Top 40 Trending Selena Gomez Hair Looks You Can Cop

Selena Gomez is one of those celebrities who is gifted with a face that can look stunning in any kind of hairstyle. She can look ethereal in long loose hair, a strict office boss putting up her hair in a bun, a naughty girl in bangs, or a dainty maiden in braided hair.

Being a brunette, Selena’s hair color is versatile; she can adopt the latest craze in hair color and style and still look gorgeous. And you’ll be surprised to know that her hairstyles are her artistic creations.

Because these styles are easy to do and copy, the Selena Gomez hair look always becomes the flavor of the month for women who want to make heads turn and take a second look, just like the way Selena has impressed her audience.

Are you dying to copy Selena’s fantastic hair? Here are the top 40 trending Selena Gomez hair look that you can do yourself.

Top 40 Trending Selena Gomez Hair Looks You Can Cop

1. High pouf with a braid

This hairstyle demands a tight braid instead of a loose braid. To create the pouf, comb your hair in front to the back. Once you have backcombed your mane, gather it and start braiding your hair tightly from the pouf until you reach the tips. Tie the ends with a ribbon or an elastic band. The effect of doing your hair this way is a rounder face.

2. Sleek bun

Look like a strict office secretary or boss with this sleek bun. This hair look is achieved by combing the hair backward. Apply hair gel generously to achieve the sleek look. Secure the hair at the back and tie it with a ribbon to make a ponytail. Make a knot by wrapping the ponytail around. Then, secure your hair in place by pinning it using bobby pins.

3. Knotted up do

This neat-looking and lovely hairdo looks complex but doing this is very simple. This is great for women with long hair who want to achieve a fresh look. First, part your hair into two or three portions. sections. Make three knots by wrapping around each section. Make sure that the three knots lie in a straight line on your on your head. Then, connect the three knots using bobby pins to secure them.

4. Low ponytail

Give yourself respite from your lose hair by making a low ponytail. Part your hair first. Make sure the place where you divide your hair suits the shape of your face. Four oval or round, you can part your hair in the middle while for face with heart, diamond, square, and other shapes, part on the sides. Then, gather your hair just above the nape. Tie with a ribbon or elastic band.

5. Center braid

Look cool by braining the hair at the center of your head. Leave the hair on side falling down in a wave, lending you a tousled look. Aside from giving body to your hair, this style will also make your tresses look bouncy.

6. One side forward

This hairstyle is one way of placing emphasis on your jaw line. This is done by parting the hair into two sections. Let one section cascade in front while securing the other side to the back. Creating big curls to frame the face will enhance your look.

7. One-sided clip

To achieve this hair look, part the hair at the sides. Clip one side of the hair. Use a hair clip in a color that accentuates the shade of the hair. This will bring focus to the eyebrows and the eyes.

8. Wet volume bob

Give your hair more body by teasing it. First, divide the hair into several sections. Use the tail end of a comb with fine teeth. Lift one slice of hair and gently comb up and down near the roots. Ones the section gains volume, apply spray on the roots. Tease the other slices. Once done, apply gel to the hair and gently comb the hair. Arrange fine hair to cover the top and keep the hair underneath in place. Now, you have voluminous hair that looks wet the whole day.

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9. Messy up do

Start styling your hair this way by gathering the hair at the back. Leave some strands for the bangs. Make a low bun by loosely tying the hair. To make a pouf, push the bun up a little. Create a messy look by letting the ends of your hair stick out of the bun.

10. Curly side up do

Are you looking for a lovely hair style for your prom? Check Selena Gomez hair look called curly side up do. Doing this is easy. The first thing to do is to create curls and spray your hair to keep it in place. Divide your hair in two sections. One section must have less hair than the other. Secure the curls on the part where the hair is less.

11. Sleek high ponytail

Look classy in this chic Selena Gomez hair look. First, put gel to your mane and backcomb it neatly. Tie your hair to make a high ponytail. Conceal the hair tie by wrapping some hair around it. Use bobby pins to keep strands from flying away.

12. Curly-ended twirls

Long hair need not be straight all the time. See Selena Gomez hair look which is both elegant and lovely. Divide your hair into two big sections and roll them in curlers. Wait for around two before removing the curlers. Once you have removed the curlers, spray your hair to keep it looking neat.

13. Braided side pony

Style your hair this way and go dancing or roaming around without worrying about your hair look. Get a small section of hair on the side of your head. Braid it until you reach the tips. Secure it with an elastic band. With this hairstyle, you do not have to retouch your hair or stop the fun to comb your hair to get a fresh look.

14. Princess look pony tail

This hair style is one of the best Selena Gomez hair looks. In fact, her phenomenal rise to popularity makes her a celebrity princess. She wore this hair do during an awarding ceremony. It is elegant but easy to do. All it takes is to part the hair on the side. The section with more hair is tied loosely close to the shoulder with an elastic band or ribbon while the other side is left to fall loosely.

15. Stylish bob cut

Selena Gomez usually parts her hair in the middle or on the side. However, she dared to sport this bob cut, which lends her a new look. With her medium length hair and a fringed bang, Selena looks simply fabulous.

16. Retro look

The retro style is one of the stunning Selena Gomez hair looks. While other women might look drab in an old fashioned hairdo, Selena’s free falling curls look classy and beautiful in her retro look hair.

17. Face-framing layers

Take a look at Selena’s face framing layers. With her long mane, the layered style with some strands framing the hair can make your too rounded face look a little bit longer.

18. Low bun with long bangs

Look romantic in this Selena Gomez hair look. First, comb your hair to the back. Then, tie it to make a low bun. Give your hairstyle a twist by leaving some strands in front to make them into lovely bangs.

19. Makeshift Bun

Even if you have short hair, you can still sport a bun the way Selene Gomez does. Curl your hair using a curling iron. Then tease your hair to give it volume. Secure the hair at the back with bobby pins, making it look like a bun without having to know your hair.

20. Layerd high ponytail

If you have long layered hair, you get a chance to adopt another hair style worn by celebrity Selena Gomez. The layered high ponytail will look great when the layers are cut sharp. Tie your hair with an elastic band or ribbon to have a ponytail. Comb the portion near the elastic band backward. This will give your hair a fuller look.

21. Windswept bob

Some of you might find this hairstyle messy. However, Selena Gomez wears it perfectly. First, divide bob into two sections from the center. Comb your hair forward but do not do it too neatly. Allow the hair on the side to fall freely, making it look as if it had been messed by the wind.

22. Cute half top knot

This is one the hairstyles worn by Selena Gomez. It is great for casual or formal events anywhere. Gather your hair up from the side and front, leaving some hair to frame your face. Tie the hair up into a knot, leaving some hair falling on your back. Notice how lovely the cascading curls look under that small tight cap.

23. Curved-in bob

Are your sporting a Selena Gomez hair look with a bob? If you want to look stylish but does not know how, use a hair brush to make your bob curve inward. You can do this by using a hair blow dryer. Direct the blow dryer to your bob and blow from top to bottom. Make sure that only the ends are curved.

24. Beanie and lose hair

Get that artistic appeal even if you are wearing your hair under a beanie as Selena Gomez did. How? Let hair with curled ends peep out of the beanie. This gives you a feeling of being artsy. You can also hide part of your hair when it is not looking at its best.

25. Brown Dimensional Updo

Show off your latest hair highlights by sporting this hair style. Backcomb your hair and secure it into a bun at the back. Leave some strands of hair in front to flatter your face. The loose hair framing your face will make you look ethereal and beautiful.

26. Platinum blonde with dark roots

Some women with dark hair like that of Selena’s might think twice before having their mane colored blonde. But Selena proves that there is nothing to fear. By leaving some dark roots, a brunette can look fantastic with blonde-colored hair.

27. Brown highlights

Show off your brown tresses by highlighting it the way Selena Gomez did. Her brown hair looks thick and glossy and she added to its radiance by skillfully applying highlights midway going down. This adds to the depth and intensity of hair color. If you have short hair, highlighting it can help create a lovely frame to your face.

28. Fine-ended bob

When a bob is done in the right way, it can result to a stylish and charming look. Make sure that the layers of your bob are cut finely. This will help frame your face and bring out its shape. The fine layers will give your hair a thicker look.

29. Light hair

Make sure that your layered hair brings out the best in your looks. Use shades that are lighter than your hair color by a shade or two. You can see how this simple procedure can make your hair look glorious.

30. Beautiful straight and long

If your face is round like Selena’s face, wearing a long and straight hairstyle will have a wonderful effect. Part you hair in the middle and let it make your round face look a little bit different. Straight and long hair will make you appear more beautiful and sophisticated.

31. Medium straight hair

You have seen Selena Gomez wear medium curly hair and you noticed how it made her look bubbly and chubby. With a medium straight hair, she depicts of different personality, which is that of an elegant look with class.

32. Light to dark ombre

Give your hair highlights that are two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color the way Selena Gomez did with her hair. You can best show off your stunning hair color by adding light layers and parting it from the middle.

33. Curly side part

Are you tired of wearing your hair parted in the middle? Just changing the place where you part your hair can make miracles especially when curls peep from the side where you part your hair.

34. Beach Waves

Selena Gomez celebrated summer with this lovely beach waves. You do not need to visit a hairstylist to achieve an impressive style. All you need to do is to part your hair at the middle and curl the strands in a a fly away style, meaning away from your face.

35. Rolled-under ends

Bored with that fly away look? Try something new by curling your hair towards your face. With this hairstyle, you get neat-looking long hair, highlighting your face.

36. Barrel curls

Impress the crowd with curls as big as barrels. Use big curlers for a change. After you have removed the curlers, blow dry into big curls.

37. Crown braid

Are you feeling like a princess? Make yourself a crown of braided hair. Get small sections of the hair in front and make a braid. Aside from looking like a princess, you can also experience the cooling effect of a neatly braided hair especially during summer.

38. Fishtail braid

Women with long hair do not have to worry about styling their hair. They can braid their tresses in lots of ways. A fishtail braid is an ideal choice for those who prefer to have a hairstyle that can last the whole day. If you are too busy to keep combing your hair every time it is in disarray, a fishtail braid is best for you.

39. Deep side-part ponytail

Selena Gomez created a sensation when she appeared with her hair deeply parted on the side. Style your hair this way by combing your hair from one side near your ears to the opposite side. Tie your hair into a pony tail for an amazing look.

40. Bobby pinned

Wear a girly straight hair with bangs. To keep the bangs from falling ll over your face, secure one side with colored bobby pins for effect.

You hair is your crowning glory. Why stick to one way of styling it when you can experiment even with a hundred different ways of doing it? If you are a celebrity, you want to look fresh and new every time you appear in public. With the latest technology in hair styling, you can have lots of options regarding hair styling.

Why not try several Selena Gomez hair looks? You might have short hair or long hair, curly or straight hair, blonde or brown but with creativity and imagination, you will find out that the choices are endless.

Like Selena, make your book of unlimited hairstyles and pick one anytime you want to look different. But if time is against you, just check Selena Gomez hairstyles and discover new ways of doing your hair easily and quickly without too much cost.

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