5 Hair Color Ideas For Your Next Salon Trip

Color is one of the things that make your hair beautiful. It brings radiance and life to dull hair, and it also gives you something new to flaunt. Having the right hair color might just be what you need to have that added confidence to conquer your life.


The Advantages of Hair Color

As mentioned earlier, hair color can do a lot of great things in your life. It may sound cheesy, but after reading this whole post, you will definitely feel inspired to go to the salon and dye your hair. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get when you have new hair color.

1. It’s a boost of confidence.

First of all, it feels great to have nice hair. Some people would think that you’re overreacting if you complain about how your hair affects you. However, research shows that having great hair can make your day even if it’s just a boost of confidence. If you have nice hair, you won’t feel the need to tie it and look like you are not trying to look presentable. If you have nice hair, you can easily carry yourself around because you are confident with how good you look. When you make it a point to take care of your hair, you will constantly feel more confident with who you are and what you do.

2. It’s the start of a new beginning.

Do you know when a girl goes through a breakup and suddenly cuts her long hair? Now, you can save yourself from having that big transformation by having another alternative to cutting all your hair off. Instead of cutting, you can switch to coloring your hair. It’s not too big of a change, but it is enough to signal a new beginning.

3. It promotes taking care of your hair.

If you have neglected your hair for so long, then getting a new hair color will prompt you to evaluate your hair care routine. When you go to the salon, your stylist will interview you on your hair care habits and your lifestyle. They will also give advice on how best to take care of it based on what you told them. If you don’t know how to take care of your hair, then this is the best opportunity to start.

To add to that, a lot of stylists recommend that you get healthy hair before you get a new color. This is because products contain chemicals that can damage your hair. If your hair is damaged already, then the dye can cause it to be brittle. In some cases, your hair might not even absorb the dye. So if you are planning a new hair color, plan for your new hair care routine too.

4. You stand out.

Another advantage of having a new hair color is that you stand out. Sure, there are a lot of people who have brown, blonde, or jet black hair, but if you choose a color that works well for you, people will start to notice. Your friends and family will be happy to see your new look and it’s going to be the talk of the town too.

5. It’s a form of self-expression.

Just like tattoos, piercings, and fashion, your hair color is also about self-expression. You own your hair so you are free to do anything you want with it (of course, within the limits of what’s healthy). If coloring your hair is your way to show that you want a new look, then, by all means, go ahead and get it. No one should stop you.


How to Pick the Right Hair Color

As far as rules are concerned, there is no rule that limits you to what your hair color should be, except if your company only allows natural hair colors. If that’s the case, then you are stuck with your a few lighter or darker shades of your natural hair color. However, if your company allows you to have any color of hair (which most startups do), then picking your new hair color is going to be a breeze.

Wrong! Even if a lot of colors seem good on you, not everything will actually do. If you ask a hairstylist, they have tips on how to pick the right color depending on your skin tone. Here are a few tips you can apply.

Tip #1: Know if your skin tone is warm or cool.

What does that mean? Warm skin tones are associated with the feel of summer and autumn while cool skin tones are for winter and spring. Warm skin tones “glow”, meaning their color is rich and when the sun hits them they often look like they are melting. It’s like the color of hot chocolate, caramel, or honey. You’ll know if your skin tone is warm if you easily get a tan. If you have warm tones, then the hair colors to choose should have red or orange bases. A great example would be auburn or honey blonde hair color ideas.

On the other hand, cool skin tones do not easily tan. Your skin’s undertone is pink and instead of looking like you are “melting” you often look like you’re blushing. Usually, those with fair skin have contrasting hair colors like red, red-orange, or jet black. If you have a cool skin tone, the hair color ideas that look best on you are those with a blue or a violet base. White and gray bases are also compatible to this skin color.

Tip #2: Ask when you need to have that hair color.

Depending on how different your coveted hair color is to your natural hair, it may take 1-6 attempts to finally get the color you want. If you have brown hair and you want to go blonde, you will have to go through a series of hair coloring appointments over 6 months before you achieve the blonde color that you want. Stylists spread out the color-changing because too much hair dye can damage your skin. Plus, it is always better to gradually change hair color so that it is easier to achieve the real color you want.

Although you can always switch from brown to blonde right away, this is not always recommended. Sure, it’s possible, but you risk having dry and damaged hair. If you have the time, then it’s better to take things slowly.

Tip #3: Consult if your hair is damaged or healthy.

Another thing to consider is your hair’s health. The more damaged your hair is, the more you shouldn’t go from lighter hair color. This is because to go from dark to light, your hair would most likely go through some kind of bleaching. Bleaching removes your hair’s natural pigmentation which will lead to more damage. If the damage goes beyond what your hair can take, it might never be the same again or you have to go through a lot of treatment for it to be healthy. Nonetheless, if you really want to change your hair color, you can go for a darker hair shade.

If your hair is healthy, then this is where you can go lighter. Plus, if your hair has never been touched or never went through any salon treatment, then this is the best state to go for a very different hair color.

Tip #4: Decide which colors match your personality and lifestyle.

Lastly, there are two things you also need to consider – lifestyle and personality. First, you have to take into account your lifestyle. Think about your company’s rules, your age, and your hobbies and interests. If your company doesn’t allow unnatural hair colors, then you should definitely not consider having pink or blue hair. Likewise, if you do not have the time or resources to do 6 trips to the salon, then going from black to blonde is not a good idea.

For personality, your hair should fit who you are. If you are a fun person, going for brighter or warmer colors will fit you. If you’re more of an introvert, then cooler hair colors can suit your personality. However, associations on colors should not limit you from picking cooler hair colors even if you are an extrovert. If you’re young and bubbly, going for pink or burgundy can be options as well as aquamarine and blue.


Hair Color Ideas


Brown hair is the default hair color of a lot of people, but don’t let that fact bore you. Brown is anything but boring especially since it comes with a whole range of colors. It’s more than just light and dark too. If you are going for a natural-looking hair color, brown is your best friend. Even if you have a cool or warm skin tone, there’s bound to be a shade that looks good on you. Check out these brown hair color ideas to find that perfect shade for you.





Next to brown is black. You will often find more Asian than Western people having black hair. While this stems from their ethnicity, you can always go for jet black hair no matter what your roots are. What’s great about black is that it shows a different kind of power and strength. Going full jet black also makes you look as if you are someone who can’t be messed with. If you’re into power dressing, then black hair will definitely give you that boost of strength and confidence.



Being blonde has its ups and downs. If you’ve watched Legally Blonde you know that Elle Woods was discriminated against as a blonde, but she also showed the kind of power blondes have. You might be having second thoughts on going blonde, but after this collection of pictures, you’ll realize that there’s more to being a blonde. Plus, there’s not just one shade of blonde. You can go from strawberry blonde to ash blonde. This color also makes for great highlights.




Plan on becoming a redhead anytime soon? Browse through these photos to find the perfect auburn color for you. Auburn is a warm hair color that is characterized by having a reddish-brown hue. Unlike brown, it is brighter and somewhat has orange or red in the mix. If brown isn’t for you, you can try to spice things up with an auburn hair color. Auburn works best on people with cool skin tones. Think of Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones and you’ll get a feel of what auburn hair looks like especially if you want to have that fiery red color.




Going gray is more than a sign of old age. In fact, gray hair has become a new fashion statement that celebrities have started doing. Take Ariana Grande for example. Grande has dyed her hair gray for her Sweetener album making this hair color trending. Since then, young women have started looking at gray hair in a different light. If you want a cool shade for the summer, you’d love to go gray. However, take note that you have to go through a bleaching process to achieve this gray hair effect. It might need a little more commitment, but it’s totally worth it.



Hair Color Trends of 2019

Before 2019 ends, make sure to brush up on the hair color trends that got popular this year.


Before balayage and ombre become popular, there were highlights. Contrary to what a lot of people think, highlights aren’t referring to the blonde streaks of hair that you place on top of your natural brown hair. Instead, highlights refer to a hair coloring technique that uses foil to highlight certain parts of the hair. Your hair will be parted into sections and the parts that will be highlighted will be placed on top of pieces of aluminum foil. Then, the hair will be painted with the dye of your choice and then wrapped in the foil. The heat of your hair will be trapped letting the color of the dye lighten the strands of your hair.



It may sound confusing, but ombre is not a hair coloring technique. It is a kind of style where your hair has different colors per section. However, the color changes happen vertically so you will notice people starting out with dark roots and gradually moving into a lighter shade once you go down to the tips of their hair. The classic ombre style goes from dark roots to lighter tips, but recent styles have shown that ombre can be done by doing the exact opposite. More daring ombre hair color ideas include going from dark to light then light to dark.



Highlights are so last season! If you want something new, balayage is the technique to go. Balayage has its French origins and it originally means “to sweep” in that language. Unlike highlights, balayage is done by eliminating the aluminum foil and simply sweeping the dye over certain sections of your hair. Balayage became famous because it gives a more natural look especially if you are choosing colors that are just a few shades lighter or darker.

Ash Colors

Another hair color trend for 2019 is the ash color. The ash color trend has added a new definition of hair color because ash is not made from any brown or blonde pigment. In fact, ash comes from a shade of blue which is why the color looks cool. Ash colors are great for winter and spring.


Move aside, blue. A new color is in the block and that’s purple. Purple might be outrageous for most people, but it definitely makes an entrance for anyone who has it. If you have black or brown hair, purple will be a lot gentler to your hair than blonde or platinum. Sometimes, purple even looks better for people who have cool skin tones.

Darker Roots

Darker roots didn’t originate in 2019 but it definitely made a comeback this year. Popularized by a number of celebrities, this hair color idea works well for people who don’t want to dye their roots. This is also a great way to take care of the “baby hair” you have because most of the time, the areas of your roots won’t be touched unless you are adding highlights or a balayage technique.


And last but definitely not least is the platinum hair color. Thanks to Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, women all over the world are considering getting this latest hair trend of the year. Platinum derives its color from blonde, but if you want to achieve that silver-gray kind of color, you have to bleach your hair and apply a gray or a white dye. Platinum hair color is a unique color in itself, but you can also add more life to it by mixing it up with a brighter color. Take these examples for inspiration.


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Overall, there are so many hair colors to choose from – there’s brown, black, red, and even purple. 2019 definitely brought back colors of other decades and even popularized new styles of its own. Make sure to get your trip to the salon after these new hair color ideas.

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