218 Red Hair With Highlights Ideas That Provide Shimmering Shades

The so called soulless red haired beauties have always been attracting a lot of attention. They became muses for artists, were pursued by the Inquisition thinking they were witches and delighted the rest of us. Since only 2% of the world’s population has natural red hair, we can safely say it’s a rare hair color. Even so, regardless of how beautiful natural red hair is, its appearance can be enhanced. Red hair with highlights provides shimmering shades that mix together in a dreamy way.

Sooner or later, every fashionista feels the need to change something in her appearance. So, if you are a redhead and you want to add zest in the form of highlighting to your hair, then you are in the right place! Almost no one will recommend a full dye job on red hair. So, it’s time to learn a bit more about red hair with highlights. Starting with what shades to choose, as well as highlighting techniques, we will figure out every aspect together! In addition, we have prepared more than 200 pictures with highlighted red hair.

Tendencies for Red Hair With Highlights

This year, natural or dyed redheads are encouraged to try highlights. This is because they provide a slight change in look and a refreshing appearance at the same time. Since redheads want to change their looks just as women with other hair colors do, stylists have perfected the process of highlighting red hair.

Some of you might want to look more spectacular and have brighter hair, while others would like to slightly muffle their current hair color and wear tender highlights. Happily, both options are possible! As you probably already know, highlighting represents the process of dyeing individual hair strands in a color close to the base one. The result is an eye-catching combination of two or more shades that complement each other. In addition, they confer freshness and originality to any hairstyle.

Besides the really nice visual effects, highlighting red hair confers volume to any haircut and makes one’s facial features more expressive.

Professional hairstylists advise you to choose natural looks for your red hair. This year, they urge you to try both dark and bright highlighting in one. This is because several shades together will nicely imitate the effect of hair burnt by the sun. For example, when adding gold, wheat or honey highlights on red hair, they help refresh and rejuvenate your look. Or, adding highlights in red tones will help attract even more attention to your locks. However, such coloring type will emphasize your facial skin, which should be flawless.

Red hair with highlights is perfect for women with both short and long hair. In addition, the haircut itself doesn’t play a significant role either due to the versatility of the highlighting techniques.

The Most Fashionable Red Hair Shades

2019 comes with a seasonal variety of red shades, color depth and versatility of color. Red is an always relevant hair color. However, studies have shown that most women decide to wear it during the fall. In this regard, the crimson and gold shades found in nature have inspired stylists to create different effects. So, now it’s very fashionable to add gentle and warm shades of pumpkin to red hair. Of course, the base red color plays an important role in choosing the highlights.

These days, food-inspired hair colors are the most sought-after. We are talking about shades that range from apricot to eggplant and plum.

Red Hair Shades Explained

The pumpkin hair color is characterized by deep reddish shades that are only slightly muffled by copper shades. What makes this look refined is the combination of red hues and copper with golden highlights. The latter has the power to refresh your hair and complexion, as well sparkling in the sunlight.

Burgundy hair started being relevant again at the end of 2018 and it maintains its position in 2019. Stylists think of it as the darkest and most daring red shade of hair. In addition, it is so versatile that it matches any skin tone and eye color.

Light red is a hair color very close to strawberry blonde. However, it looks much richer and more versatile thanks to the combination of reddish halftones and copper. The warmer your skin tone is and the brighter your eyes are, the more beautiful light red hair will look on you.

Mahogany is a reddish brown color. An amazing hair shade, this one is recommended to women who can’t decide between red and warm chestnut shades. Mahogany hair is inspired by a special type of wood that has the same shade. It looks very natural and goes well with medium skin tones and light brown eyes.

Copper and darker shades of strawberry blonde can also be attributed to the red hair color. Moreover, such shades look especially beautiful on ladies with fair skin.

Rose gold is one of the most popular hair colors at the moment. This unique shade is a mixture of copper and pink and can be either intense or barely noticeable on the hair.

Velvet hair is characterized by a bold and fashionable shade. It is suitable for dark or olive skin tones with cool undertones.

Copper red is a deep and brilliant honey color. The trend of wearing copper red hair will increase in 2019 and will make this shade one of the most popular hair colors. When it comes to skin tones, stylists recommend matching this hair color with a pale and light skin tone with a reddish tint.

The Implications of Red Hair With Highlights

Highlighting red hair is a great way to soften the daring brightness of copper and other red shades. For light shades of red, highlighting with cream blonde is recommended. As for darker red shades, experts advise you to select golden highlights.

The most beautiful light shade that combines with red hair in an ideal way is strawberry blonde. It has reddish hues that complement the colors of ginger, rust and copper. So, if you want to lighten your red hair, use strawberry blonde to get a richer and more versatile hair color. This trick works well for any length of straight hair.

Red highlighting is also popular among owners of dark hair – from brown to black. However, in this case, the chosen shades of red are darker and deeper.

Dark red is a great highlighting color for brown haired women. The process might even not require bleaching. In addition, such highlighting is also suitable for brunettes.

The Advantages of Highlighting Red Hair

  • Highlighting red hair brings novelty in your appearance;
  • Your hair will only be slightly damaged after highlighting as this procedure is not invasive;
  • With the right accents, your hairstyle will look spectacular;
  • Playing with light and shadow adds volume to your hair;
  • Face contouring is possible thanks to highlights;
  • The highlighting procedure is carried out less often than in case of monochrome dyeing;
  • Women of all ages can try one type of red hair highlights or the other;
  • Gray hairs are effectively covered or hidden;

Techniques for Highlighting Red Hair

To simply say that you want highlights in your hair is not enough these days. This is because there are so many techniques used for hair highlighting, that you must pick one. Even so, a professional hairstylist might combine two techniques in order to revamp your look. So, let’s see what type of highlights you can add on your red hair.

Highlighting Red Hair the Classic Way

By dyeing individual strands of hair in different colors, you can achieve a general lightening of the hair, as well as add brightness or dim the main tone.

Highlighting can be:

  • Frequent – when many strands of hair are painted and a different shade competes with the basic tone;
  • Rare – when strands of different colors are rare;
  • Zonal – when only a few strands of hair that frame the face are highlighted. Thanks to this highlighting type, any woman’s face will look rejuvenated;

Red Highlighting Ombre Style

A color stretching technique, ombre is based on the gradient effect. The color ranges from light to dark and the other way around. In addition, the color transitions don’t have to be from the same palette.

Fashionable ombre transitions for red hair:

  • Dark red to light red;
  • From naturally occurring ginger to fiery bright red or purple;
  • Red to white (yellow).

Ombre is a highlighting technique best applied on medium and long hair. This is because most women desire a smooth transition rather than an edgy one between colors.

Highlighting Red Hair California Style

One of the most fashionable and popular style these days is that of hair burnt out in the sun. More specifically, the hair is dyed according to a special technique that is very gentle on the hair. Red hair that looks slightly touched by the sun rays looks natural and romantic.

Mysterious Air Touch Highlights

This particular hair highlighting technique is free hand. The process consists in taking a thin strand of hair and holding it in your hand. Next, the hairdryer must be used in order to remove those hairs that are shorter. Only the hairs that remain in your hand should be dyed.

Professionals say that after applying this technique on red hair it will look great, multifaceted and voluminous. Even so, the result is similar with that of the balayage technique for example. We will talk about the latter in the following lines.

Balayage is the Way to Get Red Hair With Highlights

Balayage is a special hair highlighting method. In case your definition of highlighting is bleaching individual strands of hair, you are in for a treat! This technique is actually not limited by strong rules. The hairdresser has the freedom to paint various strands of your hair. Even so, the emphasis is on the tips of your hair, which are bleached and then toned.

One of the basic principles of balayage is to apply the dye or the bleach in the form of letter V. Also, keep in mind that only the upper strands are processed. This allows your or your hairstylist to create very natural highlights on the hair. This is one of the reasons why this technique generates the most natural results.

Since we have also talked about the ombre technique earlier, you should know that the difference between these two is the transition type. Balayage is all about smoother and more natural transitions between colors.

A red balayage is an interesting and unusual way for fair-haired girls to refresh their looks. This is because they usually dye their tips in more natural colors. Moreover, red highlights on brown hair can look juicy and original!

A golden-red balayage looks great on brown-haired women. Due to the fact that the base is quite dark, the highlights can be bright and very saturated. Such coloring will add playfulness to a woman’s look.

Dyed and Highlighted Hair Needs Care

Typically, red and other red shades wash out quicker than other colors. This is because the red hair dye has larger molecules than other colors. Therefore, your red locks need more care in order to retain their color. Let’s see what you can do to keep your hair red longer.

  • To begin with, before applying the dye, wash your hair well with shampoo that contains citric acid. The latter removes the remnants of previous colors. In this way, you can get a truly rich and beautiful red color.
  • Never apply hair dye on your roots only. The length and ends of your hair definitely need a color retouch.
  • Avoid most hair masks that require you to keep them on your head for a long time. It is very likely for you to wash off your color along with the mask. If you need to carry out a course of hair treatment with masks, then do so a week or a month before dyeing your hair.
  • When you wash your hair, use warm water only. Hot water is known to open the pores in your hairs. This means that the dye molecules will be flushed down, irrevocably taking away the shine and strength of red hair into the drain.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for red colored hair. They contain the ingredients necessary to maintain the color. Try to wash your hair with shampoo as little as possible, eliminating greasiness with dry shampoos.
  • Be careful when using hair dryers, curling irons and so on. These styling accessories can not only damage the structure of your hair, but they can also change your shade of red and make it less durable. Therefore, before you expose your hair to high temperatures, apply special styling products.


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Dye Shade vs. Skin Shade

When choosing additional shades for your red curls, you should focus on your general look and on your individual characteristics, such as the color of your skin. There are several helpful suggestions that can make this task easier.

Fair Skin: A woman with fair skin will enjoy a nicer transformation if the shades in her hair are chocolate, brown, hazelnut, caramel, copper, chestnut. It is important to select gentle and soft shades of color.

Dark Skin: For dark skin, you can resort to the use of more flashy options. Among them are mahogany, red or eggplant.

Whether your skin has a cold or a warm tone is also important. If you are not sure, you can look it up. There are easy instructions on how to determine the tone of your skin online. However, it would be enough to just pick a very good hairstylist. He or she will propose the best shades suited for your particular characteristics.

More Red Hair With Highlights Ideas

The pictures comprised in this article show you how different highlighting techniques look like. In addition, you can discover numerous shades of red that you can try. As you have probably noticed, most hairstyles feature medium to long hair. This is because adding highlights to long hair looks more impressive, especially in case of cascade haircuts. However, highlighting can be done on any hair length and haircut. Unless, of course, we are talking about really short hairstyles.

In conclusion, if you have red hair and you want to change your appearance a little bit, then adding highlights to it is a great way to do so. Luckily for you, there are so many hair highlighting techniques, that it’s impossible not to find one that will fit you like a glove. As for the shades, the sky is the limit, or the color palette. So, browse for the most inspired color combinations that will complement your natural shade or the shade that you desire. Now is a great time for you to both change your look for the new season and to change your look for a fashionable appearance. Red is not a color suited for everyone, so be bold and step in the line with all the redheaded women around the world, be them natural or not.


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