20 Reverse Ombre Styles For That Soft And Elegant Look

There are a growing number of women who do not like the very strong styling effects and bold color contrast of classic ombre. Enter the reverse ombre. This is a style that exudes tonal harmony. It has a softer look and a more polished style. If you are interested in learning more about this technique, then read on.

An Overview of Reverse Ombre

The classic ombre look has a darker top that transitions into a lighter shade at the bottom. Reverse ombre is the inverse of the classic ombre look. The bottom has a darker shade. It has a warmer look that allows for smoother transitions. It works best on women with natural light-colored locks like blondes in various shades.

Benefits of Having a Reverse Ombre

One of the most important benefits of having a reverse ombre hair is that it offers a more subtle look. Unlike the classic ombre, the transition between the two colors in a reverse ombre style is gentler. It gives you the illusion of the natural changes that can occur with human hair.

It is versatile, too. It is possible to customize the shades of color that you can use. Such a style also works on different types of hair. It does not matter if you have long and straight, short and curly, or thin and wavy locks. This style can give you a look that very few other hair coloring techniques can provide.

Returning to your natural hair color is also a lot easier. In general, you only apply hair dye on the bottom section of your locks. You do not touch the section near the roots. As your hair grows, you get less and less of the colored hair.

20 Stunning Reverse Ombre Hairstyle Ideas

If you are ready to switch up your style this year, then you should start with these 20 reverse ombre hair ideas. Many of these are very easy to pull off. Some are subtle and some are more sophisticated. Regardless, they all look very stunning.

1. Blonde and Brunette

What better way to start your reverse ombre hair than by applying a dye that has the opposite shade of your natural hair color. For instance, if you already have blonde locks, then you can darken the bottom with an adorable brown hue.

You can also use the same technique if you are already brunette. You only need to make the topmost section of your tresses look like blonde. The problem with such an approach is that you will have to bleach the topmost section of your brunette locks first.

2. Cinnamon and Chocolate

You will love this particular combination. Both look “yummy” that people will not be able to stop admiring your amazing hair. It is the perfect combo for a fall look. The orange-brown hue of cinnamon should give your crown the definition it deserves. The delectable dark brown chocolate at the bottom provides a strong base for the cinnamon top.

3. Natural Gray with Brunette or Dark Gray

Are you having issues with your graying hair? Instead of covering them in a dark shade, you can always embrace your graying locks and add a touch of elegance to it. You will only need to darken the bottom section of your tresses in either brunette or dark gray. The transition should be smooth to make the look fabulous.

4. The Kaley Cuoco Look

Blonde ladies will love the way Kaley Cuoco of the Big Bang Theory fame sports a reverse ombre. Her top comes in elegant champagne blonde that complements the milk chocolate bottom. It is a very subtle way to wear a reverse ombre. The transition is gentler, too. People will think that the darker hue of the floor is natural.

5. Blonde and Bloody Red

You can never get more flamboyant than coloring the bottom of your blonde locks in bloody red. It looks like you dipped the bottom half of your tresses in a bucket of blood. The tips have a darker hue, almost mahogany in effect.

It transitions into a bright cherry red as it moves towards the middle section. The tricky part here is blending the red with the yellowish hue of your natural blonde locks.

6. Blonde and Turquoise

This may not be as outlandish as coloring your bottom tresses in bloody red. However, it does lend a magical feel to it that people will surely notice. Turquoise has a much lighter hue than other colors.

This can make the transitioning a lot easier to pull off. Plus, turquoise itself exudes in the warm and vivid colors of summer. This should be a great hairstyle to wear at the next music festival that you are going to see.

7. Platinum and Dirty Mushroom

This reverse ombre hairstyle idea is perfect for the winter. The near-white look of platinum gives the crown the illusion of being covered in snow. It transitions into a dirty-white in the middle and dirty mushroom gray at the bottom.


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To make this style look more dashing, try braiding your wet tresses overnight. Loosen them up the following morning to reveal soft waves.

8. Reverse Ombre Bob

People think that a reverse ombre only works with ladies with medium to long hair. It would surprise you to learn that it also works for those who have short hair.

If you fancy upping the style of your simple bob, then a reverse ombre can do that for you. Start with a classic blonde and brunette combination. This is the easiest tricks in the book. Of course, you can always experiment with other combinations if you wish.

9. Lavender and Lilac

There is something about the color purple that makes it so regal. It is a very unusual hair color. However, it never fails to amaze those who see it. For this reverse ombre look, you will start with a soft shade of lavender on top. Go for something that has a pinkish hue to it.

And as you work your way to the bottom, opt for lilac. The transition is very gradual. An alternative will be to use a single hue of the purple family. Go for a more concentrated formulation at the bottom and a more diluted form at the top.

10. Blonde and Pink

This is a very girly look. It is one that offers you the chance to play out your bubbly and easy-going personality. If you do not want to dye your blonde locks, there are a few ways you can achieve this stunning look.

First, you can use pink chalk highlights to create the effect that you want. Second, you can purchase pink clip hair extensions. The good thing about these methods is that you will never damage your natural locks. You also get to remove the pink tresses before you go to bed.

11. The Avril Lavigne Look

This pop star was one of the first celebrities of the 21st century to sport a reverse ombre look. She did it at a time when she began rocking the teenage scene. Her go-to look was the classic blonde and brunette combo. While it has been about two decades since Lavigne sported this particular style, it is never too late to wear it in your own terms.

12. Platinum Blonde and Sky Blue

This reverse ombre hairstyle has an almost Pixie-like appeal to it. It works best on layered hair. The bottom comes in washed-out sky blue. It reflects the beautiful mornings that you wake up to. This is great for stunning the crowd in the middle of a spring festival. It would be best to complement it with the right makeup.

13. Blonde and Tangerine

This is one of the easiest combinations to pull off. This is because blonde and tangerine belong to only one color palette. Such a trait allows for smoother and more stunning transition between these two colors. You can look at the tangerine as a softer and brighter version of the brunette color palette.

14. Nutmeg and Orange

Nutmeg has an earthy brown hue to it that borders on dark golden color. Dusty orange has a more rust-like look to it. Both colors are perfect for rocking your fall look. It resembles the reddish-brown leaves that fall to the ground. Such a reverse ombre hair idea can also make you look more ravishing at a time when everyone is beginning to cover their tops.

15. Blonde and Scarlet

This is a reverse ombre hairstyle that looks a lot similar to the blonde and bloody red combination. It has the dip-dye effect that people are beginning to appreciate. It gives the impression that you dipped the ends of your hair in a bucket of deep red hair paint.

As it aims for your crown, the scarlet color slowly loses its depth. This aids in the smoother and more elegant transition between the two sections.

16. Paparazzi Blonde and Neon Blue

There is a shade that stylists call the Paparazzi Blonde. It has elegant light and milky strands interspersed with wheat blonde tones. It is a very pretty shade that is becoming popular nowadays. Try combining this with a neon blue bottom and you will transform into a beautiful mermaid accompanying Ariel as you explore the wonders of the land.

17. Light Gray and Lavender

Any shade of purple can work with this kind of reverse ombre. That is one unique thing about purple. It can work with almost any other shade of color. If you have graying locks, now is the time to amp it a little bit by dyeing the bottom with royal purple or radiant lavender. The look is stunning. We will never be surprised if the spotlight will be on you.

18. Beige Blonde and Berry Tone

The pale sandy fawn hue of beige is perfect for supporting the reddish to purplish hue of the bottom. And when you wear a lipstick that belongs to the same family of colors, you will be rocking the reverse ombre look in a flash. This is a combo that is quite easy to accomplish.

19. Blonde, Blue, and Violet

This can be quite tricky to pull off. You will need to color the bottom of your hair in sky blue, while leaving some strands for you to dye with violet. The result is a sea of blue with streaks of violet. When you create a loose braid at the back, you will have strands of blonde mixing in with the blue and violet strands. Now that is a very stunning combination people will never grow tired of admiring.

20. Golden Blonde and Rainbow

If you are aiming for a very unique and colorful style for your locks, you do not need to look any further than getting rainbows on your tresses. It is a very neat trick that is perfect for those who are espousing for equality. It can also be a fun way to express one’s sense of freedom without being too loud or obnoxious.

How to Get the Perfect Reverse Ombre Look

Here are a few tricks to help you get the perfect reverse ombre look.

• Always go for soft transitional toning. This will give you a more subtle look without sacrificing elegance.

• When picking a shade to use on your tresses, do not go any darker than 3 to 4 shades of the natural color of your locks. For instance, if you have an almost white locks, then your reverse ombre should be dark gray. Of course, you can always go darker. Make sure to get the transition right if you do.

• Divide your locks into three vertical sections – the bottom third, the middle third, and the upper third. Dye the bottom third with a higher concentration of the dye. Leave it there for a much longer time, too. Dye the middle third with a slightly watered-down version of the bottom third hue. Leave this on for a shorter time than the bottom third. Leave the upper third as is. Rinse well and you are ready to rock your reverse ombre look.

• Always consider your natural skin tone. Your hair dye should complement your natural undertones; not go against it.

• It is always best to aim for a more natural look. However, this does not mean you cannot go with bold colors.

How to Take Good Care of Your Reverse Ombre Hair

Caring for your reverse ombre is not that very difficult. One should refrain from washing it as often as every day to help make the color last longer. This will also avoid stripping your scalp and tresses of their natural oils.

It would be ideal to wash your reverse ombre hair not more frequent than two times a week. If it gets too greasy or dirty, you can always apply dry shampoo.

Leaving your hair conditioner for at least 2 minutes should also help nourish the roots. A once weekly hair mask is also ideal to keep your tresses strong and healthy. A monthly hot oil treatment can also keep the optimal hydration level of your hair.

Go easy with the use of heat styling tools. If possible, avoid using them as they can damage your hair. Apply a heat protectant on your locks if you have to use any of these hot tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How is a reverse ombre different from a balayage?

The main difference is in the extent of the hair dyeing process. Reverse ombre only dyes up to the midsection of one’s locks. Balayage, on the other hand, dyes the hair from roots to tips. However, balayage has a more natural, more sun-kissed look than ombre or reverse ombre.

• Can I have a reverse ombre?

Any woman with light-colored locks can get a reverse ombre. Women with dark-colored hair can still get this style by bleaching or lightening their tops. The length of the hair is also not an issue, except for cropped, crewcut hairstyles. One great thing about the reverse ombre is that you can customize it to blend with the natural color of your tresses.

• What is the dip dye method?

This is one of the approaches to a reverse ombre look. Instead of dyeing the tips of the tresses using a traditional dyeing brush, the tips get dipped in dye. It is often used in dyeing the hair in bold colors, like purple, red, green, blue, pink, and many others.

• I have light skin tone. What shades should I use for my reverse ombre?

Pick one that has a copper brown or a red shade. This is more suitable than having chestnut brown. The latter is perfect for those with an olive skin tone.

More women are now sporting the reverse ombre look. It is more fashionable and looks more natural than the classic ombre. You should ask your stylist about how you, too, can have a stunning reverse ombre hair.

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