220 Hair Highlights Masterpieces Based on Natural Effects

Hair highlights are not a novelty in the beauty world. For the past 15 years they have slowly replaced other hair dyeing techniques that were more harmful to the hair. Thus, these days we can enjoy the natural effects of numerous techniques based on highlighting the hair. Since there are too many to cover in a few words, we have prepared thorough descriptions of the most popular hair highlights types. So, depending on your desired result, you will find the best options available!

In addition, we have added more than 200 hair highlights masterpieces. In this way, you can visually pick what you like most, without having to know the details if you are not interested. However, the more you know, the easier it will be for you to make the right choice!


General Considerations on Hair Highlights

Hair highlighting is one of the most popular techniques for gentle hair dyeing. It has won women’s hearts due to the fact that hair coloring occurs only partially. More specifically, the dyeing is done on several strands only, without damaging the entire mass of hair.

This particular lightening method appeared more than fifteen years ago. Since then, it has reached its popularity peak. In addition, it was perfected and diversified. So, these days, hair highlighting occupies a top position among other hair dyeing trends. In this regard, there are a few methods that involve hair highlighting, but the way it’s done is different. Moreover, they are applicable on both dark and light hair. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then read further and you will find out everything there is to know!

What is Hair Highlighting?

Hair highlighting is a broad term that encompasses numerous different techniques. One thing they all have in common is partial lightening. More specifically, only individual strands of hair or sections of hair are treated with bleach or a lightening hair dye. In addition, there are also low lights or dark highlights. The latter express a low level of discoloration. Various bright colors are also used to obtain the highlighting effect.

Dyeing your hair partially can change your look in many ways. Your hair can look overgrown and messy or it can look like you dipped your tips in dye. However, women mostly use this technique because they want to obtain a natural effect. They want their hair to shimmer beautifully in the sun light or under the spotlights.

The next step that follows the basic highlighting or bleaching is toning. Sometimes this process is done on the highlighted strands and sometimes is done on all hairs. In the later case, stylists are usually going after the glare effect. That’s why they use toner all over the hair.

In the professional hands of a hairdresser, hair highlighting is an excellent hair dyeing procedure for those of you who are not looking for a radical change in appearance. When it’s properly performed, it leaves the hair shining and full of volume. Also, the highlights will fit perfectly in the overall color scheme of the hair.

As mentioned before, there are several methods used to highlight hair, depending on the wanted result. Read further to find out which!

Hair Highlights – Three Important Aspects

Depending on the wanted result, the process of hair highlighting differs. As you can see throughout more than 200 pictures included in this article, some hairstyles include gentle highlights, while others are more contrasting. Color is also used to highlight dark hair, but most women pick natural results. Thus, the highlighting process consists in mixing your natural hair color with sun-kissed strands.

The final result of highlighting your hair depends on three important aspects. More specifically, the natural color of your hair, or the initial color, the type of highlights you want to add and the technique used to brighten it. This is because most techniques confer visual volume to every type of hair. In addition, they are also done in such way that they emphasize the color depth.

Therefore, we are talking about a slight change in appearance, but one that gives a completely new meaning, charm and sophistication to your look.

Why Hair Highlights are a Must Try

  • By adding highlights, you revitalize your current hair color or your natural shade;
  • In case you are suffering from an unsuccessful hair dyeing process, especially in a dark shade, highlights will save the day! This is because they allow a smooth transition, thus conferring a maximum of freshness to your look;
  • Due to its partial application, hair highlighting wins over full hair dyeing. This is because the coloring compounds act on individual strands only, without having to damage all strands of hair.
  • Hairdresser visits will become less often. Since there are no harsh lines when it comes to adding highlights to hair, your overgrown roots will not look unpleasant. In fact, your hair will look natural even when it grows. So, expect no more than 4 visits per year.
  • Adding highlights to your hair is known to visually rejuvenate you; When you highlight your hair, you can also use it in your advantage to contour your face as well.

Techniques Applied for Hair Highlights

Since there is a pretty large variety of hair highlighting techniques, you should pick one that suits your needs best. Depending on your current hair shade, hair length, hair texture and other aspects, certain techniques are recommended to you and others are not. However, the purpose of this hairstyle change is to transform your overall look and, why not, refresh your facial features.

Even so, only a professional can recommend the exact technique suited for you. Conversely, you can educate yourself based on the following information. You can have a careful look at all the pictures comprised in this article. Also, you can learn the characteristics of the following techniques.

However, we recommend you to at least ask for a second opinion before going to the beauty salon. It would be ideal to get exactly what you wanted and not another hair fail, right?


Add Balayage Highlights to Your Hair

Considered the most popular hair highlighting technique in the world right now, the balayage technique is a must try. The word balayage comes from French and it means sweeping. In terms of hair, this means that the brush strokes are similar with the way we use a broom.

This technique is not harmful for your hair. This is because, after applying the bleach, the hair strands are left in the open air. They are not wrapped in foil, so the hair dye only works on its surface. As you know, in case of conventional hair highlighting, things are just the opposite.

By applying the dye in such way, a fuzzy and smooth transition is created between dark and light shades. Moreover, this is a free hand painting style. So, there are no specific steps when choose the hair strands. Everything is customized about this technique.

Babylights are the Most Natural Highlights

The best way to achieve a very natural result is by adding babylights. The latter term refers to the natural discoloration of the hair that occurs due to sun light. They are called babylights because they are thin and don’t look like they are done on purpose.

So, we are talking about dyeing very thin strands of hair. The purpose is to transform the overall color of the hair in a much lighter tone. However, the result is very natural, as the sun really added glare on your hair.

Get the Tortoise Shell Hair

Ecaille hair or tortoise shell hair consists in highlighting the hair in multiple shades. The technique itself is based on highlighting hair with free hand brush strokes. In addition, the shades used range from golden and honey, to caramel and chocolate. Thus, the result will resemble a turtle shell. So, if the chosen colors are not too contrasting, this style goes for modest girls as well. However, if you choose contrast, then you must be bold!

Bronze That Dark Hair

Bronzing is a combination of brown and blonde, in a way. This version is ideal for brunettes who would like a natural looking highlighting. Moreover, it consists in adding patches of light that spread naturally on the hair. So, if you are looking for this type of appearance, this is your answer! In addition, it may be used as a transition from other colors that have damaged your hair. It adds bright accents and deepens the darker color.

Hair Highlighting in the Ombre Style

Ombre is another very common type of hair highlighting. You must have heard about it already. If not, then you should know that with this technique, the tips of the hair are always much lighter than the roots. The transition between the colors may be soft and smooth or edgy, depending on each person.

Another advantage of the ombre style is that once you have lightened your tips, you can tone them in any color you like. However, if you are still looking for a natural effect, then light blonde is recommended for blondes and caramel for brunettes. Don’t forget about pastel colors, though! They are very fashionable and don’t make you stand out from the crowd like bright colors do.

Sombre is an alternative of the ombre about which you might wonder. The difference between ombre and sombre consists in the level of lightening. So, in case of sombre, the tips are only a couple of tones lighter than the roots. Babylights are somehow similar too. Therefore, be careful what you choose!

Degrade Highlighting Differs From Ombre

Many confuse degrade highlighting with ombre. Although the roots are still darker than the tips, the transition between them is made with color. For example, you can go from light brown roots to white tips. The shades between them will change gradually, not in a sharp way. Moreover, it looks like a full-fledged gradient than goes from light brown, to gray and then to white. In addition, if the hair length allows, the stylist will not use only 3 shades, but 4 or more.

Tips Dipped in Hair Dye

If you are looking to compare the aforementioned techniques, you can compare this one with the ombre. However, in this case, the hair tips look like they were dipped in paint. More specifically, the colored tips are separated from the rest of the hair by a clear line.

Typically, women who choose this technique opt for bright colors, such as pink, blue, green, purple. So, we can safely say this method is suited for women who like the attention!

Add Some Splashlights to Your Hair

The splashlights technique is exactly what its name says. A technique that involves highlighting the hair with splashes of light. Typically, the hair is brightened horizontally, in the middle of its length. The transition between the main color and the highlighted part is smooth.

Crownlights are Added to the Roots

We can call the crownlights to be a subspecies of the splashlights. With this technique, the hair is splashed, but not on its length, but on the roots. Something similar to this is the reverse ombre technique.

The Venetian Hair Highlighting Method

This popular form of hair coloring creates glare on dark hair. The bleach is distributed over the selected locks and no foil is used to wrap the. Therefore, the colored curls touch the rest of the hair. Due to this, the gradient transition from the lightened strands to the natural ones looks natural.

Most often, stylists use gentle compounds that make hair lighter by 2-3 tones, giving it a golden shine.

Hair Highlighted California Style

The sophisticated California highlighting technology is designed to provide the perfect result. Its essence is the preservation of the natural appearance of the hair with a light effect of hair burnt out in the sun. The root color retains saturation and depth, while the length takes on different shades. To do this, some hairdressers collect the client’s hair in a bun and distribute the dye composition over it so that it does not penetrate the depth of the hair.

Add Color to Those Highlights

Adding bright colors to highlighted hair is a bold way to attract attention. So, girls who like experiments can decide on it. The hair stylist applies the future tone of any bright shade to the neatly lightened locks. However, it is not recommended to combine several bright colors at once.

Hair Highlighting for Redheads

Red hair often causes problems in dyeing due to its special porous structure and thickness. Highlighting thin red strands requires the presence of a professional colorist who can choose the coloring compounds so that they do not give the rust effect, but look harmonious and fresh.

California hair highlighting is the most recommended technique for redheaded women. This is because it does not require root dyeing. As for the strands, specialists use soft formulas without ammonia. Such coloring technique is useful to refresh your natural color, as well as achieve the natural sun-kissed look.

The Best Choice in Hair Highlights

Owners of brown hair often consider their shade to be inexpressive. However, for hairdressers and colorists this shade creates a lot of opportunities. This is because the strands can be lightened, or dyed in darker colors. Not to mention the wide array of toning available.

Ombre and California highlighting are the most recommended techniques for women with brown hair. As for the shades, stylists recommend creamy, caramel and milk shades. This is because they will help confer deepness to your natural color. However, there is no secret that owners of dark hair will need more time to achieve the desired light shade. If you limit yourself to one step, then a potent oxide will give your hair an unpleasant yellow tint.

Moreover, dark blonde girls can choose between shades like gold, copper, wheat, cognac, amber and so on.

Hair Highlights are for Everyone

After going through the specifics of almost every hair highlighting technique, now you know that there is one suitable for everyone. Regardless of your natural color, hair length or structure, you can highlight your hair in the best way possible. Since there are so many techniques to choose from and so many colors, you might feel overwhelmed and in need of professional advice. If so, discuss all the aspects with your hairdresser.

Hair highlighting is not as damaging to your hair as simple bleaching. In addition, the concept itself is based on achieving the most natural result. During the past years, naturalness is on trends. And, perhaps, it was always in our hearts but we felt compelled to keep up with the fashion trends. So, you can now pick the most natural and flattering look for your hair.

We will leave you with a selection of tens of examples for you to choose from. If you’ve made your choice, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know what you like! Or, drop us a line if you went through with the makeover!

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