230+ Low Fade Haircut Variations for Modern Men to Sport Anywhere

A well-groomed appearance is an attribute of any successful person. It is based on many details and elements, including not only good shoes and expensive watches, but also a relevant, well-made, and most importantly, suitable haircut. Among these men’s hairstyles is the low fade haircut, which is very popular.

Except the low fade haircut, there are multiple variations of the fade cut. They can be combined with other hairstyles in order to obtain various looks. Read further if you want to know more about the low fade pompadour, the Ivy League faded hairstyle, as well as tips and tricks for hair maintenance. In addition, you can browse through more than 200 low fade haircut variations and find the perfect one for you!

Low Fade Haircut vs High Fade Haircut

A fade haircut is characterized by a smooth transition from a longer hair length to a shorter one. The fade can be low or high, depending on where the hair reaches.

The high fade looks very bold because most of the hair length remains only on the top of the head. Conversely, the low fade is much smoother and calmer, with the hair reaching the temples.

What is so special about the Low Fade Haircut?

The popularity of the haircut with a smooth transition has grown over time. So, it’s most likely that it will continue for a long time. Among the reasons why are its cleanliness, tidiness and the fact that it is easy to maintain. Even so, there are a number of factors that must be considered and discussed with the hairdresser.

Choosing the right haircut for your face shape can be difficult. However, fortunately, the low fade haircut is a one size fits all style. The real decisive factor consists in how you style the top, not the faded sides.

A low fade haircut is especially useful for men with round or heart-shaped faces, as the tightly cut sides help lower the head down. A style with a little height – for example, pompadour or quiff – lengthens the face even more for a more balanced appearance.

Varieties of the Faded Haircut for Men

The most relevant haircut for men as we speak is the fade style. The latter is characterized by longer strands at the top and gradual lengths towards the sides and the nape of the neck.

For thick and voluminous hair, elongated options that create an elegant look are ideal. For men with thin hair, it is better to choose a short fade. The latter is easy to care for and at the same time it is useful for hiding the lack of hair density.

The Classic Fade

In case of the classic fade, the hair is gradually shortened on the back of the head in a downward direction. The length of the hair increases by about 0.6 inches (1, 5 cm) towards the top of the head. When cut, the hair is typically wet because there is a need for precision. As for the styling, specialists recommend wax-based products.

Visually reminiscent of Canada, the classic fade is suitable for more conservative men who are not ready for experiments.

The Low Fade Haircut

A low fade haircut has the following features: the hair is usually cut halfway on the sides and on the back of the head. Another 1 inch (2.5 cm) of hair doesn’t reach the line of growth of the lateral and occipital hair. The height of the fade line depends on the preferences of the man.

This haircut is ideal for active men and athletes. It does not require special care. You just need to occasionally trim the sides and the back. Despite the simplicity of creation, such a fade looks bold and stylish.

The Medium Fade

The medium fade was usually worn by men in the military. However, this haircut has gained popularity and it has become one of the most chosen one.

By medium fade we mean that the hair in the back of the head is cut very short starting with the middle of the head. In other words, it can be said that it’s the middle ground between the classic fade and the high fade. More specifically, there is no hair on the lower part of the head. The micro-line begins in the middle and reaches longer lengths in the upper zone. This may sound complicated, but in fact, it is quite simple and easy to do.

Haircut With a High Fade

In case of a high fade, the hair is cut at a distance of about 2 inches (5 cm) from the crown. In many cases, the distance is even higher. Hence the concept of high fade. More specifically, the main hair length begins at the crown, while the rest of the hair has micro length.

The high fade is usually more popular among men with a dark skin color. This is because this haircut requires a natural shade of the scalp that matches the man’s complexion.

The Extended or Elongated Fade

The extended or elongated fade is a stylish and modern option that requires styling. The upper part of the hair has an average length that can be used in various hairstyles. Especially original and stylish, such a haircut looks great on wavy hair. No wonder that it is one of the most popular men’s haircuts this year.

You can style this haircut high or low, wear it with a beard or comb it towards the back of your head. Stylists dare to say that it looks amazing regardless of how you arrange it.

The Fade Effect Done With Scissors

As the name suggests, this haircut variation can only be created with scissors. Therefore, it requires a higher level of competence than in case of a regular haircut. Ideal for men who like longer variations and for those who do not like to look like they just came back from the hairdresser.

One fun fact about this haircut is that is David Beckham’s favorite haircut. It is created exclusively with scissors, without using a clipper. This creates a masculine look, without the glossy sensation.

Is the Low Fade Haircut for You?

The uniqueness of this haircut lies in the fact that with its different execution, it can fit almost any face shape, age and even style.

In case of men with a triangular face shape, an elongated version of the hairstyle or with a low border is perfect. Moreover, those of you with a square or round face shape would look best with the high or medium option. As for an oval face, the classic version is considered optimal. When it comes to the elongated fade, it was especially conceived for men with diamond-shaped faces.

In general, the fade haircut is characterized by slight negligence and the absence of clear lines. Despite the fact that this haircut is considered the most popular among young people, it looks great on representatives of the older generation as well.

The wide styling options and execution options make the fade haircut suitable for business persons, sportsmen, as well as refined persons with a bohemian style.

Low Fade Haircut  – Ways to Style It

Now that we are clear on what a low fade haircut means, we should also talk about style. While the sides are short, there are no limitations with what you can do with the hair on top. In this regard, we will present three hairstyles that look best combined with the low fade effect.

The Combination Between a Low Fade Haircut and a Pompadour

The pompadour hairstyle tries to mimic the hairstyle of the King of Rock and Roll, being a modern reinterpretation of Elvis Presley’s haircut. The difference is in the length and volume of the hair, which are indefinitely exaggerated in the front, forming a large “pump” that gradually descends to the back.

One of the most popular and long-lasting hairstyles, the pompadour is perfect for adding length in order to balance your face proportions. So, it features short, tight sides and a longer top. In order to style it, specialists recommend to blow-dry your hair over the head with the help of a comb.

The Ivy League Haircut With a Low Fade

Ivy League is the name of a haircut worn by varied types of men. This haircut is met among men in the military, as well as among the students in the American universities. It is a haircut that has kept men all over the world looking polished for generations.

However, the classic cut may seem conservative. So, turning on low fading is a smart way to update it. Low fading, in this case, creates a nice shape and clean lines with a modern feel. Joe Mills of Joe & Co. in London says that a good starting point should be 0.4 to 0.6 inches and not too high in the back.

Mills suggests paying a hairdresser a visit every three to four weeks to keep things in check. In addition, he recommends to simply use sea salt spray for fine or normal hair or texture spray for thick hair, before drying and styling your hair. Finish things with a dull matte clay and you’re good to go.

Sleek Over the Head Hair With a Low Fade

Trimmed hair is already in tendencies on its own. If we throw the low fading into the mixture, then your haircut will draw attention to a whole new level.

When you ask for this haircut, mention the fact that you want your top long and the sides done in the low fade effect. In addition, it is always a great idea to bring a picture with you at the hairdresser. In this way, you can make sure he or she understands exactly what you want.

With this combination of haircuts, you can stay in bed for extra 15 minutes every morning. This is because the styling couldn’t be simpler.What you need to do is blow-dry your hair back using medium temperature and a comb. Then, work the styling product along the entire length of your hair using your fingers.

Short Afro Hairstyle and a Low Fade Cut

When it comes to afro hair, any type of attenuation will always be a solid choice, whether you choose a flat top or not. Expert Mills says that it is all about the contrast between the low fading, the structure and the detail around the hair. The goal is to leave things that look sharp and detailed, so Mills suggests asking for low fading.

In case of this hairstyle, Mills suggest visiting your hairdresser every two weeks if you want to keep looking sharp.

Low Fade Cut and Layered Hair

Layered hair is another type of hairstyle that works well with a low fade cut. It best fits thick and straight hair. This type of hairstyle has the advantage that it can offer you more styling opportunities, from messy looks to very elegant looks. It is a very comfortable type of hairstyle and at the same time very cool.

Disconnected Haircuts Mix Well With Fade Cuts

There are several types of disconnected haircuts. The latter are characterized by a transition from long hair to short hair that is not done gradually. In fact, there is a clear edge between long hair and short hair that creates a great contrast between the sides and the front.

Curly Hair and the Low Undercut

People who have curly hair usually have a problem finding a look that suits them. Unlike straight hair, curly hair is much more difficult to arrange and style. The natural curls from the top will give you a very cool look, and the side parts can be very short or shaved. They have the purpose to reduce the delicacy of the haircut and add a masculine note.

How to Style a Low Fade Haircut?

Since the low fade haircut can be combined with other hairstyles, the styling depends on it. Even so, there are some general recommendations for each type of fade.

The classic fade requires you to comb your hair back while it is slightly moist. In addition, professional stylists recommend using wax-based styling products.

When it comes to the low fade, what you need is gel. Your hair must be laid depending on its length. Typically, the direction of styling is determined by how long the top section is. In case you are not a fan of hair gel, then you can try a paste that makes your hair look more natural and not stick together.

The elongated version of the fade cut allows you to use your imagination and make a non-standard parting. As for the haircuts done with scissors only, wax or mousse are great products for styling.

Don’t Forget to Care for Your Hair

Even the best and well-made haircut will not look good on dull, dry and brittle hair. Therefore, in order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to care for your hair. The most important product that you are regularly using is the shampoo. So, select it by taking into account all of your hair’s characteristics. Particular attention should be paid to skin and scalp problems, such as dandruff. In addition, don’t leave the hair conditioner and hair mask out of your routine!

Your hair needs attention every day. Make sure not to skip the following steps:

  • Comb your hair. Combing your hair improves blood circulation in the scalp and it prevents premature baldness. In addition, combing your hair will make it look healthy and tidy.
  • Eating well and getting enough sleep is also very important. Without a balanced diet and rest, the hair quickly dims and begins to split.
  • Do not abuse heavy styling products. For daily use, mousse, gel and clay are most suitable;
  • Wash your hair after using styling products, especially fixing agents. If you leave hair spray in your hair overnight, you will wake up with something that looks like dandruff in your hair.

Nothing Should Hold You Back From a Low Fade Haircut

Now that you know the particularities of the low fade haircut, nothing should hold you back from trying. If you think about it, you don’t even have to change the top length of your hair in order to try it. Or, if you think that the low fade haircut is not for you, then you can try its other numerous variations.

In order to make your choice a lot easier, we will leave you with tens of examples for you to choose from. Sometimes it is easier to know that you like something after you see it. So, don’t hesitate to browse further! Who knows, maybe you will find a haircut that will meet all your requirements when it comes to shape, length and style.

Keep in mind that this is a universal haircut, which is suitable for most men. So, if you want to look well-groomed and turn heads around you, book an appointment at your favorite hairdresser! He or she will know how to adapt your choice to your characteristics!


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