187 Dark Brown Hair Variations – There’s a Brown Shade for Every Woman

Dark brown hair color is one of the most versatile. Its many shades make it possible to form an organic look, subject to almost any color type of appearance. In addition, changing the color of the hair to a dark tone is considered less traumatic than lightening it.

Dark brown is a classic color that does not go out of style. One of the main reasons is because the dark brown palette looks elegant. Moreover, it favorably emphasizes your femininity and the beauty of your face. While browsing through photos of dark brown hair, you will probably notice that there are many shades available. So, you might be wondering if such color suits you and how to choose the perfect shade. Luckily, we have the answers!

Do you want to become a dark brown-haired woman? If so, remember that the brown shade you choose must match your skin tone, as well as the color of your eyes. Only if you consider all these aspects, you can count on an amazing result.

If everything around you seems gray and gloomy, this does not mean that your hair should look the same. This season, fashionable chestnut shades will cheer you up and at the same time will allow you to look as natural as possible.

The Features of the Dark Brown Hair Color

Dark brown hair shades range from almost dark chocolate to the color of golden chestnut, which is a mixture of light brown and caramel red. It is a beautiful deep shade that is also considered universal. This is because it can go both in the “cold” and in the “warm” palette. Moreover, dark brown colors allow you to emphasize the characteristic features of your appearance. And, their lighter variations may add playfulness to your look.

Nevertheless, this shade also has a drawback. More specifically, it adds a few extra years even to the youngest girls. The presence of dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles automatically add more years to a woman’s look. In combination with a dark brown color, the emphasis will be on the imperfections of the skin. Pimples, wrinkles, all these becomes more noticeable, especially if the owner of dark brown hair is also fair-skinned.

The same applies to the haircut. More specifically, split ends or unsuccessful haircuts will immediately become noticeable on a dark background. This, incidentally, leads to another drawback of this shade. It has to be very carefully maintained, otherwise any stylish look will quickly be destroyed.

The dark brown palette comprises almost two hundred shades. Among them, there are both cold and warm shades. So, when choosing a dark brown shade, focus on your skin color and the color of your eyes. Cold shades of brown are recommended for girls with fair skin and dark eyes. Examples are coffee, dark chestnut, ash or black-brown. The owners of dark olive skin will look more harmonious with shades of cinnamon, mahogany and bronze.


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Find the Perfect Shade of Brown for You

“Skin color and eye color are not the only factors to consider when choosing your dark brown shade. It is also important to take into account the tastes of the client, her style of dressing, habits of makeup, ” says Jeremy Blanc, the French ambassador.

Among the whole variety of modern colors, it is easy to get lost. Dark brown hair can have golden hues, shades of cocoa, cappuccino or caramel, chocolate, amber or chestnut. So, here are a few main guidelines in choosing the right brown hue:

  • First of all, pay attention to your eye color. If your eyes are light, choose tones from the cold color scheme. If you are the owner of dark eyes, give preference to warm shades of dark brown.
  • Second of all, your natural hair color also matters. If your natural hair color is dark brown, then the most saturated tones with hints of chestnut will suit you.
  • For dark and olive skin it is better to choose hair dyes with notes of bronze, gold or caramel.
  • As for girls with fair skin, it is important to select colors in which there is not a hint of gold or red.
  • Ultimately, a professional colorist can recommend the right shade in no time!

Who is Dark Brown Hair For?

In order to choose the most suitable shade of brown, you first need to understand which variation of dark brown suits which color type. Regardless of your natural color, the color that you choose should only be one or two tones darker. However, as a rule, success comes from emphasizing the advantages of your look.

Fair-skinned, blue-eyed women with dark brown hair should be careful. If there is a desire to use a specific color, it is better to limit yourself to highlighting or coloring of individual strands. However, if your skin is very pale, almost translucent, then it is better to refuse this shade. This is because the colors are so different that the final result will be unflattering. However, dark skin and brown eyes will look very advantageous in this situation.

In general, if your color type is warm and your skin is tanned or olive, then it is necessary to choose warm shades of dark brown . For example, in this case, the undertones can be red, golden or honey. Conversely, if your skin is light, then cold shades are much more suitable for you.

The length of your hair or your haircut does not play any role in this case. The dark brown shade looks great anyway. However, to make your look even more flattering, it is better to cut your hair in layers.

Pro Tip:

The easiest way to determine your skin tone is to wear a white T-shirt and look at your skin in natural light. If it seems yellowish or golden in color, then you have a warm color type. If the tone of your face seems a little bluish, and the tan sticks to you badly, then you have a cold color type.

Brown Eyes vs. Dark Brown Hair

Celebrities with dark brown hair and brown eyes: Anne Hathaway chose a rich chestnut shade, while Jessica Alba opted for a ombre with a smooth transition from chestnut to light brown.

Brown hair and brown eyes are generally considered the most winning combination. If the eyes are dark, give preference to chocolate, brown or dark brown shades.

Blue Eyes vs. Dark Brown Hair

Celebrities with dark brown hair and blue eyes: On one hand, Taylor Swift’s light brown hair accentuates the beauty of her eyes. On the other hand, Christina Hendricks is irresistible with her dark red hair. Also, specialists say that Megan Fox ceased to be mediocre due to her dark chocolate hair color.

Owners of blue eyes have many options when choosing a hair color. It can be light chestnut, blond or even rich black. Moreover, for a warm skin tone and blue eyes, shades such as wheat, dark chestnut, golden brown or dark red are suitable. With these colors, you can select individual strands only and color your hair using the air-touch technique.

A fabulous contrast will be created by a black or dark chocolate shade in combination with light skin and rich blue eyes.

Green Eyes vs. Dark Brown Hair

Celebrities with dark brown hair and green eyes: Mila Kunis is dazzlingly beautiful with a bright brown shade in her hair.

Green-eyed girls should be careful when choosing a dark brown hair color. You should skin taking your skin tone into account. This is because it greatly affects the naturalness of your appearance. Girls with warm or olive skin tones can experiment with bright brown, red and basic brown hair.

If you have established that you have a cold skin tone, then choose dark brown tones or ashy shades. However, if you can’t get to the bottom of this, you can safely go with bronding. The former is a multi-stage dyeing technique where brown and light tones are mixed. As a result, fashionistas get rich nutty, coffee or amber shades.

Grey Eyes vs. Dark Brown Hair

Celebrities with dark brown hair and grey eyes: Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Jessica Parker both found their ideal shade of brown.

Gray is a fairly neutral eye color. This means that almost any hair shade is suitable. Experts recommend honey blonde for pale skin and darker shades for dark skin.

Get Dark Brown in Your Hair With These Techniques

Dark brown is a rich hair color that looks very attractive. However, the technique applied in order to dye your hair in such a shade also matter. Specialists advise your to choose a modern way of hair coloring that will make your hair look more fashionable and eye-catching.

These days, a win-win hair dyeing technique is ombre. The former implies dark brown roots that are gradually becoming lighter towards the tips. Such coloring technique makes a woman’s hairstyle more vibrant and voluminous, visually speaking.

Another fashion trend is the effect of hair burnt out in the sun. It looks great on dark brown strands. Although it is not easy to achieve such an effect, it is worth all the effort.

Well, finally, the usual highlighting is also quite suitable. Despite the fact that such a method of coloring has been used for many years, it didn’t lose its relevance.

Tips on How to Choose a Coloring Agent

Coloring your hair with a dark brown color is not particularly difficult, since it does not even require preliminary bleaching with the exception of golden hues. So, you should focus your attention on high-quality hair dyes. As you probably know, you may dye your hair with ammonia-based hair dye, which will last long or choose a temporary product. In the latter case, the pigment will stay on your hair between one week and one month.

Therefore, if you’d like a long-lasting shade, that will stay on your hair for more than one month, then you will have to choose a hair dye with ammonia. Although the pigment will wash out gradually, your roots will still grow and look unaesthetic. So, make sure to carefully monitor the situation and retouch your roots when needed.

Dark brown is a hair color almost impossible to obtain with natural ingredients. However, some people use recipes that make their natural shade richer and more interesting. Examples in this regard are cinnamon, onion husks or oak bark.


Dye Your Hair With Natural Ingredients

Permanent and temporary hair dyes contain chemical components that you might not want in your hair. Happily, there are a few natural ingredients that you can use in order to get dark brown hair.

Dark Brown Hair With Cinnamon Sticks

The ingredients needed for this recipe are: 3 tablespoons of chopped cinnamon sticks, the same amount of honey, a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice, 100 milliliters of olive oil and 100 milliliters of hair conditioner. After mixing the ingredients together, apply the resulting paste on your hair for 3 to 8 hours.

Use Onion Peel for Natural Brown Hair

Onion peel is used as a hair dye in the form of a concentrated decoction. It is necessary to use this liquid daily, rinsing the hair after washing it, or rubbing your hair strands with a sponge soaked in this solution.

Walnut Peels Dye Hair Brown

A beautiful dark brown hue is obtained when using walnut peels. What you must do is grind the walnut peels and mix them with water. You are looking to get a creamy consistency. Next, this mixture must be applied on your hair for about 15 minutes, after which it is washed off with normal running water.

The Most Popular Dark Brown Hair Shades

  • Ash Brown. This brown shade cannot be called natural, but it can be called insanely beautiful! Despite the fact that this complex shade adds a couple of years to a woman’s face, modern beauties have simply fallen in love with it. Ash brown absorbs both warm and cold tones, so it is suitable for light and dark skin. Eye color can be any, except green.
  • Purple Brown. This color can be defined as brown with a pink or purple hue. It looks simply gorgeous, expensive and noble. That is why it is often chosen by many Hollywood stars.
  • Gold Brown. The golden shade of brown will create a bright image for girls with very dark or very fair skin, as well as brown eyes.
  • Red Brown. It is a hair color that looks rich and vibrant. If you have light brown or green eyes and dark skin, be sure to try it on yourself. Moreover, this shade often becomes the choice of extraordinary and bold personalities. It has no age restrictions and looks great on both young girls and mature ladies. A brown hair color with a red undertone will perfectly emphasize light skin and make you divinely beautiful.
  • Copper Brown. This hair color is almost the main trend of the season! The copper-brown shade looks incredibly attractive on light skin and brown eyes.
  • Black Brown. This is perhaps the darkest and sexiest dark brown hair color. It is also called dark chocolate. Feminine and very gentle, it will surely erase a couple of years off your face.
  • Frosty Chestnut. It is the perfect color for fall. It will refresh your face and add radiance to it. Moreover, this shade blends perfectly with strong facial features and large dark eyes. However, this shade of brown is not recommended for people with dark circles and bags under their eyes.

Dyed Hair Needs Special Care

Dyed hair requires special care. This is because, on one hand, the hair must be restored after the traumatic procedure of dyeing. On the other hand, it needs special care in order to retain the pigments. Therefore, in this case, you should only buy products especially made for dyed hair. These include shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, hair oils and so on. Otherwise, the pigments from the dye will wash out faster.

Weakened strands require regular nutrition, which can be provided quite easily and economically by the usage of masks made from natural ingredients. If possible, you should protect your hair from chlorinated water, the aggressive effects of ultraviolet radiation and frost.

More Brown Hair Shades and Color Combinations

Now that you have the theory in check, you can afford to gaze on the following pictures and dream about your new hair color! If things were not clear enough in writing, you can at least find a photo that shows a shade of dark brown that you simply love and want to try. Conversely, you are now ready to sport a new hair color that you have chosen without hesitation based on the provided information.

As it follows, more than 100 pictures of women with dark brown hair are at your disposal. Steal your favorite celebrity’s hair color and hairstyle if you find her among the examples below. You will not look exactly alike in any case!

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