182 Green Hair Ideas – You Are 30 Shades Away From Finding Your Match

Green hair is characterized by screaming-bright shades that attract the attention of people around us. In addition, it generates a wide range of emotions that go from indignation to admiration. A few years ago even beauticians would plunge into bewilderment at the sight of green hair. Things have changed, however, thanks to stars like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Rihanna who were daring enough to try it. In fact, they succeeded in replacing icy tones of pink and purple with warmer shades of green as a trend.

Green has more than 30 shades, each of which can be embodied in the color of your hair. The main selection criterion is your color type. More specifically, a combination between your natural hair color, skin tone and eye color as well. That’s why we will thoroughly discuss this topic as it follows. As for length, green hair is suitable for long-haired girls, as well as for those who cut their hair short. Various hair dyeing techniques are used to obtain green shades that confer volume, depth and other advantages to your hair.

When dyeing their hair, most girls hope for a perfect turnout. Even so, sometimes things prove to be more complicated than expected. Instead of the desired color, you might get a green tint in your hair that doesn’t suit you. Happily, we have a few solutions for such cases as well! So, read further to acquire all the needed knowledge for both getting and removing green hair!

General Facts About Green Hair

A young soul and body always wants to stand out from the crowd. An excellent solution in this regard is a bold hair color. From neon light green to aquamarine colors, green hair shades are more popular than ever.

If the initial color of your hair belongs to the warm color palette, then a green pigment with a yellow undertone will look best on you. Examples in this regard are bright yellowish-green, emerald and neon-lime green. However, blondes should pay attention to pale green dyes. Even so, it would be better for golden blondes to pick lime or emerald shades. Also, on previously dyed ash stands, a mind shade would look great.

The best way to figure out which shades of green suit you is to find your color type and the correspondent shades. For example, very light and delicate tones that are practically translucent are suitable for girls and women who belong to the spring color type.

Light-haired girls, as well as ash blondes, should pick cool shades of green, such as mint, bluish-green, aquamarine, smoky dark green. Conversely, bright and saturated tones are recommended to dark-haired girls. These look best when combined with dyeing techniques such as ombre or highlighting. In addition, if you plan on coloring your hair like a rainbow, keep in mind that green mixes well with turquoise, purple, gray and pink.

Green Locks vs. Your Color Type

If not long ago we were recommending hair colors depending on your skin type, we are now considering more aspects. Since the occurrence of the nicely explained color types named after seasons, it is easier for you to pick a shade that truly merges with your other characteristics. As it follows, we will present green hair shades suitable for the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter types.

Green Shades for the Spring Color Type

If you belong to the spring color type, choose the tones of the just-blossomed, young, fresh April foliage, which the sun affectionately pierced with its rays. The selected colors should belong to a warm range, and have notes of yellow.

The most suitable light shade is a light white-yellow-lime, which we are used to seeing among lime variations. In the category of bright colors, shades of lime and green sour apple are worthy of your attention. As for the dark ones, we are thinking pea.

In the spring, harsh, dark tones of green, with an admixture of red or brown, which is more characteristic of the autumn color type, are contraindicated.

Summer Color Type Mixed With Green

The hair of summer ladies becomes an ideal canvas for blue-green tones with a slight steel luster. In this case we are talking about mint, gray-green, aqua or turquoise.

To choose the right shade, think about the rich duet of blue and green, not about the yellowish and young spring leaves.

Despite the coldness of these shades, focus on choosing those that have a certain dustiness or light steel shine. Climb to the crest of this fashionable wave and get a harmonious look with hair colors such as gray-green, aqua, turquoise.

Green Shades for Fall Ladies

The autumn girl should turn her attention to the swamp palette, combining colors ranging from olive to khaki. In this case, the undertones may turn out to be both red and brown.

The most suitable shades for the autumn color type are the colors of leaves which are preparing to turn crimson or yellow. If you can’t find the right tone, feel free to mix green with yellow, red or brown pigment. Unlike translucent spring colors, the autumn colors are heavy and saturated.


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Winter Color Types Enjoy Green Shades

Finally, the winter beauties can turn their attention to a mixture of dirty green and gray. You should focus on the coniferous hue, and if you want to add brightness and saturation to your hair color, then experiment with an emerald hue. Some strands painted in lime or neon tones will also look good.

30 Shades of Green

It is believed that green has more than 30 different shades, fact which allows every girl or woman to choose the most suitable one for her. The use of a particular shade is determined depending on the color type of the person seeking to dye his or her hair. Yes, men sporting green hair are real too!

Light green is recognized as one of the most popular shades. It looks great individually, but becomes no less spectacular in combination with other hair colors.

Most of the shades from the green palette are suitable for the owners of fair skin and blue or green eyes. The brightest and most unusual representative of this group is considered the acid-green color with a yellow undertone.

The gray-green version is trendy and looks advantageous in any situation as well. However, for a more spectacular look, it is often combined with turquoise dye, silver or even platinum tones. These shades are often used to create the ombre effect or for coloring individual strands of hair.

Dark green hair also promises to be a fairly long-term trend. Most of all, this shade is suitable for girls with brown eyes. To enrich the dark green color, black and even ashy tones are often used. Finally, the combination of light brown and green looks very beautiful.

Green Hair With and Without the Commitment

You might want green hair really bad, but you are not ready to commit. That’s okay because you have multiple options to temporary sport green hair. Mascara or color spray are two of your options. With their help, you can shine at a party or concert and return to your natural hair color in the morning.

If, however, you are ready to surprise your friends and family for a week or two, then you can use a tint shampoo to get your hair looking green. This will wash off more and more every time you shower, especially if you use deep cleaning shampoos.

Persistent dye is an option for those of you who have already experimented the ride of having green hair and love it. Even so, this option includes a mandatory step, namely bleaching your hair. So, you should first make sure your hair is ready for this. Also, make sure to restore the condition of your hair after completing this process by using a hair mask instead of conditioner after each wash. However, don’t leave the hair mask on for too long in order to avoid greasy hair.

Dyes for Green Hair to Try at Home

Deciding on a temporary hair coloring might make things easier for you in one regard. More specifically, we are talking about dyeing your hair at home. By yourself, you won’t be able to opt for complex hair dyeing techniques, such as balayage for example. So, a full head of green dye or highlights are your options.

The Crazy Color brand allows you to choose from three shades of green. Gradual washing off of this coating occurs without the appearance of dirty shades, but simply by changing the shade. Manic Panic is proven to be quite good too, containing a lime shade in its lineup.

The Punky Colour brand is highly recommended as well, offering the Alpine Green shade for coloring. Its main advantage is a very good composition. More specifically, it does not contain ammonia, but at the same time it retains color. With it, your hair will not lose its unusual appearance for a month and a half.

A variety of tinting agents are suitable for temporary staining too. However, owners of dark hair need a preliminary hair bleaching. Blondes are the happiest in this case. The jelly-like substance is easy to use, and the result is kept for about 14 days. Brands such as Bonjour and Matrix offer green shades.

Sprays and varnishes perfectly cover blonde hair, giving it a bright and juicy shade. Among the brands that you can try are Fluo Hair Color and Stargazer. In addition, colored mascara is used to dye individual strands of hair. Such a tool is in the line of brands like IsaDora and Estel.

Perhaps the most unusual way is to dye your strands with colored crayons. Pastel crayons purchased at an art store will help transform your look and highlight your hair strands in bright tones. And, finally you can instantly transform your appearance with the help of green hair extensions.

Follow-Up Care for Green Dyed Hair

Generally speaking, caring for green hair requires typical care for dyed hair. So, it will be necessary to choose the means suitable specifically for such hair. This implies the shampoo, conditioner, as well as other special hair oils and so on. It goes without saying that you need products designed to keep the color in your hair strands, not wash it off. In addition, it is also important to protect your locks from aggressive effects. Here we are referring to temporarily limit the use of curling irons, straightening irons, hair dryers and so on. Also, it is recommended to protect your green hair while in the sun or during cold weather.

As for further advice, it is better to wash your hair with warm water, not hot water. Otherwise, the chosen green shade will begin to fade quicker. In this regard, we sometimes recommend dry shampoo. This is because it gently cleanses your scalp, but it does not affect the color.

One great trick that you can try if you want to keep your new hair color is the following. Don’t throw away the remaining dye, but mix it with conditioner. In this way, whenever you feel it’s necessary, you can apply it on your hair for 25 minutes in order to refresh the color.

Conversely, if you want for the green hue to wash off faster from your hair, then read further!

Remove Green Dye From Your Hair Naturally

Getting bored of green hair can happen and so does ending up with a shade that you don’t like. If so, take a few tomatoes are try this: grind the pulp together with the afferent juice and apply the mixture on your hair. Leave it on for about an hour and then wash it off with warm water. Apply conditioner or a similar product afterwards.

Aspirin is also a known hair dye remover. What you need to do is crush several tables and mix them with water. Use this solution on your hair once per week.

Lemon juice is among your options too. However, it cannot be used in its pure form. It must first be mixed with warm water. Components are used in a ratio of 1 to 2 to achieve the desired result. After rinsing your hair with lemon water, leave it get dry naturally for about a third of an hour. Next, rise everything off.

Harmonize Your Hair Color With the Rest of You

Green hair puts forward a lot of requirements when it comes to makeup and wardrobe. In the case of bright hair, you can use multiple ways to create a harmonious look:

  • play in contrast by turning to various shades of red;
  • use green for individual strands only and combine it with soft and muted tones;
  • combine your new hair color with red, orange, pink in clothes and makeup;
  • try it with gradient lip makeup and smoky eyes;
  • green also goes well with gray, pink, blue, cyan, turquoise and coral;
  • when emphasizing a tanned skin, the recommended colors are cream, creamy white, golden brown and orange.

So, as you can see, when you get green hair, you have to rethink your entire look. That is applicable, of course, if you want to look harmoniously or if you want to shock.

Green Hair for the Self-Confident

Not every girl or grown woman can decide easily on taking such as step. This is because as soon as your look changes, so will other people’s attitude towards you. Whether you dye your hair blue, red, orange or green, you are guaranteed public attention. Since in our everyday life we are not accustomed with being too bright, a flashy hair color will change that completely for you. So, thoroughly consider this aspect before going green!

Juicy and cheerful green hair can inspire you or give you the needed self-confidence. For example, you can confidently attend a party while sporting green hair. In this way, you will test the way you feel and the way others react. Other events where people appreciate bright hair colors are festivals, parades, concerts, theme parties and so on.

More Green Hair Ideas

Pink and purple were recently dethroned by green. We are referring to the fashion world of hair coloring. So, after clearing things up with your color type, as well as the afferent green shades, you should already have a green hue in mind. The next step for you would be to pick how long lasting this color will be. After deciding on that aspect, you are good to go on choosing dyeing techniques. If that’s not the case, just dye your entire mass of hair and use plenty of hair dye for maximum results! Maintaining the resulted color will be your next responsibility.

As it follows, we will leave you with even more examples of women who picked green hair for their new look and who rock it! Do you have a favorite one but there’s no way you would look good like that? Drop us a comment below to ask for an opinion!

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