203 Plum Hair Color Ideas – An Unconventional and Chameleonic Choice

Multi-colored and fashionable hair shades have burst into trends a few years ago. They are planning to stay, so you might want to get familiarized with hair shades that range from mint blue to pink chewing gum. Actually, in this article, we are going to talk about the plum hair color. The later is a delight on its own and it amazes even more when it is combined with other crazy colors. Both teens and grown-up ladies can try a shade of plum or the other. Some of you might want to achieve the look of a fairy tale princess, while others just want a deep, feminine shade.

Among all the crazy colors in which you can dye your hair in, plum is a versatile color that definitely stands out. Although plum is a color by itself, there are numerous shades that derive from it. We are talking about a color palette that ranges from lavender to eggplant. The difficult choice is left on your shoulders because there isn’t a universal plum hair color that suits everyone. So, it needs to be selected based on your particular characteristics.

In order to avoid an unpleasant surprise, it is best to be prepared beforehand. In addition, these non-standard hair colors require special care. So, let’s find out what shade of plum is suitable for you depending on your eye color and skin color as well. Also, we have prepared an impressive collection of over 200 examples of the plum hair color and its variations.

The Plum Hair Color – Main Features

According to the available statistics, the plum hair color is considered quite popular. If you want to make your appearance unusual, fashionable and noteworthy for others, you should dye your hair in this shade. Hair of this shade is suitable for a daring and stylish person who is young at heart. Also, this person should like to be in the center of attention because that’s what plum does.

Since we have only mentioned the advantages of this hair color, we should also note a disadvantage. The later is all about choosing the right plum shade. A rich, classic plum hair color is not suitable for everyone. So, in order to select the right hue, you can follow our advises. Also, you could consult a colorist if you are having doubts. It is better to spend a little more time choosing the shade than a lot of time trying to change it.

According to color symbolism, purple is a noble shade, chosen by people who are characterized by courage, energy, as well as the absence of fear when expressing their own feelings and emotions.

Plum Hair Color – A Symbiosis of Two Colors

The plum shade of hair is a mixture of burgundy and purple. When certain pigments are added, this color can be characterized by calmness, saturation, brilliance or earthiness. Most often, it suits women with a warm skin color.

Shades of Plum

Classical. It is a pure plum color. It can be combined with any eye color, but it is most preferable for girls with brown or blue eyes to choose it.

Pink plum. This color is a combination of both warm and cold tones. It is recommended for women who have fair skin and an overall warm appearance. However, both tanned beauties and owners of cold skin tones can take advantage of this shade, since it will change their looks favorably.

Ash plum. The fact that this color is catchy and courageous makes it suitable for the fair sex with a cold shade of skin and brown eyes of different shades.

Black plum. In other words, the shade is similar to that of a black tulip. It is characterized by discreetness, coldness, aristocracy. This is perfect for a lady with black hair and olive skin.

Plum Eggplant. A mixture of cold and warm shades, it favorably emphasizes the beauty of a woman with a cold skin tone.

Purple plum. This shade does not apply to either cold or warm skin tones. It is suitable for owners of olive skin and brown eyes. Even so, the purple plum can flatter a girl with a warm skin type.

Pastel plum. This shade will appeal to fans of both pink and purple. This shade is dominated by warm hues.

Wild plum. The wild plum hair color is the most universal in the whole range of violet shades. Moreover, it is suitable for the owners of brown and black hair.

Black or sweet plum. A rich plum color will look almost black on dark hair, so we are talking about a dark hair shade.

More Shades of Plum

Neon plum. Neon shades of plum are the most hard to care for and maintain. In addition, they only work best with bleached hair or when applied on blonde hair. Even so, they quickly wash off, so you will have to reapply the dye once every month or even more often than this.

Lila plum. Pinkish-lilac shades add spontaneity to one’s appearance. Even so, if you are not ready to sport a full head of pink, you can try to dye the tips of your hair only. Or, you could try hair dyeing techniques such as ombre or balayage.

Blue plum. A bluish-lilac hue will perfectly accentuate blue or gray eyes.

Fuchsia. This is brightest shade of plum and, at the same time, one of the most universal. Bright fuchsia looks advantageous on both girls with white skin and tanned or dark skin. However, specialists don’t recommend trying this color before going at the beach or on holiday at sea. This is because seawater promotes the wash-out of this intense color. So, it would be best to wait instead of losing your luxurious and vibrant color.

Deep red. A beautiful contrast between light skin and green eyes is created by a deep red plum shade of hair. The fact that volumetric haircuts with asymmetric edges emphasize the beauty of plum hair is also notable.

Bright plum. This hair shade is not suitable for shy and timid girls. This is because it draws lots of attention. In fact, this color is most often chosen for theme parties.

Even More Applicable Hues

Eggplant. The plum hair color is truly embodied in this shade. It is considered one of the most popular, and it is used both for coloring individual strands of hair and for the entire length of the hair. This shade confers a more voluminous look for your locks and looks good on short haircuts too.

Plum ombre. The combination between plum and various shades of brown looks best when applied using the ombre technique.

Cold shades of plum. If a woman wants to refresh her black hair color and make it brighter, she needs to choose cool shades of plum. They are almost invisible, but confer nice reflections to black hair.

Gray plum. Colorists say that ash was replaced by gray plum. It transforms dark hair, making it brighter and shinier than ever before.

Purple chocolate tone. The dark plum hair color combined with a touch of chocolate looks very rich. It is especially suitable for owners of green and brown eyes.

Is the Plum Hair Color for You?

Plum-colored hair dyes are usually classified as cold. This means that they are more suitable for people with a cold skin tones. More specifically, to those of you with light, white-pinkish or dark skin. In order to determine whether your skin has a warm tone or a cold tone, all you need to do is take a look at your wrist. It would be best to do so in natural light. If your veins look bluish or purple, then your skin tone is classified as cold. Conversely, if your veins look green, then your skin tone is warm. All these are important when choosing the right shade of purple for your hair. In addition, the color of your eyes also matters. Let’s see what purple shades you can choose based on the color of your eyes:

Match the Plum Hair Color With Your Eye Color

Blue eyes and the plum hair color: Women with fair skin and blue eyes can try gentle shades of lavender and amethyst.

Gray eyes and the plum hair color: For girls with blonde hair, pinkish skin and gray eyes, shades of wild plum are ideal.

Green eyes and the plum hair color: Saturated eggplant and purple shades are best chosen by girls with green eyes and olive skin.

Brown eyes and the plum hair color: The dark plum shade is perfect for dark and brown-eyed women. On dark hair, plum black highlighting will look extremely advantageous.

Women with brown eyes should give preference to a bluish, cool shade of plum. In this situation, there is a remarkable contrast between the hair color and the colors of the eyes. If the girl has hazel or light brown eyes, then the shade of plum can be any. The blue and gray color of the iris is considered cold, so it is better to dye your hair in a warm, plum shade.

Match Your Skin Tone With a Plum Shade

As mentioned before, it is not an easy job to match the shade of your skin with a plum hue. So, for example, wild plum is a hue that suits women with both warm and cold skin tones. In addition, olive skin is no exception. Remember that cold shades of plum are suitable for fair skin.

If you are a natural brunette, then a dark plum shade will be ideal to dye your hair with. Thanks to it, the natural color of your hair, as well as your femininity will be emphasized. In case of blondes, however, dark plum is not suitable.

In case of women, pretty plum-colored locks look quite organic. However, men are better off not experimenting with this color. As an exception, guys with an extraordinary nature and a bohemian lifestyle can wear purple hair.

Dye Your Brown Hair With a Plum Color

Owners of brown hair can choose almost any shade of plum! In this case, stylists advise you to focus on your eye color. Moreover, the classic plum shade goes well with brown or blue eyes. Owners of burning brown eyes will appreciate the shade of black plum.

The pink plumb shade combines cold and warm shades. So, we recommended it to all of you, except those of you with olive skin. As for ash plum, it is the most delicate shade of plum suitable for women with fair skin and green eyes.

Apply a Shade of Plum on Your Dark Hair

Remember that before dyeing dark hair in any shade of plum, you will need to undergo a bleaching procedure. After that, stylists recommend making a choice in favor of rich plum shades, as they are optimally suited to the skin tone and eye color of burning brunettes.

Deep dark purple is suitable for girls with olive skin who are prone to quick tanning, and who have green or hazel eyes. Owners of dark skin can try a gradient hair dyeing scheme. More specifically, we are talking about hair colored in the black plum shade at the roots that gradually becomes lighter towards the tips. Also, for owners of warm brown eyes, stylists recommend cold shades of plum to favorably play in contrast.

Pick the Proper Plum Dye

Here is what you should pay attention to when choosing a hair dye, so that the desired plum shade of hair will please you for a long time!

Only choose a hair dye that comes from trusted manufacturers. They undergo numerous laboratory tests, and you get guarantees that your hair will be minimally damaged. In addition, many modern dyes contain nutrients for your hair.
Experiments with any bright shades, especially for the very first time, are best left to a professional colorist stylist and done in a salon.

Remember that there are two types of hair dyes: temporary (tonics, shampoos, etc.) and permanent.

Are You Ready to Dye Your Hair Yet?

There are currently numerous hair dyes that range from lilac to eggplant, thanks to which you get obtain the desired result for your hair. Light blonde will not have any problems achieving the desired shade of plum even if that is very light or even pastel. As for brown hair, there are a few plum shades that are able to nicely cover it and confer the wanted result. Dark hair, however, it is more complicated. This is because it requires bleaching if you are not looking to dye your hair in a dark shade of plum.

If you are not experienced when it comes to hair dyeing, then you should consult a colorist before choosing a plum shade. He or she can at least recommend a hair dye and shade of purple that really suits you. Afterwards, you can purchase the dye from the stores and apply it yourself, following simple instructions.

Dyeing your hair at home is not so easy to do. Certain skills are needed. So, it would be better to experiment with semi-permanent dyes. The result will only last a few weeks because it washes off.

Hair Color Correction

In case you are not entirely satisfied with the result after dyeing your hair, you have two options. The first option would be to apply another layer of dye or to bleach it again. This process must be done in the first 72 hours after you first dyed your hair. However, it would be best to go to a salon if you really mixed thing up unfavorably.

The second option that may help you get rid of the unwanted plum hue is to mix 2 tablets of vitamin C and apply them to your hair. After an hour, you need to wash your hair. You can also use shampoos with bleaching effect, which accelerate the process of washing the plum shade from your locks.

Follow-Up Care for Your Plum Hair

Like any other non-natural hair color, plum has the property of quickly rinsing off. In order to maintain the dyeing effect, the hair will need to be moistened. With sufficient moisture, the hair bulb will remain sealed, so the color will not fade when washed. It is also worth using shampoos that are created for colored hair. Together with them it is recommended to purchase the entire line of care, namely, conditioner and mask.

Colored hair is afraid of heat. This means that it will react negatively to hair dryers, curling irons and direct sunlight. Styling and drying plum hair is best done without using modern technology.

When caring for plum-colored hair, the following rules should be followed:

  • Moisturize;
  • Protect from high temperatures;

More Plum Hair Color Ideas

As seen, the wide array of plum shades that you have at your disposal is dazzling. As if that wasn’t enough, you also have various hair dyeing techniques to choose from. So, we have prepared even more examples in order to make your choice easier!


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