200+ Long Haircuts for a Fashionable Metamorphosis of Your Locks

Long haircuts are always a matter of pride and beauty for women of all ages. That is exactly why there are so many available these days. Since long hair is also characterized by volume, you can create haircuts and hairstyles that will flatter any face shape. Modern hairstylists make efforts in order to come up with versatile, original and beautiful haircuts for your long hair.

There isn’t any type of haircut that looks dull on long hair unless you choose it wrong. However, there are many variations that you must try. That’s if, of course you’d like to look exquisite, beautiful, chic and glamorous. Moreover, 2019’s hair trends are not only numerous, but also fascinating.

So, let’s begin talking about which long haircuts you must try this year. In addition, we will slip in some tips regarding age-suitable long hairstyles. Join in on the fun and browse through hundreds of photos as well!

Long Haircuts – General Considerations

Hairdressing masters boast a variety of all kinds of styling in their craft. For example, layering is a hair-cutting technique used a lot in case of long hair. In addition, various types of creative asymmetric or symmetrical haircuts are available for your locks.

If you want to reshape your haircut, you should consult with a hairstylist or at least take the shape of your face into consideration. A competent hairstylist will easily know what suits you best and make you look even more delightful than before. In addition, there is such thing as face contouring with the help of hair. Again, you need an experienced hairdresser if you are looking for sophistication.

A correct hairstyle, regardless if it’s on trends or not, emphasizes the physical qualities of a woman. At the same time, it also hides minor imperfections. Examples of such imperfections are wrinkles, scars, an edgy face and so on.

The Main Fashion Trends of 2019 for Long Haircuts

This year is filled with a variety of all kinds of new stylistic haircuts combined with reliable classics. A lot of new trends and techniques allow hairstylists to create chic volume and add texture to a woman’s long hair.

The Layering Technique

The soft outlines of multilayer haircuts look great on long hair. One of the most popular options for long hair is a haircut that can be worn without styling. The soft curls that are gently falling on a woman’s shoulders create a cute and charming look. Furthermore, by creating volume in the crown area and cheekbones, you can actually experiment with face contouring. More specifically, without changing the length of your hair, a specialist can cut the right strands in order to emphasize your features.


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Asymmetric Parting for Round Faces

You can visually correct your facial features with the help of an asymmetric parting as well. This haircut type is ideal for round faces because it has an elongation effect. Moreover, a haircut with an asymmetric long bang contributes significantly to the volume of thin hair. The latter, however, looks best on oval shaped faces.

Wear Your Bangs Long

2019 came with a preference for long bangs. For example, an elongated face with a high forehead is ideally suitable for long bangs. The bangs can be straight if they beautifully emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes. However, in case of rectangular and square shaped faces, oblique bangs are more recommended than straight ones.

Long Haircuts With Straight Bangs

Smooth hair will look chic with straight, thick bangs. Bangs are able to mask imperfections such as a large forehead and the wrinkles on it. Moreover, they direct other people’s attention on the eyes. Some women actually look younger when they try on bangs.

Hair Shaped Like a Fox’s Tail

Although fox’s tail is not a novelty in the world of hair fashion, it has made its comeback this year. This haircut is very effective on perfectly smooth hair without bangs. As you have probably figured out, the name of this cut gives us clue about its appearance as well. The ends of the hair imitate a fox’s tail, shaped like the letter V.

Long Haircuts With a Twist

When we are referring to long haircuts with a twist, we mean creative haircuts. More specifically, you can keep your hair long, but try undercuts. Or, anything extravagant that goes in the same category. Some women shave a side of their head and even get a tattoo there in order to push their look’s boundaries.

Long Haircuts Based on Hair Thickness

Thin hair is characterized by a flat appearance and it is unable to hold volume. However, with the right haircut, you can add the illusion of thickness and volume to thin hair. The perfect solution in this case are multilayer haircuts, suitable for both straight and curly hair. The shorter the length of the layer is, the thicker your locks will look.

Thin hair is not a problem if you know how to style it. In addition, you must use special styling products. Add more texture to your layered, long sections or try wavy hair. Even light, natural waves confer a special effect to thin hair. Or, in case your thin hair is already a bit curly, then use a curl enhancer to create an avalanche of curls.

The Classics of Long Haircuts

Since we are clear about what’s trendy and what’s not this year in terms of long hair, let’s turn to the classics. These haircuts allow you to preserve the length of your hair. In addition, you can update your look with a classic cut if you are bored of everything else.

Cascade Haircut for Long Hair

The cascade haircut is in great demand. It can be done with or without bangs. In case of thin hair without volume, a cascade haircut provides indispensable graduated cuts. Moreover, it visually increases the mass of hair and adds the required volume to multilayer strands of various lengths.

Complex cascade haircuts that start from the lower nape of the neck are very fashionable in 2019. The distance between the layers and the tips is reduced, thus conferring volume along the entire length of the hair. For an even more spectacular look, hairstylists recommend dyeing the ends of the hair. Each individual layer can be dyed in a lighter shade, gradually.

The standard cascade cut for this year is performed at the very ends of the hair, and consists of two, maximum three layers.

Long Cascade Haircuts With Bangs

A cascading haircut is needed if there is no desire to part with long hair. However, many women would like to change their style from time to time. So, we can look at cascade haircuts with bangs as options.

Angled bangs combined with the layers in long hair create an almost universal hairstyles. Cutting the bangs diagonally help hide imperfections, emphasize unique features and so on. Even so, the bangs don’t have to naturally blend with the other layers unless you want them to.

Asymmetric bangs combined with a cascade haircut are a great fit for young and confident women. If the transition between the bangs and the rest of the hair is smooth, then it can be tried out by women with oval shaped faces as well.

The cascade with diagonal bangs is not picky and does not require special styling skills. What you need are a hairdryer, a round brush and some styling products. Women with long hair should plan extra time for care.

Choose Between V and U

There are dozens of ways to cut hair in length, but there are two options that suit most types of faces and hair: V and U. The shape of the haircut in the form of the Latin letter “V” is strongly layered. In order to create a sharp point at the very ends, you need to cut layer by layer and narrow their width, gradually reducing everything to one point. As for the U, the hair is smoothly rounded on the sides, on lower layers only.

V and U are equally suitable for most hair lengths. They create depth, dimension and movement inside your strands. For example, if you are looking for a multilayer style with maximum movement, then V will suit you best. If, conversely, you want something thinner with equal length and smooth movements, then you should choose U.

Ragged Haircuts for Long Hair

The ragged haircut is a hair trend that does not go out of fashion. It is suitable for absolutely any length (short, medium and long hair) and type of strands (thick, thin and soft). In order to achieve stylish lines, the hairdresser uses special scissors for thinning the hair. Styling such haircuts takes a minimum amount of time.

On straight, even hair (washed or moistened) it is enough to apply a styling spray, lower your head down, blow dry with a hairdryer and at the end lightly walk along the tips with a modeling paste. Voila – slight randomness, disorder and incompleteness.


Long and Trendy Haircuts for Straight Hair

Do you have thick and long hair? Are you bored of its shape? If your answers are affirmative, then you should check out unusual designs for your lower hair line. A perfect and even cut is always relevant. It looks great when paired with similar, straight bangs without the presence of smooth transitions. Forming a triangle with your hair is one of these options as well.

By keeping the maximum hair length in the center, the strands on the sides will be slightly shorter. Such a hair shape emphasizes a slender waist. Moreover, the shape of the lower edge can be oval, a more traditional version that does not affect the length of any strand.

Long Bob and Square Bob Variations

The fashionable square bob has always been considered a perfect haircut for short and medium hair. 2019 has changed the rules, however. This year’s trend is the long bob. So, in other words, you can keep the length of your hair in the front and sport a slightly shorter length in the back.

The long bob can be combined with angled bangs. However, in this way, it will not be so pronounced as the square bob. The difference in the length between the front strands and the back  strands can be just a couple of centimeters. For both haircuts, various coloring options are suitable, but the trend of 2019 is natural shades of hair.

Long Haircuts for Young Girls Under 20

A fashionable option for young girls is a long, wavy cascade. Fresh and young faces are all beautiful, so they should not be hidden under long bangs and side strands. An universal option for young beauties with any face shape is straight hair.

Haircuts for Women Over 30

The opinion according to which the older a woman gets, the shorter her hair should be is wrong. Even if this type of thinking prevails among many women, we’d like to argue with that. Long hair is a main constant sign of beauty and femininity. Moreover, long hair allows you to experiment with various styling techniques, revealing a huge selection of hairstyles.

The most popular and fashionable options for women over 30 are hairstyles based on multilayer cuts. The hair may be curly or perfectly smooth. That is not important in case of graduated cuts with a variety of bangs.

Hairstyles for Women Over 40 With Long Hair

They say that when you’re 40, it’s like you are living your second youth. A wonderful age nevertheless, it empowers a woman more than ever before. After so many years, you have probably experienced with various haircuts and colors. So, now you can do the same, or stop at maintaining your hair long and luxurious. Style it with careless curls, asymmetric parting, accessories and anything else you’d like.

50+ Long Haircuts for Women

Many women over 50 years old refuse long hair due to the fact that with age it becomes thinner and rarer. However, they could instead choose a cascading haircut. The latter, due to its layered structure, confers hair high volume. Even so, you should not opt for multilayer cut because that will only draw attention to the wrinkles on your face and neck.

If you have gorgeous hair at the age of 50, then you should further use it in your advantage. Keep in mind though that motionless hairstyles will draw attention to your cheeks and neck. At your age, that’s probably not very flattering. So, instead, try curls because they revitalize your hair.

Bangs also go if what you want is to hide the wrinkles on your forehead. They cover the forehead and accentuate your eyes, therefore distracting one’s attention to a different point.

An interesting hair color will distract from age-related changes as well. With anti-aging hair coloring, more than one tone is used. In this regard, you should give preference to the balayage technique.

Easy Extravagance for Women Over 60

If you are 60 years old or more and you have long hair, that’s great. Instead of opting for classic cuts, you could try some of the more modern options. However, it is not necessary for you to resort to the grunge style. It is not worth trying a side cut at 60, but diversifying your look a bit is definitely worth it. You can be beautiful at any age with the right hairstyle.

Don’t Let Your Hair Just Grow

Long hair has its indubitable value. When the length is impressive, it almost doesn’t matter how it is cut. However, in case you really want to look stylish and modern, you should try appropriate long haircuts. As mentioned before, there are lots of shapes and layering styles that you can try. In addition, you simply cannot forget about face contouring with the help of long hair. Moreover, long hair offers you the opportunity to constantly experiment with styling.

If you feel like your long hair has become boring and your looks as well, try a classic cut or a cascade cut to renew its appearance. Or, if you’d like a bob haircut, but you are afraid of cutting too much off the length, you should try on a wig. Find a wig store and try on a wig that is cut in the long bob style. You might find out that is emphasizes your facial feature and makes your appearance more vivid. The same goes with colors.

Keeping your hair healthy might be a priority, but how about healthy and modern? The wide variety of hair coloring techniques available these days is almost impossible to refuse. Using color works just as contouring the face with makeup or the hair itself. So, use all the options you have in order to look your very best!

Do you have an all time long haircut favorite? Or, did you find one that you really like in this article? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear about all your hair changes, as well as future plans that stay in trends!

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