15 Mohawk Braid Styles For Every Woman

The Mohawk braid hairstyle is making a comeback. It is creating a firestorm among fashion-forward women who want to combine the edgy aesthetics of a Mohawk with the elegance of braids. This trend-setting style does not require sacrificing your natural locks to get an awesome look. What it does need is a little creativity to get a very unique and stunning look.

An Overview of Mohawk Braid

The Mohawk braid hairstyle is a combination of two different methods of styling one’s natural locks. In its strictest sense, the Mohawk puts emphasis on the strip of hair on the crown. The sides of the head appear thinner than the top.

The classic men’s Mohawk calls for shaved sides. Women do not have to go this far to get an amazing Mohawk. All they need is to make the sides look thinner or flatter than their locks on top.

Braiding is a hairstyle that people use to discourage them from ever manipulating their tresses in a very frequent manner. Of course, it also has that elegant and very unique look that people always associate with Black women and Rastafarians.

The Mohawk braid combines the two styles. You first create braids before you bunch them all up in the middle of the crown. The braids can run the entire length of the crown from the hairline to the nape. There are different variants, too. This depends on what kind of look the person wants to achieve.

15 Cool and Trendy Mohawk Braid Style Ideas that Will Turn People’s Heads

Most women look at the Mohawk as a hairstyle that is very masculine. However, these 15 Mohawk braid hairstyle ideas will prove them wrong.

1. Futuristic and Funky

This Mohawk braid style is full of character and spunk. It is the kind of hairstyle that will make people stop what they are doing if only to marvel at the style’s intricate design. It comes with a sleek ponytail, complete with triple plaits. This is a style that will elevate your looks to a very different level.

2. Subtle and Small

Ladies who are not ready to sport the bold styling of a Mohawk can still style their tresses in a subtle way. The braids are small, almost imperceptible. One has to be close enough to you to notice the twin small and subtle braids that run at the center of your crown.

Give the look a certain level of edginess by splitting the bangs in the middle. This style is great for ladies who love to wear their tresses down. You should still look very interesting without going overboard.

3. Puffy and Loose

This is a scene stealer. It is not the kind of tight braids that you would expect from African-American women. However, the loose twisting of the tresses gives this Mohawk braid an elegance that no other style can give.

This style is perfect when going to a concert, joining a party, or participating in any occasion. The messy tangle of Mohawk twist braids that cascade down one shoulder and the elegant French braid on the crown are the perfect combination for a stylish hairdo.

4. Braid, Bun, and Waves

Who said that braids only work with women who have naturally curly locks? Ladies who have straight hair can also benefit from the sophisticated look that braided hair can offer. And when you add a bun at the end of the loose Mohawk braid, this is a style that will be the envy of everyone else.

Both the braid and the bun give the tresses a funky and adorable twist to the ordinary half-up hairstyle. Try creating gentle waves on the rest of the locks and you could be the next star to grace a fashion magazine.

5. Braid with Weave

This Mohawk braid style idea is stunning. It is a long Mohawk that requires the addition of hair extensions, in case your tresses do not have the necessary length. The front of the locks gets a very chunky braid treatment.

It is like creating several buns right up front. As these large weaves meet at the center, you get to create a Mohawk. Continue creating the large weaves until you get an extra-long ponytail.

6. The Frohawk

Ladies with natural curls will love the Frohawk. This is a type of Mohawk that can make your twisty tresses look more gorgeous. The trick is to create fascinating braids that run from the temples and join the rest of the tresses at the crown.

The locks in the center can then be styled in small and loose weaves. This gives the hairstyle that classic Mohawk appearance that will amaze anyone who sees it.

7. Braided Ponytail

This style has a warm boho vibe to it that is perfect for wearing to the next spring festival. The Mohawk features a loose weave that gets bunched up at the nape and flows down the back as an elegant pony.

There is a pair of cool-looking braids from the temples, too. They join the backend of the Mohawk and give the ponytail additional texture. This Mohawk braid style idea is great for a beach outing, a summer adventure, or a wedding with a bohemian theme.

8. Big and Bulky

Consider this the reverse of the classic bun. Instead of the bun placed at the back of the head, it sits right in front. It has an imposing presence that it would be impossible for people not to notice.

Behind the bun are sections of large weaves that resemble the crest of an ancient Roman Legionnaire. Such a hairstyle takes time to accomplish. However, once finished, it can make you look a lot cooler and edgier.

9. Bantu Knots

These are not braids in themselves. However, they do create the signature look of a Mohawk. Bantu knots are one of the most common hairstyles for Afro-textured tresses. The coiled nature of the locks makes it super easy to turn into large knots at the center of the crown.

Create three of these large knots. One right at the crown, another one at the nape, and the last one in between the two large knots. Next, create small braids from the ears and terminate at the top and bottom knots. If you are searching for a statement-making Mohawk braid idea, then this is it.

10. Long Mohawk Braids

This Mohawk braid style idea is not only chic. It is very glamorous, too. It does entail a lot of work. You will need long cornrows that run all the way from your hairline to the back of the head.

The longer the braids are, the more outlandish you can style your Mohawk. It has the edgy look of a Mohawk and the sophistication of long braids.

11. French Braid Mohawk

You may have already seen brides and bridesmaids wear this type of hairstyle. The French braid is one of the most beautiful hairstyles any woman can ever wear.

It is not surprising that this style is one of the go-to styles during special occasions. The French braid features large and loose weaves that you style on top of your crown. Continue weaving until you get to the nape. Loop your tresses and form a ponytail.

12. Braided Updo

This Mohawk braid hairstyle does not only look very cute. It is also a very convenient and elegant hairstyle that any lady can wear. It does not require an Afro-textured hair. All it needs is a medium-sized weave right in the middle of one’s crown.

You can make it as polished and sophisticated as you want. Or, you can leave it messy for a more natural look. However you decide to go with this style, you can be sure to turn heads wherever your feet take you.

13. The Fauxhawk

It is true that this is not a real Mohawk. However, one cannot deny that it still gives the impression of an edgy Mohawk. The Fauxhawk works best with women who have a 4C type of hair.

The natural tight curls of 4C can simplify the making of this hairstyle. You will need to make side braids to complement the natural curls of the Fauxhawk. This Mohawk braid style is what you can wear to a special event. Its edginess is simply irresistible.

14. The Looped Mohawk

Some women may not want to try this Mohawk braid style. They think that it is very complicated to pull off. On the contrary, it is very easy. It does take patience and effort, however.

The trick is to create medium-sized braids as they are a lot easier to make. Once you have braided your tresses, you can cluster them into sections. Now, loop each section with each other to create a fascinating and unique Mohawk.

15. Hair Cuffs on Natural Mohawk

Accessories can also make your Mohawk braid style trendier. Using glam hair cuffs can add a touch of sophistication to your already fabulous tresses. Add these accessories to the braid itself or to other parts of your head.

You can also use other hair accessories to give your locks a very different look. One good thing about this idea is that you get to change the way your tresses look every day without making significant changes to its styling.

Benefits of Having a Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

The Mohawk braid style of tresses is one of the most unique in the world. It offers a lot of versatility without ever sacrificing the natural characteristics of your locks. One can style the tresses to look as casual and carefree as possible.

You can also style it in such a way that it will look as sophisticated and polished as the hairstyles of celebrity A-listers. In other words, you can rock a casual vibe one day and sport a sexy and sultry look the next. You get to do this without ever seeing your stylist.

This hairstyle also works on various types of tresses. It is not necessary that one has to have a 4C type of hair for this style to work. One can have long and silky smooth locks and still be able to create loose weaves. The main point here is to create a thicker top than the sides.

Such a style can also have a protective function. This depends on whether you decide to create the classic cornrow or box braids or not. Loose weaves may not qualify as a protective hairstyle.

However, box braids and other similar tightly-woven tresses can help protect the natural locks from our tendency to manipulate them. They require less frequent washing and styling. This minimizes hair breakage and damage.

Hacks to Maintain a Stunning Mohawk Braid

Mohawk braid hairstyles are very fascinating. They can give you a very casual and cool vibe if you want to. They can also look romantic, sophisticated, and carefree if the wearer so chooses.

It is for this reason that one should know how best to take care of such a hairstyle. Here are a few tricks that can help you.

• Apply olive oil or coconut oil on the edges of your braid for the first three days of making the braid. This will help ease the tension on your hair roots. At the same time, it can relieve the pressure that may be present on the scalp. Also apply oil every two to three days to help moisturize the scalp. A good alternative is Shea butter.

• Wash it every two weeks. You can always use dry shampoo or similar products in between washes. Make sure to clean only the edges of the braids where you can see your scalp. If you have loose braids, then there is no issue about the frequency of washing.

• Always use hair care products that are formulated especially for synthetic hair. This is if you decide to use synthetic hair extensions in the making of your braids.

• Protect your tight braids whenever you go to bed. Wear a satin or silk scarf or bonnet. This will help prevent friction that can cause your braid to unravel.

How to Get an Impressive Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Making a Mohawk braid is easy. Most will never need a stylist. However, there will be certain types of this hairstyle where a stylist or an assistant will come in handy.

This is true if you are going to make very intricate braid designs. A stylist should be able to help you in such a case. Always communicate the kind of Mohawk braid hairstyle that you want.

If you are going to make tight braids, make sure to prepare your tresses very well. You will not be touching or manipulating these types of braids for quite a long time. It is a must that you nourish and moisturize your tresses very well before you do the braids.


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Try to look at the different Mohawk braid hairstyles. Pick one that is easy enough for you to accomplish on your own. The point here is for you to develop the confidence in making and wearing this kind of hairstyle. If you like what you see, then you can choose other “more sophisticated” and more complicated Mohawk braid hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

• I have smooth, straight hair. Can I get a Mohawk braid?

There are no restrictions when it comes to a Mohawk braid. As long as you can create a weave pattern and turn the middle section of your head look thicker than the sides, then you can have a Mohawk braid. Since your locks are smooth, you may not be able to make tight weaves. You can opt for loose weaves instead.

• Is it necessary that I cover my tresses after getting a Mohawk braid?

It depends on the style of Mohawk braid that you have. If the weave is loose that you can remove it before going to bed, then there is no need to cover up.

However, if you have cornrows or box braids, then it is a must that you cover your locks in satin or silk when you go to bed. This is unless you don’t mind making the braids again the following morning.

• How long do Mohawk braids last?

Tight braids should last about a month to a month and a half. This is exercising due diligence in its care. Loose braids will last until you decide to remove them.

In general, you remove your loose braids before you go to sleep. Hence, the duration of your Mohawk braids is dependent on the nature of the braid.

The Mohawk braid hairstyle brings together the elegance of the braid and the edgy look of a Mohawk. It is a very unique and interesting hairstyle for women. It is also a very versatile and trendy style that you should try today.

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