150 Fashionable Medium Hairstyles You Can’t Go Wrong With

One of the ways you can express your personality is with your hairstyle. Most women dream of long hair, but many of them eventually come to the conclusion that medium long hair is no less beautiful. After all, there are numerous medium hairstyles from which you can choose from. The latter are in no way inferior when it comes to beauty and grace compared to long hairstyles. In addition, there are also obvious advantages of wearing medium hair, such as being easy to care for and many others that we will discuss below.

Medium length haircuts are especially popular among the fair sex.  They look soft and feminine and they don’t require you to spend a lot of time on hair care. Such hairstyles present a ton of styling options as well. Moreover, they can easily be changed beyond recognition. One example in this regard would be to cut bangs.

Since medium haircuts are suited for any face shape, they emphasize your good features and conceal your flaws. However, in order to obtain the maximum effect, you will also need to choose the color correctly, not just the shape. So, we will clarify all the aspects that contribute to your rocking medium hairstyle below!

An Attempt to Define Medium Hairstyles

The most popular and practical hair length at the moment is undoubtedly the medium length. This could be because it is versatile. Unfortunately, there is no clear definition of the medium hair length. Some people say we are talking about hair that reaches the shoulders. Others think medium long hair shouldn’t fall below the shoulder blades. Therefore, we can call the medium length an universal length. And that’s just perfect because there is a large variety of beautiful and simple everyday hairstyles from which you can choose from. This is also applicable to more complex, evening or festive hairstyles.

The Makeover of Medium Hairstyles in 2019

In 2019, hairdressers moved away from the usual stereotypes and offered more sophisticated haircut options to the most fashionable women. They are often complemented by asymmetric and graduated transitions, various forms of bangs, as well as bold design decisions, such as shaved sides.

This year, the haircut for medium length hair is represented by a variety of shapes and fashionable variations. Even so, an elegant and smooth medium-sized square with a clear geometric silhouette is still one of your best options. Conversely, perfectly stretched, well-groomed and shiny hair will give your haircut a refined, bohemian and chic look.

As it follows, we will highlight several important features that await all cute fashionistas:

  • Bangs are in fashion again! Yes, you heard right! Bangs conquer fashion catwalks around the world once again. In the spring of 2019, stylists have predicted the fact that all haircuts with bangs will enjoy enormous popularity.
  • Practice negligence with your hair. The spring of 2019 continued the main motives of 2018. This means that careless haircuts and hairstyles are still in.
  • Medium hairstyles. The latter are especially popular among busy women who live in huge cities. This is because they simply don’t have enough time to style their long hair whenever it is needed. Therefore, more and more ladies prefer medium haircuts, logically thinking that they need to be bothered less.

Medium Cuts That Make the Most of Medium Hairstyles

Traditionally, the basis of hairstyles for medium hair are the classic square, cascade and elongated bean. Depending on the technology of execution, methods of coloring and styling, the following types of haircuts can be distinguished:

The Basic Carre Hairstyle

The Carre is a popular haircut for medium hair that has not gone out of fashion for several decades. Today, stylists offer several variations for it, namely graduated, grunge, as well as with bangs.

Medium length is a classic, but you should not put the “obsolete” stamp on it. In 2019, stylists recognized this haircut as the most popular one. All sorts of variations of this haircut allow it to stay in trends. It keeps up with the current times as it is constantly being transformed. However, the asymmetric and torn square will be this year’s hits. Torn haircuts for medium hair are performed on the same basis, but using the graduation and thinning technique.

Haircut Shaped Like a Square

A square without a bang can be worn on a straight parting, and you can shift the parting line sideways. For the evening version of this hairstyle, you can place the parting line very low so that the hair seductively falls to one side of your face. In addition, you can use a large variety of styling techniques for your bob haircut in order to bring new nuances to your look.

The lightly ruffled top of a square is a fashionable touch brought by 2019. When choosing the shape of the Carre, it is necessary to take into account not only the fashion trends of the season, but also the individual characteristics of your face and hair texture.

When choosing a new silhouette for a bob haircut, as well as the optimal bang length, it is recommended to get professional advice. This is because a well-chosen bob shape can completely emphasize the beauty of your face and radically change your everyday look.

The All-Time Favorite Elongated Bob

According to its popularity, the bob is practically not inferior to any other haircut. It keeps its shape perfectly and is suitable for different types of hair. There are three main options for cutting bob on medium hair, namely, asymmetric bob, shattered bob and graduated bob.

The bob is especially good for thick, straight hair that does not lend itself well to styling. Coloring and highlighting allows you to give your hair a special sophistication and charm.

Recommended for ladies with wide cheekbones and puffy cheeks, the elongated bob masks the double chin well. In addition, it stretches the neckline and the silhouette as a whole. Moreover, it balances the flaws of a triangular or square face. However, young ladies with a narrow face should not wear such a haircut unless they have thick, magnificent hair. Also, this hairstyle is performed with or without bangs.

The bob haircut has a lot of advantages:

  • Ease of styling. More specifically, you can leave your hair straight or make it look disheveled, which is very fashionable right now;
  • Easy to modify and transform;
  • It can be worn with or without bangs;
  • You can experiment with color. Such haircut can be combined with any dyeing technique;
  • Bobs look great with any type of clothing;

Cascading Haircuts for Medium Hairstyles

Almost all haircuts that are suitable for long hair look just as good on medium hair. This is, in fact, the charm of medium hair. Medium-length cascading haircuts not only help correct your facial features in the necessary direction, but they also have an anti-aging effect.

The cascade can be cut smoothly or it can be characterized by sharp transitions. In the latter case, all the layers are distinguished, as well as individual strands of hair. In this regard, the most daring girls can highlight their strands with the help of modern coloring; with bright colors. However, if you are not looking for such a change, then you can use other hair coloring options such as ombre or reverse ombre.

Wavy or curly hair is not an obstacle to its implementation. Moreover, the technology behind this haircut allows you to solve the main problems of curly hair. It will become easier to comb and will get tangled less.

The Bob Haircut With Graduation

The graduated bob is essentially a variation of the cascade haircut. A professionally made graduated square of medium length does not require special efforts during everyday styling. This is because it easily takes the necessary shape and looks very gentle and feminine. One pro tip in order to emphasize the beauty of the gradation and highlight individual strands would be to apply a small amount of styling agent to the hair when drying.

The layered structure of the graduated Carre allows you to create numerous styling options that range from natural, everyday hairstyles, to very extravagant, depending in the desired outcome. On the basis of a graduated bob, you can create charming romantic hairstyles with curls with the help of a round brush or a curling iron. In addition, you can pay attention to the new fashionable nuance of 2019, the graduated square with a trapezoidal silhouette.

Fashionable Asymmetry for Medium Hairstyles

Asymmetry is most often performed on the basis of a bob haircut and a classic square. Asymmetric hairstyles always look fresh and dynamic. Their owner certainly will not go unnoticed. However, for this hairstyle to look really beautiful, you must take into account a lot of aspects, such as hair structure, face shape, neck length.

An asymmetric haircut, if it is correctly selected, will suit any face shape. In case of wide cheekbones and excessive roundness of the cheeks, an asymmetric haircut will visually narrow the face. As for thin hair, it will not look good with such a style without a light curl. In this case, a haircut is performed with graduation. An oblique fringe, decorated with straight strands, will make a narrow or triangular face look more attractive, while thicker fringes are more suitable for chubby ones.

Asymmetry looks perfect on hair shade. However, there is no need to further overload this complex style with bright tones or color transitions. If necessary, you can easily emphasize several strands using rinse-off products. Do not get carried away with too strong differences in length or active thinning. This hairstyle already looks quite extravagant.

The Sloppy Grunge Look

This hair style was created as a protest against bourgeoisness and glamour. Its success was unexpected, but it seems that many love its eccentricity. Its negligence confers carelessness to one’s appearance. While the uneven strands advantageously frame the face, they are also distracting from minor imperfections. According to the latest fashion trends, the length of this hairstyle should not reach the shoulders. This hairstyle’s features are simplicity and naturalness.

Recently, more and more famous women of fashion give preference to the ultra-fashionable “shaggy” grunge trend. However, it is necessary to take into account that such a disheveled hairstyle should not go against your general image. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a certain general style and let your hairstyle complement your looks.

Medium Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Only an experienced and skilled stylist will be able to correctly choose the best suitable haircut for your type of hair. This is because what you’ll need in case of thin hair is a layered, multi-level haircut. The latter confers more volume than you think. If you have split ends, then you can consider asymmetric or scattered cuts. For example, the classic square (with oblique bangs, smooth, short, long) is perfect for fashionistas with thin hair.

Styling Options for Medium Long Hair

Medium hair usually does not require heavy-duty fixation. This is because it does not fall apart under its own weight, fact which can not be said about hairstyles for long hair. No wonder professional stylists who prepare models for the catwalk prefer quick and beautiful hairstyles for medium hair length. This allows them to save precious time without being distracted by complex styling. So, hairstyles for medium hair include all kinds of ponytails, buns, braids and various combinations.

Regardless of age, physique and face shape, medium-sized curls are suitable for absolutely everyone. They make it possible to experiment with various styles. Or, you could simply not get bothered by this and wear your hair messy. In any case, even sloppy laid strands will look feminine and elegant.


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Smooth and Shiny Strands

Despite the changing trends in styling for medium length hair, many girls prefer to wear smooth hair, further straightening it and giving it a mirror shine. Are you wondering how to achieve this effect on medium hair? First, you have to keep in mind that without regular maintenance and care, this styling option will not work.

Various Bun Options for Your Hair

Medium length hair can mean a square cut, as well as hair below the shoulders. In the latter case, a very convenient hairstyle is the high ponytail. However, if your hair is too short, then it is impossible to secure it that high up. Even so, when you want variety or your hair just gets in the way, you can experiment with various bun types.

Even if you are accustomed to collecting your hair in a bun, nothing should prevent you from properly blow-dry it beforehand in order to confer it volume. Low buns look nice too, but they won’t work in case of elongated bobs.

The New Tousled Bean

Those of you who are closely following all the fashionable novelties and love to always look relevant and bright, definitely know about the tousled bean. It is a trendy alternative, which, without a doubt, will add spice to your style. As already mentioned, charming, disheveled bob hairstyles are undoubtedly the most interesting and stylish novelties of 2019.

Nevertheless, despite the great flexibility of such hairstyle, many women are still inclined to consider it too bold and extravagant. But, this type of hairstyle is not regulated by a strict set of rules. So, you have complete freedom of choice to create your own ideal style of an asymmetrical haircut.

For example, the idea of ​​asymmetry of a hairstyle can be supported only by an asymmetric bang or an elongated stand of hair on one side of the hairstyle.

You Can’t Go Wrong With the Right Medium Hairstyles

In conclusion, there isn’t one reason why you shouldn’t wear medium long hair. Since it can be adapted to any face shape, hair texture and other physical characteristics, it can be called ideal. In this regard, what you need to do is pick your favorite medium haircut and style. In addition, you must find a skilled hairstylist to cut and style your hair according to your preferences and your features.

As soon as you got your new dream haircut, you can experiment with various hairstyles, as well as color. If you don’t feel too adventurous, you can always try colors that wash off. In this way, you will look a bit different every time you like. It goes without saying that experimenting will make you feel better. That is, of course, if you get everything right! However, we are here to tell you everything you need to know about hair cutting or coloring. So, you can’t go wrong if you follow the proper instructions.

Whether you want to be in trends is your personal choice. Either way, if you like a certain hairstyle, then try it even if it’s fashionable or not. Who knows, maybe you’ll be a fashion starter!

Did you find medium hairstyles that you like included in this article? Make sure to leave a comment below and tell us which you like the most, or which you are planning to try! Your options are really wide in terms of haircuts and hairstyles for this particular hair length.

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