braid by parting your hair on one side and start braiding here. Just like the full crown braid, you have to make sure that you take thinner sections of your hair to have that braided effect.

3. Messy Halo Braid

One of the reasons why children complain about getting braids is that they are pulling their hair so hard that it seems that they will start losing hair. Have you had the same experience before? If you did, then you know that halo braids are no different in their pain-inducing technique.

That’s why you should try out the new messy halo braid. Messy hairstyles are one of the most natural-looking ways to still look put-together. Ironic, right? Check out these messy halo braids to show you that this look works.

4. Double Halo Braid

Got a lot of hair? Try a double halo braid that gives more dimension to your look instead of just having one large braid all over your head. To create a double halo braid, you need to make a ponytail in the middle of your head. Make sure that this ponytail doesn’t include the hair that you will use for the first halo braid you’ll be doing.

Once you’re done with the first full braid, remove the ponytail and do the same thing. If the style is too tight for you, pull gently with your hair or just have looser braids.

5. Half-Crown and Braid Duo

Go for a braiding extravaganza with this braid duo. If you haven’t had enough of your crown braid, then you will love this hairstyle. Basically, you’re having a half-crown braid and another long braid at the bottom of the crown.

To do this, you have to separate the hair you will be using for the crown. Place all the remaining hair using a ponytail. Do the half-crown style first and then proceed to braid the length of your hair. What’s great about this style is that you can be creative with the braiding style for the rest of your hair.

6. Full-Crown with Ponytail

Keep your hair out of the way with this style. Aside from making sure that no baby hair escapes to your forehead, this style also keeps the length of your hair in one place.

This is one of the most functional hairstyles to do because it literally gets all your hair out of the way. If a simple ponytail won’t do, then you have a full-crown braid to support it. Try this new hairstyle when you’re heading for a workout session.

7. Waterfall Braid

Channel your inner princess by donning a waterfall braid. Waterfall braids are one of the hardest braids to do on your own simply because you won’t be pulling your hair to make sure it’s tight enough. In fact, waterfall braids are called as such because the hair looks like it “flows” from the top of your head down to the middle.

Since waterfall braids are best used alone (meaning, you don’t have other things going on your hair), you can create a high half-up, half-down look. Start the braid at 45 degrees from the middle of your head and work your way towards the middle.


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8. Fishtail Top Crown

Here’s another more complicated braid that you might need help in doing. Fishtail braids are popular because they’re not easy to do. If you know how to do one, then you have earned some bragging rights on hair braiding.

On a more serious note, fishtail crowns look better when they’re placed on top of your head. This means, that the actual braid should not look like a half-up, half-down style. Instead, it should look as if you placed a crown right on top of your head.

9. Crown and Side Braid

This hairstyle works well if you want to look more casual or you want to look more elegant. For a casual look, simply create a messy full crown and then a loose side braid. Loosening up your Dutch braid will give you that au naturale look everyone is dying to have these days.

On the other hand, you can get a sleek look by making sure that no baby hair escapes your braid. The best way to look sleeker is to put on some hairspray. You can also blow-dry your hair first to make sure that all strands are tamed before jumping into braiding.

10. Modern Milkmaid

You must be dying to see a milkmaid crown braid that doesn’t look all old. Here’s a modern twist to classic milkmaid braids.

If you will notice, there is no bun. In fact, it’s called an updo because you are putting all of your hair up without creating a bun. The hair has been both tucked inside that teased updo while the rest were used for the full-crown that perfectly shapes the updo. How’s that for a classic twist?

11. Loose French Crown

Just because you’re creating a crown braid doesn’t mean that you should suffer going through the pulling and the tightening of the braids. If you’re one of those people who get headaches because of tight hairstyles, then you’re looking at the perfect braided crown for you.

This loose French crown makes for a softer look on your facial features. It’s as if you’re just braiding your hair effortlessly. If you want to have that kind of appearance, then this style is definitely for you.

12. Braided Flower Crown

What’s a flower crown without the flowers? Incorporate your love of spring with these cute hair accessories. Design your full-crown or half-crown with these natural-looking flower accessories.

This style might be a little over the top for casual days, but at weddings and parties, these make for a wonderfully feminine look. No need to go to a hairstylist if you can make hairstyles like this!

13. Golden Halo

Have blonde tips? Create this golden halo effect with your hair by taking advantage of the blonde hair you have. This golden halo will definitely stand out because who does this anyway? Be the first in your circle of friends to make use of their beautiful blonde hair.

Plus, this hairstyle not only looks good because it’s unique, but the dark hair base you have will also make a good contrast for the blonde. Just look at how alive her hair looks like!

14. Loopy Half-Crowns

If you’re looking for a braided crown that you can wear for weddings, then this look will help save the day. Loopy braids are one of those “extra” hair crowns that you can do especially if you will be the maid of honor. Complement the bride’s color scheme and style so you won’t attract too much attention to the point of taking it all from the bride.

You can also add a little something to this style by placing small flower accessories that you can place on the braids itself.

15. Chunky Swedish Headband

The heat is on this summer and the last thing you want to experience with your hair is it sticking to your neck or your forehead. Avoid these stresses and go for a chunky headband braid that will get all of your hair and place it on top of your head. Say goodbye to having unruly hair during the summer and say hello to a fresh and youthful look.

16. Thin Braided Crowns

Did you know that you can also do thin braided crowns with your hair? It’s the same procedure with the full-crown braids except that you will be using much less hair than the former.

This hairstyle works best for those who have thin and short to medium-length hair. With these thin braids, you can add more style on top of your head. It’s also a great substitute for a fishtail crown.

17. Diagonal Side Crown

Okay, so braided crowns are a thing this season, but what if you want something more unique? Say no more with this diagonal side crown. Instead of having a perfectly fixed crown right on top of your head, you can create a half-crown that is lower on one side. It’s like a crown that was slowly pushed down on one side.

This adds more volume and dimension to your hair especially if your hair strands are flat and thin. It would also help if you curl the ends of your hair for a dynamic look.

18. Tendril Crown

Got some highlights on the side of your hair? Make them stand out with this tendril crown. The star of this style is not really the braided crown, but the hair that falls from it.

Upgrade your messy ‘do with these cascading hair that gives you a more natural look. Plus, it emphasizes the highlights you have on the side.

19. Turban Hair

While crowns are always the hair accessories for women, you can also go a different route by creating a turban-like hairdo. You can do this by making 2-3 layers of big braids so that it covers the whole of your head. If you have highlights on your hair, then this is a great way to showcase those blonde and brown contrasts everyone is dying to have.

20. Beach Wave Golden Braid

Of course, it wouldn’t be summer without a little bit of beach waves on your hair. Channel your island girl with this mega summer look topped with a half-crown braid.

Create a half-crown braid using any type of braid (like French or Dutch), and then let your beach waves go down naturally. If you don’t have beach waves, a quick use of the hair iron can already give you this effect.

A 4-Step Guide to Easy Crown Braids

Still don’t know how to create your own crown braid? Here’s the simplest guide to do this intimidating hairstyle.

Step #1: Part your hair in the middle

Just as simple as that, you’re already three steps down to making the perfect crown braid. If you have unruly hair, putting a loose styling powder on your head can help tame it. It’s highly recommended to brush your hair as well to avoid any tangles with the strands. You don’t want to be hurting your scalp!

Step #2: Braid each half

How much hair you’ll use for your braid entirely depends on you. However, if you want to style the bottom part of your hair, you can opt to use smaller sections of hair. Usually, you start with one side, say the right. For this side, you start braiding at the bottom portion of your hair just right on top of your nape.

Once you’re done, you should have a braid that ends on top of your head. Secure it with an elastic. For the left side, start the braid at the top and go down towards your nape. Secure this with a clear elastic.

Step #3: Cross each braid to the other side

This part is the easiest (aside from parting your hair of course). All you have to do is take that braid that ends on top of your head and cross it over to the left side. In this case, your right braid should overlap towards the left.

Then tuck the end of the right braid underneath the left braid to make it look like it’s just one braid. Do the other braid by tucking it underneath your right side.

Step #4: Secure with bobby pins

For your final step, just secure those braids with bobby pins. If you are going for a messy look, you can loosen up the braid by pulling them out a little to give you that natural messy look. You can also let some hair on the side fall for a more feminine look.

And there you have it! This easy-to-do crown braid can be your start to explore so many different braids you can do with your hair. You can add hair accessories, pins, etc. You can even mix the types of braid too. Your creativity is the limit on crown braids, so go ahead and have fun with your hair!

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