21 Fun, Cool, and Sophisticated Short Hairstyles for Black Women

There are people who consider short hairstyles as inappropriate for women. They think that such a style makes women less feminine. This is especially true when the person sporting the hairstyle is black.

However, we are confident that these 21 fun, cool, and sophisticated short hairstyles for black women will change your opinion about the matter.

Fun, Cool, and Sophisticated Short Hairstyles for Black Women

1. Classy Layered Pixie

One of the best short hairstyles for African American women is this layered pixie cut. It is a very classic look and can give you a more youthful look. The gorgeous choppy pixie provides an interesting blend of sleek and messy.

If you are going to attend a formal gathering in the evening, you can always slick the hair back for a more polished look. And if you are looking for a good bedhead-inspired hairstyling, you can always use a texturizing product.

2. Textured Pixie Bob

Black women who have a round face can benefit from a textured pixie bob. The smooth flow of short tresses can help narrow a wide face. To make it more sophisticated, you can tuck a section of your tresses behind the ears.

You can also leave a few layers of locks up front for a trendier sideburn touch. Regardless of how you style the textured pixie bob, you can bet that it will be cute and sassy.

3. Straight Textured Bob

If you’re ready to cut your Rapunzel-like tresses, you do not have to sacrifice its straight form. Have your hair stylist cut your hair in a layered bob to give your face a neat and healthy look.

You can make it more stunning, too. You only need to part one side and give it a simple blowout. For everyday activities, you can complement this hairstyle with lovely barrettes or a pretty headband.

4. Long Pixie Cut with Balayage

Balayage is not only for fair-skinned women. It can work for black ladies, too. Your hair stylist should be very skillful in applying balayage to give your short tresses that natural sun-kissed look.

This short hairstyle for black women works for those who have naturally straight hair. The balayage gives the impression that you have a carefree and fun-loving spirit.

5. Bombshell Blonde

Black women who have blonde hair can always cut their tresses short like Mary J. Blige and Zendaya. If you’re looking for a bombshell type of blonde, we recommend getting an almost identical haircut as Zendaya.

It has a boyish look. However, you can always look stunning if you pair it with the right makeup and wardrobe. You can let the top stand out by applying a gel or leave it as is.

6. Red Mohawk

This is a hairstyle that is not for everyone. For starters, you have to be very confident sporting a style that is almost synonymous with punk music. It is the ultimate in self-expression. It tells the world that you do not care what other people think. All you want is to express yourself.

And when you color the top with a flaming red dye, there’s no mistaking the statement you want to convey. Get ready with lots of styling, however. You’ve got to use the right styling products to help you achieve that classic Mohawk look.

7. Bright Pixie with Highlights

This is almost the same as having a long pixie with balayage. The only difference is that you will have an almost-two-tone look on your hair. If you have dark hair, then the tips should have a golden hue. This gives your tresses a classy appearance. It is edgy and stunning at the same time.

8. Chopped Undercut Pixie

Regardless of what other people will say, this cut will still make you look extra sweet and super feminine. It conjures images of a grade-schooler because of its very short cut. It may look like a barber’s cut for some people. However, it can still deliver ample personality.

The layers in this pixie styling provide movement and volume. It also transforms the ordinary pixie cut to one that is artsy and elegant.

9. Messy Pixie Bob

You do not have to stay polished to look stylish. Sometimes, having a messy hair can make you feel good about yourself. What makes this hairstyle so interesting is the way the tousled and teased layers create an illusion of volume.

You can wear it to an evening gala and you will still look as dashing as any other. The disheveled look and the flyaways are both stylish and strategic. They also do not require that much styling and maintenance.

10. Highlighted Fauxhawk

If you are not ready for the daring look of a Red Mohawk, then you should try a subtler style. The highlighted fauxhawk looks like a tamed version of the original. You style your tresses upward so that it creates volume on your crown. There is no need to polish the sides. You can leave them unkempt if you like.

To give it a more refined look, you can also highlight your top with a reddish-golden hue. The main idea in this short hairstyle for black women is for you to play with texture, color, and shape.

11. Pixie Bob with a Buzzed Side

African American women who would like to frame their beautiful round face can sport this edgy hairstyle. The trick is to grow one side of your bangs extra-long. You can then give the other side a really short haircut.

Now part your tresses to accentuate the buzzed side. Tuck some of the locks on the buzzed side behind your ear and complement it with an elegant earring. Spritz some styling product to keep your parted pixie bob in its place. It has a posh look that will make you feel more confident about yourself.

12. Magenta Pin Curls

This hairstyle is not as audacious as a Mohawk. However, it can still provide you with a personality that speaks well of your confidence. The sassy pin curls spiced with bright magenta can look dashing whether it is in a social gathering or a walk in the park.

People can never guess your actual age as these short hairstyles for black women have a knack for making you look younger. Now that is what you call an awesome hairstyle.

13. Perfect Burgundy Curls

Tired of a straight hair? How about playing up some texture on your tresses to make them look more alive? This hairstyle requires the use of a curling iron to give your locks the kind of wavy curls that you need. Before you do, however, make sure to color it in sophisticated burgundy.

This should help give the hair that remarkable look that looks more like it’s bathed in Hollywood spotlight. Don’t forget to apply some hair wax. This will help keep your fancy curls in shape.

14. Simple Side Cut

For those who do not like spending a long time styling their short tresses, here’s a style for you. You can use your fingers to swipe your bangs to one side. It is a casual hairstyle that can still provide you with a much-desired cute factor.

You can sport this hairstyle within minutes of getting out of the shower. It can complement any getup in your wardrobe, too.

15. Platinum Cut

Fans of the X-Men’s Storm know how Halle Berry’s character looks dashing in her platinum hair. You, too, can have that air of sophistication by dyeing your tresses with a touch of platinum. Add to this some wispy layers and you’ve got it made.

The best part about this short hairstyle for black women is that it doesn’t require that much styling. It is best kept in a moderate disheveled appearance. Don’t worry about flyaways. They add to the aesthetics of the hairstyle.

16. Short Finger Waves

This short hairstyle is sure to turn heads wherever you go. It has that sassy look that also borders on sophisticated. The trick here is to have the back cut extra-short. You can have it more like a crew cut among men. You will then work the sides and crown to create miniature waves.

If your hair stylist knows what she is doing, this style is going to give you a more vivacious look. The only issue here is that you will have to give it a bit more tender loving care. You don’t want these lovely, gentle curls to straighten out.

17. Really Short with a Shaved Design

If you want to offer other people a more eye-popping view of the back of your head, then this is the hairstyle to go. This is perfect for African American women who have naturally tight curls. If you don’t have such tresses, you can ask your hair stylist to give you small and tight curls.

Cut the back close to the skin. Get your hair stylist to give your nape a fantastic shaved design. If your stylist cannot do it, your best shot is a barber. They are more proficient when it comes to razors.

18. Taper Fade

Many women do not like curls. Many black women, however, are born with it. If you’re one of these ladies, then you’ve got to try the taper fade. It is the perfect short hairstyle for black women who have natural curls.

Make sure to have the hair on the sides and the nape as short as possible. You can then play with the shape and volume of the crown. Let it fall on the forehead like bangs or you can support them so they stand up in a semi-Mohawk.

19. The Ice Queen

There are many people who do not like sporting gray hair. However, gray can still look stunning if you know how to style your hair. People will never realize that you are already in your golden years. Unfortunately, this hairstyle is quite tricky.

First of all, you don’t want a gray color that will make you look older than your age. You also do not want a hue that looks unnatural. If your hair stylist is able to nail it, you’d be sporting this look for the rest of your life. You’ll never want to try other hairstyles again.

20. Angled and Stacked Bob

African American women who would like to have edgier and more dramatic hair can try a deeply angled and stacked bob. The trick is to have blended layers to give more volume to your tresses.

The front of the locks is longer than those at the back. This creates a very steep angle when you look from the side. This hairstyle has a very sharp shape. You can somehow tame the acuteness of the form by complementing it with more subtle highlights.

21. The Razor Cut

The well-defined hair strands give this hairstyle a more glamorous flair. You can almost see the individual hair strands casting shadows on each other. It creates texture in a way you never thought possible.


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Several strands merge at the tip to create sharp points. And when you color the hair blonde, it provides an amazing contrast to the African American’s unique skin color.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the most important consideration when getting a haircut?

There are many things that you can consider when getting any type of haircut. However, one of the most important is the shape of your face. This is especially true if you are getting a short hairstyle.

Most people get inspiration from their favorite celebrities. Unfortunately, what may look dashing for someone may not look good on you. That is why we recommend learning the different styles of hair that can best complement the shape of your face.

• Will having a short hairstyle change my grooming routine?

People think that having a short hairstyle tends to make life very easy. You get to shorten the length of time you spend in the shower. When it comes to styling, however, having a short hairstyle requires a little bit of TLC.

Of course, there are certain short hairstyles that require no special skills or tools. If you’re after a low-maintenance short hairstyle, you can always go for a pixie or a bob.

• What are the downsides to having a short hairstyle?

It is a lot easier to notice a short hairstyle that desperately needs a trim than long hair. That is why you can expect more frequent trips to the salon to keep your style as polished as ever.

This also translates to spending more money and more time in keeping up with such a style. Make sure you understand these implications before you commit to having a short hairstyle.

• I am not ready to get a short hairstyle. How do I know if a particular style is good for me?

You’ve got to love tech guys. There are now applications that you can download and install on your mobile device. Take a picture of yourself and superimpose on the image a selection of different hairstyles.

These virtual makeover apps make it super easy to decide whether a particular hairstyle fits you or not. You’ll save yourself from the horrors of getting a short cut, only to find out later on that the style doesn’t fit you.

• Should I get advice from a hair stylist?

While there are virtual makeover apps that can make it easy for you to decide on a hairstyle that suits your needs, these may still pale in comparison to the advice of a professional. Our recommendation is to consult with a professional hair stylist.

They have worked with different people having the same issues before. When you combine this with their knowledge of hair styling, they can provide you with a sounder advice. Ask for their honest opinion whether a short hairstyle will suit you. Follow it up with a specific style of short haircut they would recommend.

• If I am going to cut my hair really short, what can I do with the cut hair?

If you have extra-long tresses, there are organizations that accept donations of hair. These organizations have partnerships with manufacturers of wigs and hair extensions. They provide these products to people who have cancer and are undergoing cancer therapy.

Most of them will experience hair loss. Donating your hair can give these people the self-confidence that they need in facing their battles. Examples of these organizations are Locks of Love, Children with Hair Loss, Chai Lifeline, and Wigs for Kids. You can ask your hairstylist if they can facilitate the donation of your cut hair to these organizations.

The unique skin and facial features of African American women make short hairstyles a great choice. These 21 short hairstyles for black women can make you look more stunning. Best of all, they will never make you less feminine.

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