164 Fringe Hair – Professional Secrets Revealed for the Real Trend of 2019

Fringe hair is something special. Bangs, like no other element of a haircut, can diversify a boring image. In addition, they can make styling on long hair interesting and original, and even hide minor imperfections in the shape of the face. According to professional hairstylists, including Jean Louis David, the haircuts and hairstyles with bangs are the real trend of 2019.

Fringe hair is hard to pick. You might want to try it, but you don’t know what type would look best on you? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place! We will talk about various types of fringe hair, the best combinations between bangs and the most trendy hairstyles, as well as how to correct your face shape with the help of bangs. Also, we will discuss the newly rediscovered bangs on two sides.

As a bonus, we have prepared a dazzling collection of 160+ photos with amazing fringe hairstyles that will definitely serve as inspiration for you. They are so diversified, that it will be hard to choose a certain style without having doubts. However, that’s the beauty of personalizing a haircut or a hairstyle or, in this case, bangs.

Fringe Hair – 6 Types of Bangs

Bangs are different and each has its own characteristics not only in wearing, but also in the selection of the type of face.

Hair Decorated With Straight Bangs

A straight bang fits perfectly on a round and an oval face. However, it emphasizes a large nose and deep-sets the eyes in a completely unfavorable light. In addition, it adds problems to curly hair. Even so, straight bangs are also characterized by diversity.

Depending on length and density, the created effect differs. More specifically, a thick, straight bang that reaches the eyebrows or goes below the eyebrows looks great on dark hair and visually shortens the face, which is especially true for an elongated oval face shape. Women with regular facial features and long straight hair should opt for long, straight bangs below the eyebrows.

Short, smooth or asymmetric bangs will appeal to lovers of extravagance. For a straight bang to balance the proportions of a square face, it must be torn. The greater the graduation degree, the softer and extravagant the result.

An elongated, straight bang will ideally combine with an oval face shape. This option will add mystery and sexuality to any woman’s look.


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Fringe Hair With Slanting Bangs

A slanting fringe softens the sharp features of a rectangular or square face shape, masks a large forehead and a long nose. In turn, the oblique bangs can be divided into several types:

  • Ultra-short bangs. This type of bang leaves most of the forehead open. It is ideal to complement short haircuts if worn straight or randomly laid with hair gel or wax.
  • Medium fringe that covers the eyebrows. It can be combined with any hair color. Blondes, brunettes and redheads will look amazing regardless of hair color. Even so, slanting bangs are not suitable for women with oily hair or skin. This is because the bangs will end up looking messy.
  • Elongated bangs to the chin. This option is great if you want to hide wide cheekbones and visually shorten your nose. Moreover, it looks great on hair that reaches the shoulder blades.

The Curly Fringe Type

Curly bangs are bold and daring option for those of you who do not hesitate to draw attention to themselves. This option requires frequent correction and careful styling. So, this factor should be taken into consideration when choosing a curly bang. Moreover, it can be ideally combined with a bob haircut, bean or pixie and a dark hair color.

Layered Bangs for Long Hair

Layered bangs look great when combined with a cascade haircut, which is typically done on long hair. They have the power to harmoniously complement women with a round face shape or a face in the shape of a heart.

Curved Bangs for Thick Hair

Curved bangs are the right choice for girls with thick hair and who prefer a strict, classical style. Such bang type would be a stylish addition to a short bean or page and an extended square. In case of an oval and elongated face, curved bangs visually soften the contours and partially covers the high forehead typical to this face shape.

Daring Ultra Short Bangs

Ultra short bangs represent fringe hair taken to another level. They confer a type of French chicness and are especially popular among lovers of outrageous looks and representative of various subcultures. Moreover, they are not suitable for women with improperly shaped eyebrows or those of you who have aesthetic flaws on the forehead.

Jean Louis David on How to Choose the Perfect Fringe Hair

According to Jean Louis David, a very famous French hairdresser, bangs are a necessary element of the hair if you want to get a stylish and fashionable hairstyle. The problem occurs when you have to pick a type of bang and how easy or not it is to style. However, professionals can help you choose the right fringe hair that will meet all your requirements. Although it is advisable to seek for professional advice, we will clarify all the aspects in this article.

If you are looking for a bang type that can be easily and quickly styled, then it is very important to pay attention to the features of your hair growth. Usually, each of us has a separate hair strand that falls out of the total mass of hair. Therefore, when you cut your bangs, you should take these features into account. In addition, it is very important to analyze the texture of your hair. More specifically, if your hair is wavy or curly, this means that bangs designed for straight hair are not suitable for you.

For those of you who can afford to spend a little time on styling their bangs, there are structural, mini and graphic bangs to try. Among these, you can choose the one you like, but only under one condition, namely you need to constantly remember that you need to spend more time styling your bangs in the morning than other girls.

The 70’s are coming back in hair-styling, according to Jean Louis David. We are talking about very long bangs that reach below the eyebrows. They are characterized by a rounded shape and a very voluminous appearance. However, this type of fringe hair also needs additional care.

Fringe Hair Styles for Every Face Shape

With the help of the right haircut, styling and bangs, you can not only emphasize the beautiful line of your cheekbones or chin, but also visually correct your imperfections. The main rule of the bang is to choose it correctly because there isn’t much you can do after cutting your hair. So, let’s see what type of fringe hair is suitable for every face shape.

Bang Types for Round Faces

A round face is important to be visually lengthen. Therefore, we recommend medium to long hair for those of you with a full moon face. When styling your medium hair, frame your face with strand of hair towards your face. As for the right bangs, the winning type is that elongated on the sides, that smoothly turn into a cascade or ladder haircut.

A definitely no-no are thick bangs because they would make a round face appear heavier and emphasize its roundness.

Oval Face Shape and Fringe Hair

In case of an oval face, we do not recommend short bangs or hair combed over the head. We are looking to soften the contour of an oval face, so we should add an extended version of the fringe. Your task is to visually expand or shorten the face.

Bangs for Women With Square Face Shape

In case of a square face, you can choose from the following bangs types: elongated, straight, wavy, voluminous, slanting or asymmetric. All of these options will smooth out the angularity of the face.

Long Hair With Fringes

Those of you who are lucky to have long hair, are also lucky when it comes to bangs. This is because on long hair, you can create a lot of interesting hairstyles with bangs. One of the easiest to style options are elongated bangs. They look as natural as possible on long hair. On thin hair, however, you will need to use styling products dedicated for volume. In fact, volumetric curls and careless styling were in the center of attention during the fashion shows of 2019.

Properly selected bangs look great with loose and fluffy hair. Elongated bangs can always be hidden, braided or encompassed into a hairstyle. Also, do not forget about wearing scarves on your head, as they emphasize the bangs. They can be used in situations when you wear your hair loose or styled into a ponytail or a bun.

The easiest option for cutting bangs on long hair is to make a straight cut. Despite the fact that straight bangs are quite common, they are trendy again as they emphasize the naturalness and beauty of your hair.

Medium Fringe Hair

A ragged haircut in combination with an uneven bang gives free rein to create volumetric styling. If you wear a bob haircut and even bangs, stop at the classic version of smooth styling in the office and tousled hair for other occasions.

Short Hairstyles With Bangs

For short hair, you can also create something less common. If you have been thinking about a pixie haircut for a long time, then 2019 is the year when you should try it. This is because its wave of popularity does not decrease. Add elongated bangs to the side of your pixie if you want to look in the mirror and see an upgraded version of yourself. The combination between a pixie and bangs might look difficult to do at a first glance, but no professional will have problems achieving it.

Fringe Hair Bonus – Bangs on Two Sides

Bangs on two sides is the latest bright trend that fascinates everyone. The dreamy, airy and nonchalant Brigitte Bardot used to wear bangs on two sides. She was among the first women to wear such fringes. It could be because this style embodies lightness and femininity. At the same time, it requires minimal care for the hairstyle. As it follows, we will talk about the best ways to cut and style your bangs on two gives. In addition, we will also give you some tips for improving your individual look.

The Comeback of Two Sides Fringes

Powerful women such as Farrah Fawcett and Goldie Hawn used to wear bangs on two sides in the 70’s. These types of bangs went through another wave of popularity during the 90’s. Even Leonardo DiCaprio and David Beckham tried them. These days, we are facing a new interpretation of the classics. Take a look at their previous photos if you can’t imagine what we’re talking about.

Possible Hairstyles and Haircuts With Two Sides Fringes

Although bangs on two sides are versatile, there are certain hairstyles and haircuts that can be successfully combined with them and others that cannot. That’s why we have prepared a short list of hairstyles doable with these bangs.

High ponytail. If you are looking for a chic and light hairstyles, then you can try a high ponytail with your double sided bangs. In addition, this hairstyle is very convenient because you can wear it at the gym, during shopping, when you meet friends and so on. It combines practicality and elegance in one.

Multi-layer haircut. Thanks to the graduation done on two sides fringes, they combined in an organic way with a multi-layer haircut. This would confer a lot of charm.

The bob. The elongated bob is a haircut that doesn’t only allow you to preserve the length of your hair to the shoulders, but it also blends perfectly with double sided bangs.

Requirements for Two Sided Bangs

Bangs on two sides are done by dividing the hair into two parts, with a central parting. The main idea is for the fringes to nicely frame the face. As a rule, this bang type takes an inverted V-shape. The lateral strands should be long enough to reach the cheekbones or below them. Sometimes, they can also reach the chin line.

Before you cut your bangs, you must decide how you want them to mix with the rest of your hair. In this regard, you have two options, namely you want your bangs to fall off separately or merge with the main haircut. Also, you have to pay attention to your face shape and hair texture. Determine which of the categories below you fall into:

  • Elongated face shape. Haircuts with bangs on two sides will help hide a high forehead and visually reduce the length of the face. So, choose a short bang that will cover most of your forehead.
  • Curly hair. Curls should be of sufficient length to balance the volumetric bangs. At the same time, the bangs themselves must also be quite long in order to take the correct shape.
  • Thin hair. For those with thin hair, bangs can be a great way to add volume and blacken the expressiveness of the face. Try wearing long strands that fall down your cheeks.

The Advantages of Two Sided Bangs

Bangs require care, regular trimmings, as well as daily styling if you want them to look perfect. Even so, among all fringes, bangs on two sides need less constant care. We have two reasons that back up our affirmation. First of all, since these bangs are laid on the sides, there is no need to cut them often. This is because when the hair grows, it doesn’t go into your eyes. Second of all, you can style them in any way you want, simple or complicated.

More Fringe Hair Inspiration

The fringe hair matter is also a complicated one. If it weren’t, all women would look flawless without too much effort. However, now that you know what types of bangs are available and which ones suit which face shape, you should have a more complete idea about them.

Some women can’t imagine themselves without bangs while others have never tried wearing bangs. As you probably have assumed, both decisions are tricky. For a woman who has never tried bangs, you should only be worried about maintenance, not the way you will look. With professional advice, it is almost impossible to go wrong. Conversely, women who already wear bangs may have a difficult time switching to another fringe style as if it were a new hairstyle. Even so, change is never bad if it is done responsibly.

As it follows, we will leave you with tens of other fringe hair examples. What is the look you want to create for yourself? Playful and mysterious sounds good for you? Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment in the section below with the answers for the above questions or anything related to bangs!

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