10 Silver Blonde Hair Ideas For A Standout Look

It’s that time of the year again where icy hair is in season. If you’ve watched Frozen 2 lately, then you know that silver blonde hair is a symbol of being cool and sassy just like Elsa.

What’s Up With Silver Blonde Hair?

Silver blonde hair is a cool trend where you dye your hair in a light shade of blonde and then mix it with a silver dye to end up with glossy platinum-like hair. Because you can mix different proportions of blonde, gray, and silver, there will also be a lot of different shades of silver blonde.

But why dye your hair silver blonde anyway? Aside from the fact that it’s cool, this color looks good on all seasons. Yes, you read that right. Even if it’s summer, your silver blonde hair can still look beautiful and appropriate.

Just imagine yourself on the beach with the shining over your hair. When the sun touches your strands, your hair will sparkle.

Another reason to get silver blonde hair is that there are so many shades you can choose from to make it your own. If you’re a brunette and you’re anxious about the sudden change in color, then there are ways for you to slowly warm up to this icy color.

Lastly, silver blonde is a unique color. Not everyone has the confidence to flaunt this bold color and if you have the confidence to do so, don’t waste your time delaying your salon appointment. Once you get that perfect silver blonde shade that fits you, you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

10 Silver Blonde Hair Inspirations

Want to have that silver blonde hair everyone’s raving about? Check out these 10 style inspirations for your next salon trip.

1. Silver Ash Blonde

One of the most popular shades of silver blonde hair is silver ash blonde. Silver ash blonde combines the colors of silver blonde with gray to create that ash color. Usually, silver ash blonde hair has darker roots.

This is a great technique for those who have naturally dark hair. To preserve your roots, you can just paint your hair strands with silver ash blonde other than covering it up to your roots. The less product you apply on the roots, the better.

2. Black to Silver Ombre

Silver blonde hair is one of those hair colors that look great when it’s ombre. Ombre is the slight gradation from one color to another.

Just because silver blonde is in a different family than black, doesn’t mean that they can’t fit together. Take a look at these photos for your next ombre inspiration!

3. Silver Blonde with Brunette Highlights

Most of the time, silver blonde is just used for highlights. With this hair color, silver blonde is the base color while brown is your highlights.

If you don’t want to look all white out or cold, you can add a little warmth to your hair color by adding brunette highlights. You can also use a warmer shade of silver blonde to complement the brown.

4. Platinum Blonde Boy Cut

Feeling a little more rebellious? Channel your inner Kristen Stewart with this boyish cut. Although this will make you feel uncomfortable at first, you’ll eventually warm up to it and realize that there are so many ways to look chic with a boy cut. Plus, it’s a lot easier to maintain.

5. Warm Blonde

So you’re not a big fan of that cold silver blonde style, now what? Don’t worry, there are warmer shades of blonde that go well with tan skin.

This yellowish blonde hair color will be a great base to add some silver or brown highlights to it. This hair color is perfect for the summer! Check out these summer-ready hair colors.

6. Brown and Blonde Balayage

Ever since balayage came into the picture, people were going to the salon to get their hair done. If you want to marry brown and blonde, then balayage is the technique to try.

It looks more natural than doing highlights, and it’s great when light bounces off your hair. Get this 2-in-1 hair color with this hairstyle.

7. Dark Silver Blonde

Look a little more mysterious with this dark silver blonde hair. Instead of having a yellowish blonde or a platinum-shaded blonde, add more gray into the mix to get this enchanting effect. This is perfect for those who don’t want to fully cover their hair with platinum blonde.

8. Black and Blonde Combo

When you think about it, black and blonde aren’t the first two colors you would think of combining. However, when you add them to your hair, you end up with an ash-like effect except that it looks and feels a lot warmer.

It’s even one of the most common hair colors for those who love going to the beach because of how great it complements any skin tone.

9. Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots

Want to preserve the color of your roots? This hair color will help you achieve just that. Coloring your hair to a totally light color can damage your roots, so it’s best to leave it alone when you want to bleach your hair.

You can also do some sort of ombre mixture just to have a gradual transition from the color of your roots to your tips so that it doesn’t look like you forgot to dye your roots platinum blonde.

10. Silver Blonde and Blue

Muster the courage to try out a new hue with this silver blonde and blue combo. When mixed with silver blonde, blue becomes a more subtle accent to your bright hair. This is perfect for the cool weather, especially if it’s been raining in your area for a long time.

How To Get Silver Blonde Hair

Since silver blonde hair is not an entirely natural color, there are certain things you have to do first before you achieve this beautiful shade.

1. Get a consultation

Before jumping into silver blonde hair, you have to get a consultation from a hairstylist first. The purpose of this consultation is to ask about the best way to achieve silver blonde hair that will not damage your hair strands.

Usually, the darker your natural hair color is, the more product you have to use. This can be damaging to your hair especially if it’s sensitive to bleach and hair color.

To ensure that you are transitioning right towards silver blonde hair, it’s always best to ask an expert. This way, you get professional’s advice on how to go about it.

2. Decide what shade you want

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of shades for silver blonde hair. It’s highly recommended that you have a photo of the color you want to be done on your hair so it’s easier to communicate it with your hairstylist.

Also, you can ask your hairstylist about the best shade that matches your skin tone. If you have fair skin, then a cooler shade of silver blonde should be applied to you. If you have tan skin, it’s best to stick to warmer shades.

3. Bring your base hair to a lighter shade

Now that you know what color you want, the next thing to do is to bring your natural hair color nearer to the goal. If you have dark hair, hairstylists suggest that you should gradually lighten your hair color instead of doing this in one day.

This is because bleach dries and damages your hair and if you put so much product all in one day, then you can definitely expect some damage.

For dark brown to black hair, you have to allot 4-6 months of hair color changes before achieving your desired hair color. During these 6 months, your hairstylist will dye your hair a shade lighter.

4. Add a silver toner

The final step before getting silver blonde hair is placing a silver toner. Those who are naturally blonde or have blonde highlights can go straight to applying silver toner.

How To Take Care of Bleached Hair

When coloring your hair any kind of silver blonde hair, you will most likely go through bleaching. If you have dark hair, brown hair, and even brunette, you have to wash out that natural color to accommodate the new white shade you plan to have. Here’s a crash course of everything you have to know about bleaching before jumping into the silver blonde wagon.

But what is bleaching anyway? Bleaching is the process of stripping your hair of its current pigment through oxidation. It uses a bleaching agent to start the whole process. If you want to change the color of your hair or have it a few shades lighter, you will have to go through bleaching.

The most common bleaching agents are hydrogen peroxide and ammonia; however, a lot of people are looking for alternatives as these two are known to damage your hair. Peroxide-free products are now in the market and you can opt to use these products that are more “hair-friendly”.

The Pros and Cons of Bleaching

Even if it’s widely used in the hair industry, there is more to bleaching that meets the eye. Make sure that you know what you’re getting into once you decide to get your hair bleached.


1. It achieves the exact hair color you want (almost)

Have you ever experienced using those DIY dyes and end up not having the color you were hoping to have? This is because putting a different color to your hair without bleaching it will just mix the two colors instead of having the color of the dye.

For example, you are a natural dark browned hair girl, and you want to have auburn hair. When you used the DIY dye, the hair color that came out was a reddish version of your brown hair instead of the actual auburn color the package was showing.

If you want to achieve a certain hair color, then getting a bleach will help you do that. This is because bleaching makes sure that your current hair color gets removed before you put on a different color. Just like the example above, not bleaching will just mix the two dyes together.

2. It lightens any shade of hair color

Another reason to love bleaching is that you can expect it to lighten your hair a few shades. If what you want to do is just lighten your hair, then bleaching is the way to go. There’s no need to buy a new hair dye, bleaching has it all covered!

3. It helps transition to a different hair color

Think about this as having a clean slate. If you want to transition to a totally different hair color, then you need bleaching to “remove” your current color. So far, this is the fastest and best way to transition from one color to the next without using too much product.

4. You can do this at home

Another thing that makes bleaching a great idea is that you can do this at home. There are DIY bleaching kits available in drug stores at a very affordable price. If you don’t have the time to go to a salon, you can just bleach your own hair at your own convenience.


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1. It damages your hair

One of the most popular reasons why you have to think twice about getting your hair bleached is the damage it does to your hair. Even if you have healthy hair, there’s still a high chance that your strands will get dry after your first bleach or after several bleaching sessions. Sometimes, hair strands end up looking flat or completely fried as if you’ve overdone the use of a hair iron.

2. You need to constantly do it

Bleaching is not permanent which is why you have to maintain it once your roots show its natural color. If your natural hair color is far from silver blonde hair, then it’s better to continue the bleaching process to prevent having darker roots that don’t match the rest of your hair.

3. It’s not recommended for those who have sensitive scalps

If you will notice, most hair stylists ask you if you have allergies from different hair products. This is because bleaching ingredients can be harsh to the scalp that it can cause a slight tingling feeling.

Although this is normal and temporary, there are times when the products are too strong for your scalp. It’s best to have a skin test first before proceeding with the bleach.

Tips for a Better Silver Blonde Transition

The key to achieving the perfect silver blonde hair is preparation. Getting this color (especially if you have dark hair) does not come overnight. To make sure you get it right the first time, here are some tips.

1. Get a consultation first.

Nothing beats knowing whether you should bleach now or postpone it to later. Even if you’re already excited to get silver blonde hair, it’s not worth it if you get damaged or very dry hair after.

To know if your hair is ready for a bleach, consult with a hair colorist first. He or she will advise you on what your hair needs before transitioning to silver blonde hair. Plus, you can also get their opinion on what shade of silver blonde suits your skin color.

2. Make sure you have healthy hair.

Bleaching can damage your hair, so it’s important that you get into it with healthy hair already. Make sure that you’ve been conditioning your hair plus adding moisturizers to keep the oils and nutrients locked in. Now is also the best time to reduce styling your hair. Trimming your is another way of taking care of it, so do this before you get a bleach.

3. Don’t use DIY on the first try.

Those who aren’t familiar with bleaching products are not advised to do DIY on their first try. Aside from the fact that you could make a mistake, there might be a reaction to the product. Your scalp or skin might not be ready for it, or you could put it on too long. Besides, it’s hard to avoid bleaching your roots on your own.

4. Pace your hair color changes.

Hair colorists recommend to pace your hair color appointments if you want to go for a drastic color change. This will help your hair breathe a little instead of stripping all of the nutrients in one go. If you have dark-colored hair, then expect to go through a series of hair dyes and bleaches in a span of 6 months.

5. Use conditioner.

Once you’ve bleached your hair, there are certain hair care routines that can help you have healthy hair. One of those is regularly using conditioner to make sure that your strands don’t dry out. Depending on your hair texture, you can use conditioner every day or every other day.

If you think about it, silver blonde hair is not an easy hair color to do. However, if you want to stand out and try something bold, this is the perfect chic and classy color to go for. Unleash your inner Elsa with this cool hair color!

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