180 Golden Brown Hair Ideas – Colorists Present More Than 40 Shades

One of the most calm, noble and natural hair shade is golden brown. This hair color is popular because it is able to brighten any woman’s look and not change it too much at the same time. That’s why we will talk about golden brown hair in depth. We will highlight its distinguishable features, multiple shades and find out more useful information about it.

While some girls are very fond of experimenting with bright and unusual hair colors, there are also women among us who prefer to refresh their look by choosing a delicate hair color. More specifically, a hair hue that is close to natural hair colors. In this regard, golden brown hair is the answer. So, girls from the second category can emphasize their natural style and excellent taste with this almost universal hair shade.

Besides filling you in regarding everything there is to know about golden brown hair, we have also prepared a mesmerizing collection of 180 photos showing multiple shades of golden brown on hair of different lengths.

The Main Characteristics of Golden Brown Hair

When striving to change their look, most women often start with the color of their hair. Dyeing their hair in brown shades is considered a less traumatic procedure for any woman’s hair. One of the reasons why this is true is the wide variety of brown hair shades. In addition, such dye causes minimal harm to the hair. Moreover, brown is a practical hair color that’s always relevant. This is because it is a natural hair color.

Golden brown shades look very natural on hair because many girls are naturally endowed with such a hair color. By using tinting agents and hair dyes, you can enhance the shine of your natural brown hair, or become a brown-haired woman. The later can be done by lightening dark hair or by darkening too light hair. What’s more important is to pick the right shade of brown according to your skin tone, as well as the color of your eyes.

Golden shades of brown in the hair are suitable for both young girls and adult women. Thanks to its softness and warmth, this color softens the facial features of its owner, adds elegance and femininity. Cheeky reddish shades are very fond of teenage girls because of the original image that they create.

40 Shades of Golden Brown Hair

According to professional colorists, there are more than 40 tones of golden brown. Your personal characteristics are the ones that will help you choose the right tone for you. According to color types theory, this color is best suited for girls with spring or autumn types. More specifically, when one’s skin color is warm and golden, this shade will come in handy.

Spring and Autumn Shades

If you have natural brown hair, then its golden shades will only make it look even more natural. For example, pure golden brown is recommended for ladies with natural fiery red hair. However, caramel shades look original on brown-haired women. Moreover, these two color types mix very well with chocolate-copper tones.

Winter and Summer Shades

Golden brown is the type of color that will revive pale and gray-eyed beauties. Ash chocolate on the other hand will add brightness to light-eyed girls with marbled skin. In addition, these two color types mix very well with cool-copper shades with a golden overflow.

Most often, a wide range of various dark shades is implied, from bitter chocolate (almost black) to light chestnut (almost blond with reddish, caramel notes). A clear advantage of the dark gamma variation is its ability to emphasize interesting facial features, make them more expressive and visible to outsiders. Light brown tones give the appearance of playfulness, coquetry and openness, especially if the curls are dyed using the glare technology.

A clear disadvantage of the dark gamma, however, is the fact that it add years to a woman’s face. Even young girls who chose to dye their hair in rich coffee and chocolate shades seem older than they really are. So, keep in mind that dark circles, wrinkles, skin imperfections and so on are highlighted by a brown shade that is too dark.

Choose the Right Shade of Golden Brown

Remember, it is impossible to make a mistake with brown – you just need to choose the right shade for you. Clearly define the parameters of your appearance, and the task will be simplified hundreds of times.

To a greater extent, golden brown shades of hair are suitable for fair-haired and red-haired girls and brown-haired women as well. This bewitching color skillfully emphasizes the beauty of brown eyes and velvety dark skin. To emphasize olive skin, it is enough to redye your hair in a brown-bronze color. This will confer softness and chicness to your look.

Girls with autumn and spring color types of appearance can safely dye their hair in dark tones of golden brown. It will look natural, fresh and organically fit into any wardrobe. Beauties with winter and summer color types of appearance should opt for light tones of golden brown. This tone perfectly emphasizes the marble and porcelain skin color and adds brightness to blue and gray eyes.

If you have bright blue or black eyes, a cold skin tone, then golden brown hair color is not for you. It is better to choose ashy shades of the same brown: for example, coffee.

Women with fair skin and fair-colored eyes should pay attention to cold gamma options. Dark coffee with frosty notes, light brown and ash chocolate are excellent options for the look of a Snow Queen. Dark shades, however, maximally emphasize all the flaws in a woman’s appearance. The chocolate shade combined with gray hair is not the best choice for aged ladies.

When choosing this hair color, your haircut is not important. Short pixies, squares, medium-length cascades or uniform long hair, look equally good in this gamut.

Golden Browns for Warm Skin Types

Golden overflows go well with skin of a warm peach or beige hue. The right tones are selected depending on the color of your skin, eye color, as well as natural hair shade:

  • Pure gold – combined with green and brown eyes;
  • Natural light brown – combined with green and brown eyes;
  • Caramel – ideal for owners of brown, green, blue, hazel eyes;
  • Light brown with gold highlights – suitable for natural red-haired girls;
  • All shades of chocolate and copper also go well with the warm skin type.

Golden Browns for Cold Skin Types

  • Gray eyes and fair skin will be revived by a light honey palette;
  • Caramel, creamy beige, copper with a cold tint will suit any owner of the Winter, Summer appearance.
  • There is also a universal color that fits all types – pink gold. The tone is dominated by honey, peach or pink colors.

Pro Tip: Shining shades are good because they harmoniously combine with any hair texture and hair length. Options with soft curls, natural styling, waves – any hairstyle will look good. The only requirement is for the hair to look healthy and well-groomed.

Popular Shades of Golden Brown Hair

Light Brown – The golden blonde hair color is one of the most popular and it is suitable for everyone. Owners of bright eyes and a natural light brown color are especially flattered by this shade. In addition, it looks natural, stylish and takes a few years off your face.

Blonde – Golden blonde is a shade suitable for owners of warm skin tones.

  • The light golden blonde shade is suitable for natural beauties with peach or pink skin and green or blue eyes;
  • Yellowish skin and gray eyes will be favorably presented by a shade of golden beige;
  • The beauty of dark or bronze skin and brown / green eyes will be emphasized by a golden-copper blonde shade that’s close to caramel.

Copper – Golden-copper hair is a way to emphasize the depth of the copper-red shade. Suitable for women with a warm skin undertone.

Brown – Golden brown is an ideal hair color for natural brown-haired women with olive or brown eyes and tanned skin.

Coffee – Golden coffee is a shade with priority in the cold type. It advantageously emphasizes olive skin and brown or blue-gray eyes. It is presented in shades like dark brown, cocoa, cappuccino.

Truffle – A golden truffle shade is suitable for those whose hair color is naturally brown or dark brown, as well as owners of brown / blue eyes. It creates beautiful modulations in a natural color.

Honey – The golden-honey hair color is a favorite among the fair sex of middle age. It brings warm saturated notes to your look. Moreover, it is suitable for fair-skinned beauties with blue, gray or green eyes.

Caramel – Dyed caramel hair can be both dark and light. This is a shade of dark gold with a reddish tint. Suitable for owners of hazel, blue, green and brown eyes.


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More Shades of Golden Brown

Golden Chestnut – This shade is recommended for those of you who have naturally light blonde, dark blonde or brown hair. It is a chestnut shade with a golden tint.

Dark Brown – Dark golden hair shades are characteristic of saturated light brown (almost chestnut) colors. This shade is also referred to as frosty chestnut, golden chestnut, coffee brown. You can harmoniously combine it with brown eyes and fair or dark skin.

Chestnut – Golden light chestnut is characterized by a soft glow of gold on brown hair. Suitable for those with tanned skin and olive skin, as well as brown or dark green eyes and natural red, light brown or chestnut hair.

Muscat – The noble and rich golden muscat emphasizes the beauty of the owners of the winter color type. Not advisable to be used on natural brunettes, as the muscat shade can smooth facial features and deprive them of expressiveness.

Beige – Suitable for those with dark skin and deep gray or bright blue eyes.

Pink – The golden-pink hair color is one of the most fashionable trends of this season. Moreover, it is suitable for everyone. When dyeing the hair, a gamma of several colors is used: wheat, pink, platinum, gold, blonde, and more. Depending on which tones will be the main ones, the color palette is selected on the spot.

Wheat – The golden-wheat color looks equally well on both dark and light skin in tandem with light eyes. It is considered an ideal color of sophistication and tenderness.

The Advantages of Sporting Golden Brown Hair

Despite the apparent commonality, golden brown hair color has its advantages. Firstly, it looks very natural. Much more natural than cold or brighter shades. Secondly, golden brown hair allows you to look younger compared to bright or cold hair shades. In addition, golden strands play beautifully in the sun and help refresh your complexion.

So, it seems that golden brown hair shades have solid pluses: they look noble, make your look bright, but natural, suitable for almost any haircut and wardrobe. However, this palette also has drawbacks.

An incorrectly selected golden brown hue will look alien and make your skin look too earthy. A too uniform color, no matter how natural it may be, will look like a wig. That’s why we advise you to trust a professional colorist for this process because we wouldn’t want the result to upset you. On the contrary, the purpose of this article is to help you wear a dreamy hair color that emphasizes your beauty to the maximum.

Get Golden Brown Hair the Natural Way

If you are afraid of using hair dyes that contain ammonia and other harmful components and your hair is naturally brown, we have great news! There are natural options that can add that golden glare to your hair.

The Nettle and Chamomile Recipe

It lightly brightens your hair, giving your curls a golden glow. You will need:

  • 1 tbsp. l crushed nettle roots and dry chamomile;
  • 1 liter of water;
  • for rinsing (2 l of water, 20 ml of chamomile essence).

How to cook and apply:

Pour the herbs in the boiling water and cook until the broth is boiled in half. Next, apply it to your strands, wrap your head with a towel and let it on for 20 minutes. After the time has passed, rinse with a solution of chamomile essence and water.

The Onion Peel Recipe

This recipe will give your hair a brownish tone with a golden tint. You will need:

  • 1 cup onion peel;
  • 0.5 l of water.

How to cook and apply:

  • Boil the onion peel in the water and set aside for several hours;
  • Apply to clean hair for 20 minutes;
  • Rinse off with warm water.

Care For Your Golden Hair

Golden brown is a less demanding hair color than blonde for example. It is enough to use products especially designed for colored hair in order to maintain the health of the hair and the color intact. However, remember that the prevention of split ends will protect the hair from a sloppy appearance.

If you must bleach your hair in order to obtain this shade, then you will have to take more care of your curls. Aggressively exposed hair requires regular hydration, nutrition, and special restorative procedures are desirable.

After dyeing blonde hair in a brown tone, you will have to carefully take care of maintaining the result. Saturated tones are quickly washed out from light brown curls. It is advisable to protect your hair from the sun, as well as from chlorinated water.

Even the mildest and most innovative coloring is still stress for the hair, so use the entire arsenal of care products: masks and conditioners are required. And if suddenly the color has become less vibrant, use tools containing direct pigment: they will help you reach your next salon appointment.

To preserve the beauty and shine of your hair after dyeing it, you need to follow these rules:

  • Wash your hair only with special shampoo for colored hair and be sure to use conditioner after washing;
  • Do not comb your wet curls as they will become brittle;
  • Limit the use of thermal appliances, and in case of their use apply a thermal protection on your hair;
  • High-quality fluids, serums, masks or liquid crystals are useful (especially for bleached, porous hair);
  • To maintain the color, you can use tinting shampoos, mousses and related products.

More Golden Brown Shades Examples

When colorists say that there are 40 shades of golden brown, we might be tempted not to believe them. However, this article includes 180 pictures with different shades of brown and brown color combinations on women with different skin tones, as well as eye colors. In other words, there is a golden shade of brown suitable for every woman. The tricky part would be to actually find yours. That’s why, it is advisable to search professional advice for the first time you are going through this change. Or, you can try natural hair coloring recipes that are harmless and wash off eventually, fact which cannot be said about hair dyes based on ammonia.

As it follows, we will leave you with more inspirational examples!

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