Only the Bold: 15 Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Very few hairstyles can be as badass as shaved hairstyles for women. From the GI Jane-look of Demi Moore to the Alien-busting look of Sigourney Weaver, this is a hairstyle that requires a bold spirit. The good news is that you do not need to go all out. There are now plenty of ways to rock this hairstyle.

Overview of Shaved Hairstyles for Women

Shaved hairstyles for women is nothing new. Ancient Egyptian women were known to shave their heads to help prevent the infestation of lice. Most of them wore wigs whenever they went out. There is also the fabled all-female warriors of ancient Dahomey, in modern-day Benin. Historians believe that these women were the real Amazons.

In the 20th century, several Hollywood actresses have begun sporting the shaved hair look. In the 1970s, Jamaican-American singer, actress, and record producer, Grace Jones had her head shaved. Jones wanted to project an image of toughness in an otherwise “soft” world.

There are other notable celebrities that had shaved hairstyles at some point in their lives. These include Sinead O’Connor, Sigourney Weaver, Natalie Portman, Demi Moore, Cate Blanchett, Amber Rose, and Britney Spears.

Shaved Hairstyles for Women: The Whys

There are many benefits to shaving your hair. The main benefit is that it gives you a certain look that very few women would dare have. It is not surprising since shaved hair is often equated with men and power.

From the fabled Dahomey warriors to the modern-day fictional heroines, this is a hairstyle that exudes with raw power. It denotes strength of character and an adventurous spirit. If this is the kind of image that you want to project, then a shaved hairstyle is for you.

Another benefit of a shaved hairstyle is that it is super easy to maintain. This depends on the amount of hair that you shaved. If you are looking to mimic the look of Ellen Ripley, then there is no issue about maintenance at all.

However, if you want to look like Mel B, then you will still have to care for your remaining hair. The good news is that you will use less hair care products and allot less time in caring for your hair.

Shaved hairstyles for women can be more practical. There is no need to use large amounts of shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products. You also do not need to go to the salon for a trim. You will need products that will keep the integrity of your scalp, however.

Shaving your hair also gives your locks a clean slate. You allow your hair to grow in a more beautiful and more elegant manner. This is perfect for women who have used a lot of products and tools that damage the hair through the years.

These can include dyes, straighteners, curlers, and crimpers. Instead of trimming only the tips, you will have a much better chance of having healthier locks when you shave all of it.

There are also those who shave their hair to benefit somebody else. Many salons accept hair donations. They give these hair donations to organizations that make wigs. People with cancer or any other health condition that can lead to baldness can then use these wigs to boost their self-esteem.

15 Cool Shaved Hairstyles

Most women are not prepared to go all out in terms of shaving their heads. The good news is that you do not need to look like Okoye of the Black Panther fame. There are fascinating ways to sporting shaved hairstyles for women without going completely bald. Check out these 15 cute styles we have for you.

1. Subtle Side-shaved Bob

This is perfect for those who are not ready to go full blast with a shaved hairstyle. The trick here is to have only one side of your head shaved. It is the perfect style for working ladies who want a bolder look without compromising their professional credibility.

2. Shaved “X” Design at the Back of the Head

Very few ladies will dare go down this route. However, for those who are brave enough, having the back of your head shaved in a classic X shape is the ultimate in individual expression. To make the design more sophisticated, do not get an X shape shaved dead center. Place the intersection somewhere off-center to give it a more dashing and bolder look.

3. Long Tresses and Shaved Underneath

If you are looking for a shaved hairstyle for women that you can transform into different styles, then you should try this idea. Most people believe that only women with short hair can have a shaved hairstyle. Women with long tresses can still enjoy the cooling comfort a shaved head brings.

The secret is to retain the outer layers of hair and shaving only those underneath this layer. If you are ready to strut the shaved look, you can always ponytail your long tresses or form a bun.

4. Shaved Temple in a Straight Bob

A shaved hairstyle for women does not have to be so bold. It can be subtle and simple, too. This shaved hairstyle idea is great for ladies who are not ready to embrace the bold look of a shaved hairstyle. Only the temples get shaved. It works best with a blunt bob, complete with a side part. You can also color your locks in mahogany red to make it more interesting.

5. Shaved Star Design at the Nape

If you are not a fan of the X design, then maybe having a star at the nape will suit you fine. This is perfect for girls with long locks. They get to hide their star-shaped shave with their tresses. And when it comes to showing off this great hairstyle, all that’s needed is a fun ponytail.

6. Side-shaved Swirl Design

Sporting this shaved hairstyle conveys an image of a woman people do not want to mess with. You will need a very skilled stylist to pull this out, though. The intricate swirl patterns on the side of your head requires precision shaving and artistic abilities.

7. Long Hair with Design-Shaved Nape

Think of this as a bolder interpretation of the “Shaved Star Design”. Instead of going for a lone star to adorn your nape, you will have to go for a design that spans a considerable portion of the back of your head. This works best with space buns and pigtails. Using a ponytail will hide the amazing shaved artwork on your nape.

8. Mermaid Waves with a Half-shave

Almost everyone is talking about how lovely mermaid waves look. The soft, undulating hairstyle evokes of a carefree nature. It also mimics the natural movement of hair when one swims underwater. You can sport such a hairstyle, while giving it a bolder look.

Shave one side of your head and let your mermaid waves flow on the other side. This is for the woman who is both brave and fearless. Add some pastel highlights to make your hair look more stunning.

9. Layered Hair and Shaved Underneath

This is a variant of the long tresses and shaved underneath hairstyle. The same principle holds. You retain the outermost sections of your hair, while shaving underneath. To give it a more spectacular look, style your remaining hair in triangular sections. You will have a very interesting type of layered tresses that other people will admire.

10. Side-shaved Pink Butterfly

A powerful buzzed hair should not make you look less feminine. By integrating a beautiful butterfly design in your side shave, it is easy to rock a sophisticated hairstyle that is very feminine. The trick is to highlight your tresses in soft pink. This will give you the stunning pink butterfly effect.

11. One-sided Shaved and Wavy Locks

If you have naturally wavy locks, this is the style to wear. The side part starts where the shaved section ends. It has an asymmetrical look than can do wonders in bringing out your best features. Add a hint of turquoise in your tresses and you will have that vibrant and flirty look men will adore.

12. Tribal Curly Shaved Hairstyle

Who said that shaved hairstyles only work on women with straight or wavy hair? It can work for women with natural curls, too. This is similar to the design-shaved nape. However, the design will feature triangular shapes that are similar to a Pythagorean artwork. The sharp angles of the triangles will help complement the natural curves of your curls.

13. The Semipermanent Headband Side-to-Side Shave

Only the bold will ever want to shave their tresses in a manner that mimics that of a headband. The good thing about this shaved hairstyle idea is that it exudes a fun and carefree vibe. You will shave both sides of your head.

This creates the illusion of wearing a natural headband. This is perfect for framing the face. It allows you to achieve a cleaner outline, while showing off your facial features.

14. Voluminous Pixie

Very few shaved hairstyles for women can be as dramatic as the voluminous pixie. This is also a hairstyle that is very easy to accomplish. It is a lot similar to the military crewcut in boys.

You get to shave both the sides and back of your head. You will leave only the tresses on your crown. Clip your remaining locks and style them in a wavelike fashion. This cool style is ideal for creating the illusion of having a long face shape.

15. Shaved Nape Faded Hairstyle

This is another boyish cut that works well with ladies who want to appear strong, liberated, and forward-thinking. Unlike the voluminous pike, the shaved nape faded hairstyle will only require shaving about an inch of bottom hair.

This creates a very clean and neat look that will define the shape of your head. Add some spiky layers on top and you’ve got a pixie style that rocks.

Tips and Tricks For Amazing Shaved Hairstyle

Getting an amazing shaved hairstyle for women is very easy. This is true if you are going for the bald and bold look. However, there are certain styles that require a more careful planning. Here are a few tricks to help you nail that awesome shaved hairstyle.

Make Sure You Understand Your Reasons for Shaving Your Hair

Different folks, different reasons. This holds true when shaving your hair. One needs to understand that many women consider their locks as a very important part of their look. It boosts their self-confidence and allows them to look their best.

Shaving the hair can have an impact on one’s self-image and self-esteem. Make sure that you understand the implications of shaving your hair. You should be confident walking around and getting on with your life, even though you no longer have hair or part of your head is already shaved. We have to reiterate that shaved hairstyles for women is for the bold and daring.

Pick a Style

Once you have made up your mind, you can now “shop” for the most fascinating shaved hairstyle for you. One trick you can employ is by looking at celebrities who have the same facial features as yours. It is important that these celebrities have pictures of them wearing their shaved hairstyles.

If you are not ready for that baldie look, then you can opt for more subtle approaches to shaved hair. These can include a side shave or a nape shave. Some will also go for an underneath shave. This allows them to style their remaining hair any way they choose.

Have a Stylist Shave Your Hair

If you are going for the Demi Moore or Sigourney Weaver look, there is no need to go to the salon. All you need is a good pair of scissors, a comb, and a hair clipper. You need to cut your locks short first. Once short, you can then buzz the rest. A hair clipper will come in handy.

However, if you want some fancy designs on your shaved head, there is no way you can pull it off without the help of a professional. Make sure to show your stylist the kind of shaved hairstyle that you want.

How to Care for Your Shaved Head

Part of an amazing shaved hairstyle is knowing how to take care of the remaining hair and your scalp. Here’s how.

Continue Using Shampoo and Conditioner

People have this notion that you can ditch your shampoo and conditioner if you already have a shaved head. This is not true. There are still hairs on your scalp. The only way you can keep them healthy is by using the right hair care products. The only advantage is that you will use a very minimal amount of shampoo and conditioner.

Protect Your Scalp

The hair serves as protection for the scalp against UV rays. With this cover gone, your scalp will be more exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Make sure to cover up whenever you head outdoors. Wear a hat or bring an umbrella to shield your head against the sun.

Keep them Hydrated

As mentioned, there are still hairs on your scalp. Shaving does not remove the hair roots. It only cuts the hair shaft near the roots. As such, you will still need to keep on hydrating your “invisible” hairs so that they will grow healthy. Always apply a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Your scalp is not as thick as the skin on your arms and other parts of your body.

Consider a Scalp Massage

Giving yourself a good scalp massage is one good way to care for your shaved head. Massage promotes the more efficient circulation of blood in the scalp. It allows your “invisible” hair to maintain their health.


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Frequently Asked Questions

• What type of person would want to shave their head?

There are no clear cut rules as to who should and who should not shave their heads. Everything depends on one’s preferences. Since the hair is almost always equated with one’s self-confidence, it is best worn by those who have no issues whether they have hair or not.

• Is it true that I can already ditch my shampoo and conditioner if I shave my head?

No. You still have hair on your scalp. Shaving does not remove the hair roots. It only cuts the shaft near the hair roots. Shampooing can remove dirt and oil that may accumulate on your scalp. Conditioners can help hydrate your scalp.

• Why do some men don’t like women who shave their hair?

In general, men have short hair. Women have long locks. Hair is one of the things that help differentiate men from women. There are some men who have very strong beliefs about such differentiation, whether they care to admit it or not.

Shaved hairstyles for women are for everyone who want to look different and still be confident about themselves.

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