20 Cool and Hip Senegalese Twist Styles to Try this 2020

Senegalese twists are perfect for women who have naturally curly hair. It provides a respite from the styling that you have to make every day. This also gives your natural hair a much-needed breather from the abuse that it has to undergo day in and day out.

Not only are Senegalese twists protective of your natural hair; they can be very stunning to look at, too. Check out these 20 cool Senegalese twist styles to ramp up your style.

Cool Senegalese Twist Styles You Want to Try

Thin Crochet

If you are only beginning to experiment with Senegalese twists, we recommend going for a Thin Crochet style. This should give you a glimpse of how a rope twist will look on you. The trick here is to create twists only on the front strands of your tresses.

You can then leave the rest of the locks – the sides and the back – as is. It is more like a partial Senegalese hairstyle. It looks simple, with a tough of sophistication.

Small Twists

This style of Senegalese twist affords a cool and breezy look. The twists are small, resembling an eighth-inch thick rope or a black chain.

It is very easy to maintain, while also giving you the chance to look stunning. This is one rope twist that will have people turning their heads to look at how you performed those intertwines.

Medium Twists

Women who have thin to medium thick tresses can try a medium-width Senegalese twist. This can be an excellent foundation for any style you want with your tresses. Let them cascade down your head in a more natural manner.

Or, you can collect them into a sophisticated bun. Regardless of the style you wish to accomplish, this rope twist is sure to be a good starting point.

Big Twists

There are people who are already tired of straightening and styling their unruly tresses. They have already tried heating tools and the application of harsh chemicals to keep the strands in line.

Now’s the time to free yourself from such routine. These large Senegalese twists can help protect your natural hair from further damage. They also add volume to your locks, making them look more lavish than usual. Don’t worry as the large twists are not going to strain your hair roots.

Jumbo Crochet

Want to look super-chill? Then you’ve got to try these jumbo intertwines. This style is ideal for people with a round face. The thick tresses provide an elegant frame that will somehow temper the roundness of one’s facial features.

It is a striking hair style that can make a good statement in fashion and style circles. For a more elegant touch, keep the twists straight and sleek.

Short Twists

You do not need to have long curls to have sophisticated rope intertwines. If you have naturally short hair, you can still give your tresses the breather and style they deserve.

Put on a short Senegalese twist to give your tresses an edgy look. You can try an asymmetric pixie cut to make you look more chic than ever. This should also highlight your best facial features.

Thick and Long Twists

Super long Senegalese twists with extra-thick crochet are perfect for those who want a reggae vibe. After all, having long tresses is the ideal pair to a classic Senegal rope twist.

Now, if you do not have Rapunzel-like length of locks, you can always put clip-ins to simulate the fabulous look. This is one of those Senegalese twist styles that will make you look lovely and dashing, regardless of the occasion.

The Updo

Remember what we said about the medium Senegalese twist being a good starting point for any style of hair? This is one form that you would want to try. It is perfect for evening galas and other social gatherings.

And if you happen to go to the prom and is still looking for a sophisticated hairdo, then this is it. It starts with medium rope twists that you will style into a braided bun. It has that amazing wow! factor that will draw the attention of the paparazzi and Hollywood talent scouts.

Half-Down, Half-Up Twists

Call it a combination of the medium Senegalese twist and the rope twist updo. It is both simple and sophisticated. It involves twisting some of your locks into a braided bun, while allowing the rest to cascade down the head in a more natural way.

And if you happen to use hair extensions with a dark golden hue, then that should complement your natural black tresses. It remains a low-maintenance style. However, it does provide your hair the flair that it needs.

Burgundy Crochet

Are you ready for a bold statement? If you are, then you might want to apply a hot burgundy Senegalese twist on your tresses. It is a very striking color and one that is sure to scream in the crowd.

However, it is not as bold as a fiery red. It is still a subtle hue that can complement your dark hair. This will create a remarkable contrast that oozes with appeal. It works well on shoulder-length locks; although you can also try it on any length of hair.

Twist Top Knot Twists

This is almost similar to the Half-Down, Half-Up Senegalese twist style. The only difference is you will need jumbo-sized intertwines to give your tresses a full-bodied look. Gather some sections of your twisted hair and form them into a simple bun.

Leave the rest to dangle at the sides and back of your head. For obvious reasons, this style works for those whose locks can reach up to the level of the waist. The style keeps your tresses off your face so people can admire your natural beauty. You’ll look more chic in the process.

Ponytail Twists

You will look sassy with this kind of ponytail. The medium sized Senegalese twists are perfect for turning into a pony. Flip your tresses to the front. Get two sections of the rope crochet from your neck region. Wrap these two crochet around your hair to get that classic pony look.

Keep them in place using a clip or a clear elastic. Add braids or cornrows on the side and the top for a more elegant finish. You can now go to any style town and get ready to mesmerize the crowd.

Blonde Twists

These rope twists are not only great for people with black hair. They are also good for those with blonde tresses. And when you do decide to give your locks a beautiful twist, you’re guaranteed to get everyone to look at you with admiration.

You can go for either medium or large twists. The shadows they cast should look fabulous in the spotlight.


Cornrows exude with elegance, sophistication, and edginess. And when you pair them with Senegalese twist styles, you will get a hairdo that is quite difficult to beat.

Let your hair stylist create fascinating cornrows on both the sides and the top of your head. Let the middle section form into stunning rope twists and you will sport a sleek look.

Fiery Red Crochet

If you think going burgundy is daring, giving your crown a fiery red hue is magical. You’ve got to have a high level of self-confidence to pull this one out, though. It screams for attention.

The hue should complement your dark skin tone, giving it a bright, reddish glow. For a more dramatic effect, give your twists a mixture of fiery red and dark maroon sections. That should speak volumes about your personality.

Ombre Crochet

The key is to blend your natural hair with a contrasting color of hair extensions. This will give you a more stunning ombre look. Too bad you cannot create a sun-kissed balayage effect. That would make your tresses look even more fabulous.

Curly Twists

For women who have an in-between type of curl, doing a Senegalese twist curls seems like a great choice. It does not have the classic rope look of twists, however. Nevertheless, this style never fails to draw oohs and ahhs wherever you will go.

The best part of this hairstyle is that you can go for a sophisticated and sleek look in a jiffy. And when you’re in the mood for some fun, you can let it loose for a more carefree beach look.

Twist Bun

Are you a fan of Lupita Nyong-o? If you are, then you should try this style. Start with a Senegalese twist ponytail hair style.

Instead of securing the base, twist a section of your locks around the base. You can also go as high as Marge Simpson’s hairdo. This depends on the length of your hair, of course.

Twist Bob

Like a Senegalese pixie twist, the bob is perfect for people with short hair. It is both pretty and classy that borders on being outright sultry.

If you have short hair, you can pick small twists. Women with shoulder length tresses would do well with medium sized Senegalese twists.

Wavy Twists

People who want to project a more laid-back attitude can always rely on the wavy twists. The twists come in a gentle wave that mimics the flow of the water on the beach. This style should make you look a lot fresher, while still protecting your natural hair.


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Frequently Asked Questions

• I heard a friend talking about Senegalese twist. What is it?

People call it the rope twists. Hair stylists refer to them as the Senegalese Twists. No matter how you want to call them, you should know that this hairstyle has another purpose besides making you look good. It is one of those ‘protective’ hairstyles that women with Afro-textured hair use.

Everything begins with a braiding hair. You need to wrap this around your natural hair near the roots. From here, you can twist the two strands of hair until you get to the tip.

• Why should I get a Senegalese twist?

If you are already tired of having to style your hair day in and day out, then a Senegalese twist is a good idea. It is a protective hairstyle.

It helps to protect your hair from further damage because of daily styling, excessive manipulation, and use of hot styling tools. This facilitates the unimpeded growth of natural hair.

• Is it similar to a braid?

It’s easy to see why a lot of people consider the twist as nothing more than another term for the braid. However, there is one key difference between the two.

To make a box braid, you need three hair strands of hair to intertwine. A Senegalese twist, on the other hand, only calls for two strands. You wrap these two strands to create a ‘twisted’ shape.

• Why is a twist better than a braid?

It depends on what you want to achieve in the first place. For example, while braids may look very sophisticated, they may not be that too kind on your scalp. They are ‘heavier’ than a twist because each braid involves three strands of tresses.

Braids are perfect for those who want a sleek look. If you want a fluffier appearance, you can choose a twist. You will age in a more graceful manner, too, if you pick twists over braids. Unfortunately, twists require more maintenance. This is because they tend to unravel a lot faster than braids.

• Are there different types of twists?

Yes, there are. In addition to Senegalese twists, there are also Marley, Havana, and Kinky. Marleys look like dreadlocks. Havana twists are similar to Marleys, except that they have a larger diameter. Kinky twists are shorter in length and smaller, too. They also have curled ends.

• What kind of hair extension would you recommend for a Senegalese twist?

Most people will use Marley hair. This is because its texture is almost the same as that of natural hair. It is coarser, too. If you want fluffier and lighter texture, then you may want Toyokalon.

The problem with this is that it can get easily tangled. It is great for small-sized twists, however. Kanekalon offers a more realistic-looking hair. It is also a lot easier to manage and is perfect for medium to large size twists.

• Are there any specific requirements before I can get a Senegalese twist?

Since you will need to wrap your hair extensions near the roots of your hair, it is important that you have about hair that’s at least an inch long. This will provide adequate anchorage for your twist. It will also minimize the tension on the hairline.

It is also a must that you cleanse your hair before you install a Senegalese twist. Go for a sulfate-free shampoo with conditioners. Detangle your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner. However, it is best to apply only a small amount. You can apply hair milk, too.

• Does it hurt to have a Senegalese twist?

It depends on how ‘tight’ your hair stylist will pull on your hair. Some people do experience tightness in their scalp. Other people may experience a throbbing sensation.

You may also notice bumps developing along the hairline. It is often wise to speak up and tell your hair stylist if he or she is already pulling your hair too tight.

• How long is the making of Senegalese twists going to take?

We’re not going to lie. Making twists can take a long time. Some people can spend 6 hours of installing the extensions and twisting them with the natural hair. Others can take up to 8 hours to complete.

However, there are techniques that can help reduce the installation time to only 3 hours max. You can ask your hair stylist about the length of time of the procedure and decide whether you’re prepared to spend the whole day at the salon or not.

• Are Senegalese twists easy to maintain?

Twists are low-maintenance. However, they do require extra tender loving care if you want them to last longer than their expected lifespan of 8 to 16 weeks. It is important to wrap your tresses in satin bonnet or scarf every night.

This will help prevent the edges of your twists from fraying fast. You should also take care of your natural hair.

• When should I remove my Senegalese twists?

There are several instances when you want to remove the Senegalese twists. One of these is when you feel the hair becoming too heavy for comfort. This often signals excessive traction on the hair roots. You have to relieve the pressure by removing the twists.

Senegalese twist styles are very versatile. You can go as posh as you want or as carefree as you need to be. Best of all, you get to protect your natural tresses as they earn a respite from daily styling.

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