200+ Thick Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles for an Ageless Style Statement

Most Jumbo box braids styles are protective hairstyles. They are also super versatile and incredibly attractive. In addition, they may provide a sharp look with the right twists. Suitable for everyone from little girls to adult women, Jumbo box braids are a true style statement, regardless of how old you are.

Perhaps you are already wearing these graceful braids and you are just looking for ways to make your look more spicy. If so, you are in the right place. Also, we have prepared thorough information about synthetic hair, braids maintenance and care. Not to mention that more than 200 Jumbo box braids hairstyles are included!

Expert Maia Boitrago on Jumbo Box Braids

Do you want to join the trend of braided hair, but you still have some doubts? Expert Maia Boitrago will clarify everything for you. She speaks about what type of synthetic hair can be used, what is the difference between one type of synthetic hair and the other. In addition, she will also let us know how to wash box braids, how to dry them and how to add color to your braids if that’s what interests you. All this information is accompanied by more 200 hairstyles done with Jumbo box braids.

We are living in an era of hair transition and increased acceptance of curly and kinky hair within society. This is the reason why Jumbo box braids and other types of African braids began to gain ground in the beauty area. They are accessible for everyone since they are done with the help of synthetic hair. In fact, there are two types of synthetic hair used for African braids. Among your options are also bright colors that can make your braids look modern, as well as natural colors for tamed looks. So, let’s find out everything you need to know about this trend or how to improve yours.

The Jumbo Synthetic Hair

With the possibility of using two types of synthetic hair for your box braids, you might have to stop and wonder which one to choose. Your options are Jumbo and Kanekalon. The later is much heavier and brighter than Jumbo. As for Jumbo, it is lighter and more matte than Kanekalon, conferring a more natural effect to the braid. In addition to differences in appearance, Maia Boitrago also mentions price considerations. More specifically, Jumbo is a much more expensive synthetic hair type compared to Kanekalon. However, the effect is much more natural with Jumbo hair.

As said, Kanekalon has the advantage of having a more natural look than Jumbo. However, this aspect reflects in its price, which is a bit more salty. The value of this synthetic hair type ends up varying according to size and color. Also, you should consider the hairdresser’s price as well.

One of the biggest advantages of using any type of the synthetic hair is that it gives you more convenience when it comes to getting long braids, which are easy to style during busy days. Moreover, Jumbo is much lighter than Kanekalon, so if you like to put your braids up in a bun, then you definitely have to choose Jumbo.

Choose Jumbo Box Braids During the Summer

The sad news is that both Jumbo and Kanekalon heat up during the summer. However, we are still recommending Jumbo synthetic hair and shorter braids. In this way, the heat will not bother you too much. Even so, you can improve this situation by creating hairstyles that keep the braids away from your face or shoulders. Some examples in this regard are ponytails and buns.

Add Color to Your Jumbo Box Braids

In order to bring more joy to your hair, you can add color to your Jumbo box braids. Contrary to popular belief, colored synthetic hair does not affect your natural hair. Both types of synthetic hair presented in this article come already colored. In addition, caring for colored Jumbo hair is similar to that in natural colors. So, colored braids don’t harm your natural hair at all, because they are the ones treated with color, not your natural hair. Moreover, synthetic hair doesn’t stain natural hair. As for price considerations, they are set according to the material used.

Among the photos included in this article are many examples of colored braids. Sometimes the colored hair is added from the beginning of the braid, while other times it is braided from the half down. The way colored hair is added depends on the effect that you want to obtain. For example, if you only add colored hair from the second half of the braid to the end, then the obtained effect will be ombre.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Box Braids With Synthetic Hair

You can wash your Jumbo box braids with the same shampoo that you normally use. We advise you to take a spray bottle and use it to spread the product all over your scalp. Next, remember to massage the scalp area well in order to activate a proper blood circulation. Moreover, try not to rub your braids, but rather squeeze them when you wash them. Rubbing them too hard will only result in loose hairs.

After washing, you might notice dandruff or something similar. This happens because the braids are plaited too tight. In order to get rid of this problem, you can use coconut oil. Dab your scalp with it.

Because your natural hair is stuck within the braids for a prolonged period of time, it is essential to apply hair treatments after you remove the braids. Typically, you can wear the braids for up to two months. This is because they are thick and cannot be worn for 3 or 4 months like micro braids for example.

So, after removing the braids, you must moisturize your hair and apply natural or professional treatments. Afterwards, you can put the braids back in if that’s what you want.

Hairstyles Possible With Jumbo Braids

In case you are trying to make a hair transition, you are definitely facing difference in textures. Luckily, you can overcome that aspect by trying various types of braids. However, Jumbo box braids aren’t all about being a protective hairstyle. On the contrary, they are very fashionable and ensure a wide selection of hairstyles.

Box braids can be styled just like natural hair. You can enhance your already fashionable look with easy hairstyles. Expert Maia Boitrago says that hairstyles such as buns and ponytails are the most requested. In addition, many women like to accessorize their braids with hair cuffs, beads and rings.

Jumbo box braids have the unique ability to effortlessly create a voluminous appearance. Soften the look with hair accessories such as a floral headband.

This is one of our favorite hairstyles. It is relaxed, stylish and suitable for all circumstances. Take your box braids and twist them into two space buns. If your braids are long enough, you can use them to secure the buns, without using elastic bands.

Thick box braids were brought together to make this beautifully decorated hairstyle. Divide your hair into triangles and braid from the base of your hair.

Every time we stumble across medium-long, lush box braids, it’s a refreshing feeling. Although this is a classic hairstyle, the energy it sends is worth it.

This cheeky lady shows the versatility of box braids with a dazzling hairstyle that looks great. Choose your favorite and try the format.

Browse Further for Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyle Ideas


This hairstyle is one of the easiest if you wear long box braids. It doesn’t matter if they are thin or thick, all you have to do is pull them up and tie them in a unique high knot.

A multi-layered hairstyle that is implemented with thin, perfectly styled box braids. Wear them as such or create more complex hairstyles that suit your mood.

This is another good example of a high bun made of braids. What you need to do is twist all your braids into a high bun. Make this movement until you are ready to secure the ends. In order to do so, you can use one braid, if it is long enough, or elastic bands. Also, make sure to use colorless elastic bands or those that match your hair color.

These beautiful box braids were divided into two parts. One half, consisting of the front and top braids, is drawn in a voluminous, well-secured high bun, which gives the hairstyle a particularly attractive touch.

The picture above is proof that you don’t need to have long hair in order to wear long box braids. You need as little as 2 inches of natural hair in order to install braids made of Jumbo synthetic hair.

Bring your new festival look to the forefront by trying this braids hairstyle. It is relaxed and funky, perfect for a bohemian atmosphere.

Free flowing box braids are the classic way of wearing them. Nevertheless, they look great, especially if your style is complemented by accessories such as hats, headbands, bandannas and more.

This hairstyle is definitely one of our favorites. It is bold, edgy and feminine and has a lot of personality. Try it yourself and enjoy the jealous glances of your neighbors!

The Hairstyle Inspiration Continues

Gold hair cuffs are among the most fashionable accessories for braids at the moment. Try them in any color or model you want!

Jumbo box braids are thick, but this girl is wearing braids that are thicker than usual. What do you think about her choice?

This hairstyle is reminiscent from goddess hairstyles and is refreshing and breathtaking.

Mix different braids with box braids to achieve this kind of look. It is tempting to say the least.

Having rich black hair is beautiful. If you feel the need for change, however, you should try this playful look. Rainbow box braids twisted into a carefree ponytail look breathtaking.

A contrasting hair color is always welcome to improve your hairstyle. You can add all sorts of highlights in your regular braids.

If you show off lush, long box braids like these, it’s easy to get a hairstyle for the long hair you want. From free flowing braids to lush updos, you can try everything that suits your mood and personality.

Do you remember the pin-up styles from the 50s? This excellent high bun can be one of them thanks to the enormous dimensions and perfect styling.

Blonde Jumbo box braids can be accessorized with rings and cuffs, just like in the image above.

We love how delicate and feminine these braids look. Try them out if you need a super versatile hairstyle.

Box braids can also be a beautiful wedding hairstyle. Only a few braids and a complicated twist-out style at the top meet to create this beautiful wedding style.

Countless Hairstyles Done With Jumbo Box Braids

Thin braids, thick braids and jumbo braids are worn in a high, well-secured bun. If you want your bun to hold, secure it properly. The weight of the hair will otherwise pull it down.

The combination between platinum blonde braids and an undercut results in the look above. Are you bold enough to try it? Consider the fact that you will also have to bleach your roots in order to look like that.

Pastel pink Jumbo synthetic hair can be successfully combined with black roots. In this case, you won’t have to change the natural color of your hair. The contrast is actually fashionable.

Add a few style elements to your long Jumbo box braids to express your individuality. Silver hair highlights work perfectly in order to give traditional braiding styles an extra advantage.

Shiny braids look healthy, so this is the style you are looking for. Matte braids aren’t as attractive as shiny braids are.

The hairstyle above is different from the most. This is because it consists in just a few, thick braids. The latter are done with Jumbo synthetic hair, but in a different manner.

When you put your braids up in a bun, you can expose an undercut.

Make sure the color of synthetic hair mixes well with your natural color. Otherwise, the contrast might not be welcome.

Really thick Jumbo braids require a generous amount of synthetic hair extensions. Make sure you are prepared for this type of volume.

Adding a few golden highlights to your otherwise black hair is a great idea. In this way, you add dimension to your hairstyle and you contribute to contouring your face.

Triangle Parting for Box Braids

This is a view from above, showing how this lady’s hair was divided in triangles, not squares. The shape of the parting depends on your preferences and other considerations as well.

Children often wear box braids too. The example above shows only a few thick braids. However, kids can also try a full head of braids because they are not harmful.

The number of the box braids you get is not limited or standard. If you like the hairstyle above, then you won’t need to many. However, things are different in case of the image below.

Red hair highlights are daring. In order to steal this look, make sure you pick the right red hue that matches your skin color.

Silver highlights are very fashionable. Since this is just a temporary hairstyle, we urge you to try them! Silver hair is otherwise pretty hard to obtain by bleaching, so don’t hesitate to try this with synthetic hair. It would be a better choice than damaging your natural hair.

Purple is also a daring color. So, if you ever wanted to try it, not it’s your chance. Purchase purple Jumbo synthetic hair and bring it with you at the salon! The process will last less if you do so.

Ombre braids are also a thing. Just like natural hair, the braids have two colors with a clear transition. In the case above, we are talking about black and a type of brown.

Jumbo Box Braids are a Must Try

Now that you clearly know the difference between Jumbo and Kanekalon, you can make your decision. Both types of synthetic hair have their advantages and disadvantages. So, it is up to you to pick, considering all the needed aspects.

In case you want many thick box braids, then you definitely have to choose Jumbo. It is a much lighter material used to enhance the braids which would be thin, rather than thick if they were made from your natural hair only. Also, you can add as much length as you want considering the light weight. In addition, don’t forget about all the fantasy color combinations you can make using colored Jumbo hair.

In conclusion, we will leave you with more Jumbo box braids hairstyle examples. By the end of this article, you will surely find the perfect model for you. If so, do not hesitate to drop us a comment in the section below, telling us which style you are about to try and why!


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