4 Rainbow Hair Ideas To Add Life And Color To Your Look

The rainbow hair is your go-to hairstyle if you want to create a very lasting impression on people. With bright and vibrant colors popping out of your tresses, this style is sure to get the crowd on its feet. Here are all the important things everyone needs to know about this fabulous hair color style.

Rainbow Hair: What’s It All About?

Women have been coloring their hair ever since they discovered the value of adding a few pigments onto their natural tresses. However, it was not very long ago that somebody painted the 7 colors of the rainbow on someone else’s tresses.

That somebody and someone are Lisette Cruz and Passion Wilson-Suarez, respectively.
Wilson-Suarez was one of the survivors in the June 12, 2016 Pulse Nightclub tragedy. Pulse is a haven for the LGBTQ community in Orlando and surrounding cities in Florida.

Wilson-Suarez collaborated with Cruz to create the rainbow colors of the LGBTQ movement on her hair. The elegant heartbeat line of the hair coloring style acknowledged the internal strength of Wilson-Suarez, the other Pulse survivors, and Orlando as a city.

Is Rainbow Hair For You?

There are not many benefits to having a rainbow hair. However, its fundamental benefit is that it gives you the chance to express your sense of freedom.

Not many people are brave enough to wear vibrant colored hair, let alone in multiple colors. It conveys the message of being true to yourself; not being bound to societal norms.

Being able to stand out from the crowd is an obvious benefit. When almost everyone wants an ombre or a balayage, getting a rainbow hair will make you one of a kind.

It gets people’s attention. Whether you look at it in a good way or in a bad way, the fact remains – a rainbow-colored hair will draw attention to the person wearing it.

Rainbow Hair Ideas To Consider

If you cannot decide on how to wear a rainbow hair, these 5 ideas should give you enough inspiration to choose from.

1. Rainbow Peek-a-Boo Braid in Rosy Waves

This rainbow hair idea is perfect for those who want a more subtle look. Only a small section of the tresses will have the rainbow colors. The rest features a soft rose-gold hue.

The rainbow colors peek through the elegant braided crown. It creates an image of a goddess looking after her creations.

2. Wavy Layers with Bright Purple to Red Shift

If you want to make a really bold statement, then this is the style you need to achieve. It follows the classic colors of Cruz’s rainbow hair. The only difference is that the transition of the individual colors occurs in a horizontal manner.

At the crown is bright purple and terminates at the ends with an eye-popping red. This is a masterpiece that only skilled colorists can execute.

3. Alternating Rainbow Waves with Chunky Blue Bangs

This rainbow hair coloring idea is perfect for summer beach adventures. The bluish hue of the tresses mimics the calm and tranquil nature of the sea.

Strands in rainbow colors add a sense of mysticism. The blunt cut bangs can also give you the vibe of a rocker chick.

4. Rainbow-Tipped Blue Feathery Layers

Some would say that this style conjures images of exotic Amazon birds. They have bright blue plumes with the ends in multiple colors. The same is true with this rainbow hair idea.

You will need to dye your hair in stunning blue. You can then apply horizontal sections of green, yellow, and red. This makes for a bold statement that looks surprisingly fresh.

5. Jewel-toned Rainbow Streaks with Gorgeous Waves

One way to rock soft waves is to apply the different colors of the rainbow. The trick here is to get the hue of the dye right. What you want are gemstone colors, not pastel ones. The best part of this rainbow hair idea is that it gets a lot lovelier as the color fades.

How to Prolong the Color of Your Rainbow Hair

The longest period of time that rainbow hair can retain its color is about 28 washes. This is by using permanent hair dye. Temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes are only good from a single wash to about 8 washes. The good news is that there are hacks you can employ to prolong the color of your rainbow hair.

Limit Washing and Shampooing of Your Tresses

If you have dye on your hair, frequent washing can make the color look very dull. You may no longer have a colorful rainbow hair after only a few washes. You will have to dye your hair again soon. Frequent dyeing can also damage your locks.

That is why it is always best to wash your locks as infrequent as once every 5 to 6 days. You can always apply dry shampoo in the interim to keep your tresses healthy and clean.

Brave the Cold Shower

Most of us prefer taking a warm or hot shower. The problem with this routine is that high temperatures can open up the cuticles of each hair strand. This can result in the artificial hair pigments to leak out from the hair shaft.

One has to brave cold showers. It is the only way you can keep the hair dye from leaching out of the hair cuticles. If you cannot, then limit your showers to using only lukewarm water.

Apply Heat Protectants

Everyone knows that heat is the number one enemy of natural locks. When you combine the effects of heat with the effects of having artificial pigments in your hair, the result is never good.

Heat can also have an adverse effect on your dyed tresses. Always apply a heat protectant serum on your tresses if you find it necessary to use hot styling tools. 

Use the Right Hair Care Products

Your ordinary shampoo may contain ingredients that are not safe for the dye used on your tresses. The same is true with other products that you put on your locks.


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Always use hair care products that are color-safe. This is one of the easiest tricks to help prolong the beautiful colors of rainbow hair.

Weekly Deep Conditioning Helps

Do not underestimate the value of deep conditioning. It is not necessary that you deep condition your tresses every day. Once a week deep conditioning is enough to nourish the tresses and bring back its vibrant glow and shine. Thirty minutes are all it takes for these hair nourishing products to work their magic on your rainbow hairdo.

Avoid Chlorinated Water

Chlorine can interact with the dye on your tresses. It can also dry your locks so much that it can lead to breakage. When you combine chlorine with dye, you are making your hair strands a lot more brittle and porous.

Porous hair allows it to absorb other chemicals that can cause hair discoloration. As such, it is best to stay away from using chlorinated water. This can include water from the swimming pool and your hot tub. If ever you cannot avoid it, then you should apply an appropriate chlorine-shielding hair product.

Be Mindful of UV Effects

Getting a perfect tan may look good on you. However, this does not always translate to healthy hair and a colorful rainbow hair. Ultraviolet rays can cause the colors to fade.

If you have to sunbathe, then you need to apply a UV ray-protectant on your locks. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat also works fine.

How to Make Your Hair Pop with Rainbow Colors

Dyeing your tresses in rainbow colors is easy. However, everything depends on your skill level and your confidence in carrying out the different steps for rainbow coloring your locks. If you are not sure, it is best to get a professional colorist to do it for you.

Get a Haircut before Anything Else

Not all rainbow hair will require the application of bleach. If yours do, then you need to get a proper haircut first. Bleach can wreak havoc on your natural locks. Applying a hair dye can further increase the risk of hair damage. Getting a good haircut before dyeing the hair will keep it in tip-top shape.

Get Ready with Your Hair Coloring Products and Tools

There are several things you will need to color your tresses. Choose the right kind of dye for your locks. You will also need dye brushes, gloves, and mixing bowls.

A lightening powder is important to help control the level of bleaching that you will need. You will mix this product with an appropriate developer that contains hydrogen peroxide.

Keep in mind that the developer will come in different strengths of hydrogen peroxide. The darker the hair, the stronger the hydrogen peroxide that you need to use.

You will also need a protein filler. This helps ensure a more uniform application of the dye. If you are going to apply red, orange, or yellow shades in your hair, then you will also need a toner.

You may also need to have a deep conditioning treatment and a color bonding treatment. Do not forget lots of old newspaper or any other material to cover your work surface.

Enlist the Help of an Assistant

Always get an assistant. Applying hair dye can be a very tricky process. This is especially true in making a rainbow hair. Having an extra pair of hands should help you gain better control of the process.

Prepare Your Hair Coloring “Station”

Never start the hair dyeing process without protecting your work station. Spread out old newspapers on the floor and other surfaces to protect them against dye splatter. Get ready with your hair coloring station. It would be nice to have a table or a cart to put your hair coloring essentials in.

Prepare Your Tresses

Make sure that you do not have knots and tangles in your hair. Comb or brush your tresses to help separate the individual hair strands. If you have thick or long hair, it often helps to divide it into four sections. This makes it a lot easier to apply the dye. Do not forget to apply Vaseline on your hairline to prevent stains.

Bleach Your Locks, Only If Necessary

You can skip this step if you have light-colored tresses. If you have dark-colored locks, then you need to start the dyeing process by bleaching your locks. Hair bleaching products come with their own set of instructions.

In general, you will mix a developer and a lightening powder together. Observe the correct amounts of these products as stated in the manufacturer’s packaging.

Before you apply the bleach, test it on a hidden patch of hair first. Check if you notice any change that you do not like. If everything turns out well, then you can proceed to the application of the bleach on your tresses.

Leave it on your hair according to the length of time that the manufacturer prescribes. Do not go beyond the prescribed time limit; lest, you risk burning your scalp and cause severe hair damage.

Keep in mind that it may take more than a single session of bleaching to achieve the level of “lightness” that you want for your rainbow hair. Do not bleach your hair in one go. It is best to space it for about a week before doing the next bleaching session. If you have damaged hair, it is best to space the bleaching sessions by a month to 6 weeks.

Apply the Hair Dye

There are two ways you can apply hair dye. You can use your hands for a more rustic appearance. If it is precision that you are after, then you should use a dye brush.

Always apply the hair dye near the roots. You can then use a comb to spread it all the way to the tips. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations as to how long you should leave the dye on before rinsing.

Rinse and Style Your Locks

After “curing” the dye, rinse your locks. Keep rinsing until you no longer see any hint of color in the water. You can then apply the toner, the color bonding treatment, or any other hair treatment on your locks. Dry your hair and style it any way you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Is it necessary that I bleach my tresses before getting a rainbow hair?

Everything depends on the natural color of your locks. It is important to remember that rainbow colors work best on a light-colored canvas. As such, if you have blonde, silver, or any of the other light-colored hair colors, then there is no need to bleach.

Bleaching may be necessary for those who have dark-colored tresses. Another important factor to consider is the duration of wearing the rainbow hair. If it is only for a few days, then bleaching is not necessary. You may need to bleach your tresses if you are going to keep the colors for a long time.

• What colors should I pick for my hair?

There are no hard and fast rules as to what color you can apply to your tresses. As long as you will be confident in sporting it in public, then it should be good.

However, there will always be shades that are more “appropriate” for your skin tone than others. For example, if you have warm undertones in your skin, then you should pick cooler shades.

• What hair dye can you recommend?

You have plenty of options when it comes to hair dyes. You can pick temporary dyes if you are going to wear your rainbow hair only once or twice. These can come in pastes, sprays, creams, and foams. The results can be very unpredictable, however.

There are also semi-permanent hair dyes that can last for up to 8 washes. If you wish to wear a rainbow hair for more than two months, then you should pick permanent hair dyes. Keep in mind that permanent hair dyes require the expertise of a stylist to apply.

• Can I dye my wig or hair extensions instead?

Check the manufacturer of the wig or hair extension. Most manufacturers advise against dyeing their products. However, it is still possible to give them color. Make sure to use the correct dye for the type of hair in your extensions or wig.

If it is natural human hair, then you need a normal hair dye. If it is synthetic, then you need to use a dye for synthetic fabrics. The best recourse will be to purchase a more suitable wig or hair extensions with rainbow colors.

A rainbow hair is one of the best ways to spice up one’s style. It can turn you into a real stunner and give you the confidence you need in all of your undertakings. It is a beautiful and colorful way to make a statement.

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