142 Orange Hair Shades for the Most Daring Fashionistas

Throughout the history of mankind, orange hair was considered the most mysterious and mystical. Girls with orange hair immediately stand out from the crowd, as the orange hair color is associated with passion, courage and self-sufficiency.

If you are ready for orange hair, then start by choosing the exact shade that will match the tone of your skin – we will help with a simple guide. To keep your hair vibrant, we’ve included some very important care tips, and for you to look fresh, there are also key makeup and fashion tips.

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, making it one of the warmest colors. If you decide on such a coloring, you must remember that it will greatly affect the tone of your skin. Although almost all variations of orange refer to warm colors, you can choose more muted or deeper ones that will better suit your skin type.

The color palette of this gamut is very rich, so almost any woman can find a color that will fully match the features of her appearance. Let’s find out more and browse through no less than 140 photos of orange hair examples and ideas.

Orange Hair – Main Features and Characteristics

Natural orange hair is the least common natural hair color. It appears because there are changes in the composition of the hair’s pigments. More specifically, under the influence of a mutation, a certain pigment becomes predominant, which is the orange one. Of course, not all natural orange haired women have the same shade. The shade spectrum is in fact really wide. We are talking about copper shades, as well as bright reds.

Owners of luxurious orange hair always attract attention and stand out from the crowd. This is actually the reason why many women choose to dye their hair in fiery shades. In addition, red hair and orange hair variations are always relevant. We know this because these trends have been steadily kept among other popular trends for several decades.

This is not surprising because fiery shades are considered fresh, bright and juicy. However, it is difficult to choose a fiery tone that emphasizes the expressiveness of your features. The orange color palette is very insidious, and its various shades match certain skin tones and eye colors. So, a wrong shade of orange can completely cross out all the advantages of your appearance.

Another advantage of orange hair is its versatility. More specifically, there’s a shade for everyone and it goes well with any haircut or hair length. If you have a lot of gray hair, however, then keep in mind that the orange pigment can behave moody and poorly. Also, the orange color additionally emphasizes wrinkles, freckles, age spots and other imperfections on the face (people with skin problems are unlikely to want to highlight their imperfections).

General Guidelines for Orange Haired Wannabe Women

In general, orange hair looks harmoniously on women of the following type:

  • with pale and milky white skin;
  • eyes of a light gray or light blue hue;
  • subtle aristocratic features;
  • some shades look good on green-eyed beauties;

However, there are also a few characteristics that should determine you not to choose orange hair. If you find yourself in the following features, it would be best to give preference to a different hair color:

  • gray hair, which occupies more than half of the total volume of hair;
  • dry, brittle hair;
  • pronounced age-related skin changes;
  • pigmentation, an abundance of freckles and moles.

All other young ladies can safely dye their hair in shades of bright orange. But, at the same time, the choice in shade is very important, so let’s see what shades of orange are out there.

Shades of Orange Hair

It’s no secret that for a long time designers focused on bright hair colors only. These days, this is a well-established trend in the world of colorists, which implies bright shades of hair dye. When it comes to orange, there are numerous shades available. Bright orange expresses boldness and it creates a memorable look.

Despite the fact that this year the orange color is becoming less popular, it still claims to be a micro-trend of the season. We tried to figure out what shades of orange hair are in fashion, as well as determine the most popular orange hair dyes.

Orange is an intermediate color in the spectrum between yellow and red. In accordance to the color palette, it is considered that shades such as carrot, amber, honey, and red refer to orange hair. As said, there are many shades of orange and today we will discuss the most popular of them.

The Color of Honey

The honey shade is one of the most seductive hair shades that form feminine notes. This is a light orange hair color with pronounced golden notes. Moreover, it will be an excellent solution for owners of fair skin and brown or teal eyes.

Bright Orange

Bright orange is a saturated orange color that looks very bright and at the same time attracts attention. However, this shade is definitely not suitable for everyone. For example, girls with dark skin should beware of this fashionable shade. Most of all it suits owners of fair skin and brown eyes. This is a warm shade of hair, so it should be chosen by girls with the appropriate spring-summer color type.

Bright orange hair is very popular this year. In particular, it is chosen by many fashion bloggers, as well as celebrities. So, keep in mind that orange hair is in perfect harmony with brown eyes.

The Amber Shade

Amber is, first of all, a deep orange shade of hair. Or, it is considered a red hair color with dark notes. In fact, some say it is the most beautiful and bright shade of orange. However, it is only suitable for women with brown or green eyes, light or olive skin.

Hair Like a Carrot

Carrot is a hair color shade in which red notes prevail. Or, it can be described as a rich orange shade with muted red tones. It looks very bright and beautiful and it is perfect for girls with brown eyes and fair skin.

Red as a Shade of Orange

In this case, red is also considered a shade of orange. It is included in the basic color palette and it is paired with black, blonde and brown hair. Moreover, it may have rich chestnut or brown shades, which makes it less bright compared to natural orange for example. At the same time, it glows like a sunny color and it is ideal for brown-eyed girls.

Hair in the Shade of Coral

The coral hair shade is a combination between orange and red. This is a light shade of hair, in which red notes predominate. In particular, the coral hair color is suitable for owners of brown or green eyes, dark or fair skin.

Red-Orange Hair

Red-orange hair is characterized by a pleasant bright shade of orange with red notes. This shade of hair is perfect for owners of green eyes and fair skin.

Orange Hair With Golden Notes

Golden orange hair is the most popular option for today. This is a rich red hair color with soft golden notes. A very seductive shade!


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Bonus Orange Hair Shade – Blorange

Ripe peach-colored hair has become the dream of many girls this year. That’s why we will tell you how blorange came into fashion and some of its characteristics.

The past years have brought us dozens of trends in hair coloring: rainbow, ombre, bold colors – bright blue , turquoise, green. 2019 is not far behind: the Internet is filled with photos of girls with golden pink hair.

Blorange is a mix of blonde and orange tones. The result is a warm, light shade that resembles the grapefruit juice. The creator of this orange hair shade is named Alex Brownsell. As for the model who decided to wear this hair shade first, her name is Georgia May Jagger.

This fashionable shade ranges from bright orange to light pink-gold highlights. Some people compare blorange with the negative consequences of radical lightening. This is because when you bleach dark hair, there will definitely be some strands that will have a rusty shade.

Skin Color vs. Orange Shade

Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, which means it is one of the warmest colors. If you decide on such a hair shade, then you must remember that it will greatly affect the tone of your skin. Although almost all variations of orange refer to warm colors, you can choose more muted or deeper ones that will better suit your skin type.

Orange Shades for Warn Skin Tones

Since warm skin tones go great together with orange shades, you can choose most of them; from pastel corals and peaches to hot oranges and red-orange tones. Even brick red or copper shades complement a warm skin tone perfectly.

The darker your skin is, the darker the shade of orange hair you can choose. Brick red colors can be an excellent choice. However, there are many exceptions, since peach hair that faces pink gold can look extremely attractive on dark skin.

Olive Skin Tones Match Orange Shades

If your skin tone is olive or your skin type can be described as Mediterranean, then orange hair is a great choice for you. This is because orange will confer your skin more golden hues. Even so, you should stick to more balanced shades and avoid pink corals and bloody oranges.

Orange Shades for Cold Skin Types

If your skin is very light and cool, you can play with softer shades of mandarin and peach, which will look very beautiful and imperceptible against the background of your skin. Warmer orange hair colors can also work quite well if they are not too golden or yellow.

Orange Hair vs. Eye Color

If you decide to dye your hair in a chic, fiery shade, then you first need to check which shade matches the color of your eyes. Although there are not too many contraindications when it comes to orange hair and the color of your eyes, it is still important to choose the best shade for your hair. Now that we know which shades of orange match which skin color type, we shall discuss matching orange shades with various eye colors.

Brown Eyes and Orange Hair

The most striking and well-known look from the popular culture is Julia Roberts’s look. She is a brown-eyed beauty who used to wear orange hair. In fact, the owners of the most expressive eyes can experiment with almost any shade of orange, from caramel red to deep copper.

Light brown eyes will complement honey shades and red blonde very well, and dark brown will look even more mysterious and expressive in the frame of red-brown and copper hair.

Green Eyes and Orange Hair

In this regard, it would be impossible for you not to know about how well green mixes with red. So, those of you who have green eyes, can choose light red and caramel shades. Fair-skinned and green-eyed girls look great in red and brick shades. Also, copper hair and emerald eyes are a good combination.

Blue Eyes and Orange Hair

Orange hair is also suitable for girls with blue eyes. The cold gaze of blue eyes perfectly complements the bright fiery red hue or the mahogany color. With light blue eyes, orange-brown hair will look good.

Blue-eyed girls can experiment with the most provocative colors: from carrot and orange to fiery red.

Gray Eyes and Orange Hair

Gray-eyed girls will be able to emphasize their gaze with natural shades of orange: golden, amber, light red, light brown and chestnut red.

Special Care Considerations

Once you get the perfect orange shade in your hair, you will definitely want it to stay in for long and remain as bright as possible. In this regard, what you need to do is follow the next steps:

  • Wash your hair less often. Each time you wash your hair, you draw a little dye from it. This is especially true for bright hair colors. Try to wait as long as possible between hair washing sessions.
  • Use a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates make your hair duller and washes out healthy oils. Your hair is already too delicate after you bleach it and dye it, so it does not need to be exposed to sulfates. That will only dry it even more.
  • Use cold water. Hot water opens the follicles and draws dye from your hair. Therefore, only wash your body with warm water and your hair with colder water.
  • Use protein masks. After bleaching, your hair loses a lot of protein. So, you must restore the natural balance of your hair with protein masks and protein-fortified conditioners.
  • Darken your roots. Darkening your roots with deeper shades of orange will allow you to make the hair-growth process smoother. Also, in this way, it is less likely for you to use bleach on your hair again.
  • Avoid exposure to heat. Straightening and curling irons heat the hair too much and damage it. Instead, use a hairdryer or heat-free curlers. Do not forget to use a thermal spray.

Change Your Makeup Routine

As with all fashionable hair colors, orange hair requires a little more effort from you. Although you might think it would be distracting, orange hair actually draws more attention to your face, and this can cause a discoloration on it, especially if you have a lot of redness or inflammation on your skin.

This means that you need to carefully apply the foundation, use a moisturizing cream and concealer if desired. As for the blush, it is better to avoid those cold shades that have become so popular recently, as they will interfere with your warm orange hair color. Stick to neutral champagne or warm shades of gold or copper.

You can color your eyebrows in the same shade, but a tone darker than your hair. In addition, it is advisable to avoid gray shades or espresso. Natural and neutral eye makeup is always a safe choice, but if you prefer ultra-bright orange hair, you can play with it using neon eye-shadows.

Precious tones are also surprisingly attractive, in particular, blue and turquoise colors serve as complementary colors for orange hair.

The principles for choosing a lipstick suitable for your orange hair are very similar to the principles for choosing a blush. Warm shades, such as peach and coral, will be the most suitable.

More Orange Hair Ideas

As it follows, we will leave you with even more orange hair ideas and combinations of hues that catch the eye in no time. You will see multiple orange shades combined, highlights and low-light that all come together in order to form a complete look worthy of a daring and strong woman.

Did you find the perfect orange shade that matches your eyes and your skin tone? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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