224 Maroon Hair Shades – The Wine Hair Trend Has Arrived

Maroon is a color that, despite its richness and eccentricity, is in fashion these days. The combination between a deep shade of red and brown, maroon looks feminine and confers confidence to any woman’s look. In addition, regardless of where you choose to wear it, namely as a wardrobe element or even nail art, it is a relevant choice. Even so, most women prefer to wear it as a hair color. This could be because it is daring, quite original and no less stylish than other hair color. Moreover, a woman with maroon hair will always attract the attention of others, as well as demonstrate her confidence, determination and personality. However, this is a complex color, and it is not suitable for everyone. So, let’s figure out how not to make a mistake when choosing it!

As it follows, we will help you figure out what shades of maroon are available and which suits you. In addition, we will present a few hair dyeing techniques that can be used together with this dye, as well as care tips for dyed hair. Also, we will mention a few considerations related to clothing and makeup. And since we know how a photo can paint a better picture than words, we have included over 200 images of women with maroon hair.

Maroon Hair – What Exactly is This Color?

Maroon is a hair color obtained by combining two basic shades, namely brown and red. It is a dark shade of red, essentially a muted red mixed with brown. The most popular red shade of this season is dark cherry, which is more suitable for young girls.

The juicy tandem of red and brown confers audacity and expressiveness to a woman’s look. Therefore, those of you who decide to wear this hair color will definitely attract attention and stand out from the crowd. It is these characteristics that made dark cherry one of the most fashionable shades of the current season. Indeed, this trend is based on bright and bold coloring.

Maroon is the color of sparkling rubies and expensive wine. Moreover, it is believed that it is able to increase self-esteem, relieve winter blues and add courage and attractiveness to a woman’s look. Even so, it is not suitable for every girl.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Maroon Hair

Not a common hair shade at all, this one can’t flatter everybody. So, we first need to go through the advantages and disadvantages of such hair color. Next, if you really want to go through with it, we will help you choose a shade according to the color of your skin and eyes.

Maroon Hair Advantages

  • Maroon confers more volume to your hair, visually speaking;
  • It emphasizes the femininity and originality of its wearer;
  • Maroon allows you to look stylish and original even with the simplest haircut;
  • It emphasizes a strong character;
  • Dark red is an easy to dye color. This is because some brunettes don’t even have to bleach their hair in order to wear it;
  • Ideal for dyeing hair in one shade or multiple shades;
  • It looks beautiful with different hair – coloring techniques;
  • Maroon comes in various shades, including warm and cold tones;

Maroon Hair Disadvantages

  • This color is not suitable for women with skin imperfections;
  • Maroon will only look good on healthy hair;
  • It is quite pretentious when it comes to choosing matching clothes. You may risk to look flashy or even cheap if you don’t choose your clothes wisely;
  • A bright maroon shade will distract the attention from your face;
  • It must be matched with proper makeup;
  • Maroon affects the tone of your skin, conferring it a reddish color. So, acne and dilated vessels are deal breakers;

Match Skin and Eye Color With Maroon Shades

Since maroon is not a natural hair color, you must choose its shade according to the tone of your skin as well as the color of your eyes. In general, maroon shades are most suitable for girls who want to be popular and are not afraid of change. In addition, this hair color goes well with both short and long hair.

Those of you who have brown hair should give preference to lighter shades. Brunettes are better off picking saturated and even dark maroon shades. Moreover, all owners of dark skin, as well as those who have brown or green eyes, will look awesome with any shade of maroon. Young girls can use both mono-color staining and try abrupt transitions from one tone to the other. Ladies over 30 years old, however, look great with saturated shades without sharp transitions.

Focus on Eye Color

Brown eyes: Maroon locks coolly emphasize brown eyes. They immediately become brighter, just as your appearance as a whole.

Green eyes: This eye color looks like it was especially created to mix with maroon hair. It is a combination that looks fascinatingly mysterious.

Gray and blue eyes: Blue and gray eyes are not a contraindication for dyeing your hair in a maroon color. However, this combination usually makes women look like dolls. If this is the look you want, they go for it! Conversely, you could try hair dyeing technique such as ombre and balayage in order to avoid the doll effect.

Skin Tones and Eye Color Combinations vs. Maroon Hair

Milky white, fair skin, dark eyebrows and hair, blue or light brown eyes.

Almost all shades of this color are ideal for the Snow White woman: bright red, mahogany, ripe cherries. Black hair, together with a maroon color emphasizes the brightness of the eyes and eyebrows. It will look beneficial both on a short haircut and on long hair and a medium length haircut.

Light, translucent, easily blushing skin, light eyes and hair with warm shades (golden, beige, walnut).

All shades of maroon are contraindicated for this type of appearance: they make the skin reddish, add several years to a woman’s face and so on. The only more or less acceptable option for fair-haired beauties is pink burgundy or maroon with an ashy shade.

Pale, light skin, hair of cold tones (from ashen to cold brown), light transparent eyes.

Such complexion doesn’t mix very well with maroon. Both the hair’s color and the woman’s facial expressions will be diminished. We are talking about situations that not even bright makeup can save. So, if you want to stay in trend, you can try coloring the ends of your hair in a maroon shade of cool pink or ash hues.

Golden skin color, reddish hair and eyebrows, blue, brown or green bright eyes.

In this case, maroon hair is suitable, but only in warm shades, such as brown burgundy or reddish burgundy.

Pro Tip: Wardrobe Considerations

If you radically change the shade of your hair, be prepared to review your wardrobe as well! Let’s see which clothing colors mix well with maroon hair.

  • Black is among the most advantageous color that go well together with maroon shades;
  • We cannot but admit that black is the most advantageous with magenta and mahogany shades;
  • Looking for a more casual and less dramatic mix? Perhaps you should try shades of green and emerald;
  • Greenish shades look incredibly beautiful combined with burgundy;
  • In addition, the burgundy hair color is in good harmony with blue and gray;
  • A combination of burgundy and beige is also considered universal.

Fashionable Maroon Hair Shades

The maroon color can be very different: cold and warm, light and dark. It has so many shades that only a professional colorist can easily choose the right one for almost any appearance.

Dark Maroon Shades

The maroon shade that is close to very dark brown is ideal for brunettes. Usually, any significant discoloration on such natural hair color requires severe bleaching. However, in order to dye your hair in a dark maroon shade, it is not necessary to lighten your hair very much. Just a little lightening is enough to make red shades nicely play on dark curls.

Light Maroon Shades

Light tones of maroon that are almost red, are ideal for fair-skinned girls with green and blue eyes. If the hair is long, such shades look even more luxurious.

Bright Shades of Maroon

Maroon looks great both on its own, and in combination with fashionable highlighting techniques, such as balayage and ombre. In this case, it is better to choose bright maroon tones to achieve the effect of fiery tips.

Cold Shades of Maroon

The universal rule in hair coloring says that if you skin tone is cold, then you should choose cold hair shades. In this way, a dark shade of maroon will not make your hair look like a wig. So, it would be best to entrust this tyoe of hair dyeing to a professional.

A List of Popular Shades

Maroon has many shades. Before choosing your own, it is worth taking into account a few tips:

  • It would be better to start experimenting with tinting agents that are easy to wash off if the tone turns out to be inappropriate;
  • Changing your look is recommended in mid-summer (against the background of a tanned face it is easier to get used to an unusual shade);
  • Pick according to your skin and eye color.


This color refers to the red palette. It is suitable for cold color types with fair skin and brown eyes. Moreover, it is ideal for the winter type of appearance. Autumn types can try it, but with caution. However, owners of spring and summer color types should not try this shade.

Ripe Dark Cherry

Suitable for owners of olive skin with dark, brown or gray eyes. It refers to the palette of brown, purple and red colors. This shade brings playfulness and brightness to a woman’s look.

Chocolate-Covered Cherry

This is close to a chestnut shade with a burgundy shimmer. Chocolate-covered cherry is an elegant color that suits everyone.

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine got its name due to its similarity to the drink of the same name. It is created by combining brown, burgundy and orange strands. The main tone is deep red (almost purple). Other shades emphasize it favorably. Due to the ability to vary the shade and density of the strands, it suits everyone.

Black Cherry

This is an inexpressive, restrained color. Almost brown, with a reddish tint. Black cherry is suitable for those who have natural dark brown hair.

Wild Cherry

It features a deep dark red tint with a smooth transition to burgundy. The wild cherry tone is ideal for a cold color type with dark, brown or gray eyes, as well as pale olive skin. At the same time, the natural color of the hair should be chestnut, golden, ash-blonde.

Dark Ruby

Dark ruby is a saturated, bloody red hair color. It is in the palette range from maroon to pink. Suitable for almost everyone. An exception are the owners of the spring color type. For summer looks, it is better to choose a muted shade with a purple undertone, and for autumn, a shade with a red tint. During the winter, however, you need to select a bright dark ruby ​​shade.

Dark Pomegranate

Dark pomegranate is part of the dark red palette. Suitable for owners of winter and spring color types. This is the perfect shade for those with fair skin and green or blue eyes. You should not choose a dark pomegranate shade if you have an olive complexion or skin with a pinkish tint.

Dark Raspberry

Suitable for autumn and winter type of appearances with light freckled skin, as well as green, blue or brown eyes. The dark crimson color enters the palette with a range from purple to muted red.

Get Maroon Hair Naturally

In order to get maroon hair the natural way, you can use a natural color agent, such as henna. In order to get the desired shade, you need to mix henna powder with warm red wine or beetroot juice. The mixture must have the consistency of sour cream. Moreover, if you combined henna powder with cranberry juice, you will get a dark pomegranate shade.

So, you should mix the ingredients well together and then apply it on clean hair. After you’re done, wrap your head in a towel and let it set for 4 hours. Next, rinse your hair without using shampoo and apply hair conditioner. However, if you didn’t get the shade that you wanted, you can repeat this procedure 2 to 3 times.

Special Care for Your Wine Hair

Maroon is the type of hair color that washes off after 4 to 8 weeks. It becomes faded, so the dyeing procedure must be repeated. However, in order to keep the dye longer in your hair, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Minimize the use of hair spray. This hair product dries your strands and reveals scales in your hair, as a result of which the pigment is washed off faster;
  • Use care products especially designed for colored strands. In this category we include at least the shampoo and the hair conditioner;
  • Apply masks on your hair in order to moisturize and nourish your curls once per week;
  • Use oils and creams that are designed to protect the new color of your hair;
  • Only apply hair dye on clean hair. Modern products contain a minimum of aggressive components that do not harm your hair, but penetrate unwashed hair with difficulty. Now, we know that so far, hairdressers recommended to only dye greasy hair. However, the chemical compounds in hair dye have changed and that’s no longer necessary.

Maroon is a color allows you to stand out from the crowd and express your personality to the whole world. However, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is important to choose the right shade and take care of your hair after dyeing it.


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More Maroon Hair Ideas

A photo says a thousand words, that’s why we will leave you gazing at more than 100 photos of women who were brave enough to try maroon hair. As you can see, almost each woman is wearing a different shade of maroon. This might help you understand that picking the right one is crucial. If in theory you find things difficult, you could find a woman who has similar characteristics to yours and steal her style. That works too! The main purpose is to look your best while sporting maroon hair, regardless of your hairstyle.

In conclusion, there are numerous subtleties to this hair color as well. The result, however, should motivate us in order to find the perfect shade or at least the perfect colorist who can make our dream come true. Although not an easy task, nowadays it is simpler to check out a hairdresser’s work online and decide whether we want to pay him or her a visit or not. So, put your trust in yourself or a professional and don’t wait too long until you dye your hair the color you desperately want right now or wanted for a short or long while now!

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