20 Amazing Mahogany Hair Color Hues

When talking about mahogany, people would think that it’s a type of tree. Yes, it is, but you’re not here to talk about trees. You’re here to know about why mahogany hair color is all the rage these days especially among young women. Here’s all you need to know about this trend and the different styles you can do with it.

What does mahogany hair color look like?

The best way to describe the color is that it has a reddish-brown, and purplish shade. There’s a reason why it has this diverse mix of colors. Unlike other brown shades that strictly go well to cool undertones, mahogany has its own shades for cool and warm undertones. This means that if you are tan right now, there’s a mahogany shade for you. The same goes if you’re as white as Bella Swan.

Mahogany hair color is a richer shade of brown. Some would argue that it gives more dimension that the basic brown hair color that most people have. It’s great for emphasizing your hair and for making it stand out in a subtle way.

DIY Guide for Mahogany Hair Dyes

Say, you’re a natural brunette and you just want to dye your hair for a change. If you already have that brown hair, then there isn’t a big need for you to go to the salon and break the bank. Thankfully, there are lots of mahogany shades in stores that you can just buy.

If you’re new to the dyeing your hair thing, here’s a step-by-step guide to dyes at home.

What you’ll need:

● A box of a mahogany dye of your choice
● Old towel (a t-shirt will do)
● Hairbrush
● Sectioning clips
● Plastic gloves
● Applicator brush
● Shampoo
● Conditioner
● Bowl
● Vaseline (optional)

What to do:

1. Before dyeing your hair, make sure that you’ve washed your hair at least a day ago. This will help release the natural oils that will help bind the dye to your strands. The more oil you have on your hair, the longer the dye will stay. When washing your hair, do not use conditioner and just proceed with shampoo.

2. Once you’re ready to dye your hair, cover up the floor where you will apply the dye. This will save you from having stains everywhere. It’s also advisable to cover your clothes so you don’t soil them. If you have a shirt you want to get rid of, you can use this too. Then, place a small towel all over your shoulders.

3. Take out a brush and brush your hair until it doesn’t have any tangles and knots. This ensures a smooth application of the dye.

4. Divide your hair into 4 equal sections. If you have thick hair, you can have 3 sections on top and 3 sections at the bottom.

5. Place vaseline over your ears and hairline to avoid staining your skin. This is an optional step, but it makes the clean-up process a lot easier.

6. Wear your plastic gloves and lay out the box, the applicator, and the bowl on a table beside you. You can also sit in front of the mirror so you can guide yourself through the dyeing process.

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7. Follow the instructions on the box. Usually, it instructs you to mix the hair dye in the bowl.

8. Get one section of your hair and start applying the dye using an applicator. Place the dye an inch above the roots. You can use your fingers and the brush when applying the dye along the strands of your hair.

9. Repeat step 8 until you work your way through all the sections of your hair.

10. Once you’re done, wait until the dye settles. The time depends on the instructions found in the box.

11. After the prescribed time, wash your hair with warm water. After an hour, you can wash it with shampoo and conditioner.

20 Mahogany Colors For All Skin Tones

Curious to know which mahogany shades fit your skin tone? Here are 20 different colors to choose from.

1. Chocolate Brown

Just like chocolate, this hair color gives a rich medium brown color to your hair. It has a subtle redness to it, but it’s not super obvious until light hits your head. If you want to keep to your natural brown hair color, this chocolate brown shade is just the right enhancement. You can also choose a dark chocolate shade if you want a deeper brown.

2. Chocolate and Mahogany

Chocolate is always a good idea to keep true to your natural brown hair; however, it can sometimes be too plain for your life. If you want to add a little shine and life to it, try out a balayage technique to dye your hair with copper.

Unlike blonde, copper is like a light brown shade with a little shimmer. This way, you can copy that brown-and-blonde-highlights look that most people are doing. The only difference is, you don’t have to go all out with the light colors.

3. Deep Plum Red

Don’t forget that mahogany caters to both warm and cool skin tones. One of the shades that look good on warm undertones is reddish-brown hues. This deep plum red color gives your dark brown hair some redness to it. If you are not allowed to have drastic color changes at work, this is definitely a trick to still get away with it.

4. Intense Red Mahogany

What about if you want something redder and less brown? You can dye your hair with red mahogany which has more parts red than brown, hence the colors you will see below. This intense red mahogany shade gives a more alluring look to your curly hair. Plus, it’s not easy to ignore.

5. Red with Copper Highlights

If red is a strong color for you, neutralize your hair color with a blend of copper highlights. Copper highlights give you more depth and volume as opposed to a head full of red mahogany. It’s also a good way to have a lighter shade of mahogany to make it more attractive.

6. Dark Brown to Auburn Ombre

Auburn hair color is a mix of red and brown which is a lot warmer compared to mahogany. If you prefer to have this lighter hair color, you can create an ombre effect starting with a dark brown shade towards a reddish mahogany color and down to light auburn. If you can’t appreciate it now, step under the sun and see how beautiful your ombre hair is!

7. Vibrant Mahogany Highlights

One of the things you can do to preserve your brown hair is just to add highlights that are close to your hair color. If you have chocolate brown hair, then all you need to do is add a few highlights of mahogany to give more depth. Look every bit of the European woman with this beautiful hair color (plus, it’s a great fall hair color!).

8. Golden Mahogany

No, you won’t resemble a Christmas ball with this hair color. Instead, you’ll look like a rich sunset sky on a cool night. Bold golden highlights will help give a warmer color to a cool mahogany hue. It’s also a great hair color for summer since it perfectly complements a tanned skin tone. If you’re thinking of getting a tan, prep your hair color to match it!

9. Black and Mahogany

Just because you have black hair doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a struggle blending it with mahogany. Take a look at this black and mahogany medley. In this hairstyle, you will notice that the mahogany acts like a highlighter to the dark hair. Because black is such a deep color, the mahogany sometimes looks purple.

10. Plum Mahogany

Get fascinated with this plum-inspired hair color mixed with mahogany. This color brings out both mystery and mischief since it looks purple at first, but the more you look at it, the color becomes warmer revealing the mahogany behind it. If you want to achieve this hair color, then go for a balayage technique.

11. Blue-And-Purple Mahogany Brown

Mahogany isn’t confined to reddish-brown hues. Like what was said earlier, it has shades that complement cool skin tones. Here’s one that is perfect for cool undertones. By mixing blue, purple, and mahogany, you get a deep hair color that isn’t too dark. There’s also a subtle brown that you can find when the light touches your hair.

12. Orange and Mahogany

This hairstyle is inspired by the colors of autumn. If you’re looking for a change in hair color this coming autumn season, this is a great color inspiration because it resembles the falling leaves you see everywhere. Match this with mustard or orange-colored sweater and you fit right into the fall picture.

13. Mahogany Brunette

Look all kinds of sexy with this mahogany and brunette mix. Brunette shades are known to have an alluring effect on people. If you mix this up with mahogany, then you become a lot more interesting because of the unique shades mixed with each other. You can also opt to have one color highlighted for a more beautiful effect.

14. Mahogany Lowlights

Want something different from highlights? Try lowlights! Lowlights use a darker shade than your base color. If you have mahogany as your base color, then a darker shade like a deeper purple or darker red can be used for lowlights. Lowlights give more depth to the hair compared to highlights. You can also add highlights if you want to have three different shades on your mane.

15. Fiery Red Mahogany

Crop Lava Girl’s look by dyeing your hair with a fiery red mahogany hue. You should be warned, this color is not for the faint-hearted as it gets everyone’s attention. If you love receiving attention from everybody else, then a fiery red hue is the perfect color for you.

16. Three-colored Mahogany Mix

Experiment with three or more colors of your favorite mahogany hues with this hairstyle. To help you pick the right colors, the rule of thumb is to stick with two shades darker or lighter to your base color. You can also ask your hair colorist for other mahogany shades that help complete your new mahogany mix.

17. Sandy Mahogany

Planning to be the next beach babe? Say no more with this sandy mahogany hair color. Here you’ll see copper and blonde hues done using the balayage technique to give you that natural mix with your mahogany base. This is a gorgeous twist to your usual highlights too!

18. Mahogany Blonde

Here’s a hair color that will stop everyone on their tracks. This mahogany blonde ombre look is just beautiful beyond words. It captures the warmth of a reddish mahogany hue as it goes down to have a silky blonde color. If you’re a natural blonde, you’ll want to preserve your blonde hues so here’s a hairstyle inspiration for you to copy. No need for a total goodbye to your blonde locks!

19. Mahogany Caramel

If you’re a fan of caramel, then you’ll love this sweet and silky mahogany look. It incorporates the soft and warm tones of caramel subtly all over your mahogany hair. It’s a great way to break all the redness without looking too obvious.

20. Jet Black Mahogany

Can Asians get mahogany hair too? Of course, they can! If you have natural jet black hair, here are some mahogany colors that you can apply to your Asian roots. Don’t forget to determine if you have a cool or warm undertone because the shade of purple will vary depending on your skin color.

How To Choose The Right Mahogany Shade

Now that you have 20 different hair colors to choose from, it’s suddenly harder to pick the right one for you. To help you figure out what color looks good on you, here are a few tips.

1. Step under the light

Your skin color looks different when you are under different colors of light. Sometimes, it looks translucent, while it sometimes looks sallow. To know what your real skin color is, stay under natural light. You can stay close to a large window and take a look at your skin underneath it. Natural light is the best way to determine if you have a warm or cool undertone.

2. Identify what shirt colors look good on you

Another way to determine what your undertone is by identifying which colors look good on you. Notice what color you’re wearing when people compliment you on your looks. If you get complimented when you wear reds, oranges, and yellows, then you are most likely to have a warm skin tone. On the other hand, if you get complimented when you’re wearing blue or green, then you have a cool skin tone.

3. Take a look at your eyes and veins

To fully make sure if you have a warm or cool skin tone, you can also take a look at your eyes and veins. If the flecks in your eyes are more golden, then you have warm undertones. If it’s more blue and gray, then it’s a cool undertone.

Lastly, if you check beneath your wrists, you will notice some veins there. Is it greenish? If it is, then you have a warm undertone. If it’s blue or purple, then you have a cool undertone.

FAQs on Mahogany Hair

1. What’s the best way to prep your hair for a mahogany dye?

Before starting to dye your hair, you should ensure that you have healthy hair, to begin with. Damaged hair can lead to a weaker bond between your strands and the dye. This means that within a few weeks, your natural hair color will start being seen.

2. How long does it take to dye mahogany?

Dyeing your hair mahogany doesn’t take too long if your natural hair color is brown. If you can do DIY, then it only takes an hour to an hour and a half to do the whole process. The duration of the whole process can go longer if your hair is blonde, green, blue, or any other striking color.

3. What’s the difference between mahogany and burgundy?

Mahogany and burgundy get interchanged a lot. While both come from the reddish-brown family, mahogany has more of a warmer red color than burgundy. Burgundy, on the other hand, has a purple tinge to it. You can actually use the burgundy wine and mahogany tree as a reference.

4. Is it recommended to dye your hair at home?

When it comes to dyeing your hair mahogany, it’s always recommended to seek the help of a professional if you’re new to these things. If you’re coming from a different color that’s far from the mahogany family, you might need some bleaching that experts do well. Bleaching at home is not recommended unless you’re absolutely sure of what you’re doing.

5. How do you maintain mahogany hair color?

The best way to maintain any type of dyed hair is to follow the specific instructions your hair colorist told you. If you have naturally dry hair, then it’s best to condition your hair every day while you lessen the use of shampoo. You can also use mahogany hair color sprays if you need retouching. This process saves on time and money if you just want to maintain the color.

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