19 Shoulder Length Hair Styles To Cop

Shoulder length hair is the hairstyle of the season. It’s perfect for both cool or warm weather, and it doesn’t disappoint in looking so chic. Unlike other hairstyles that are high maintenance, you don’t need to spend a lot of time styling your shoulder-length hair. If you have healthy hair, all you really need is to wash it, air-dry it, and you’re ready to go.

Reasons to Love Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder-Length hair is the style of every season. It’s chic, versatile, and low-maintenance. Here are some reasons why you should be part of the bandwagon and get your own shoulder-length hair.

1. It’s versatile

You’ve seen Reese Witherspoon, Emma Stone, Barbra Palvin, and Alessandra Ambrosio flaunt this hairstyle and it all looks beautiful. It just shows that a shoulder-length hairstyle can go from straight, curly, and dyed in no time. Think about it as the “just right” of all hair lengths – it’s not too short for you to not be able to tie it and it’s not too long to be unruly and flat.

2. It feels light

Already having a hard time with long tangled hair? Chop off your locks for a lighter hairstyle that will help you have an easier time enjoying the sun. Sure, long wavy locks are great for Instagram photos, but so does shoulder-length hair.

3. Perfect post-breakup look

Every girl has gone through that post-breakup phase where they just want to step out of their misery with a gorgeous new look. While most women think that getting very short hair is the answer, they end up regretting the fact that it is way too short. If you’ve been in this situation before, then you know very well that you shouldn’t cut your hair the moment you think about it.

However, if you’ve decided to get a new look, why not try shoulder-length hair? It looks beautiful on anyone and it’s not a drastic change that you’ll regret.

4. Great for any face shape

Whether you have a round face shape or a square one, there’s a shoulder-length hairstyle that will look great on you. Browse through a number of styles that can hide or emphasize features of your face. Plus, a medium hair length can be paired with waterfall bangs or side-swept bangs if you want to make your face look smaller. You can also play around with curls and waves to give you a softer look.

5. No more dry and frizzy hair

Long hair is a crowd favorite, but in terms of hair health, it’s a lot harder to make it look soft and silky. The more you grow out your hair, the more products you need to keep it healthy. Plus, it’s also more prone to tangles. If you don’t want to experience this every time, then you should shift to shoulder-length hair. With this style, you can say goodbye to split ends and dry, dull-looking hair.

6. It’s low maintenance

Are you a lazy girl who hates spending more than 5 minutes on your hair? With shoulder-length hair, you don’t have to hate having to add so much product and style to your locks. All you need is a brush and air (not even a blow dryer!). Simply air dry your hair and when it’s almost dry, brush it using a paddle brush. Easy, right? You’ll save so much time to prep now.

Shoulder-Length Hairstyles You Need to Cop

Excited to know how you can style your shoulder-length hair? Check out these cool hairstyles.

1. Sleek and Straight

Sleek hairstyles are one of the fashion industry favorites. Whether it’s Gigi Hadid donning a sleek ponytail or Kendal Jenner having a sleek bun, models all over the world just love this classic hairstyle.

Sleek hairstyles are characterized by having a smooth and glossy finish as if oil was put all over your hair. It is often paired with straight hair because straight hair makes your overall look tamer and put-together. To be able to pull off a sleek and straight style on your shoulder-length hair, start by air drying it before putting any product and then styling it after.

2. All Kinds of Brown

Brown is a classic hair color. Almost all over the world, women are born with natural brown hair whether it’s light or dark. Because brown hair is common, a lot of people think that there’s not a lot of fun with it. However, with the emergence of the balayage coloring technique, you can enjoy your brown hair in a lot of different ways.

Balayage is a hair highlighting technique which uses a brush that literally paints over some sections of your hair. It doesn’t use any foil which is its main difference with the traditional highlights. If you want to add dimension and color to your brown hair, try light brown or auburn balayage.

3. Washed Out Platinum

For a more daring look, you can opt for a platinum hair color to pair with your shoulder-length hair. Platinum gives this silvery-white effect to your hair immediately transforming you to a futuristic look. Sure, you have to bleach your hair, but the whole process is all worth it.

4. Brunette with Blonde Highlights

The brunette-with-blonde-highlights hairstyle feels like a huge throwback to the ’90s and early 2000s, but it is still a favorite among a lot of women. This hairstyle works great on shoulder-length hair especially if you have soft curls. Blonde highlights are known to give the perfect accent to hair, and it’s the reason why it has been a hairstyle favorite of many.

5. Blonde on Blonde

Thinking of adding more blonde to your already blonde hair? It’s possible! As of today, there are so many blonde shades that you can get away with having blonde highlights (or lowlights, for that matter) on blonde hair. If you have bright blonde shoulder-length hair, it’s better to have darker blonde highlights. This is what you call lowlights. If you want to add more depth to your pale, blonde hair, lowlights are the way to go.

6. Soft Beach Waves

Soft beach waves are not just for summer. If you want to look a little extra without trying too hard, soft beach waves are a great addition to your everyday hairstyle. What’s great about them is that they are absolutely wonderful on shoulder-length hair.

7. Deep Wine

Want to get that redhead vibe without being too obvious? Dye your hair with a darker shade of red. Think about red wine – it has the perfect shade of red that will make you look elegant and serious. If dyeing your hair with this color is too much, you can opt to use wine red highlights instead.

8. Brown and Lilac Dream

Who says brown and lilac don’t go together? Contrary to popular belief, there is the perfect shade of chocolate brown and lilac that are perfect for each other. You can even add ash brown highlights in the mix!

9. Soft Shoulder-Length Layers

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean that you can’t have layers. In fact, having layers on shoulder-length hair makes you look light and easy especially if you have really straight hair. The key to making you look like you just got out of the salon is to air dry your hair and brush it when it’s almost dry.

10. Warm Redhead

Looking for a new hair color this fall? Try dyeing your hair with auburn. Auburn has a wide array of shades, but there’s one shade that is famous among everyone – the classic auburn. It’s a mix of red and brown that gives you that fiery look whenever you’re under the sun. Even celebrities like Emma Stone and Isla Fisher love this color.

11. Braid It Up

Braids used to be a favorite of young teenagers whenever they want to look more feminine. The same still applies when you grow up. These days, braids can be worn by women of any age. Gone are the days that people think you’re childish when you don a set of Dutch braids.

12. Fly Away Hair

One of the struggles of women with shoulder-length hair is having the ends go in all directions. It’s as if they can’t be tamed! But did you know that you can use them to your advantage? The volume fly away hair gives to flat hair is amazing. If you add a few highlights, you won’t even notice how annoying your tips are.

13. Curly Hair, Don’t Care

A lot of people get insecure about their curls. Sure, curls are unruly, but if you know how to style them, you will realize that it rocks. Show off your dark curly hair by cutting it to shoulder-length. This way, it’s not hard to maintain and it can give you that Millie Bobby Brown-meets-Zendaya vibe.

14. Ombre

Ombre is a crowd favorite among a lot of long-haired women. If you’re worried your hair’s length won’t cut it, think again. You don’t need to have very long hair to show off a good ombre. In fact, if your hairstylist is an expert at what they do, they can give you a subtle ombre that you will love.

15. Long Bob

Thanks to Anna Wintour, the bob has become a timeless hairstyle that not everyone can do justice to. Honestly, no one does it better than Wintour herself. If you want to copy her style but don’t have the confidence to, you can start out with something less drastic like a long bob.

A long bob is a longer version of a bob. You can do an A-line cut or a straight one, depending on your preference. It’s perfect for those who want to commit to a very short bob.

16. Medium Hair with Side-Swept Bangs

Thanks to Emma Stone, side-swept bangs are back in the market. The Easy A actress made it her signature style because it is the best hair you can see on her (not that she doesn’t look good in her other hairstyles). If you have a round face, you can copy Emma Stone’s side-swept bangs to lessen the roundness of your face.

17. Curled-In Bob

If you have a straight cut shoulder-length hair, you’ll love to know that you can make it look softer and more feminine. Instead of just brushing your hair, use a round brush that can give more volume to it. The round brush can help make your curl towards your jawline so it softens your overall look. You can use a blow dryer and hairspray to keep the hair in place.

18. Straight with Blunt Ends

The total opposite of a curled-in bob, the straight cut with blunt ends is popular among young professionals. It gives a chic look that is not too boring and sleek. This hairstyle works great without any highlights, but if you plan on having ombre hair, make sure that you have a smooth progression of colors.

19. Waterfall Bangs

Waterfall bangs are not your typical hide-your-forehead type of bangs. They are the type of bangs that are so thin it’s like you just picked a few strands from the middle and frontmost part of your scalp. If you have soft features, waterfall bangs are a great complement to your look. Just look at the Korean actresses and models with waterfall bangs!

20. Side-Swept Shoulder-Length Hair

Lastly, you have your side-swept shoulder-length hair. If there’s such a thing as side-swept bangs, then there’s also side-swept hair. This look is better used in formal events like weddings, ceremonies, and the like. If you’re worried that there’s no formal-appropriate shoulder-length hairstyle, think again. All you need is a pair of hairpins and hair spray to keep them on one side of your face.

A Guide To Having The Best Shoulder-Length Hair

Not everyone has enough time to style their hair in the morning. Shoulder-length hairstyles are very low maintenance, but like everything else, it all depends on the type of hair you have. If you’re struggling with handling your hair, try these tips to make it your best style ever.

Tip #1: Identify what kind of hair you have.

Before jumping into your new haircut, you have to first know what kind of hair you have. Is it fine? Is it flat? Does it easily accumulate grease? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you understand the best way to take care of it. Women with fine hair often look for products that give volume to their strands. On the other hand, those with thick hair try to get haircuts that make their hair look thinner.

Tip #2: Match your hair cut with your face shape.

One of the best things about shoulder-length hairstyles is that they have a lot of styles that can match any face shape. For example, if you have a round face, your haircut should have a few layers so that the attention goes to your hair and not your actual face shape. You can also get bangs that are long enough so that your face looks like it has angles.

On the other hand, if you have an angular face like a square or a heart shape, you don’t want to have a lot of layers that fly away. Instead, opt for a shoulder-length hair that will hug your face so it’s softer around your jawline.

To help you out, you can take your cue from celebrities that have the same face shape as yours.

Tip #3: Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo.

Sulfate-free shampoo is all the rage these days because sulfates are known to strip your hair from natural moisturizers and oil. In fact, sulfate-free products retain moisture and it is a lot gentler on your hair. They also harm your scalp and hair strands.

Tip #4: Consult with your hairstylist.

In reality, even if there’s a lot of information you can get on the internet, there is no substitute for a consultation. Visit your trusted hairstylist and ask what the best style of shoulder-length hair suits you. If you’ve been a regular at the salon, they will know the perfect hairdo for you. However, not everyone has a trusted hairstylist. Although looking for the right stylist is always a struggle, make sure that you ask a lot of questions the next time you get a new haircut. In that way, even if it’s your first time at that salon, you get the most out of your visit. Plus, you can get all the hair care tips you need!


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Tip #5: Stay out of the sun.

It’s not just your skin that gets damaged when you stay in the sun for a long time. When your hair is exposed to UV rays, the cuticles of your strands can get damaged. They can get discolored, dry, and eventually become brittle. So the next time you plan on staying under the sun, bring an umbrella or wear a cap. It might not be the most stylish thing to do, but at least you don’t damage your hair.

All this talk about shoulder-length hair can inspire you to chop off your locks now. What are you waiting for? Head to your favorite hairstylist now!

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