157 Ways to Wear Curly Hair With Bangs of Different Types But Radical

Curly hair with bangs is an eternal problem for those whom nature has endowed with waves or curls. All women want a change of look from time to time. In this regard, bangs provide an excellent opportunity to do so without unnecessary casualties and nerves. However, in case of curly hair, it is quite difficult to maintain the bangs in the same condition the hairdresser left them. So, caring and styling curly hair with bangs can turn out to be a complete disappointment. The later can be avoided if you know the rules for maintaining such hairstyle.

When you know what you’re doing, styling your curly hair with bangs should not be as much trouble as it seems at first glance. No one claims you should keep the texture of your bangs natural or the color for that matter. In fact, curly hair with bangs that are straight is not an uncommon combination. Many women continue the trend that arouse a few years ago, namely the combination between straight bangs and curly hair.

If you hair is kinky, curly or wavy, then you can take the hairstyles that you wear everyday as guides. Also, you should consider your face shape when choosing bangs. Maybe your hair’s structure is such that curls are formed only towards the ends of your hair. In this case, combining your hairstyle with bangs is not a problem at all.

Not all fashionable bangs will look beautiful on wavy hair, so it is important to choose the right option. The choice depends on how much your hair is curled, as well as on your face shape and hair type. Let’s find out more and check out 150+ photos of curly hair with bangs!

What Types of Bangs are in Trends?

Ragged bangs are in fashion these days. This means that bangs of fixed length and clear edges are no longer present. Girls with a wide chin or a perfect oval face are the best models for ragged bangs. Moreover, another trendy option are long, oblique bangs. They can begin from above the ear and spread over the face to the cheekbones. In fact, these bangs types used to be loved by the young people of the 70’s and 80’s.

Since we were talking about the disco decades, you should know that thick, voluminous bangs are also among stylists’ favorites. Surprisingly, such hairstyle is becoming an icon, in an invisible way, which is always relevant.

Therefore, simply picking a bang type for yourself is not simple. You have to take your face shape into account, as well as the shape, structure and nature of your hair. In particular, it is mistakenly believed that everyone can wear bangs. For example, a thick and straight bang spoils the look of a woman with a broad face or a round face. Conversely, a long, oblique bang is not guaranteed to look good of women with narrow faces and low foreheads.

Even so, curly hair with bangs is not a myth or a figment of your imagination. The final result is just a little different from the standard one.

The Structure of Curly Hair

In order to properly care for curly hair and choose appropriate haircuts, you need to have an idea of ​​its structure. Briefly explained, straight hair has a circular cross section, while curly hair has an oval cross section. This means that the hair twists into a spiral.

This how most stylists chose to classify curly hair:

  • Wavy;
  • Curly;
  • Spiral-shaped.

Wavy hair is definitely not straight hair, but not curly either. There are no classic curls forming in case of wavy hair. Moreover, it is characterized by a combined structure. More specifically, it is only at the roots and dry towards the ends.

Curly hair forms moderately twisted locks. Since the scalp is dry, curls of this type are almost always electrified. For a haircut, this fact adds complexity. This is because the curls stick out in different directions and it is not easy to lay them. Even so, the procedures for caring for such hair type are simple, but should be performed regularly. You can use natural cosmetics made of herbs, which help when used properly. Or, you can choose an appropriate line of cosmetics from a well-known brand.

Curly Hair With Bangs: Do You Need Bangs?

Fortunately, curly hair with bangs can look spectacular and flatter many women. Let’s go through the advantages of getting bangs even if your hair is curly.

  • Bangs are great at hiding a high or a large forehead;
  • When you get bangs on wavy hair, the hair will have more volume, starting from the roots. In this way, you can emphasize your natural curls;
  • The combination between elongated bangs and a cascade haircut emphasize wavy hair;
  • Bangs have the extraordinary ability to visually rejuvenate the face;
  • Bangs add a twist to even the simplest daily styling;
  • Straight or long bangs highlight the expressiveness of your eyes and / or a beautiful makeup;
  • Getting bangs will help you satisfy your experimentation craving and avoid more radical changes;
  • You can wash your bangs only in order to refresh your hairstyle;

Curly Hair of Different Lengths With Bangs

A square is the most common haircut for any type of hair. In this case, it is the best option for a number of reasons. More specifically, curly hair creates the necessary volume for a square. Also, you would have to spend a minimum amount of time and effort for styling it. Last, this haircut goes well with different bangs types.

Oblique and elongated bangs are one of the most suitable option. Wet hands and a small amount of styling product is enough to style it. Moreover, you can even try hair gel that confers the effect of wet hair. All these and a little imagination from your side can result into an elegant and at the same time sloppy hairstyle.

Since we are talking about curly hair, you should know the cascade is the most suitable multi-layer haircut for this type of hair. The height of the top layer is always adaptable depending on your face shape because it is important to emphasize your natural characteristics. In this version of the haircut, the bangs can be laid both sideways and forward. It all depends on the steepness of the curls. If you are, however, ready to style your bangs with a straightening iron every day, then more haircuts will look spectacular on you.

The classic ladder cut is also perfect for long, curly hair. Graduation provides a smooth transition from bangs to the length of the haircut. At the same time, the volume and initial length are saved.

Thick bangs are not quite suitable for curly hair, especially with a short haircut.

Extra Long Bob With Sloppy Bangs

This is one of the options that ensures an easy and natural wear. It is a comfortable and fashionable haircut for curly hair with bangs. However, if your curls are very tight, this hairstyle might not work. The initial state of the hair should be characterized by a not too elastic wave. Moreover, it suits girls with dark hair in shades of natural chestnut. We are saying this because the whole look is in harmony with the appearance type known as French chic.

When it comes to styling an extra long bob with sloppy bangs, you first need to apply the appropriate styling product on it. The later should slightly smooth the curls, prevent tangling and hair fluffing. However, the hair should not become perfectly straight after drying it. A beautiful, light, vertical wave should remain.

A thick, straight bang to the eyebrows, slightly thinned and airy, is perfect for such hair. It can be slightly teased before going out and slightly sprinkled with hair spray from a long distance.


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Straight Bangs on Long, Curly Hair

If you keep your curly hair long and you are afraid to cut bangs because it will look shapeless, then your fears are understandable. However, you can avoid the undesirable consequences for this hairstyle. You can wear straight bangs with curly, long hair if you take your time to straighten them in the crown area.

For some girls, wearing such a hairstyle without styling it is not problematic. In this case, the hair begins to curl steeply from about the middle of the length, while the basal zone is absolutely straight. But not everyone is so lucky. Others have to take care of the harmonious matching of straight hair and waves on their own.

After washing your hair, blow dry it by treating the basal area with a light foam. Stretch your hair with your fingers, if possible (if the hair does not tangled and is not very long). Your task is to stretch the basal region of the hair, leaving the mass intact from the middle to the ends. A bang that is short and straight or elongated and asymmetric, will fit into such a hairstyle without any problems.

Be careful, however! This hairstyle is not suitable for girls with a face type in which the lower part is wider than the upper part.

Short, Curly Haircuts With Bangs

A short haircut is a great way to tame naughty curls and make your look bright and youthful. With this length of hair, any bang type becomes the main focus. Contrasting along the length of the bangs will help to effectively beat any shape of the face.

This hairstyle suits creative and athletic women who want to look young and stylish. Any short haircut done on curly hair will look voluminous. In addition, it comes in a clear shape and a well-designed crown. Moreover, it is suitable for dense hair with medium-sized curls.

For owners of soft, fluffy and weakly curled hair, this haircut will not work. This is because the curls will not keep their shape. They will disintegrate and lose volume. Conversely, if your hair is strong enough, shiny and it comes with a beautifully designed curl in it, then you can style it in a few minutes.

A non-standard version of the pixie haircut, with very short hair on the temples, long, oblique bangs and high styling, was worn by singer Rihanna.

Curly Hair With Bangs vs. Face Shapes

Face shapes are different and come as oval, square, triangular, round and so on. Or, they can be characterized as wide and narrow. In addition, whether a person is thin or thick, it affects his or her face shape as well. So, even though there’s a general belief according to which everything goes for curly women, that is not true.

Bangs and Curly Hair on Round Faces

In case of women with a round face, it is best to choose haircuts that feature high volume at the top. The later allows a visual elongation of the face. So, in no case you should pick a hairstyle that requires you to smooth the hair on the top of the hair. The shape of your face changes with the help of the strands carelessly located below. Moreover, asymmetric bangs will look good, which will significantly reduce the emphasis on the oval of the face.

However, a straight bang or a middle parting are not recommended. If your face is round, then it is better for you to choose a cascade haircut with an asymmetry. In this way, the hair will mask the too rounded cheeks on the sides and the bangs will lengthen the face by slightly opening the forehead. The same goes for bob haircuts.

Matching an Oval Face With Curly Bangs

As you probably know already, a person with an oval face shape is considered a classic. This means that any bangs or hair length will suit him or her. Moreover, medium-sized curls can be cut in a variety of ways and stacked as you like. The cascade, bob, square, ladder and other fashionable options will look great.

For people whose oval looks more like a circle, a haircut without a pronounced bang, with waves curled on the cheeks, is more suitable.

Full Face Corrected With Curls and Bangs

For chubby cheeks, a bob haircut with a parting located asymmetrically, and a small curl are perfect. Such a hairstyle will make the woman’s appearance feminine and elegant. Also, if there is thinning added in the haircut, then the voluminous structure will be provided even without styling. Moreover, it is worth avoiding strands that are evenly trimmed, lifelessly hanging on both sides of the face.

A haircut that perfectly fits a full face by nature is the following: a bob or a cascade combined with a side parting and an elongated bangs. The ladder hairstyle will also look ideal if you add volume on the top of the head and thin the ends.

Bonus Hairstyles With Bangs

Imitation bangs. For those of you who can not decide on cutting their bangs, but they still want to wear bangs, this option is suitable. In fact, stylists of leading haute couture brands are actively using it. What you need to do is to lay your hair on a side, with a dramatic side parting. Next, gently comb a long strand on your forehead and secure it with a hairpin or hair spray.

False bangs. This is another non-trivial option. False bangs will help you decide whether to run to the hairdresser or not. For a more natural look, you should choose a bang done from your natural hair, rather than with the help of synthetic hair called Kanekalon. The bangs effect can also be achieved by making a high tail or bun and covering your forehead with the tips.

More Inspirational Photos for You

Although many have tried, it is quite difficult to fit all curly-haired women into one pattern. This is because each of us has her own hair type, with its own structure, and therefore her own type of curls. Moreover, each of us has her own appearance type, which requires personalized hairstyles. With this idea in mind, you should consider asking for a stylist’s help if your really want to get bangs.

You will definitely be surprised by your visit because a lot of options will be offered to you, options which might be impossible to identify yourself. We are saying impossible because there are numerous factors to consider, just as we mentioned earlier in this article. An expert hairstylist is used to taking all those factors into consideration and he or she does it with ease.

Whoever said that bangs and curly hair are not compatible was not right. Since we live in a progressive century, it is time to take all the stereotypes out of our heads. So, keep in mind that fashionable bangs for curly hair take on a pleasing variety of shapes and types. The following photos are meant to sustain the later affirmation and help you find the perfect look for yourself if your didn’t find it by now.

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