250 + Wondrous Faux Hawk Collection – A Gender Free Hairstyle Story

Wondrous faux hawk and mohawk hairstyles for men and women are creative, youthful, fashionable and sometimes challenging. Versatility is one of this hairstyles’s features and one of its main advantages too. Moreover, regardless of your gender or hair length, you can experiment with this stylish and modern cut. With it, you are able to break a few stereotypes and create a unique and original range of looks for yourself.

The desire to stand out and show off a creative appearance has long been a normal occurrence in the life of modern society. Of course, women are more susceptible to experiment with their appearance than men. Even so, the faux hawk and the mohawk were not long ago considered extreme hairstyles that only represented a certain youth subculture. Luckily things have changed and now it has come into fashion.

Few people know that the mohawk did not come from the time of punks, but much earlier. More specifically, we are talking about one of the oldest Mohican tribes. Is it worth mentioning that this hairstyle was worn exclusively by men in order to prove their masculinity and strength. However, world stylists introduced this extraordinary haircut to the public masses, proving to everybody that it looks incredibly attractive on a woman’s head as well.

The faux hawk is no longer a mark of eccentricity because it doesn’t represent a commitment. The real deal, however, it may still look shocking to some. Even so, few people realize there are a lot of stylish variations of this haircut and style. So, let’s find out more about them! Both men and women will be delighted by the following fake and real mohawk story. In addition, 250+ ideas are available for you to find the perfect match!


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Faux Mohawk  – The Origin Story

Finding inspiration when it comes to haircuts and styling is a great thing. But, we should not forget to learn a bit about their origins. In this regard, you might like to know that the mohawk is rooted in the ancient Mohican tribes living in South America. Numerous residents of the same settlement wore this haircut because it was practical. The hair from the sides was removed, making the heat much more bearable. The cut left a strip of long hair in the center of the head. These days there is also the faux hawk option, which doesn’t imply cutting one’s hair at all. This version is as widespread as the real hawk because the hair on the sides can simply be stacked or braided in a competently and masterfully way.

George Kathleen is a painter who lived during the 18th century. He left behind numerous paintings that were portraits of Indians. That’s where we can see the incredible hairstyles worn by them at that time, including the mohawk. Moreover, the Indians adorned their heads with feathers, various types of beads, threads and other accessories as well. They were trying to imitate the vibrant colors they saw in birds and wild animals. In addition, they used to believe that by doing so, they keep evil spirits away. The mohawk, a peculiar hairstyle for some, served as a personal amulet or totem for some of the South American Indians.

Watty Buchan Invented the Modern Mohawk

Moving on to more recent times, we would like to introduce Watty Buchan, who is the inventor of the modern mohawk. He revived this hairstyle in the mid-twentieth century, making it a symbol of the punk subculture. In fact, it was the famous Scottish musician and leader of the punk band “The Exploited” who promoted this unusual hairstyle. As a response, numerous fans and young punks tried it on themselves and didn’t let it go for a long time.

A purely masculine haircut at its origins, the mohawk was easily adapted to women’s features and is now quite popular among them. A way to emphasize their individuality and originality, this hairstyle is so successful due to the fact that it can also be faked.

Faux Hawk and Mohawk for Women

In modern fashion, there are several interesting variations of both the faux hawk and the mohawk. More specifically, skilled hairstylists are able to create the illusion of a mohawk without cutting the hair or shaving it. In addition, they may also add original accents to this hairstyle, making it even more non-standard and bold. As it follows, we will talk about those variations that apply to women.

Disheveled or Chaotic Fake or Real Mohawk

Both chaotic and fake mohawk hairstyles are great hair styling options. The version we are discussing now allows you to highlight the top area of your head with your hair stacked into a voluminous crown. In the end, the styling should look somewhat careless and untidy. However, if you simply lift your hair up and comb the sides down, the result will be less perfect.

Airy Mohawks for Special Occasions

Airy mohawks are a great hair styling option for a wedding or other similar special occasion. The basic idea is to comb your hair over the head and find a way to create the flat effect on the sides. This, of course, only applies to those of you who don’t want or who are not ready to cut the hair from the sides. Most fashionistas think this type of styling is easy to do. So, even if you think you are not experienced enough, you should give it a try. Make sure you have hair pins and hair spray at hand.

Faux Hawk Based on Hair Braiding

The faux hawk based on hair braiding is a wonderful, youthful, trendy, and a stylish hairstyle option. This version can be created by braiding the hair on the sides and by delicately styling it. Moreover, this approach allows you to change your look radically in less than an hour. In fact, the punk style underlines this type of styling. Among the items you will need are hair spray and elastic bands.

Don’t Fake the Glam Mohawk

The glamorous mohawk is not the type of hawk that you can fake. This requires you to actually cut your hair short on the sides or even shave it. That’s if you feel really brave. Also, remember that high volume in the center of the head is the main feature of this hairstyle.

Try the Mohawk on Light Hair

The combination between a mohawk and light hair may come as aggressive, exquisite, feminine and glamorous, all at the same time. In accordance to this, we can safely suggest any light shades of hair, which contribute to the creation of beautifully emphasized, delicate and eye-catching hairstyles.

Style Wavy Hair Into a Faux Hawk

A wavy faux hawk is fashionable, chic, magically beautiful, stylish and glamorous. In this case, the emphasis is on the upper part of the hair, which is wavy. This option is perfect for those who naturally have voluminous and curly hair.

Combine a Pixie Cut With a Mohawk

The combination between a pixie cut and a mohawk results in a creative and exciting mix. Such version can be created by combing the curls over the head. Perfect for young girls who want to revamp their looks, this hairstyle is made from already short-cut hair.

Create a Faux Hawk With Twists

This hairstyle is based on creating a faux hawk from twisted hair. Characterized by the sum of multiple hair twists, this idea is no less stylish or less original than other variants. In fact, it proves that the mohawk doesn’t require a radical change in appearance, but rather creative ways to make it without cutting the hair.

The Features of Men’s Modern Hawk

Although the modern mohawk looks like it was created especially to draw attention, we already know it’s not all about that. Indeed, you can stand out from the crowd with such hairstyle since it is bold, fresh, stylish and still not common.

As mentioned before, the name of this hairstyle comes from a Mohican tribe. However, as usual, the name of the hairstyle has nothing to do with the hairstyle itself. Its origin was insignificant for fans of punk music who chose the mohawk as a protest against established social norms. That wave has passed, however, and now we are enjoying a much more minimalist approach of this haircut.

Main Features:

  • Shaved sides and sometimes shaved back of the head;
  • Sides and back hair cut really short;
  • Thin or thick strip of hair in the middle of the head;
  • The hair is styled over the head or vertically;
  • Hair is usually rigid due to hair styling products meant to make the style last;
  • The hawk doesn’t require is smooth or an edgy transition; It all depends on taste;

Should You Wear a Faux Hawk or a Mohawk?

According to stylists, the mohawk is suitable for children, teens and young people. However, they are considering attributes that form the image of an adult when saying that. So, if you think that such hairstyle will not affect your job or the way people see you, then you should wear it. As seen, there are many variations of this cut that range from cute to extreme.

When it comes to the needed hair texture for the mohawk, straight hair or slightly wavy hair are recommended. Otherwise, you will have to constantly straighten your hair in order to control the formation of curls.

Since the mohawk visually stretches and narrows one’s face, don’t overdo it if your face shape is oval. Owners of square or round shaped faces have green light. As for men with triangular or rectangular shaped faces, they are advised to look for another hairstyle.

Types of Mohawks for Men

Men will typically not go through much trouble to get a faux hawk. So, for them, there are several options based on the length of their hair, texture and other elements.

Real Hawk on Short Hair

Men’s mohawk for short hair looks neat. In addition, it can be combined not only with sportswear, but also with smart casual outfits. Among its characteristics are a narrow top hair strip and a short length. The sides and part of the back are cut very short or shaved. In this case, you can choose between sharp and blunt, depending on the shape of your face.

Medium Mohawk Haircut

When you want to create a classic mohawk without bangs, an average hair length is usually required. The hair from the temples is shaved or cut very short, while the hair from the top spreads from the forehead to the end of the parietal zone.

If you want to, you can style the medium mohawk like punk fans do, or you can just comb your hair back and secure it with some hairspray.

Men’s Hawk on Long Hair

Men’s mohawk on long hair usually looks informal and a bit shocking. That’s why this option is usually preferred by brave young men who are seeking to make a lasting impression.

The sides can be cut short, shaved or styled with various stripes and patterns. However, the top part should remain as long as possible so that it can be styled in a Gothic or studded way if desired.

Long Bangs and Bright Colors in a Mohawk

Returning to the punk mohawk, we are now suggesting a mohawk with long bangs and bright colors. The combination between the thick, long bangs and the colors make this mohawk type the most shocking one for regular people. For the latter, you might find the quiff to be a more elegant and suitable look for you. The long strands from the crown will become shorter towards the back. This haircut resembles a shortened bean and it can be stacked in several ways.

Patterns and Color for a Punk Mohawk

The secret to getting a modern mohawk or a punk one is in details. More specifically, the typical mohawk haircut is complemented by shaved patterns on the sides and nape, as well as unusual colors and styling methods. The hair can be shaped like spikes, crests and other unusual shapes.

Mohawk for Young Boys

There is a simpler and more concise version of the mohawk for young boys. The sides are cut as short as possible with scissors. Next, the transition is done smoothly as the top hair remains at a comfortable length.

General Faux Hawk and Mohawk Recommendations

  • The faux hawk and the mohawk are hairstyles that require you to include them in your overall look. More specifically, you should combine it with the clothes that you wear, the makeup and the occasion. Those who say that a mohawk can’t look elegant on both men and women are wrong. It’s all about styling the cut properly and combining it with proper clothes.
  • Getting a faux hawk is possible without too much effort. Don’t exclude the case when you don’t have to cut your hair in order to wear it like a Mohican Indian.
  • This hairstyle is definitely not going to look good on everyone. So, if you know your face shape is square, triangular or rectangular, don’t try it.
    Important. This hairstyle is not suitable for everyone. For example, she categorically will not suit girls if their face shape is square. The ideal shape is the oval shape of the face with pronounced cheekbones.

Celebrities Brave Enough to Wear a Mohawk

Singer Rihanna is very fond of this hairstyle. She combines it skillfully with her clothes and overall image. Moreover, Miley Cyrus also follows Rihanna’s example, shaving her sides and securing her long strands on top. However, singer Pink prefers a less extreme version, since she only creates a faux hawk through styling.

Gwen Stefani has had a haircut with shaved temples for almost a dozen years. Also, singer Kelis and Cassie tried extreme haircuts with bald sides on their heads. As for Hollywood stars like Liv Tyler, Milla Jovovich and Scarlett Johansson, they also chose similar hairstyles.

Among the men who wear faux hawks or mohawks we can count Mark Salling, David Beckham, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Jim Carrey, as well as Adam Sandler.

More Faux Hawk and Mohawk Examples

At the beginning of this article we have mentioned versatility as a quality of this hairstyle. In this regard, we can’t possibly present you every way in which you can style your hair if you cut it like this. However, we can show you countless images with different men and women who tried this look on themselves. You can be the judge of their choice or base your choice on their ideas or, why not, fails.

Women tend to shock more with a faux hawk than men, while men tend to actually cut their hair mohawk style rather than trying to create a fake version of it. Luckily, there’s something for everybody when it comes to the mohawk. If you found your ideal cut, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below! Browse for 100+ more mohawk pictures!

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