130 Ombre Hair Variations for Gradual Contrasting Color Choices

Ombre hair remains one of the hottest trends in hair coloring and is not going to give up its position at all. This is because it is blooming with more and more colors. It continues to inspire the most famous hairstyle designers, who offer us amazing new options for dyeing black, brown and blonde hair.

If you would like to try ombre hair, but you don’t know which option to choose, you will find the answer in this article. More than 130 photos, as well as countless color combinations will be presented below, making your job way easier than it seems!

The Features and Benefits of Ombre Hair

Having ombre hair is a great way to be trendy in 2019 as well. In addition, it also represents a great way to save money and time by making less trips at the salon. Or, by dyeing your own hair if you are skilled enough.

Depending on your preferences, this type of hair dyeing allows you to create countless looks for yourself. They range from elegant to ultra-fashionable and extravagant. Moreover, it is known to best reflect and support a woman’s inner world. In more technical terms, ombre allows you to create luxurious color transitions on dark hair. Conversely, reverse ombre is about gradually darkening the hair towards the roots, not the other way around.

Ombre is a technique very convenient for dark hair. This is because it does not require frequent tinting of the roots. In addition, it makes it easy for you to change your look, complimenting your hair with new color accents.

If you are a brown-haired woman or a brunette and you are attracted to light shades, ombre dyeing is a great choice, In case you are not ready to make a radical color change of your hair, this technique is also ideal. It allows you to add light accents to your hairstyle, without radically changing it.

Ombre dyeing can be used on long, medium and even on very short hair. Any professional hairstylist will choose the dyeing technique depending on the length of your hair, hair type and haircut. For example, for elongated cascading haircuts, a mix of the balayage and contouring technique are also used. As for straight hair, only a stretch of color can generate an elegant ombre. Haircuts like pixie and square can also be highlighted with the help of color graduation.

Ombre on Various Types of Hair

Ombre dyeing is perfect for all types of dark hair. If the hair is thick, dense and heavy, then the ombre effect will give it lightness and movement. If the hair is thin and not very thick, the ombre will add visual volume to it. Curly dark hair will look much better if you emphasize the curls by dyeing them in the style of ombre. Curls will acquire a “deep glow”, a stylish color, texture and volume.

Classic Ombre Hair Dyeing

The classic ombre is very beautiful and the most common option you have. Still relevant during this season, the two-tone ombre on dark hair is all about contrast. The transition between the dark areas and the lighter ones is gradual and sometimes blurry. In other words, the dark color of the roots should flow very smoothly into a light color at the ends of the hair.

Depending on the color of your skin, eyes and the shade of your natural hair, the stylist will choose warm or cold light shades from this year’s fashionable color palette. So, if you are a dark brunette and you do not want to lighten your hair very much, then your transition should not be very contrasting. In this regard, it is recommended to use natural shades for coloring the tips of your hair. Examples are coffee, nuts, caramel and cognac shades.

A more gentle ombre hair option for those of you with thin hair is also available. We are talking about leaving a dark natural color as dominant and dyeing only the tips of your hair in a lighter shade. So, the lighter zone will begin close to the tips of your hair.


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The Clear Ombre Type

This type of ombre differs from the previous one in terms of transition. More specifically, the transition between the two colors is edgy and not blurred at all. In this case, color pairs can be close in shade or as contrasting as possible.

The most extravagant and daring version of the clear ombre is a combination of black roots and bright blonde tips. Now, in order to make the most of this look, the blonde parts of your hair should not be damaged. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the hair lightening procedure is as gentle as possible and is accompanied by special protective and regenerating products.

Usually, for such coloring, either warm or cold tones are chosen, depending on the natural color of your hair, eyes and skin. For example, if you have fair skin and black hair, then cold ash, beige, hazelnut and coffee shades in combination with pearl or cold gold, will greatly suit you. If you have dark or golden-peach skin, and your dark hair has a warm shade, then you should choose honey, chestnut, caramel and golden-wheat shades.

Recently, a new original trend has appeared, which consists in a bold combination of warm and cold light shades. The result is very interesting, with a distinct airiness. It must be emphasized that such a non-standard hair dyeing technique should be trusted in the hands of very experienced colorists only.

Bohemian Ombre Hair

The Bohemian ombre hair that is fashionable this season is characterized by a smooth, blurry transition from dark roots to bright blonde tips. Laying should be as natural as possible, with softly accentuated locks and the effect of slight negligence.

The Tortoise Shell Hair

The so called Tortoise Shell Hair is one of the hottest trends in 2019. This hair dyeing style is a rather complicated version of a multidimensional ombre hair using a certain color palette. Imagine what the shell of an ancient reptile looks like, and you will immediately understand what color palette are we talking about.

Tortoise Shell hair is characterized by longer hair coloring with a thin gradation of color and a predominance of the lightest shades in the halo around the face and at the ends of the hair. In this case, the first place is not occupied by the technique itself, but by an exquisite combination of colors. These are chestnut, coffee, chocolate, caramel, sand, golden honey, nut, ash-beige and platinum shades in various proportions and combinations. This type of ombre hair can be achieved with both warm and trendy cold colors.

Brond-Ombre Dark Hair Dyeing

This type of hair coloring is ideal for those of you who want to look elegant and fashionable at the same time. Brond-Ombre dyeing on dark hair remains one of the most sophisticated types of ombre hair and is still very popular among celebrities.

Using special dyeing techniques, a soft color transition is performed between the dark area and the rest of the hair dyed in the brond style. Experienced stylists know that they must use more shades that are similar for such coloring. This is because the overflow of colors becomes richer and more effective.

In this case, the color difference from the roots to the ends of the hair can be either very soft or quite contrasting.

Ombre Contouring on Dark Hair

For the second season already, ombre contouring on dark hair is breaking all records of popularity. With this type of ombre, light strands of hair are concentrated mainly around the face. This is because the main purpose of this type of hair dyeing is to emphasize the most attractive facial features, as well as visually adjust its shape.

In the hands of an experienced colorist, contour coloring turns into a magical tool for modeling physical characteristics. With it, it is possible to highlight the face favorably, give the skin a healthy glow and make your overall look more youthful and fresh. However, in order to achieve an optimal natural result, trust very experienced stylists only. This type of contouring is not similar to makeup.

Skillfully dyed light strands on dark hair will help visually lengthen the oval of the face or emphasize the cheekbones. Moreover, a well-chosen color will confer a nice glow to tanned skin. Or, it will favorably emphasize the aristocratic whiteness of your face.

Ombre contouring is not only used for the visual correction and highlighting of the face, but also for the stylish design of the haircut contour. Highlights confer the hairstyle a special charm, visually increase the volume of the hair, create depth, and also emphasize the layered texture of the haircut.

Super Natural Ombre Style

This elegant dyeing technique is distinguished by the absence of bright color accents and involves a very soft, flashing color transition between the root zone and the ends of the hair.

A refined ombre in the super natural style will help you to bring a touch of freshness and originality to your usual hairstyle without resorting to radical changes. With it, you can lighten the ends of your hair and give a soft glow and texture to your curls.

The Mix of Balayage and Ombre

This season, ombre dyeing on dark hair is very often performed by mixing it with the balayage technique. The features of the balayage technique are directly reflected by its name. The latter is a French word that means sweeping.

An unusually beautiful combination, this one works best on layered and graduated haircuts. A cascade haircut is also ideal for this mix of dyeing techniques.

Wavy Hair Becomes Ombre Hair

In recent years, you have definitely seen wavy hair colored with the help of the ombre technique. This is because it is undoubtedly a trend of its own. When the hair is wavy, the transition between colors is not obvious at all. And, it doesn’t have to be hidden by hairstylists. This is because the hair naturally falls this way.

You can also pay attention to the more subtle version of this hairstyle. Pastel and natural shades are chosen, which are in gentle contrast with the main color. And, combined with proper curl definition and styling, it confers a very stylish texture to dark hair.

The Ash Ombre Variation

Glamorous ash, silver and steel blonde shades have quickly become trendy as well. Many famous stylists from around the world were somewhat puzzled by their success. Therefore, everyone can become a victim of this trend; from schoolgirls to bloggers, popular actresses, celebrities and supermodels.

This hair dyeing type looks most impressive if it is done with the help of the ombre effect. This is because the darkened root zone sets off the ash-gray color of the main hair mass very effectively. If your natural hair color has a cold shade, then it will be an ideal base for the ash ombre.

The Steel Ombre Variety

On bright, black-haired brunettes, a magnificent ash-steel ombre looks very impressive. Apparently, the latter is still leading among other varieties of ash-ombre hair coloring.

Gorgeous stretch tones with filigree tints in silver-ash-steel tones really amaze with their beauty. Cool, light silver and steel highlights give a vibrating deep glow to black hair.

Such a complex ombre type is far from simple to implement. The problem is not only in the coloring technique, but also in the need to get beautiful pure shades without color impurities. To do this, you must first correctly lighten the hair, and then use a certain color palette for coloring, which is not found in all dyes.

In order to keep dark hair healthy and strong after lightening, you should use the ultra modern technology for lightening hair, which includes ingredients that strengthen and protect the structure of your hair.

The steel ombre should in no case have a red, yellowish or greenish tint. Again, the ashy colors should be very clean, otherwise this hairstyle will look unprofessional and have a “dirty” effect.

Steel ombre can also be performed using the balayage technique, which is also very popular this year.

Multicolored Ash Ombre

Quite complicated in execution, but very beautiful, the multicolored ash ombre is striking in its play of shades. This type of ombre hair is for those brunettes who treat hair coloring as a work of art and are willing to spend a lot of time and money on this pleasure. Such coloring can be trusted only by an experienced professional, so that the overflow of shades looks elegant. All shades used in coloring should have a fashionable ash tint and harmoniously combine with each other.

There is, without a doubt, something bewitching in this cosmic version of the Ash ombre. Many people like ash-blue shades, but not every woman can afford to wear such a hair color in her everyday life. So, if you still want to try something similar, but you are not ready for an increased attention from others, then pay attention to a rather restrained version of ash-blue ombre with muted blue-graphite highlights on dark hair.

Ombre Hair With Delicate Shades

This very elegant ombre look is characterized by soft color transitions and delicate shades, mainly in warm, natural colors. Such dyeing type looks very beautiful on dark hair with a warm brown tint. Also, it is perfect for the most feminine and romantic of you, who prefer to display an elegant style.

Delicate golden, sand and honey shades will gently illuminate your face, beautifully setting off the contour of your haircut. In addition, your look will be characterized by freshness, radiance and expensive elegance.

The Scandinavian Ombre

The Scandinavian ombre or the so-called reverse ombre involves lightening the roots with a smooth transition to the natural dark ends of the hair. However, this type of ombre hair is not very common. Even so, you must admit that it is quite interesting. It doesn’t only have a spectacular appearance, but it also allows you to save thin or damaged hair from lightening.

In conclusion, the variety of ombre hair can certainly be overwhelming. Some women prefer to just pick a very good stylist and don’t study the characteristics of this hair dyeing technique. However, it is interesting to find out which are your options and decide for yourself which would suit you better. You might not be an experienced colorist, but you definitely know what you like, right?

If a few years ago, there was only one type of ombre hair, now there are too many to discuss in one sitting. In case you didn’t like the obvious transition between colors, you now have other options that suit you better. Or, if you didn’t think hair contouring is possible, now you know it is! So, your imagination and the hairdresser’s imagination are the limits when it comes to dyeing your hair. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your favorite ombre style in the comments below!

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