314 Insane Short Hairstyle Collection – Wow Effect and Career Spurt

Glossy magazines and beauty sites publish short hairstyle collections from year to year. They are basically following celebrities and their changes of hairstyle. However, it seems that the idea of short hair on a woman is not accepted worldwide yet. Supposedly, a real woman wears long hair only as it is a synonym for femininity. Where do such ideas come from and how tenacious are they?

As it follows, you will find the answer to the above question. In addition, we will present you an insane collection of more than 300 examples of what a short hairstyle looks like. They range from the simplest to most flattering haircuts. As soon as we clarify that aspect, we will also talk about face shapes and which short hairstyle goes with each.

What a Short Hairstyle Means Among Celebrities

Many movie and show business stars experiment with hair length. And, it seems that such an image change produces a wow effect every time. For example, in 2013, Charlize Theron made her appearance for an important event wearing a daring pixie cut. Moreover, she repeated this trick in March 2019. That is when the paparazzi photographer her while she was taking a walk, surprising her new, boyish hairstyle. Each time she had a hairstyle change, it became an occasion for the media to write a separate piece of news about her hair transformation.

With the same perplexed and artificially admiring intonation, the media also welcomed Nicole Kidman’s short hairstyle. To everyone’s surprise, she was in fact wearing a wig, especially for a photo shoot.

The situation is similar in the fashion world. For decades, most catwalk models wore long hair. At the same time, haircuts often helped models make a career spurt. So, short hair has become the hallmark of Ruth Bell, one of Maria Grace Curie’s favorite models and the star of the shows of many recent Dior campaigns.

Ruth first began to work when she had long hair. In 2015, however, before shooting for Alexander McQueen, stylist Paul Hanlon cut off her curls. Even so, Bell was sure that her hairstyle change is temporary. However, after she started wearing that short hairstyle, her demand increased sharply. In fact, Gucci, Versace and Isabel Marant chose her for their shows. In addition, Louis Vuitton made Bell the star of a cruise advertising campaign. Since then, she has not grown her hair back.

Short Hairstyle – The Path to Supermodel Status?

Journalist Bella Gladman argues that a short haircut helps a model stand out from the crowd. Thus, attracting the attention of designers and scouts. Her opinion is proven by examples such as Agyness Deyn, Edie Campbell and Binx Walton. This also happened with one of the most popular modern models, the muse of Christopher Bailey, and more recently, the face of the beauty giant Revlon. In an interview, she said more than once that her career took off only after she cut her hair to almost zero. In addition, she declared that wearing a short hairstyle has become a huge part of her identity. She didn’t expect to become more confident with short hair or to stop worrying about her hair and the desire to straighten it constantly.

Over the past couple of years, short and ultra-short haircuts have indeed become increasingly common on the catwalk. Many radically short-haired models were, for example, at the Marc Jacobs show in the spring-summer 2019’s season. Some of them also dyed their hair in bright colors – as conceived by the hair stylist of the show and Redken’s global creative director for coloring, Josh Wood.

The most famous western stylists also favor short haircuts. The legendary Sam McKnight, the hairdresser of Princess Diana (he once cut the hair of Agyness Deyn), admits that he cuts hair – and the shorter it is, the better. In addition, Guido Palau, Redken’s creative director agrees with him. According to Palau, fashion has changed in recent years, as well as the ideas about beauty. He also says that haircuts are part of the fashion language.

The Most Hated Question – Why Did You Do That?

While numerous stars and insiders of the fashion industry proclaim a short haircut to be the new “little black dress”, the attitude towards women who decided to get rid of long hair remains ambiguous. Sadly, we aren’t only talking about countries where patriarchal attitudes are still strong. Even in the West and among fairly advanced people there are many individuals who aren’t enthusiastic about short hair at all.

For those of you who already got short hair and were asked that, as well as those of you who are about to, there is an inspiring story to tell. Emma Watson’s story. She admitted in an interview with the Glamour magazine that most men around her didn’t like her short hairstyle. In addition, they claimed that she looked much better with long hair. Even so, she didn’t care what they thought because she had never felt so confident in herself before.

Therefore, if you are afraid of a hairstyle change just because of what other people will say, stop worrying. There is nothing that everyone will like universally, so there is no need to please everyone. Try to please yourself for a change and don’t be afraid to pick that short hairstyle and go for it!

How Your Face Shape Affects Your Haircut Choices

As you have probably figured out yet, not everyone has sharp and edgy features like models and supermodels do. So, it goes without saying that you should consider the shape of your face before choosing a short hairstyle. As it follows, we will tell you what to look for, depending on your face shape.

Short Hairstyle Facts for Round Faces

In case of round faces, the main task is to visually stretch them and hide their roundness as much as possible. Therefore, if you are thinking about straight bangs, stop. That’s the worst option in this case.

You shouldn’t pick a symmetric hairstyle, but rather one with an elongated bang that falls slightly on the eye. Asymmetric hairstyles with a side parting look best.

In case of Pixie and Garcon hairstyles, caution must be taken around the cheekbones areas. More specifically, we are looking for a haircut that covers the cheekbones and cheeks. So, if you choose an ultra-short haircut, leave strands of hair on your face that will fall on your cheeks or cut off the elongated side bangs if any.

The best option for round faces would be a bob haircut without a straight parting and straight bangs. As for styling, careless with messy strands looks great. This is because they mask the roundness of the face.

Frame a Square Face With a Short Haircut

Smooth lines and volume will help hide the clear geometry of a square face. So, in this case, the most dangerous thing is a Garcon haircut. The hair in this case is tight to the head and emphasizes its shape.

Geometric haircuts are generally to be avoided. Take a closer look at pixies with elongated bangs and an asymmetric bean.

Emphasize a Triangular Face Shape

The massiveness of the lower part of a triangular face will ideally be kept hidden. For this face shape, we are talking about well-profiled ends, that twist towards the face. Moreover, this effect will help correct proportions, add missing volume in the upper part, and divert attention from the lower part. The bangs should be thin or laid to one side.

When it comes to ultra short haircuts and this face shape, you should be more careful. However, you can experiment with pixie cuts or voluminous styling that visually expands the upper part of your head.

Common Haircuts Suitable for Short Hair

We are sure that you have heard about bob and pixie haircuts, as well as Garcon. But do you know about the particularities of asymmetrical short haircuts and those of shaved cuts? If you answer is no, then you should definitely read further to expand your knowledge!

Military Style Short Cuts for Women

Military style short cuts are more and more often met. This thing happens not only because of the fashion for androgyny and post-Soviet aesthetics, but also because many women are reluctant when it comes to spending a lot of time styling their hair.

The demand for comfortable beauty is rising these days. So, these types of haircuts are ideal. This is because all you need with such a hairstyle is to use a styling product if any. Such hairstyle looks the same when you wake up or when you go swimming. Not to mention how much attention you’ll get with it.

Shaved Hairstyles and the Art Behind Them

This option is not as radical as the military style. You can shave one side of your hair and leave the other one untouched, or you can do both. In this regard, the most popular option is that with shaved temples. The latter features volume in the back of the head and is ideally parted on a side.

In case your face is triangular, you can leave a short bang. As for square and round faces, there is a need for an elongated side. Moreover, such haircut is perfect for women with fine face features. This is because it frames it beautifully and it does not draw attention to the hair.

The art behind shaved hairstyles consists in various drawings as well. More specifically, you can ask your hairstylist to draw a pattern on the side of your head or in the back. Your options are unlimited in this regard. The more skillful the hairstylist is, the more options you have. Just to get an idea, we are talking about geometric patterns that may extend to complex patterns.

Grunge Haircut for Short and Very Short Hair

For women who love creativity, but do not allow pretentiousness, this hairstyle is perfect. The hair strands are characterized by some kind of chaos. They are not superimposed exactly on each other, but slightly beat off one from another. This aspect confers undoubted femininity and charm.

At the same time, styling is quite simple. If desired, the strands can be twisted a little. If so, your look will become more romantic. Stylish and fashionable coloring can add creativity to this haircut style.

Another feature of this haircut is that it must be contrasted with makeup and clothing. If you have already chosen such a haircut, then you should adhere to a restrained make-up and an appropriate style of clothing.


Garcon – A Short Hairstyle for Both Men and Women

Garcon is a French word that means boy. As you may have figured out already, this hairstyle got its name because it looks boyish. However, when worn by a woman, it definitely becomes less masculine. This is because her face brightens up and her beautiful neck stands out. In case you want a more diluted image, then you can add a long bang to it.

Hairdresser Michael Sean on Short Hairstyle

Famous hairdresser Michael Sean, a favorite of Hollywood stars, a man who comes up with new products for styling and dictates fashion in hairstyles, advises:

  • Have no more than 2-3 styling tools in your arsenal to manipulate them as needed;
  • Do not overdo it with the quantity. Whatever styling product you’re using, be careful not to glue your hair;
  • The denser the product, the less it is needed. The same goes for oil and other similar hair products. Do not burden your hair!
  • Whether it is mousse, gel, wax, serum or oil, you must first rub the product in the palms of your hands and apply it to your hair afterwards.
  • Try to avoid styling products getting on your scalp. Keep in mind that we are talking about hair products.
  • Pixie haircuts are not suitable for women with square and rectangular faces. They look good on women with a beautiful oval face, full lips and a small nose.
  • Short haircuts offer a dynamic and younger appearance. They are great options for business women.
  • When choosing a short haircut, do not experiment with vibrant hair colors. Highlighting on short hair is not in fashion right now. Let the hair shade be noble and natural. Ideal are all shades of brown. However, blondes should also strive for natural shades.
  • With a short haircut, you can try a brighter evening make-up.

Pros for Short and Ultra Short Hairstyles

  • Short hair can be very easy to clean.
  • Styling is also much easier and the hairstyle lasts longer.
  • In addition, short hairstyles are great for warmer weather and will keep you cool during summer and spring.
  • Short hair attracts much more attention than long hair. So, it is ideal for those who like to create a lasting impression and stand out of the crowd.
  • Short hair does not fall on the face, which is very convenient when performing certain tasks or when you need to focus on business without being distracted by your own locks.
  • Short hair is healthier than long hair. This is because long strands are exposed to hair straighteners, hair dryers and suffer from everyday wear. The shorter the hair, the healthier it is.

Possible Short Hair Cons

  • No matter how many Hollywood stars advertise short haircuts, they are not suitable for everyone.
  • Not every short hairstyle looks feminine.
  • Short hair is not as versatile as long hair.
  • Truly funky short hairstyles are realistic only for those women with an oval face shape.
  • Short strands are not very comfortable in winter.
  • Some curly hair textures do not respond very well to the lightness and freedom of a short haircut.
  • A few short hairstyles need to be styled every day in order to look good.
  • If you get bored of short hair, it will take a long while to have it long again.
  • You cannot curl short hair unless you wear a bob or an asymmetrical pixie.

200 More Short Hairstyles for You

How about adding a little variety to your life? Stylists recommend starting with a new haircut, especially since the change of season is the best time to do so. Just imagine how many opportunities open up! For example, with a short haircut, you can pick a new styling way every day. Moreover, you can present yourself like a provocative lady or a serious androgynous-looking woman.

So far, we’ve learned about the impact a short hairstyle may have on celebrities, as well as in case of regular people. In addition, we now know the hairstyle requirements for each face shape. So, there is virtually nothing that should be keeping you away from a new, short approach of your natural hair.

If you are not convinced yet, we will leave with with approximately 200 more short hairstyles examples from which you can choose. Is there a certain haircut that you like, but you think it’s not suited for your physical characteristics? Feel free to comment below and we will definitely try to come up with the best advice for you!


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