242 Cute Hairstyles for Girls – Ideas to Browse Through and Learn How To

Cute hairstyles for girls are easy to find, but are they easy to do as well? Most often, mothers know best how to answer the previous question. This is because they make a lot of efforts in order to keep their daughter’s hair healthy and well-groomed. In this regard, mothers usually treat their princesses with natural hair masks, expensive shampoos and visits to the hairdresser. Thanks to all these efforts, many little girls and teenage girls pride themselves with beautiful short, medium or long hair. Happily, there are numerous cute hairstyles for girls that highlight the beauty of their hair, regardless of its length.

These days, fashionable, modern and cute hairstyles for girls are available for every patient and skilled mother to try. Or, in case of teen girls who are looking for a cute hairstyle, they must be prepared to learn a thing or two before succeeding.

As it follows, we will present popular, beautiful and cute hairstyles for girls that you can do for your daughter. Or, if she is old enough, she can style it herself. The occasion for which they are recommended ranges from school, holidays, parties to a day in the park and so on.

However, before talking about hairstyles specifically, we will also familiarize you with some fashion trends, teach you why and how age and hair length matter, as well as other interesting facts. In addition, a dazzling collection of more than 200 photo awaits!

Cute Hairstyles for Girls – General Considerations

Although many mothers are enthusiastic about the growth of their daughter’s hair, not every girl’s hair will grow quickly. This happens due to various factors. Therefore, we urge mothers to pay attention to simple hairstyles, which can be done in a short amount of time. Usually, the usage of elastic bangs and hairpins is a must.

With the help of such simple accessories, girls of all ages can try ponytails of different sizes, buns, twists, braids and other similar hairstyles. If, as adults, we are trying to hide the accessories we use to secure the hair, in case of girls they are best displayed.

Even if we are talking about more elegant hairstyles, using accessories is a good idea. This is because they contribute to the image of a sweet girl.

For short hair lengths, you should still consider the braiding option. Even if you feel like there’s not enough hair to braid, you can focus on shorter and thinner braids made from the top section of the girl’s hair. It’s a known fact that even a cute braid will not go unnoticed and the girl will feel extra pretty and beautiful.

Weaving hair is an even greater option when it comes to medium to long hair. We are sure that you’ve seen amazingly beautiful hairstyles made with the help of braids. They range from everyday looks to elegant occasions. The braids can be combined with ponytails, buns, half-up half-down hairstyles and so on. The French braid is a notable example.

Which Cute Hairstyles for Girls are Trending Now?

Trends in adult fashion always affect children’s fashion as well. This also goes in case of fashionable and beautiful hairstyles for girls. A combination of elegance and cuteness, one example of hairstyle for girls is the high or the low bun. In this case, there’s no need to tiredly try to mask all the baby hairs. Girls should look as natural as possible, not have a flawless hairstyle that’s been covered in hair spray. Original and beautiful bun hairstyles can be combined with various types of braids. Moreover, a harmonious look can be completed with a few loose strands or even curls. However, no hairstylist would advise you to use curling irons on young hair.

Which are the Best Cute Hairstyles for Girls?

The best hairstyles for little girls and even teens are those that do not cause inconvenience and look cute. First of all, you must choose the right haircut. This is because, for example, thin hair looks great when cut in the shape of a medium-long bob. This haircut doesn’t require too much styling. It can be decorated with loose curls, a French braid or other styles that keep the hair away from the face.

If your daughter has beautiful thick hair or curly hair, you should encourage her to wear her hair longer. On one hand, it would a shame not to grow such qualitative hair long. On the other hand, there are so many complex hairstyles that long hair allows that you simply can’t ignore them. Beautiful, long braids and luxurious ponytails have always been eye-catching and neat.

However, many parents dislike complex hairstyles. One reason is that they don’t want their girls looking like dolls. Even so, they should understand that the image of a doll is much better than messy hair. When attending school for example, cute hairstyles for girls are the most recommended. We suggest ponytails, pigtails, all sorts of braids and buns. Such hairstyles look decent and they don’t require much time to do.

Sometimes, the secret to success in any field lies in the details. That’s why we will present a few specific ways in which you can style and accessorize a girl’s hair.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls – Inspiring Examples for Moms and Daughters

Now that you are aware of the basics when it comes to hairstyles for little girls and teen girls, we can now discuss their possible variations.

Decorative Braids for Girls

Hairstyles for little girls with decorative braids look amazing. To do this, you need to braid three plaits starting from the forehead. Next, you should connect them together in a ponytail of medium height, located slightly on the side. This is a suitable children’s hairstyle for girls that can be worn at school.

Dutch Braids End in Buns

Two Dutch braids must be plaited toward the top of the head and then secured in two buns. This hairstyle is a success because it is popular and it also allows you to diversify your girl’s look. More specifically, the hair must be separated in the center. Then, starting with the back of the head, plait two Dutch braids towards the top of the head. This is a hairstyle for medium to long hair.


Secure the French Braid in a Low Bun

There is nothing special about a French braid since everyone is wearing it. However, you can add a touch of cuteness by securing it in a low bun after plaiting it. So, if you want to add a less common element, then just roll the ends of the braid in a bun.

Three Lace Braids Form a Rose

You can create many kinds of hairstyles with the help of hair accessories, especially for girls. This hairstyle is done by weaving three lace braids diagonally across the girl’s head. Next, the ends of the braids should be put together in the shape of a rose. Fasten this hairstyle with hair clips.

Holiday Braids with Ribbons on Medium Hair

This hairstyle is perfectly suitable for a less casual event even though it is quite simple to do. Cute hairstyles for girls should almost always include some kind of accessory. Examples in this regard are flowers, colorful ribbons, bright hairpins or even fun jewelry.

What you need to do in order to make a simple hairstyle look festive is to weave the hair together with ribbons of the same color or different colors.

Heart Made of Braids and a Ponytail

Not a simple hairstyle to achieve, this one is based on weaving a heart on the back of the girl’s head. So, the success of braiding a heart lies in the exact separating of the hairs and in the weaving technique itself. This style implies a simple, three strand braiding. After the braiding is done, you can secure the ends with an attractive bow.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls With Ribbons

This beautiful hairstyle is perfect for little princesses. A layered, elongated braid with a standard braid of three strands will add volume to this look. A skillful combination of accessories will add cuteness to this look.

Elongated Braids With Elastic Bands

This particular hairstyles is based on volume. In other words, it is advisable to experiment with the way simple braids look like. For example, you can gently pull out a few strands from the braid in order to create volume. Although the braids will look shorter, they will look thicker. If you do so, this hairstyle will literally stand out. Also, remember that when it comes to cute hairstyles for girls, the best detail you can add is a charming bow.

A Bunch of Four Braids With Flowers

A braid, regardless of how you weave it, it looks nice and neat. However, you can use it to create cute hairstyles for girls. For example, you can twist the braid in the shape of a flower and then loosen it a little. For extra naturalness, you can decorate the flower with hairpins that have flowers glued on them.

Fishtail Weaving for an Impressive Look

Braiding a fishtail is considered just as complicated as braiding with four strands of hair instead of two. These two braiding techniques are definitely for the experienced. Regardless of how you style the fishtail, the secret consists in using thin stands of hair when braiding it.

Two Twisted Buns at the Top

When it comes to tall hairstyles, try curling the girl’s hair instead of braiding it. This is one of the most beautiful hairstyles for little girls, as well as teen girls. What you need to do first is a a symmetrical parting in the center of the head. Next, twist the hair on each side, starting from the front, and adding more hair as you twist towards the top. Wrap the ends in bundles and secure them with flowers.

Ponytails With Double Hearts and Bows

Girls love tall hairstyles, especially those that are shaped like hearts, flowers and bows. Divide the hair in half, and then each part into another three square sections . Next, twist the hair so that it resembles the shape that you want. The last step is to secure the loose ends in ponytails and decorate them with bows.

Ponytail with a Dutch Braid Loop

This is one of those hairstyles for girls with dark hair that looks equally good on both thin and thick hair. Start weaving two Dutch braids starting from the temples. When you reach the back of the head, cross the braids one above the other. Continue weaving, bending the braid in order to obtain a loop.

Twisted Strands Connected in a Bundle

The combination of curly hair and bright elastic bands will delight every girl. What you need to do is twist the hair to the side, not forward. Finally, secure the ends in a messy bun and decorate it with a bow.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls With Inverted Braids

As you know, you can’t rely on a hairstyle that only looks good in the front. So, let’s focus now on inverted braids. They are done starting from the back of the head towards the top. You can weave one, two or more and then secure them in a bun at the top of the head.

Fascinating Hairstyle Obtained With Two Fishtails

As you already know, you can make any hairstyle more interesting by braiding the hair partially or in full. If before we recommended one fishtail and nice hair accessories, we are now suggesting braiding two fishtails. To do this, separate the hair and divide it into two equal parts. Simply braid each section from the nape of the neck up. Once you’re done with the classic braiding and reached the top of the head, start with the fishtails.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls With Afro Braids

Not only smooth and straight hair can be styles in beautiful ways. Girls with curly hair have plenty of options as well. When it comes to braids, box braids, cornrows and other similar braiding types are available.

Smooth and Formal Bun

Many hairstyles for girls are classics. The one we are presenting right now is based on smooth hair that looks flawless. If you are thinking of a special occasion, then maybe you should make an exception and use hair-styling products in order to tame all the baby hairs and make the most perfect bun.

Curly Hair Left Loose

Sometimes a girl’s hair looks best when you do nothing with it. If your child has long hair of medium thickness, just make cascading curls and secure several front strands with hairpins so that the hair doesn’t get in the girl’s eyes.

Unique Punk Hairstyle for Rebel Girls

The mohawk hairstyle is suitable for girls with thick hair. What you’re looking to do is to create the illusion that there’s no hair on the sides. You can do so by combing the hair from the sides towards the top and secure it with hairpins or elastic bands. Actually, you can make several ponytails at the top using the hair on the sides. Next, just use some hair spray to make it last.

Steps to Create Cute Hairstyles for Girls

  • Disheveled hair will not simply stay put if you just comb it and use some elastic bands. Especially when creating a cute and neat hairstyle, you should moisturize the hair first. You can do so with salt water or hair products that don’t harm the hair. Thus, baby hairs and entire strands of hair will not stick out. With such precision, the process will be quite pleasant;
  • Preliminary hair combing is a must. This is because tangled hair is hard to work with. In addition, you might even cause yourself or your girl pain by pulling her hair.
  • The quality of the elastic bands is really important. You are looking for less rigid elastic bands that are rather soft. Also, don’t forget about colors, glitter and anything else that looks nice.
  • Experts don’t recommend tight hairstyles for girls under 3 years old.

Cute Hairstyles for Girls  – Your Imagination is the Limit

Once you have mastered various types of braiding, ponytails and buns, you will be able to use your own imagination and combine them as you please. In case you are a mom who likes to style her girl’s hair, then you can experiment together with your little one. Conversely, if you are teen girl who likes to do her own hair, then you can definitely find innovative combinations using the basic principles explained here.

Probably the easiest way to create cute hairstyles for girls is to just use rubber bands of different colors and create imaginary patterns. However, girls grow up fast, so a few elastic bands won’t make a big difference after she realizes there are other options available. So, start braiding, mixing and accessorizing hair! More than 100 pictures with examples are still at your disposal below to inspire you and teach you at the same time!


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