16 Hairstyles For Long Hair That Will Transform You To The Next Level

A lot of women dream of having long hair. Every day, there’s a new hairstyle to try that will surely give you a new look. If you love trying different things, long hair is the style to have. If you’re a lazy girl, you’ll be happy to know that there are long hairstyles for you too. Check out this collection of long hair and why it’s the best hair length ever.

Perks of Having Long Hair

Dread growing out your hair because it’s too messy? Or is it just such a hassle to maintain? If you’ve put off growing your hair, then here are a few things that will convince you to grow it out for a change. By the end of this article, you will be asking the question “how long will it take to have long hair?”

1. You can always play with your hair

There are so many things that you can do to long hair. You can dye, curl, straighten, highlight, and even tie it in different ways. And if you get bored, you can do a lot of experiments that can bring out the best in you.

If you’re the type who doesn’t want to look the same every day, then long hair is just right for you. You don’t even have to go to a hairstylist so you can get it styled. A simple bun or ponytail with a twist can make a huge difference.

2. Beachy waves look sexy

Have you ever wondered why there’s no Baywatch hottie with short hair? It’s because women with long hair are sexier than those with short hair. A long hairstyle is a perfect complement to a bikini body especially when you have long beachy waves.

In fact, long beachy waves will not be popular for no reason. Sure, it’s a lot harder to manage during the summer, but it’s definitely worth having if you want to look hot and sun-kissed.

3. Men are more attracted to long hair

If you go around and ask guys what hairstyle makes them more attracted to women, the most common answer you’ll get is long hair. This is why almost all Victoria Secret Angels have long, luscious hair.

It’s an eye-catcher especially if you wear it with confidence. Although beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, it won’t hurt you to try to grow your hair a little longer.

4. It makes you look thinner

Did you know that your hairstyle can help make you look fat? There are certain styles that make your face look round giving the illusion that you are chubby or fat.

If you want to avoid looking like a fluffy hotcake, you can grow your hair out so the length makes you look slimmer. Your hair can also steal the spotlight especially if you want people to not notice how big you’ve become.

5. It gives extra protection from the cold

Long hair is definitely useful during the cold seasons. Instead of having a number of scarves or turtleneck tops, you can opt to put down your hair to make you feel warmer. Leaving your hair down will give more heat to your neck helping you feel a lot warmer in general.

6. Look effortlessly beautiful

Lastly, long hair, even if it’s not styled, can make you look effortlessly beautiful. If you have no time to blowdry your hair in the morning, simply air dry it and brush it when it’s almost dry.

You can also add a pinch of oil to keep your hair looking glossy all day long. On the other hand, if you want to get curly hair but have no time for it, simply put your hair in a bun while it’s damp. After 30 minutes, your hair will have those natural curls minus the long styling time.

There are so many perks when you have long hair. Once you try it, you’ll start seeing why women love it so much.

Amazing Long Hairstyles To Try

Excited to try a new hairstyle? Here’s a collection of the many things you can do with your long locks.

1. Simple Blow-dry Hair

Are you a career woman that has no time to spend more than 15 minutes styling your hair? If that’s the case, grab your hairdryer and turn it on so you can achieve that salon-ready hair in just 10 minutes.

Simply run down a brush under your hair while your hairdryer does all the work. Make sure that your hair is slightly damp so it’s easier to style. This is just a simple and easy hairstyle that will make you look presentable even if you don’t have enough time.

2. Soft Romantic Curls

Attending a princess-themed party or a prom? Or do you just want to look feminine and gentle? Soft and big curls are your best friend. Unlike the loud and voluminous curls, soft curls don’t make you look trying hard.

Most women find this style underrated because a lot of people notice those with outrageous hairstyles first. However, nothing beats going for a simple and classy look that brings out your natural hair features.

3. Casual Side-swept braids

Side-swept braids are hard to do if you don’t have long hair. If your hair is just shoulder-length, you’ll find that it’s a struggle keeping your hair to the side, let alone braiding it.

With long hair, you don’t have to worry about those strands getting loose. You can get that side-swept braid and do it on your own too! You can do all styles like French, Dutch, and even a fishtail braid. It’s the perfect style for a casual rugged look.

4. Sleek High Bun

Want to look regal without spending too much? All you need is hairspray, hairpins, and long hair to nail this look. A sleek low bun is known for giving that classic posh look that Audrey Hepburn was famous for.

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that can go well with your strapless A-line dress, then this is the hairstyle for you.

5. Half Up Bow

Half up, half down hairstyles are your ultimate casual looks. It gives you a feminine look, plus it’s so easy to do. But if this hairstyle is too simple for you, make it more complex by creating a bow with your long hair. While this can take a lot of practice, it will be worth it once you achieve that perfect bow.

6. Khaleesi Hair

Daenerys is one strong woman, but if there’s one thing very feminine about her, it’s her hair. Khaleesi hair is characterized by having platinum white hair with a complicated half-up, half-down style with curls on the side. If you’re thinking of looking like the Queen of Dragons on Halloween, then it’s time to grow out your hair and dyeing it platinum.

7. Braided Crown

No, you don’t need a big crown on your head to look like a princess. One of the perks of having long hair is that you can create a makeshift crown using your hair.

It might not be erect, but it holds all your hair in place. Finish up your look with a few flower accessories tucked underneath your braid.

8. Messy Low Bun

These days, unnaturally glossy hair is leaving the style department as a new look is being favored by women who love being on the go and looking as natural as beautiful. This look is no other than the messy low bun.

From Selena Gomez to your girl next door, this hairstyle matches any occasion. Just roll your hair to a bun and tie it above the back of your neck and voila! Now you have a look that makes you look put-together.

9. Perfect Brown Ombre

There’s another hairstyle that you can do on long hair that you can’t do on short to medium-length hair. That’s ombre. Ombre is defined by having a gradual change in color.

It’s more of a style than a technique and it’s best done on long hair. Why? A gradual change in color can be done more smoothly if you have enough hair that can cover a dark to light color change.

10. Blonde and Brown Balayage

Blonde and brown are the two colors that have been paired up ever since hair color became a thing. Having blonde highlights on top of brown hair is just a classic look that a number of celebrities attempted to have.

You can also mix it with light brown shades so your balayage looks more natural and close to your natural hair. Or, you can cop Miranda Kerr’s blonde highlights that are just on the sides of her face.

11. Ariana Grande Ponytail

Nobody does a mean ponytail like Ariana Grande. Grande is known for her signature ponytail look that is so adorable people get hair extensions just to copy it.

There’s nothing wrong with hair extensions, but wouldn’t it be a lot better to just use your natural long hair? If you have long and thick hair, you can now be proud of this mane because it’s easier to get that Ariana Grande style!

12. Braided Bun

There are occasions when a simple bun won’t do because it’s too simple. If you’re attending a wedding or a party, you want to look like you’ve prepared for it.

Give a twist to your classic bun by adding braids to hold it or wrap the bun itself. If you want a more complicated look, you can tie your hair into braids and then wrap it into a bun.

13. Medium-length layers

There’s no denying that long hair looks good, but if you want to look a lot more feminine, add soft layers. Soft layers will add volume and make you look more “gentle”.

Think about Elle Fanning kind of gentle. Medium-length layers will also add more movement and diversity to a boring straight cut on your long hair.

14. Auburn Highlights

Shifting to auburn hair can be scary. It’s also a big change for your hair especially if it’s naturally black or dark brown. Although auburn hails from a brown color, the red pigmentation makes it a lot more striking than its other counterparts.

If you want to have auburn hair but are afraid to take that leap so quickly, you can start off with highlights. Highlights are great for testing the waters, and for no commitment hairstyles.

15. Jet Black Long Hair

Have you ever seen those Chinese kung fu women with long hair and ass-kicking moves? As a kid you might have been inspired by their strength and their fierceness. Add a little fierceness in your life by dyeing your hair jet black.

It’s not a striking color; in fact, it’s not even a color you can often boast with your friends. However, jet black hair makes you look brave and strong, perfect for the woman you are.

16. Light Brown Curls

Curls are always in season no matter what you do. It’s fun, it’s versatile, and it’s beautiful. Do you know what’s more beautiful? Adding color to those curls.


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Get yourself a total makeover by not just getting curls, but also coloring them to a lighter shade than your natural hair. Nail that celebrity look with this long hairstyle.

17. Barbie Blonde

Everyone’s been talking about going blonde, but have you seen anyone don those Barbie-like blonde hair? Be the first among your friends to stand out in a crowd by having this yellowish blonde shade on your nice long hair. You might also snag a real-life Ken next!

18. Strikingly Red

Hairstyles for long hair range from different curls to different cuts. If you are more on the courageous side of things, then you will want to try out having red hair. Red hair is different than auburn as auburn hair is a mix of brown and red.

The former is like the red you see in bags and clothes – which is why it’s sometimes more striking than auburn. If you want to look like a rebel, go ahead and paint your hair red!

19. High Ponytail Braid

Too much hair? Don’t worry, here’s a hairstyle for long hair that will make it easier for you to handle. A high ponytail is just what you need to manage all your wavy locks and still look neat and fresh.

Start by tying your hair up to almost the top of your head. Then work your way down by braiding it into a Dutch braid.

20. Braid and Curl Duo

Keeping your hair down is always beautiful, but if you want to mix things up and keep your hair out of your face, it’s better to have it in a braid. However, braids can be seen as too childish, so you can mix it up with a few curls. The best way to do this is to create a half-up, half-down hairstyle with braids and then curl the remaining hair.

Tips for Maintaining Long Hair

To tell you the truth, long hair is harder to maintain. If you’re struggling, here are a few tips and tricks to manage your hair a little better.

Tip #1: Brush your hair

Brushing your hair can help distribute the natural oils found in your scalp. While the 100 strokes rule isn’t really true, you still have to brush your hair enough during the day and night just to make sure you remove the tangles.

The right way to brush your hair is by using widely-spaced bristles (if your hair is wet) and start brushing from the bottom. This way, you are gentler on your hair strands and don’t forcefully break the tangles causing your hair to have split ends.

Tip #2: Use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is all the rage these days. Why? Well, for one thing, you don’t need water to wash out all the dirt and dust that got stuck on your hair. Instead of waiting to get home just to remove the dirt, you can just spray the product onto your hair and “rinse” your hair using your hands. It’s so easy to use and it’s very handy!

Tip #3: Tie it once in a while

If you are going for a swim or playing sports, it’s better to tie your hair. Keep it away from your skin especially if you are going to sweat or get wet. In this way, you avoid having more tangles and making your hair exposed to the toxins that come out of your pores.

Tip #4: Go for a trim

Even if you want to have Rapunzel hair, it won’t look as good if you don’t trim it. Over time, it’s going to get brittle and dry. Getting a trim after a few months will make sure that your long locks look healthy and well taken care of. Plus, it cuts out all the split ends that started growing!

Growing your hair is always worth the wait. You can do so many hairstyles for long hair and it will always be in style no matter what the season. Even if you get bored of it, there’s bound to be a new long hairstyle that you can be excited about.

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