256 Short Haircuts for Girls That Combine the Pleasant With the Useful

The youngest girls can now enjoy a large variety of short haircuts for girls of all ages. Stylish, fashionable and beautiful, our suggestions are practically no different than those for grown women. However, we have prepared a few other considerations applicable to little girls and teenage girls.

Choosing a hairstyle for a child can be difficult. It should be comfortable, the hair should be easy to style and, of course, the hair should be trendy and emphasize the beauty of the girl. Since early childhood, every girl wants to look pretty and be admired. Little fashionistas can spend hours looking in the mirror while trying their mother’s high heels shoes, jewelry and why not, makeup.

Even if such actions are natural because girls typically try to imitate their mother’s behavior, they should not be ignored. That’s why we have included valuable haircuts and hairstyles considerations that are worthy to consider when choosing short hairstyles for girls. Each age category is characterized by different features. So, you should adapt as much as possible. In addition, we have prepared more than 200 pictures with short haircuts for girls of all ages. You will see little girl’s haircuts, as well as older women’s haircuts.

Short Haircuts for Girls – General Age Considerations

When choosing a haircut for little girls, it is important to consider at least two aspects. Namely, the pretty look conferred by the haircut, as well as how practical it is. Styling the hair should not take much time and effort. In addition, it would be ideal for the girl to be able to style it herself. For example, if you pick a short haircut with long bangs, it is important to consider securing the bangs with hairpins during school hours. Therefore, you should still reconsider the possibility of choosing short bangs. This is because they will definitely not interfere with reading, playing or other school activities. However, if short bangs are not an option, be prepared with hairpins, ribbons and headbands.

By the age of 2, a girl’s hairs are already becoming more elastic and strong. So, she can wear a stylish haircut that will highlight her features and attract all the attention on the playground.

In case of 3 year old girls, the hair is still too brittle. So, opting for a short haircut is the most appropriate choice. In addition, such haircut will not be traumatic for the hair’s structure. Even so, at this age, it is already possible to grow bangs. However, stylists recommend short bangs that don’t reach further than the middle of the girl’s forehead. In no way should the hair interfere with her vision.

For 4 year old girls, the most recommended haircuts are the comfortable ones. They don’t interfere with playing, running or other activities. Experts suggest a pageboy haircut. This is because it can be worn in its basic form, but it can also be styled in simple ways. The hair can either styled in a ponytail, separated by a straight parting, twisted in different directions and so on.

Girls Older Than 5 Should Pick Their Haircut

In case of 5 year old girls or older, things change a bit. At this age, it is already advisable to discuss haircut choices with them. Some girls of this age are already starting to form their own ideas about what they like and what they don’t. Whether it is time for experiments or not, you can decide together. For instance, a simple short haircut will organically combine with the girl’s facial features and will be convenient for everyday wear.

9 year old girls might already be attracted by a pixie haircut. The former looks especially good on short, slender girls. Moreover, curly, thick-haired girls would look best with an elongated bean and a neat bang. Among other short haircuts for girls recommended at this age are the simple bean and the smooth bean with bangs.

Between age 11 and 17, teen girls may start picking haircuts fitted for grown women. This happens especially if the girl in question looks more mature than she really is. Alternatively, some teen girls choose daring haircuts such as mohawk.

Fashionable Short Haircuts for Girls Set the Tendencies

Short haircuts for girls do not lose their relevance. In addition, the number of their varieties is rapidly increasing. Numerous creative variations of the square allow you to choose a hairstyle suitable for a specific face shape and any style. Hair can always be pinned up, braided into short plaits and so on. Moreover, if a girl wants to grow her hair longer, then she will not have to change the haircut – it will be enough to just stop cutting her strands.

Among children’s short haircuts, asymmetric versions are still considered popular. That’s when the locks on the front turn out to be much longer than those on the back. This hairstyle was once worn by the adherents of the emo style. Even so, this hair design looks very elegant and feminine. On the downside is the fact that it requires regular care, which means that its professional adjustment should be carried out monthly.

Both regular and celebrity girls enjoy the pixie haircut. This is because it is suitable for any look, requires simple styling and looks modern. Among its features are longer hair on the crown and short hair on the sides and back. A pixie haircut is not suitable for girls with protruding ears, as well as for owners of wavy hair.

Any asymmetric short haircut for girls is characterized by the presence of locks of different lengths. The bangs should be long and laid on one side. This look is more suitable for older girls, as it requires regular styling. First, the curls must be dried with a hairdryer, and then stacked with a special styling tool. A modern variation of the square is the bob.

Girl’s Trendy Haircut Options for Short Hair

A significant advantage of the cascade haircut is its versatility. More specifically, it is suitable for both straight and curly hair. It goes well with bangs of any kind, such as straight, oblique or even asymmetric. Suitable for girls with various face shapes, it is characterized by a transition from short curls to long ones. The direction goes from the face to the back of the head.

Speaking of wavy hair and curls, they can be successfully transformed into an angled bean, requiring a small elongation forward from both sides. It is often complemented by bangs. A vintage bob will look good too.

To create an extended carre, you will need to cut the hair to the shoulders, following one line. If the girl is thin, then it is recommended to supplement her looks with bangs. It is important to mention that an elongated carre is quite versatile and can be the salvation in a situation with a heavy bulging chin or other appearance flaws.

An elongated bean looks great on both straightened and curly hair. The optimal length either reaches the shoulder line, or falls slightly lower.

When Short Haircuts for Girls are Required

The number of girls who prefer short haircuts has significantly decreased lately. Some say this is understandable since such haircuts are more suitable for people of the older generation. In addition, little girls and teenage girls have so many long-haired idols that they are impossible to convince. However, a short haircut doesn’t make a girl less beautiful or less stylish.

Short haircuts are popular among young girls who, due to their age, have not yet had enough hair. In addition, they greatly facilitate the process of hair care, which is also disliked by young children.

Short haircuts for girls are irreplaceable when removing damaged hair and, if desired, girls experiment with the length of their hair. A pageboy haircut will give shape and will diversify the hairstyle with the length and shape of the bangs.

Despite the length of the hair, using a variety of hairpins and hair jewelry, allows any girl to sport a new hairstyle every day, giving it twist and novelty. Despite the length and quality of the girl’s hair, as well as her face shape, remember that a successful haircut is the key to a neat and well-groomed appearance. It is a confirmation of good taste and sense of style.

Short Haircuts for Schoolgirls

By the time girls go to school, their hair should be strong enough for various haircuts. Also, it should’ve acquired its final pigmentation. So, you can now let the schoolgirl decide on her haircut. At this age, in addition to the main criteria for choosing a haircut (hair structure, face type), psychological parameters play an important role as well. The schoolgirl’s character, mood and inner world are all notable factors.

In case of messy hair that was poorly kept in shape, it is better to give preference to haircuts like bob, classic square, pixie or cascade.

The Main Short Haircuts for Girls of All Ages

As we have mentioned before, there is a large variety of short haircuts suited for girls of all ages. Each has its own characteristics and requirements in terms of hair texture, face shape and others.

Pageboy Variations for Little Girls

If your girl is the happy owner of smooth and thick hair, then a pageboy haircut is perfect for her. Its advantage is that you do not need to waste time styling it, it has an attractive look and it is easy to care for. This hairstyle looks more like a hat with a straight bang, which harmoniously merges with longer strands. Due to the fact that the haircut holds its shape well, it is considered a real salvation among girls who have straight and heavy hair.

It is also important to consider that a shortened version of this haircut, when the ends of the hair reach the chin line, is not the best option for young beauties. The pageboy haircut is cut at a clear angle, which seems to be made with a ruler. So, many mothers tend to opt for bangs cut in the shape of a semicircle.

Short Cascade Haircut

Each little girl or teenage girl is a future woman who wants to look as neat and elegant as her mother. In addition, everyone will agree that every mommy wants her child to be the best and most beautiful. A well-groomed, neat hairstyle always attracts the enthusiastic looks of others.

When it comes to structure, such a haircut is a bit like the previous version. In this case, however, the hair strands do not have clear boundaries, but smoothly pass one into another, falling onto the face. Depending on personal preferences, this haircut can be done with or without bangs. If you still decide to supplement the haircut with an original bang, then it is best to choose a ragged, asymmetric or straight one. Separately, it is worth considering that if you plan to do different hairstyles in the future, then the upper strands of the haircut should not be too short.



The Ageless Bob Haircut

Many stylists and hairdressers call this haircut universal, as it looks great on both young and adult girls. The main advantage of a bob hairstyle is that the hair does not go into your eyes at all, it is easy to style with a regular comb and it does not prevent the girl from jumping, running and having fun. A traditional bob haircut does not imply a bang.

Choosing a trendy bob haircut, you can no longer worry about styling, as it holds its shape perfectly and is suitable for all types of hair. Hairdressers do not recommend girls to opt for too short haircuts, as they are appropriate only in a boyish way. Ideal lengths range from earlobes to shoulders. In addition, such a haircut does not interfere with securing the hair in a ponytail.

The Much Beloved Pixie

This short haircut is perfect not only for grown women, but also for girls ranging between 13 and 14 years old. It is created in layers. The hair from the crown and occipital areas is cut in a rounded shape that resembles a hat. The nape area in this haircut is the most important.

Pixies can be made both on short hair and on medium-length hair, which in both cases is cut in layers, with the appearance of an effective volume in the upper part of the head. As a result, your girl will be the most stylish and beautiful fashionista in the class.

Versatile Aurora Short Haircut

Aurora is a wonderful option for a short hairstyle suited for teenage girls. It resembles the cascade haircut, but still has its own specific differences. For example, it most clearly shows the line where the transition between hair lengths is made, which allows Aurora to be made on any length of hair.

Visually, Aurora adds volume and splendor to the hair. This is especially good for girls with thin and easy to break strands. Aurora will suit every girl with any appearance.

Bangs or No Bangs?

Bangs can make a girl’s look unique and individual. They can be cut straight, oblique or in an asymmetric manner. However, an important factor when thinking about bangs would be how comfortable they are. In addition, they shouldn’t go into the girl’s eyes or interfere with her activities. Therefore, the most recommended type of bang is a straight bang, just above the eyebrow line.

Not all girls have the right hair type for bangs. If the hair is wavy or thin and difficult to style, then it is better not to opt for bangs. Unless you are going for a messy look, in which case bangs go.

More Haircuts for Girls of All Ages

In our time of changeable fashion, we all try to look beautiful and stylish. So, we pay special attention to our hair, makeup, clothes. Little girls, schoolgirls and teen girls are no exceptions. Stylish clothes, colorful accessories and a proper haircut are all important factors when creating a girl’s look.

The hairstyle of a young lady is a special component of her overall style. She should not look too much like adult or have disheveled hair that interferes with her studying or other activities. So, when choosing short haircuts for girls, it is important to consider factors such as hair texture, physical appearance, the practical aspect and so on. Personality and character must also be taken into consideration.

As mentioned before, a girl aged 5 or more should already be able to choose a haircut that she likes. The choice she makes might not be the best one, but you should grant her the right to pick a certain look. Explain the practical side if that’s an inconvenient.

As it follows, we will leave you with more than 100 short haircuts for girls of all ages. Maybe you or your daughter will find inspiration for a new look. In case you found the perfect match with our help, don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments section below!


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