Everything You Need to Know about Long Layered Hair + 6 Ideas

The long layered hair style has some serious staying power that very few other styles can match. It is one of the most flattering hairstyles that you can ever have. It’s the perfect cut for adding dimension, movement, and texture to your hair. If you are curious about what long layered hair is, then read on.

What is Long Layered Hair?

Long layered hair style is a technique of cutting the hair in layers. Certain sections or layers of the hair are shorter or longer than others. In general, the topmost layers of the locks are cut shorter than those layers beneath them.

People have this idea that long layered hair refers to the length of the hair from the root to the tip. They think that it only applies to people who have long hair.

Unfortunately, this is not very accurate. Long layered hair refers to the distance between layers. You take the tip of one layer and the tip of the layer below it. If the distance between these two tips is great, then you will have a long layer.

In the same manner, if the distance between these two tips is short, then you will have a short layer. If the distance is moderate, then it is medium layer.

Of course, it would be very challenging to create long layers on short and cropped hair. The length of the hair itself will not allow the stylist to increase the distance between the tips of two adjacent layers. That is why long layers always work best on tresses that are at least medium in length.

Long Layered Hair Ideas to Try

It is one thing to say that long layered hair will look good on you. It is a different matter to experience it yourself. If you are having difficulty looking for the style of long layers to try, check out these ideas we have for you.

Long Layered Waves on Middle-Parted Hair

Transform your wavy hairstyle into a stunning red carpet look. The focus here is not on imparting an illusion of volume. The key is in establishing balance between movement and dimension. It results in a more sophisticated Rihanna-like look.

Long Layers with Center-Parted Bangs

Layers are a great way to emphasize your best facial features. It also helps to mask your flaws. The hairstyle can provide the canvas to one’s creativity.

If you are the type of person who loves to flaunt her bangs, then you may want to consider center-parted bangs to go with your long layered hair. The layers here will blend in a seamless manner with your fringe sections.

Platinum Blonde Layering

This style idea is perfect for dampening very strong facial features. It works well with ombre hair coloring technique that starts with darker roots and melds into blonde-white curls. This is sure to bring out a more modern and more feminine look.

Shaggy Long Layers

This long layered hairstyle is perfect for creating a lot of dimension to your tresses. It gives a gorgeous look to your hair during the Fall season. Go for a deep side part to make it more stunning.

Caramel Balayage Long Layers

You can make your long layered hair look more fabulous by giving it a balayage treatment. Caramel highlights are perfect for those with espresso brown locks. The long layers will frame the face, making it ideal for folks with wider faces.

Long Layered Curlies

Who said you cannot have long layers on curly tresses? They are a lot better than having short layers as they tend to accentuate the curls. Long layering can help soften the waves that curly hair creates.

Benefits of Long Layered Hair

There are plenty of reasons why long layered hair remains very popular. It is an enduring style that can give you many benefits. These are as follows.

Provides a More Sophisticated and Classic Look

Layers can transform a plain and simple style into something more sophisticated and classic. While short layers can give you a more high-fashion look, long layers can also be fashionable. The secret is in the addition of texture on your tresses.

It can also give the illusion of movement. A skilled stylist can accentuate the lines and shape of your face, making you look more stunning. There are also long layers that can serve as beautiful frames for the face.

Provides a Carefree Vibe

Long layers can also give you a more carefree, Bohemian girl-like vibe. The soft waves that the cut provides are perfect for enhancing your hippy hairstyle. This can have a significant impact on your self-confidence. It gives you a more fun-loving look.

Great for Those with Busy Schedules

This hairstyle does not require a lot of preparations to make it look stunning. You can tie it with a lovely ribbon for a quick pony. You can also use a hair clip or a barrette to put your hair up.

Regardless of what you do with your hair, it will still fall into soft curls and gentle waves. It gives your face a more stylish, more sophisticated, and softer look with very minimal effort on your part.

Great for Instant ‘Dos

Some hairdos require a lot of attention. You could spend a few hours creating an elaborate hairstyle. Long layers can give you that. However, it also works in instances when you are pressed for time.

A simple chignon will do the trick. You can leave the upper layers down or let them frame your beautiful face.

Creates the Impression of Voluminous Hair

Layering is one of the preferred techniques for people who want to give the impression of more voluminous locks. This is especially the case with short layers. The short distance between the layers tends to amplify the tendency of hair tips to flick outwards.

Long layered hair has a greater distance between layers. It may still add volume. However, it will not be as pronounced as short layers. It does create softer waves that can give the impression of more body.

Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Your Long Layered Hair

Layered hair can look both stunning right after getting the cut. However, it can also lose its beauty and flattering effects with time. Here are some tips to help you keep your long layered hair looking healthy and fabulous as the first day you had it.

Trim Your Locks Regularly

Trimming is an important aspect of maintaining the hair. It does not matter if you have long or short tresses. The fact of the matter is that hair tends to split at the ends.

You need to trim your hair to prevent split ends from creeping into your locks. It would be best to trim your locks every 3 to 4 weeks. Do not wait for split ends to rear their ugly heads before you start using your scissors.

Keep Your Tresses Healthy

Hydration is one of the most essential elements to keeping your long layered healthy. Use a moisture-rich shampoo that is specific to your type of hair. This will help keep your layers look healthy and well-nourished.

You can also minimize washing your tresses. People have this notion that frequent washing is necessary for healthy hair. Unfortunately, doing so can remove the oils that the scalp produces and sends to each individual hair shaft. This can make them dry and brittle.

Using hair care formulations that contain important hair nutrients can also help maintain the health of your tresses. Biotin and Vitamin E are two nutrients that you can look for in hair care products.

Consider Adding Color to Your Hair

If you already feel bored about the layered look of your hair, there is no need to have a different style. You can put a bit of color to give your locks a very different look.

You can try balayage for a more subtle and more natural-looking tresses. If you want more pronounced locks, then you can go for ombre or the classic highlights.

You will have to ramp up your hair care routine, though. These treatments can weaken your hair to a certain degree.

Try Different Hairstyles

Trying a different hairstyle can also help improve the staying power of your long layered hair. You can add gentle waves to a straight hair.

And if you have curls or natural waves, then you can straighten them up. Unfortunately, putting on a different hairstyle every single day can be quite challenging.

Always Apply Heat Protectant on Your Hair before Blow Drying

Heat is hair’s greatest enemy. You do not want to expose it to any heat source. However, there will always be tools that will use heat.

It is best to protect your hair before you use any of these tools. Applying an appropriate hair protectant serum on your hair should help safeguard it against the heat coming from your blow dryer.

How to Get the Perfect Long Layered Hair

Layered hair can provide you with many benefits. This will only happen if you get your tresses layered in the proper way. Here is how you can make sure that you have that perfect long layered hair you’ve always wanted.

Always Consider the Shape of Your Face

Layering is all about creating illusions for your hair. It can complement your best facial features or distract other’s attention from what you do not want them to see.

As such, it is important to look at the mirror and determine the shape of your face. Is it rectangular, round, or narrow? Do you have very prominent cheekbones or a wide jawline?

If you have a narrow face, then you may want to create the illusion of a wider face. You will need to open up the face by starting your layers at the eyebrows. This initiates the illusion of movement towards the cheekbones.

If you have a very prominent jawline, you can try to soften it up with wispy layers. You can start at the level of your cheeks and work your way towards the hair tips.

Get Your Layered Tresses Performed by a Professional

It is true that you can cut long layers yourself. However, you will need a remarkable hand-eye coordination and spatial reasoning to execute this with precision. Only a professional hair stylist can guarantee such a precision.

You can always look for referrals when choosing the right hair stylist. Check who among your friends or acquaintances has the kind of long layered hair that you want for yourself. Ask them where they got their hair cut.

Online resources also provide you with a wealth of information about the best and most trusted hair stylists in your area. Many of these resources also come with consumer reviews. You can use these reviews to decide whether the stylist can get you the long layered hair you want or not.

Bring Pictures of the Hairstyle that You Want and Do Not Want

Once you have chosen the stylist, you need to bring pictures of the hairstyle that you want done. There are many famous people who have long layers. Pick one that you adore.

It would help if you have some similarities with the person in the image. For instance, do you have almost the same face shape and facial features?

It would also help to bring pictures of hairstyles that you do not want. This will help the stylist in narrowing down the style of hair that she can do for you.

Be Honest

Be frank with your stylist. It is the only way you can get that perfect long layered hair that you want. You may want to describe your regular morning routine. This will give the stylist an idea of how to cut your hair that can help improve your morning routine.

There are some layers that require more work than others. If you do not mind the extra work every morning, then you should go for such a style. However, if you are always rushing in the morning, then you may want to opt for a low-care style of layering.


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Frequently Asked Questions?

• I have thin hair. Will layering work for me?

There is a new technique called “ghost” layering. This technique leaves the crown alone. The bottom sections or layers of the hair receive a very gentle layering. The reason why it works is that the layers underneath create movement.

They push the hairs above them, leading to tresses that look more voluminous and fuller. Keep in mind that this will only work on locks that are at least shoulder length.

• What kind of vibe does long layered hair give?

Long layers are perfect for women who want a Bohemian look or a hippy hairstyle. Layered have the natural tendency to dry into soft waves. This creates gentler undulations the mimic movement.

It is the kind of hairstyle that you’d want when you go to an outdoor festival. It is also what you need for chilling out by the poolside or at the beach. Depending on how you style it, long layers can also give you a more sophisticated and more classic look.

• How often should I wash my layered hair?

If you have fine hair, you may need to wash it once every 2 to 3 days. The reason is not because your scalp is producing more oil than necessary.

It is because fine hair cannot absorb all of the oil that your scalp is producing. Hence, you get oil hair after only a day. You can wash thick hair once every 4 to 7 days and coarse hair once every 2 to 4 weeks.

• How can I keep my layered hair from drying too much?

You can apply a moisturizer right after washing your hair. You can also use shampoo and conditioner that have moisturizing ingredients. Limit exposing your tresses to heat, including the use of heat styling tools.

Take a cold shower. Warm or hot showers tend to increase the rate of evaporation of moisture in your hair. Also, don’t wash your tresses every day. Including antioxidant- and omega-3 fatty acid- rich foods in your diet can also help.

• When will my tresses lose its layers?

Everything depends on the rate of growth of your locks and the distance of the layer. If they grow at the same rate, then you can expect the layers to reach the length of the other hairs within 3 to 4 months.

This is because your long hair will always reach a point wherein the shaft breaks. This allows the layered hair to reach this particular point.

Long layered hair is timeless. It can give you a sophisticated look or a more carefree vibe. The secret, of course, is to get it from a trustworthy stylist to give you the style you want.

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