170 Cute Hairstyles to Express Your Youthful Innocence in a Chic Way

Little girls and teenagers are in need of cute hairstyles just as grown women are. Happily, there are numerous options for them. Whether you are the mother of a little girl or a teen girl who wants to find cute hairstyles, you are in the right place! As it follows, we will present a wide list of hairstyles that say nothing but cuteness and well-groomed hair. In addition, we will introduce step by step hairstyles that are easy to do, even during the morning before school. More than 170 pictures will come to your aid as well. There’s a wonderful world of hair styling that you are about to discover!

Cute Hairstyles for Little Girls and Teens

Little girls’s hairstyles are just as popular as adults’s. In fact, many of them are similar, but in a cuter way. The best part is that you can experiment with different hair lengths. Thus, you can create spectacular and chic hairstyles for your daughter or for yourself, if you are a teen.

2019 brings various types of buns, ponytails and braids into the spotlight. When it comes to braids, we are talking about complex patterns that can be created from medium to long hair. Even so, you should always keep in mind that regardless of how cute a hairstyle is, it should also be comfortable and practical, especially in the case of little girls. This is because little ones are often very active and playful.

If you are a mom and you browse through all these cute hairstyles, you should be able to pick one or more easily. This is because, of course, you know what your daughter would like and what would suit her personality. Whether it’s a hairstyle for a simple day at school, an event such as school ball or graduation, you will find the perfect match! In fact, many children’s hairstyles are inspired by grown women’s hairstyles. However, those for children or teens are often complemented by bright accessories, such as ribbons, headbands, hairpins and so on.

Everyday Hair Styling Ideas

Similar to your everyday hairstyles, a little girl’s hairstyles differ from one event to the other. So, for everyday styling, specialists recommend French braids for example. Such braids can be done on medium long hair or long hair. Since they keep a neat appearance, they are ideal to wear throughout the day. In addition, you or your daughter will be able to do your favorite things without having to worry about your hair.

If you think that a French braid is too common, then you can make a flower with the help of braided hair. For starters, what you need to do is secure a low ponytail on a side. Next, you should pull out a thick strand of hair and braid it. After securing it with an elastic band, twist the braid and secure it into the bun.

Regardless of what hairstyle you pick, you must keep in mind the main requirements for an everyday hairstyle. We are talking about versatility, simplicity, convenience and of course, cuteness! The styling and neat appearance of such hairstyles will be maintained throughout the day, regardless of how active your daughter is or you are, as a teen.

Festive and Cute Hairstyles Considerations

Hair styling in general can be considered art and it is so in case of cute hairstyles too. When it comes to festive hairstyles, you can consider curling your hair or your daughter’s hair. Curls are easy to work with and they confer a different look compared to the everyday styling. In addition, you can add a beautiful bow or flower on curled hair. Both options confer elegance and cuteness in one.

Weaving on loose curls will look beautiful as well. For example, you can separate two strands of hair from both sides of the face and weave them in the middle. A bow hairpin can be used to secure it. Even so, remember that when you curl a child’s hair you should pay extra attention. This is because a little girl’s hair is very thin and fragile. Therefore, try not to use hot curling irons because they are not suitable. Instead, look for alternatives to curl hair without heat. Also, using hair products is not recommended either. Use sweet water. That is the healthiest option that will not cause allergies.

Cute hairstyles for special occasions should be kept simple. This is because adult hairstyles might look too much on a little girl’s face. Or, in case of teen girls, they might look too mature. So, give preference to simpler options, as well as light weaving.

The Best Hairstyles for Teen Girls and Little Princesses

The best hairstyles for teen girls and little princesses are mostly those that do not cause inconvenience and seem cute. Thin hair looks good in a bob-length cut to the chin. Usually, the latter does not require any specific styling and can be decorated with thin braids or French braids, keeping the hair away from the face. If your daughter has beautiful thick hair or charming curls, let her hair grow in order to do more skillful and elaborate hairstyles. Beautiful long braids and luxurious ponytails are on the list!

Many mothers do not like hairstyles that involve braiding the hair too tight. This is because they don’t want their girls to look like dolls with pretentious hairstyles and heavy makeup like the ones you can find online. They understand that during school hours, their daughters should look neat and tidy. So, if you are one of them, then choose simple ponytails, two modest pigtails, a simple high bun and similar options.

Many teen girls like to copy adult hairstyles. They are especially attracted to the bohemian style of Hollywood stars, chic curls and waves. To soften the effect, an adult hairstyle can be diluted with a typically children’s accessory, such as a cool bow. Small details like that can bring newness to the simplest haircut. One thin pigtail can turn a regular haircut for medium or long hair into an elegant hairstyle. The following examples are the best proof of these words. See, be inspired, choose!

Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

In most cases, the smallest girls wear short hair. However, even they want to look attractive and cute. So, you can find pretty interesting hairstyles for them as well. Hairstyles for little girls with short hair have come into fashion relatively recently. This is because for many years mothers did not consider styling necessary, not to mention curling. Nowadays, stylists recommend laying short strands using all kinds of fashion accessories. At any time and for any reason, hairstyles with elastic bands are appropriate. Moreover, they are indispensable for visits of any kind, as the hair is secured away from the face. So, it doesn’t interfere with important tasks.

You can leave very short curls loose and play with partings. In addition, you can complement such hairstyles with flowers, bows, hairpins and other accessories. Or, if you are creating braids for short hair, you need to moisten the locks from time to time, otherwise the hair will be knocked out during operation, and the hairstyle will come out messy.

Another effective option is to divide the entire head of hair into two identical parts and plait small braids from an even parting to the temporal zone. If desired, you can always use additional decorations with fresh or artificial flowers.

With the help of beautiful accessories, you can make the simplest ponytails look elegant and festive. You can do so by using satin ribbons, small colored bows and stylish hairpins. To create styling based on ponytails, it is better to use soft rubber bands or silicone ones. This is because they firmly fix the hairdo and, at the same time, they do not cause discomfort to your girl.

Hairstyles for Teen Girls With Long Hair

In this case, the most popular hairstyles are all kinds of braids. The French braid is an extremely simple way of weaving. Every mother or teen girl should be able to do it, as the technique is considered the basis for creating many other cute hairstyles.

The fishtail looks very impressive as well. You can braid it in literally 5 minutes. For this, the hair should be thoroughly combed so that the locks can be easily separated. The hair should be divided into two sections and each of them should be separated by a lock, and then folded crosswise. The essence of weaving is to alternately grasp and cross the strands among themselves. Moreover, when creating a fishtail, try to capture strands of hair as thin as possible. In this way, the hairstyle will turn out to be more voluminous and sophisticated.

Ponytails look very beautiful on long hair as well. However, this hairstyle has already become a bit boring, so it can be slightly varied by using more elastic bands.

Medium Long Hair Arranged in Cute Hairstyles

Medium long hair is perhaps the ideal option. It allows you to make a large number of very different cute hairstyles for yourself or your daughter. Most of the time, we are not talking about complicated braids or buns. A simple hairpin on twisted hair could do the trick.

The bun, however, is very popular among mothers. This is a universal hairstyle for a little face, which is suitable for girls doing gymnastics, dancing or another sport. Moreover, the uniqueness of the bun lies in the way it is accessorized. With the help of a small decoration, a common hairstyle can turn into a festive one. And, your little girl can look like a real fairy-tale princess.r

The simplest hairstyle for medium hair can be done in two ways. In the first case, the hair is combed, then a horizontal parting is formed from ear to ear. Next, the upper part of the hair is collected in one tail and secured. The second option is even simpler. Namely, two strands of hair stand out on both sides near the temples. They must be twisted and assembled back. Such hairstyles look pretty cute if you decorate them with a thin ribbon or a small bow.

The Mickey Mouse Buns

For the most fun and mischievous girls, Mickey Mouse ears are suitable. This is a good hairstyle for very long hair. First, divide the hair in two parts and secure them in two tails high on the head. Next, make buns on each side.

Teen Girls Should Try the Following Hairstyles

Most schoolgirls have medium to long hair. Learning how to deal with it is important for every girl. The school always welcomes hair styling under the form of ponytails, buns, braids. This is because they confer a neat and well-groomed look. However, are these hairstyles only comfortable or also fashionable and beautiful? Let’s figure it out!

To get certain skills in creating hairstyles with your own hands, it does not matter if you go to school or elsewhere, you need to practice a little. You need to start with the lightest styling. In this regard, step-by-step photos will help you with your training. You will find a few important ones in this article as well!

Various Types of Buns

There are a lot of ideas for decorating various types of buns. Firstly, you must know that a high bun is perfect for long hair. As for medium length hair, you can pick a low bun instead. In order to make this hairstyle less boring, you can tie a knot in your high bun.

Another option for such styling can be done with a bagel, and its result can be summed up beautifully with the help of two braids framing the bun.

A bun done in the Greek style can also be considered a good option for school hairstyles. It is not necessary to use any hair accessory for this one, but to make a bun based on an inverted tail.

Recently, girls have become actively interested in weaving with rubber bands. To make such a hair style is simple. And, in the end, you will get a neat and fast hairstyle for you to wear at school, which will suit both teenage girls and young students.

Trendy and Cute Hairstyles for Teens

Two braids that stretch from the forehead to the neck is one option. And it doesn’t matter how long your hair is. For example, an overgrown haircut, braided in two French braids, looks very nice. The strands that drop below the shoulders can easily be transformed into an overturn option.

For short hair, weaving a waterfall became popular among teens. Such a braid sets the shape of the entire hairstyle and brings a touch of romance to it. When you want to look special, you can try this hairstyle. Weaving can stretch your entire hairstyle visually, even if its length is modest.

Thin strands are easy to beat with a regular bow. Gather them from the temples, draw them towards the back, and tie them! Just as you tie your shoe laces, you must tie the two strands of hair. Next, what you need to do is use a hairpin to secure it. In this way, you can make cute hairstyles in minutes!

Hair Styling – A Habit That Grows With Us

In just a few words, we have presented cute hairstyles for you. As seen, most of them are suited for little girls and teenage girls. This doesn’t mean that grown women cannot wear cute hairstyles. On the contrary. However, the most demand comes from schoolgirls and high school girls. The latter have lots of options at their disposal, depending on the length and texture of their hair. Even so, most of them are variations of basic hairstyles. More specifically, we are talking about different types of braids, ponytails and buns.

What teen girls should not steal from little girls are bright and sparkly accessories. Those are no longer fitted to the same extent as they previously were. This is because little girls have the perks of looking like princesses and still be adorable. However, this aspect doesn’t apply to teen girls anymore. However, this doesn’t mean that accessories are out. They must simply be chosen in such way to look more tasteful, not too bright or flashy.

Teen girls should not try to look like grown women either. There is a fine line between these looks and each age category has its charm. In other words, there is no universal definition of what a cute hairstyle is. It all depends on age, physical appearance, hair length, hair texture and, last but not least, attitude!

In conclusion, we will leave you with a collection of cute hairstyles. It’s impossible to not find one that your little girl likes and you can actually get it done for her. Or, conversely, if you are a teen, you will surely love a few examples from our list. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below if you found what you were looking for!



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