15 Man Bun Hairstyle Ideas Every Guy Should Try

There are now more men who are embracing the long hair as an important part of their new style. One of the most fascinating styles that any longhaired man could ever wear is the man bun. This is a style that is very easy to manage and can provide an awesome look to anyone who wears it.

An Overview of the Man Bun Hairstyle

The man bun is the male version of the ladies’ classic bun. Hair gets bunched up in a bun and placed high on the crown. One can also place it lower or midway between the nape and the crown.

David Beckham is well-known for sporting the man bun in the modern era. By the second decade of the 21st century, other celebrities started wearing the same style. Leonardo DiCaprio, Chris Hemsworth, Orlando Bloom, Jared Leto, and Joakim Noah are some of them. However, it would be incorrect to assume that the man bun is a new hairstyle for men.

First century BC ancient Chinese are known for wearing their hair in a bun. The famous Terracotta warriors of the Qin Dynasty. Sixteenth century Japanese men and samurai warriors also have the Chonmage. The 14th century Korean men of the Joseon Era also had man buns.

Out in the West, the Lombards, Goths, and Vandals of the 2nd century BC were also known for wearing such a hairstyle. The Bulgars, Cossacks, and Cumans also wore them. The Hindu deity, Shiva, is also depicted as having a man bun. Buddha also had a man bun.

Why Do Men Get a Bun?

Men who wear a bun on their head do so because of the unique style that it projects. The conventional look of a modern man calls for short back and sides. From crew cuts to barber cuts, men are always known for sporting a very clean look.

However, there is a changing attitude towards men who wear their hair long. A man bun gives them the chance to style their long hair in a neater and more polished way. This allows them to go against the usual clean cut look of most men. It allows men to sport a style that they can call their own.

The man bun can have a protective function, too. If you braid it or cornrow it, then you will minimize handling it. This allows the hair to grow untouched. It is perfect for those who want to grow their locks so they can create more fascinating buns.

Most man bun hairstyles are very easy to pull off. They do not need very meticulous care and maintenance. Sometimes, you do not even need to style your hair as neatly as women do. One can have a loose man bun and still look dashing.

15 Man Bun Style Ideas that Will Make You As Macho as Ever

The man bun has been around for at least 2 thousand years. You would think that there can be as many styles of the man bun as there are strands of hair on your head. We’ve picked the 15 man bun styles that we consider every man should think about having.

1. The Full Man Bun

Stylists consider this the mother (or father?) of all man buns. To rock this look, you will have to grow your locks to a considerable length. Men who sport this look say you need about 10 inches of hair. Most recommend growing the hair for at least 12 inches.

This will help reduce the tension on the roots as you create the bun. You can then gather them all up and roll into a bun-like structure on top of your head. There is no shaving involved. You do not need any cuts. All hair from the sides of your head all the way to the back gets rolled into a bun.

2. The Top Knot

They call this man bun style the semi-full man bun. The reason for it is that only the hair in the upper portion of the head gets coiled or rolled into a bun. The hair on the sides and the back of the head remain untouched.

Some men prefer to shave this part of the head. They can create designs if they wish to. Others will want a crewcut type of hairstyle or an undercut. At the very minimum, you should get about 6 inches of hair to get this style.

3. Shaved Sides with Design

There is nothing manlier and sexier than showcasing the unique design of your shaved sides and nape. While it is true that the focus here is the design of the shaved part, one cannot overlook the importance of the man bun.

It collects the hair at the crown so you can show off your intricate shaved patterns. The good thing about this style idea is that it is high contrast. People will almost always notice your beautiful bun on top.

4. Undercut

You do not need to have a very intricate design on your head to draw attention to your bun. You can get the classic undercut and still rock the style. And if you have sideburns and a mustache, this man bun style idea is sure to get the ladies from the fair swooning.

It has a badass vibe to it that women simply find it too hard to resist. The undercut is nothing new. It is one of the go-to hairstyles for modern men. It is very different from a shaved head in that the hair follicles are often longer. They also taper down one’s head.

5. The Fade

Call it a coiled high ponytail for men. This man bun idea offers a more clean-cut finish and a fresher look to your hair. The secret is to cut the bottom 1-inch of the hair like an undercut. From there, you can collect the remaining locks and bring them all up to your crown.

You can have the bun low, mid, or high. The best part about this style is that it works with different types and lengths of hair. Of course, you need considerable length to create the man bun.

6. The Pony Bun

There are men who do not like forming a bun on top of their head. If you are this kind of fellow, then you should consider the pony bun. This is a cross between a bun and a ponytail.

The classic pony calls for the tying of the locks and allowing the rest of the hair to fall down in a natural manner. In the pony bun, you collect the “tail” and coil it into a bun at the level of your nape. It is one of the easiest man bun styles you can ever wear.

7. The Half Up

This is a type of the top knot man bun style. However, it does have that Legolas-like vibe to it that can make women adore you more. Like any top knot man bun, the half up only requires the top half of the hair to be formed into a bun.

Men often bunch them up about midway between the nape and the crown. They also allow the hair from the sides to cascade from behind the ear.

8. The Slick

This man bun style is perfect for those who have straight locks. It creates a very slick appearance on the head as the hair gets pulled towards the back.

Such a hairstyle is also very easy to pull off. Apply a styling product to make your tresses look more dashing and polished. A hair gel or spray should do the trick.

9. The Chonmage

Fans of everything and anything Japanese will love this style. The famed warriors of Japan always wore their hair in a tight bun. It is a kind of top knot where the rest of the hair gets pressed close to the scalp.

The samurai used it to keep their helmets from falling. We no longer have samurai today. However, sumo wrestlers still wear the Chonmage. You can style your man bun in this way, too. The Ginkgo Chonmage will help frame your handsome face.

10. The Messy Bun

There are some men who look sexier and more attractive when they are in their most unkempt self. Try not to shave or trim for several months.

Grow your locks and then roll them up in a mid bun, using only your fingers. There is no need for fixing the strands. You want to convey an image of rawness.

11. The Box Braids

Braids are not only for girls. They work well with men, too. It may take some time to finish the style. However, the results are nothing less than stunning and sophisticated.

You can choose to create box braids for all of your hair. Or, you can braid only the topmost portion and shave the nape and sides of the head. This opens up the masculine features of your face. The strong jawline will look magnificent.

12. The Business Casual

More businesses now have an open mind when it comes to men with long, unkempt hair. However, it still makes sense to look in your best business casual.

If you manage to create a sleek man bun, then there is no business that will not want you around. This is a type of the full man bun where you get to keep your hairstyle as neat and polished as possible. Keep your beard and mustache neat, too.

13. The High Fade

This is a lot similar to the Fade. The only difference is that you have a neat crew cut high up the sides of your head. You shave the first 2 to 3 inches from the bottom.

The hair gradually lengthens as it reaches the crown. Allot a 3-inch section of hair on the crown to form the man bun. It is neat. And you can make it more masculine, too, by wearing a mustache, beard, and sideburn.


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14. Afro-Textured

In addition to braiding the hair, African-American men can also opt for a man bun style. The trick is to have the sides and nape shaved. Retain the hair along the hairline and collect them into a high bun.

The curly hair should give your man bun a very different textural look to it. This is a style that is perfect for men who want to grow their tresses.

15. The Voluminous Man Bun

This man bun hairstyle idea is great for men with at least 20 inches of wavy locks. The aim here is to create a large bun on top of the head. One can only achieve this with sufficient hair volume.

It works best with gentlemen who have thick and coarse tresses. It is a very practical approach to keep the tension on the roots as minimal as possible.

Tips and Tricks to Get a Handsome Man Bun

Getting a bun is not at all difficult or challenging. Here are a few tips every man should consider when getting a dashing man bun.

Grow Your Hair

It makes no sense bunching your locks on your crown if you do not have the minimum hair length to begin with. If you tie your short locks, you can pull on the roots and lead to damage. It is best to grow at least 6 inches of locks for you to make a great bun.

Choose a Style

There are three basic man bun styles. You can go for a full bun, a semi bun, or a half bun. There are also different styles under each of these basic styles. Choose whichever you think will make you look and feel good.

Know How to Care for Your Hair

Brushing is essential to help keep the health of your hair. Wash it no more than once every few days. Use the right styling products so as not to damage your locks. Always use the right hair care products to keep your man bun looking as healthy and fresh as ever.

Experiment with Various Styles

Man buns are very versatile. You can style it any way you like. Bun it high, mid, or low. Shave the sides of your head. Make cornrows and end with a bun. Give it an interesting color if you want.

Care For Your Man Bun

Growing your hair is essential to the care of a man bun. You can apply a hair-thickening shampoo to help improve the quality of your man bun. Always use shampoo that has natural moisturizers and amino acids. These will help keep the strands strong and robust.

Always brush or comb your hair to help distribute the oils. Use a moderate-toothed comb. It is a neat way to keep your locks healthy and clean. Applying a leave-on conditioner can also help maintain the health of your man bun, especially if you have dry hair. Trimming the ends can also put spilt ends in check.

Frequently Asked Questions

• I notice a lot of stray hairs from my man bun. What can I do?

Stray hairs on your man bun is okay; unless, you want a more polished look. It would be ideal to apply hair gel onto your tresses to keep the strands from loosening and straying. A hair spray works fine, too.

• Is there any particular face shape that is “ideal” for a man bun?

Women’s hairstyles always emphasize the shape of their faces. This is not often the case with men. Man bun works on “all” men, regardless of the shape of their faces. What matters is that you like how you look in a man bun.

• Is it necessary to have facial hair to wear the man bun?

No. Your facial hair has nothing to do with how the man bun will look. However, there are men who do look sexier and more appealing when they sport a man bun together with a mustache, sideburn, or beard or all of these.

• How long should my hair be before I can have a man bun?

The length of the hair depends on the man bun style you want. If you are looking for a voluminous man bun, then you should aim for a minimum of 20 inches. A half up will only require about 6 inches or so of hair.

• Are there any limits to how I can style my man bun?

Color it. Cornrow it. Braid it. Tie it high or low. Shave your nape and sides. Bunch it loose or tight. The possibilities are endless. How you style your man bun is up to you. There are no restrictions and no limitations.

The man bun is nothing new. Men have been wearing it since the ancient times. This underscores the usefulness of this men’s hairstyle in improving both the look and the confidence of those who wear it.

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