134 Extravagant Pin Up Hair Styles for Your Inner Playful Beauty

The year 2019 is marked by the fact that it is attentive to the fashion of past years and chooses from there hairstyles and haircuts that fit into the main trends of modern fashion. These days, for example, thick and voluminous hairstyles are fashionable. In addition to those general trends, pin up hair, which was extremely popular between the 30’s and the 50’s, fell into the spotlight of modern fashion again. Back then, a certain type of woman was relevant, namely with a thin waist and a clean and beautiful face. The main attributes of pin up beauties were large, well-defined lips, brightened with red lipstick, large eyes, embellished with thick eyelashes, and most importantly, luxurious hair, thick and quite long, laid in a very unique manner.

Pin up hairstyles promote the look of a very sensual and feminine woman of the 50’s. Celebrities such as Katy Perry, Betty Page, Kelly Brook and Nicole Scherzinger were happy to experiment with various eccentric pin up hairstyles. This is because the latter favorably emphasizes the sexuality and originality of the stars.

Besides showing off more than 100 photos of the most successful pin up hairstyles, we will also tell you how to style your hair following Betty Page’s and Rita Hayworth’s example. In addition, we will talk about the main features of the pin up style and how you can reinvent it in our days.

The Beginnings of Pin Up Hair

The first wave of popularity of this style swept through the USA in the 30’s of the last century, and then reached other countries. In those years, photographs of girls with high hairstyles and spectacular curls began to appear in fashion magazines more and more often. This gave rise to a new fashion era, which had a noticeable effect on the appearance of Western girls during the 40’s and 50’s. It was the pin up era. Flirty polka dot dresses, stockings and corsets, tiny clutch handbags – this style still captivates with its femininity and sexuality. Moreover, the pin up look isn’t complete without bright red lipstick, fluffy eyelashes and neat eyebrows. And, of course, without pin up hairstyles.

Pin Up Hair – Main Features and Characteristics

The pin up girls were brunettes, and blondes, and redheads. At that time, hair was dyed in a plain color. The current fashion has expanded the range of colors. They added artificial gray hair, unnatural blue, pink, green and other neon colors. Multi-color hair is fashionable now and individual strands dyed in different colors fit perfectly into the pin up style.

Most pin up hairstyles impose requirements on the hair with respect to length and structure, and not color at all. So, it is best to have thick and wavy hair. That would be of great help in achieving pin up hairstyles easier. Even in case of straight hair, you can curl it as long as it’s not too thin. However, if your hair is kinky curly, then you should probably straighten it if you want pin up hair. Small and tight curls are not a great fit to this style.

In general, pin up hair is based on large waves and curls, long bangs rolled inwards, highly raised hair laid out in unique ways. In addition, what distinguishes a pin up hairstyle are bright scarves, hats, headbands and bows. Moreover, to create and secure such hairstyle, you will need lots of hairpins.

You will not need anything unusual in order to style your hair like this. Among the needed items is a large-diameter curling iron, large curlers, invisible hairpins, combs, hair brushes, hair products and so on.

The Differences Between the Pin Up Style and the Retro Style

We asked our stylists about the differences between the pin up style and the retro style and they suggested what features these styles have:

  • smooth, shiny strands;
  • pinned up hair;
  • volume in the parietal zone of the head due to hair teasing and curling;
  • bright accessories, such as ribbons, bandannas, headbands, hair clips;
  • general appearance characterized by juicy lipstick on the lips, wide midi-skirts and a high waist clothes.

Is Pin Up Hair Suitable for You?

The main components of pin up hair are a combination of creativity, romanticism and femininity. This style is chosen exclusively by coquette women, who like to be admired. Such a playful style cannot be left unnoticed, especially when the clothes and makeup contribute to this flashy look.

One important aspect regarding the pin up style is to constantly experiment and do everything necessary to stand out from the crowd. Vintage and extravagant looks will forever remain in fashion. What you need to do is adapt some of their features to the modern woman that you are. If done right, you can wear this look as your everyday style, or for special occasions only.

In general, the pin up direction is distinguished by coquetry and playfulness, tenderness and mystery. This style confers sensuality to a woman and not vulgarity. However, in order to send the right message, you will need flawless and well-groomed hair. Thick bangs are more than welcome.

The calling card of a pin up hairstyle is thick, elastic, straight or curled bangs to the middle of the forehead, as well as hair curled to the full length and strands laid in large waves. Such styling is so diverse that you can choose the right hairstyle for both long and medium hair, as well as for short hair.

Pin Up Hairstyle Ideas

As it follows, we will present pin up hairstyle ideas and step by step instructions on how to achieve them at home, without making too much efforts.

Luxurious Curls for Short and Long Hair

Such a luxurious look is suitable for any length of hair. Moreover, creating it at home is quite simple. The main principle is that in order to achieve elastic curls and good volume, you will have to use a curling iron or curlers. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  • Take individual strands of hair and curl them using a curling iron in one direction;
  • Next, comb the curls with a round brush and gently lay them in waves, while twisting the ends of the hair inward;
  • It’s time to do the same with your bangs in case you have any. If you don’t, then you can twist a frontal portion of your hair in the shape of a cone and secure it;
  • The rest of your hair should be beautifully spread over your shoulders;

Victory Rolls for Your Medium Locks

An excellent pin up hairstyle is when you twist your hair into two big rolls. This style can be achieved with medium long hair at minimum.

The two pretty rolls formed as a result of the styling completed parallel to the top of the crown will be an excellent source of inspiration for the subsequent creation of the whole retro look. For example, you can leave your hair loose, or you can collect it in a ponytail.

The method of twisting hair into rolls can be used on one side only and look no less spectacular. That is if you want to diversify the look or you just can’t manage to do two.


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Pin Up Hair Stacking With a Scarf

In order to create a summer retro hairstyle, girls often use a scarf. Since the pin up style is distinguished by its crazy brightness, using such accessory will only complement your look.

Hairstyles with a scarf are perfect for medium and even very short hair. The accessory should be bright, with the addition of synthetic fabrics, so that the hairstyle can bend and keep its shape. Moreover, they look beautiful with bangs. However, if you don’t have bangs, you can create a false bang by rolling some of your frontal hair inwards.

  • In case you don’t have bangs, then take the tip of your comb and select a few strands of hair from the frontal region;
  • Next, put the rest of your hair in a high ponytail and fix it with an elastic band;
  • Divide the ponytail into 8 to 10 sections and begin to curls them;
  • Make sure you use a large diameter curler;
  • Next, you can leave the curls free, or you can secure the rings with bobby pins around the base of the ponytail;
  • Go back to your bangs and curl your hair inwards; Comb and curl your hair with a round brush and then spray it with varnish.
  • Tie a scarf of your choice and then make a bow at the ends.
  • The scarf must be placed between your bangs and the ponytail;

Pin Up Hair for Special Occasions

Just a couple of steps and a little imagination will help you create a stunning pin up hairstyle that will meet all the fashion trends. Here are the stages of creating pin up hair for special occasions:

  • To begin with, select a frontal portion of your hair in order to make bangs with. If you already have bangs, then you only need to twist the ends inwards; You can sweep your hair on a side and roll your fringes as well;
  • Next, we are looking at a bouffant high bun, which can be achieved by teasing the hair and securing it into a high bun;
  • In fact, we would like the high bun to look like a shell;
  • Tease your hair and style it with the help of hair spray until it looks like a slightly disheveled shell;
  • Next, you can add accessories;

You can decorate such a trendy and stylish pin up hairstyle with cute accessories in the form of buds of fresh flowers, such as orchids, peonies or chrysanthemums. Be sure to complement your retro style look with elegant jewelry made of gold or silver. Believe us, such accessories will confer you a much sexier look that it more feminine and more attractive.

Delicate Curls With a Side Parting

Such a pin up hairstyle can perfectly emphasize the fragility, sophistication and femininity of its owner, and a bright accessory in the form of a flower will attract attention and confer creativity.

  • If your hair is straight and smooth, then you first need to create light waves with any means you’d like;
  • Next, divide your hair in two parts, using a side parting that highlights your best features;
  • Separate the front lock that results from the parting, comb it thoroughly and then twist it towards the parting;
  • Fix the roll with hair pins and hair spray;
  • On the other side, not very close to the face, you can add a hairpin in the shape of a large flower;
  • If you do so, then take a strand of hair and wrap the base of the flower with it;
  • If you don’t wear a flower, then just do another victory roll on the other side;

Retro Short Hair Styling

Short hair, of course, gives fewer opportunities. However, most pin up hairstyles look no less impressive on short hair. The advantage here is that creating such a hairstyle on short hair will take much less time than in previous cases, and the main focus should be on makeup and accessories.

Pin Up Hair for Curly Girls

Curls are ideal for creating pin up hairstyles. This is because you won’t have to spend as much time creating the curls, but rather just comb them correctly. In addition, you would have to lay them properly and learn how to use the accessories correctly. However, those of you with really curly hair characterized by small curls will sadly have to straighten it and then curl it again. Otherwise, it would not be compliant with this hairstyle. Here is a styling idea for curly hair:

  • Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair;
  • You can twist them so they don’t interfere with your creation;
  • Curl the rest of your hair;
  • Make a victory roll from your bangs;
  • Tie a ribbon around your hair, making a small knot which should be placed on the top of your forehead;

The Pin Up High Tail

The pin up high tail can be done with both curly and straight hair. Therefore, if you prefer the second option, then use a special mousse and a curling iron.

  • Separate the bangs from the rest of your hair;
  • Make a high ponytail – as high as possible;
  • You tease your hair a little before you wrap a strand of hair over the elastic band that you used to secure the high tail;
  • Roll your bangs;
  • Use plenty of hairspray;

Hair Styling Accessories for Pin Up Hair

Finally, let’s go over the decor for retro hairstyles once again. These should be attention-grabbing art pieces that harmonize the hairstyle together with the overall look. You will find the following items useful:

  • bright silk shawls that may be simple or come with various patterns;
  • Wide and colored bandannas;
  • Elastic bands with specific prints such as flowers and Polka dots;
  • Hair pins with rhinestones or large flowers;
  • Real flowers are also encouraged and acceptable for this style;

Thrive for a Complete Pin Up Look

As we all remember, fashion is cyclical, and everything new is well forgotten old. The fashion for retro hairstyles periodically returns, and it is especially worth noting pin up hairstyles, which are unique in their beauty and grace. Pin up hairstyles were especially popular in the 30’s of the last century. Such high styling with large curls greatly influenced fashion as a whole, and now again many lovers of everything beautiful and unusual turn their eyes to these decisions.

Creating a hairstyle in this style requires just amazing accuracy and patience. If you possess all these qualities, then you will definitely be able to make a pin up hairstyle yourself. However, it is not enough to wear your hair in this retro style. In fact, it is important for all of its components to harmonize perfectly with each other. So, make sure to include:

  • Bright makeup;
  • Retro clothes;
  • Additional accessories characteristic to this style;

Pro Tip: When creating such a look, it is very important to keep your sense of proportion. This is because it is very easy to overdo it and the pin up style doesn’t allow vulgarity and excessive swagger.

More Pin Up Hair Ideas

Although not many, we will still leave you with more pin up hairstyle ideas. As seen so far, all hairstyles are based on curls and victory rolls, as well as volume and a bit of eccentricity. Short hair and kinky hair are definitely not preferred in this case, but you can still work with both if you really want to.

The advantages of such style are numerous, but you should consider caring for your hair more than usual. This is because you treat it with heat when you curl it and then you use a lot of hairspray in order to secure it. So, try to keep your hair moisturized for as long as you apply pressure on it.

What is your favorite pin up hairstyle? We would love to hear your answer in the comments section below!

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