5 Gorgeous Goddess Braids You Must Try

Goddess braids are perfect for women who want to exude femininity and sophistication. It is a hairstyle that can elevate your look in more ways than you can imagine. This style of hair does not only give you stunning locks; they can also protect your natural tresses. So, what are goddess braids and why are they very popular?

An Overview of Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are a cute way to protect one’s natural locks. They are larger or thicker versions of the classic cornrows that Black women often wear. They also make for an excellent transitional locks for those who want to get the more iconic, more permanent dreadlocks.

Some people call it as the Granny braids. This is because they do look like the style of hair weave that the older generation use. The braids lie flat along the person’s scalp.

What differentiates them from traditional dreadlocks is that they often have curly or wavy hair at the ends of the braids. Some people also love to add accessories to give them a more “goddess-like” and royal look.

Benefits of Goddess Braids

Women cite different reasons for getting goddess locs. Some do it because of the way it protects the tresses they were born with. Others do it because of the versatility it affords them when it comes to styling.

There are also those who get these locs because of their ease of maintenance. If you are not sure why you should also get Goddess braids, then you should check out the following benefits of such a hairstyle.

Strengthens Natural Hair

One of the most important benefits of Goddess braids, or any other braiding for that matter, is its ability to strengthen natural hair. The style immobilizes individual strands of natural hair within the braid itself.

This minimizes contact between natural hair and other things, such as fabrics, objects, and people. This minimal contact can help reduce, if not eliminate frictional damage to the hair.

Retains the Length of Natural Hair

Many stylists promote the idea of using braids as a great tool for growing natural hair. However, this is not always the case. Goddess braids as well as other protective hairstyles do not promote a faster growth rate of hair.

However, they do minimize the risk of damage. This allows the hair to grow at its normal rate. Whenever you manipulate your hair, such as brushing or detangling, it is almost inevitable that some hair breakage and damage can occur.

Because Goddess braids do not require very frequent manipulation of the locks, you will be able to retain the rate of hair growth. You will also be able to prevent unnecessary hair breakage.

Low Maintenance

The only time that you will manipulate your Goddess braids is when you change your style to suit a particular occasion. Even then, there is very minimal manipulation involved.

Cleansing can be as infrequent as once every 1 to 2 weeks. However, it is ideal to cleanse the scalp on a more frequent basis to keep your natural locks as healthy as possible. Getting Goddess braids do not require maintenance as extensive as other hairstyles.

Very Versatile Style

The beauty of Goddess braids is that you can style them to suit your personality, mood, and fashion style. You can go as hip and carefree as you want or as sophisticated and dashing as any other A-lister on the red carpet.

The versatility is endless. However, keep in mind that the style may only last for a few weeks. As such, it would be best to opt for a style that you will be using within that time period.

Simple Yet Stunning Goddess Braids Ideas

Goddess braids are versatile hairstyles that can elevate the look of anyone who decides to wear it. Here are 5 ideas to rock these fabulous Goddess braids.

1. Straight Back

The classic straight back style of Goddess braids is a very simple way to sport this protective hairstyle. It does not demand attention. However, there is something very alluring in the way those neat cornrows cascade down the back of the head and all the way to the back.

It is perfect for women and young ladies who are not yet committed to go all out in terms of forming locs. The good news with this style is that you can always accessorize to enhance your look.

2. Coiled Spiral

Greek and Roman goddesses love styling their tresses in a coiled spiral. You can take your cue from them or you can amp it a little bit. What makes this Goddess braids idea worth the try is that it is very easy to make. You only need a single Goddess braid.

The key is to make it as thick as possible near the base. You can then make it extra-long to allow you to coil it in a beautiful spiral. It is also a great hairstyle to rock your summers. It can keep your nape feel cooler, while giving your face a fresher look.

3. Fauxhawk

Traditional Mohawks require the shaving of both sides of the head, leaving only the middle portion with the tresses. You can rock this style using Goddess braids. The key here is to create twisted locks at the sides and back of the head.

It will be almost similar to creating a bun. The difference is that you will have an elongated bun, instead of a circular one. This will give the impression of a Mohawk hairstyle.

4. Pigtails

Walk down memory lane with this fashionable hairstyle. You do not have to limit yourself to the same color as your natural hair, though.

If you want to stand out, then get ready for some eye-popping colors to your tresses. Not only will it give you a very bold look. It is also a great canvas for your hair styling creativity.

5. Ponytail

Like the Pigtail, Ponytails are a timeless classic. They also happen to be one of the best ways to rock Goddess locs. The idea here is to create weaves from all directions of the head.

They will then converge right at your crown. Secure them with a lovely hair band or an invisible elastic band and you are on your way to a badass look.


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How to Keep Your Goddess Braids Fabulous

Maintaining your Goddess braids is important if you want to maximize the stunning good looks of this protective hairstyle. The good news is that maintaining this kind of hairstyle is not difficult. Here are some tricks to help you keep the gorgeous looks of your Goddess locs.

Cover Them Up at Bedtime

Always cover up your braids whenever you go to sleep. Friction can loosen the braids and unravel them. One way you can address this is by covering your top with a scarf made of silk or satin.

These fabrics are smooth enough to minimize friction on your locks. If you do not have satin or silk scarf, then you should opt for a satin or silk pillowcase.

Wash Them Once Every 7 to 14 Days

Dirt and oils can accumulate on your scalp over time. Particles can adhere to the very tight weave of your Goddess braids. The low-maintenance nature of protective hairstyles also translate to less-than-ideal scalp and hair condition.

That is why you need to wash your braids. However, do not wash it every day. Limit the frequency of washes to once every one or two weeks. Also, focus more on cleansing the scalp in between cornrows.

It is inadvertent that some water will get into your Goddess braids. Make sure to squeeze it well. Do not rub your braids as doing so can loosen the weave.

Cleanse the Scalp in Between Washes

Washing your tresses once every week does not look like a good way to care of your tresses. However, this is necessary since you want your Goddess braids to last longer than 4 weeks.

This is where a dry shampoo can be very useful. Apply a small amount of this product onto your scalp to maintain the health of your tresses.

Spritz a Braid Spray

There will always come a time when your scalp will itch. You can apply a braid spray to help minimize the itching. The best part about these products is that you can also spray them directly over your Goddess braids and not only on the scalp.

This will give them that classic shine you want. If you do not have access to a braid spray, you can improvise using a special kind of astringent. You can moisten a piece of cotton ball with this solution and dab it on itchy areas of your scalp.

How to Add Goddess Braids to Your Locks

Some folks think that doing Goddess braids is difficult. Everything depends on the style that you want to achieve. If this is your first time doing this kind of protective styling for the hair, then you might want to keep it simple.

Prepare the Hair

It is important to remember that braids do not require very frequent washing. That is why it is crucial to start with clean tresses. You do not want dirt or any particle to be in your hair as you begin the process of making Goddess braids.

They can get trapped in the weave and lead to a less-than-stunning hairstyle. They can also affect the health of your natural tresses and scalp.

Deep condition your locks at least a week prior to the application of Goddess braids. This will keep your locks in their peak of health. They get to stay hydrated throughout the duration of the protective hair styling.

Shampoo your hair with a product that contains natural moisturizers. This can further improve the moisture levels of your locks. You can also apply an appropriate conditioner, depending on the type of tresses that you have. Pick one that has peptides if your hair is more prone to breakage.

Dry your hair very well; although, there are those who prefer to keep their hair a bit moist while doing the Goddess locs.

Prepare the Tools and Materials You Will Need

Purchase the right braiding hair extensions. Most people pick Kanekalon synthetic extensions because of the smoother feel that they provide. They also give you a smoother appearance.

Purchase enough packs of braiding hair. It is better to have a few extra packs than running out of braiding hair to use in the process.

You will also need two types of combs: a rattail comb and a wide-toothed comb. You will only use the tip of the rattail comb to part your tresses.

It is more effective this way than using the teeth of the comb itself. You will use the wide-toothed comb in removing tangles and knots from your hair.

In addition to these materials, you will also need hair gel, sectioning hair clips, and a bowl of very hot – boiling – water. The boiling water is necessary for dipping the ends of your Goddess braids so that they will “lock” into place.

Start Braiding

Decide on which section of your hair you will want to braid. Section this part of your tresses using the rattail comb. Secure those hairs that you will not braid using the hair clips. Leave only the section that you are going the weave first.

Get a bundle of your hair extensions, depending on the thickness of Goddess braids you are going to make. Divide the braiding hair extension into three equal parts. These will serve as the legs for your braiding.

Position the braiding hair at the center portion of the hair section you will braid. Start box braiding the extension with your natural locks. You need to section your locks into three equal “legs”, too.

Continue braiding until you get to the last 2 to 3 inches of your natural hair. Add another braiding hair extension and keep on weaving.

Make sure to add new sections of braiding hair every time you get to about 4 to 6 inches from the ends of the current braiding hair. You can apply hair gel on your fingers as you braid. This will help hold the sections together.

Once you are done with one length of Goddess braids, dunk the end of the weave in boiling water. This will help lock or seal it. Repeat the same braiding procedure for the rest of the sections of hair you want to turn into Goddess braids.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the best kind of hair to use for goddess braids?

It depends on which is your priority: low maintenance or as natural looking as possible. Synthetic braiding hair offers exceptional flexibility. They are also low-maintenance options. If you want a more natural-looking hair, then you should pick human hair products.

Not only are they more beautiful to look at, they are also perfect for people who cannot skip the hot styling routine. Keep in mind, however, that human hair can be more expensive than synthetics.

• How long do they often last?

Faux locs should last anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks. However, everything depends on your lifestyle and the amount of care you put into your locs. Goddess braids can last as short as 1 week to as long as 6 to 8 weeks. One thing is clear.

You are not supposed to leave this style in your hair for a long time. Doing so can “lock” the strands of natural hair in the braiding hair.

• Should I wash my Goddess braids?

Cleansing your braids in the same manner as regular washing can lead to the loosening and the unraveling of the braids. You can wash the braids.

However, it should never be more often than once a week. What you should focus on is the scalp as dirt, residue, and other particles can get trapped in hairs along the edges of the cornrows.

• Is there a much faster way of getting goddess braids?

The process of creating goddess braids can take as long as 8 to 12 hours. This depends on the skill of the stylist and the length of locs that you want. However, there are several techniques that can give you the same fabulous look without having to spend the whole day making cornrows.

This process involves plaiting, crocheting, and braiding, in the following order. Very few stylists know about this trick. You should ask your stylist if she knows other faster techniques.

Goddess braids can be very simple or sophisticated. Either way, they offer a much better way to keep your natural locks protected. Their ease of maintenance also makes them ideal for women who dislike having to go through a rigorous hair care routine every day. It is not surprising why it is very popular.

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