150 Charming Pixie Cut Variations for the Enchanting Fairy Inside You

The pixie cut is perhaps the most popular haircut for short hair. The reason why it ended up being so popular might be the fact that it is able to confer a boyish look to a woman, as well as a coquette, feminine one. In fact, these differences come from the way it is cut and the desired end result. In other words, depending on style, women who wear a pixie cut are able to change their image as they please. Choosing between the two main approaches of this particular haircut is mostly suitable for energetic women. The latter are ideally prone to experimenting with their appearance.

Although it may sound corny, we will go ahead and say it: hair has an important aesthetic role. And since one’s hairstyle is an integral part of her image, it may be used to emphasize her individuality. More specifically, long hair draws all attention to itself, distracting the eye from the rest. On the other hand, when it comes to short haircuts, there is a totally different story: the woman’s facial features come to the foreground. So, the focus is on her, not on her hair.

As it follows we will present the features of the pixie cut, its short to medium variations, considerations about various dos and don’ts and how it can be adapted to any physique. In addition, there is an impressive collection of 150 different pixie hairstyles for you to browse through. And, maybe, who knows, you’ll find a cut you’ll fall in love with!

Let’s Thank Vidal Sassoon for the Pixie Cut

Do you remember Audrey Hepburn in Roman Vacations? She was one of the first to take a step towards a new look, abandoning her long hair in favor of a short pixie haircut. After the rental of this film, numerous young girls around the world lined up at the hairdressers. Prior to this melodrama, it was believed that a girl should only wear long hair.

Ten years later, the unknown fifteen-year-old Leslie Hornby spent about eight hours in one of the London salons, where stylist Leonard Lewis and colorist Daniel Galvin worked on her new image. The resulting haircut, a cross between a bean and a pixie, painted in a light strawberry blonde shade, helped the girl literally break into the world of fashion. It was Twiggy. Getting a supermodel to change her hairstyle at the beginning of her career is definitely not easy.

After almost 20 years, the author of the famous pixie haircut, the English hairdresser Vidal Sassoon wrote in his book: “The image of a girl-boy did not imply long hair and complex styling, so I opted for a smooth short haircut, simple, daring, but at the same time exquisite “.

Among other celebrities who have chosen the pixie cut we can count Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Audrey Totu, Katie Holmes, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway and many others.

A Hairstyle Taken From the Red Carpet

We are sure that you have seen a lot of women appearing on the red carpet with a short haircut lately. This is because they have selected a special styling that distinguishes them from the crowd. Even so, it’s no secret that true professionals are working hard on their looks.

The pixie haircut and its variations has attracted stars such as Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Coco Rocha and many others. They presented themselves with great confidence on the red carpet and delighted people all over the planet.

One important fact about this hairstyle is that it can be used to contour your face. Moreover, it is suited for older women because it easily takes a few years off anyone’s face. One example in this regard is Hugh Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee. She often appears publicly sporting a short pixie style.

The Main Features of the Pixie Cut

  • Pixie is the name of a fashionable ultra-short haircut, in which the hair on the temples and nape is shorter than on the top of the head.
  • A distinctive feature of the pixie haircut are elongated locks on the crown of the head and shorter lengths on the sides and at the back of the head. Even so, since this haircut has first appeared, hairstylists have been inventing numerous variations for it. We will discuss those below.
  • The keywords of this haircut are: bare neck and temples; strands of various lengths, spectacular elongated bangs with notes of slight negligence; layering; elongation of strands to the back of the head.
  • If your face is thin and you have bright, expressive features, then the pixie cut is a perfect match for you. This is because the pixie focuses on the wearer’s face. So, it’s quite impossible to hide imperfections with such a haircut.
  • A pixie haircut will also look great on women with an oval or triangular face shape. However, as we have said above, all attention will be focused on the face. So, if you are not a supporter of everyday and high-quality makeup, then it is better to think twice before getting your hair cut.
  • In case you have thin hair, you should really consider this hairstyle. This is because it confers more volume even to thin hair.
  • A pixie haircut will emphasize puffy lips no worse than a plastic surgeon, and make large eyes appear huge.

Face Shape Selection for the Pixie Haircut

  • An ideal option for pixies is an oval face shape with large outlines;
  • For a round face shape, it is worth choosing an asymmetric haircut. In this regard, you can pay attention to elongated bangs;
  • Owners of a triangular face shape will have to opt for a pixie with a voluminous crown and an elongated bang;
  • With a square type of face, an oblique bang looks good;
  • As for girls with a trapezoidal face shape, they are most flattered by a pixie with volume on the temples;
  • A long bang with a flat top is a great option for a diamond-shaped face.

Variations of the Pixie Cut to Choose From

As mentioned before, there are numerous variations of the pixie haircut. This means that it is suitable for many types of women, depending on their features. So, let’s find out what are our options!

Pixie With Elongated Bang

One of the varieties is a pixie with an elongated bang. This option is perfect for women with a round face shape. In addition, the longer the bangs are, the better. However, for those of you with an oval face shape, you can turn your attention to shorter bangs.

A Pixie Style for Wavy and Thin Hair

In a separate category, it is necessary to highlight the pixie haircut on thin and wavy hair. This haircut option looks just gorgeous. By creating volume in the crown area, the hair appears thicker. Moreover, you do not need to bother with styling too much. This is because light negligence is now in fashion.

Pixie Style With Shaved Temples

The next type of haircut is a pixie with shaved temples. It is ideal for those who are tired of the classic pixie haircut and want to experiment a bit. You can complement such a haircut with fashionable coloring. Then no one will be able to resist your stunning looks.

The Medium Pixie Cut

If you are not ready to cut your hair very short, but you want to try something new, then you can choose a pixie hairstyle for medium hair. The latter is characterized by large hair volume in the back and a maximum length that reaches the neck.

Pixies on medium hair need to be styled carefully. This is because without styling, you will get something that looks disheveled and incomprehensible. However, there is nothing complicated about it. It is only necessary to comb the hair from the top of the head forward, then sweep it on one side and use hair spray.

A young actress has recently chosen the medium pixie with elongated bangs. It turned out very fresh, stylish and modern. This is because the pixie hairstyle is universal, being suitable for any type of hair. Moreover, it looks equally elegant on straight hair, as well as on curly hair.

For everyday wear, you can simply fix your hair with a little hair spray or foam. Or, if you want to sweep your hair off your forehead, nothing prevents you from combing your hair over the head or laying it on one side, giving it volume.

Fashionable Coloring for Your Short Locks

In the new season, we have to pay a lot of attention to hair coloring. This is because fashionable shades will help emphasize the attractiveness of a haircut. In this regard, stylists distinguish two areas, namely natural hair coloring and the use of bright colors.

The following shades are especially popular:

  • Platinum hair is a trend among blondes. This shade looks amazing by itself, as well as in combination with a purple color.
  • Strawberry blonde is still in. This shade didn’t lose its popularity for many seasons in a row. However, it should be slightly muffled in the future.
  • Sand. In combination with honey blonde and light brown, your strands will look flawless.
  • Red hair. Lovers of bright colors should choose a ginger, bronze, or golden color. To make your hairstyle bright, you can choose fiery tones.
  • Coffee, walnut and chocolate. The aforementioned hair colors are recommended for dark-haired girls. Such shades will make their hair color more saturated and vibrant.
  • Bold combinations. If a pixie haircut on short hair seems a little boring, you can add bright colors to it. In 2018, the combination between black with pink, green, blue, purple was more fashionable than ever.

Fashion Expert Tips:

Young ladies are advised to choose light colors and not be afraid of bright colors, such as green, deep blue colors. In this season, it is very important to dye individual strands with bright colors. As for middle-aged women, they are advised to use a darker palette of tones. Some examples are plum, deep eggplant, ashen. After all, it all depends on the recommendations of the hairdresser and the preferences of the client. Women over 55 can safely choose natural colors like all shades of chocolate, dark blonde.

Common Misconceptions About the Pixie Hairstyle

There are many myths associated with short haircuts, and in particular with pixies. The main thing, of course, is that “short hair is not feminine.” This stereotype, however, has evolved over decades, and now it is not easy to destroy it. Even so, there are numerous examples of celebrities who have proven differently.

“A short haircut is not suitable for girls with chubby cheeks, a round face or curvaceous figure.” This statement is fundamentally wrong! With the help of a correctly selected pixie haircut, you can visually lengthen your face and give lightness to your entire look. As it follows, we will present a few tips able to destroy all myths:

  • Always complement your pixie haircut with color! Choose bright and juicy shades, such as rich blond, dark chocolate, peach or red.
  • Find your haircut shape. As seen before, there are many varieties of pixies suited for different face shapes and types of appearances. Elongated or, conversely, extremely short bangs, textured or smooth strands – the existence of variety is great.
  • Do not be afraid to experiment with styling. Give free rein to your imagination.
  • Pixie loves makeup! Not necessarily bright, but at least a light make-up is desirable. This is because now the focus is now on your face, not your hair.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Pixie

Just as any other haircut or hairstyle, the pixie has advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s see what we’re dealing with:


  • The pixie visually makes you younger. A pixie haircut for women over 50 is a breath of fresh air. Life takes on new colors and sensations.
  • It has many styling options. Thus, you will not get bored easily of your new look.
  • Easy to style at home. All you need is a few styling products and a hair dryer.
  • Tangible savings in time and money. Depending on your habits, this statement may be true or false.
  • There’s a pixie shape of every face shape and general physical characteristics.
  • It maintains its shape longer than other hairstyles.


  • You cannot choose the pixie style by yourself. Since this haircut highlights your facial features, you need a stylist to properly frame your face.
  • A celebrity’s pixie will not look exactly like yours. They are surrounded by stylists who experiment the best on them.
  • Once you’ve cut your hair, you need to wait for it to grow back. This will not be hard unless you dislike your pixie.
  • Frequent trimming is necessary if you are planning to keep your haircut neat and properly groomed.
  • You can no longer put your hair up in a ponytail if you don’t have time to wash it.
  • It will be much harder to style your hair in case you have naturally curly, thick hair.
  • Any imperfections around your face area will be much more visible.
  • You might have to face negative opinions from narrow-minded people who think only long hair is feminine.

It is Time for a Change

If you have reached the end of this article, then it means you are looking for a change. Regardless if you are going from long hair to really short or just choosing a pixie variety, a change of look will refresh your entire being. As mentioned before, there are many pixie styles you can choose from depending on your face shape, as well as physique. In addition, you can use the help of colors to emphasize your features even more and the change itself as well.

The available pixie styles are definitely numerous, so you might feel overwhelmed. However, there’s no need to. This is because you’ll have to ask a specialist anyway. One of the disadvantages of this hairstyle is that is must be cut according to your features. Otherwise it will not end up flattering for you. Therefore, find a style or cut that you’d like and confront it with what the stylist has to say.

Becoming the wearer of short hair will be a life-changing event on certain levels. So, make sure you’re really ready to sport a pixie cut. If you feel nothing but enthusiasm about this, then don’t hesitate to browse further through tens of pixie cuts. As soon as you find the perfect style, feel free to share it with us in the comments below! We would love to know what has drawn your attention!

Whose celebrity style do you like the most? Is there a certain celebrity who got you hooked on this hairstyle? They definitely have an important role in setting the trends and coming up with new looks in order to inspire us. After all, this is exactly what happened with the pixie cut, as well as other similar innovative hairstyles.


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