173 Fast and Free Sock Bun Hairstyles You can DIY for Any Occasion

Most women can not leave the house without styling their hair. However, it is really not necessary to spend a lot of time and money on complex hairstyles done exclusively in beauty salons. In just five minutes, you can make a sock bun that’s stylish and effective in terms of attractiveness. To do this, you must follow a few simple steps about which we will tell you everything as it follows.

A large variety of hairdressing supplies found in specialized stores amazes the inexperienced consumer. The number of unfamiliar items tends to infinity, and the cost corresponds to them. However, some of them can be replaced with improvised means at home. For example, a hairstyle made with a sock is no worse than a hairstyle made with a store bought foam bagel. In this article, we will teach you how to make a sock bun yourself and talk about other hair-styling options as well. In addition, we have prepared 170+ examples of sock bun hairstyles worn by both celebrities and regular women.


The Bun’s Short Story

The bun as a hairstyle has existed for so long that hardly anyone can tell when it appeared exactly. This hairstyle’s peak of popularity was in the seventies. Since then, the bun has not ceased to be a success and we are not surprised. Because it is suitable for all kinds of social occasions, as well as for everyday wear, the bun can be called versatile.

High or low, smooth or careless, the bun comes with a large variety of options. In addition, it doesn’t require too many styling tools or hair products to keep it in place. In fact, the only accessories it needs are those that you are willing to use. When it comes to the decoration of the bun, your personal taste is the only factor you should consider. However, we will still list a few ideas for inspiration.

The hair length required for this hairstyle should be no higher than the shoulders. If your hair is naturally thick, then the bun will turn out voluminous. Owners of thin and medium-long hair, however, will have to make a little more effort in order to achieve the wanted result.

What About the Sock?

We are sure that you are familiar with the steps needed to take in order to style your hair into a bun. You have probably used a foam bagel or other similar accessory at least once in your life. However, we are now presenting the sock bun, which is a fast and first of all free method to make a versatile hairstyle. Here are a few general considerations:

The hair is collected in a ponytail with the help of a thin, elastic band. The ponytail can be located high, above the crown, in the middle of the head, or even on a side. The sock comes in next. After cutting it and rolling it in the shape of a bagel or donut, it must be placed at the base of the ponytail. The hair must be spread so that it covers the sock and then secured with another thin, elastic band. The remaining strands of hair can be tucked in, braided or styled in other ways. Secure the end result with hairpins and hairspray.

If the length of the hair allows, the bun can be made at neck level. To do this, you must use another technique that also includes a sock. In fact, this hairstyle has Greek roots and is suited for an evening look or a gala event. So, read further to find out how!

Use a Sock to Create a Sock Bun

Before proceeding directly to the styling options that can be implemented with a sock, you should prepare it. Since it can replace as many as 2 hairdressing elements, there are the same number of algorithms for its modification. It should be noted that thin socks are best suited for this.

Take a clean, high sock and cut off the fingers part. As a result, you should get a kind of pipe with holes on both sides. Start folding the sock inward until you get a plump, fabric bagel. The longer the sock is, the thicker the base of the bun will be and the more massive the hairstyle itself. So, think about how big you’d like your bun to be. However, if your hair is thin, you will not be able to completely cover a big sock with it. Therefore, you should also take this aspect into consideration.

Another important aspect would be to choose a sock that has a similar color to your hair color. Otherwise, you might not be able to fully cover it and hide it.

Women with particular long hair might need a roll of two or more pairs of socks. Cut the fingers part for every sock that you plan on using. Especially if the socks are low and thin, you should use more. Next, just insert them into each other.

In any case, it is important to ensure that the sock itself is not visible. If there is not enough thickness in your hair, it is better to resort to artificial hair or not style your hair in bun at all.

The Main Sock Bun Hairstyle Types

Among all types of sock buns, we can count the smooth bun, the messy bun, wavy bun, bun with braids and many more!

The Smooth Bun

This version of the hairstyle looks very impressive. So, it is suitable for important events such as the wedding of a friend, the celebration of a new year or birthday and so on. In order to create it, it is necessary to straighten your hair and then collect it in a ponytail and smooth it out with a comb. Next, you should use the sock that you rolled and create a smooth result. Using hairspray is recommended for this regal look.

Here are a few useful steps that present one of the techniques:

Comb the entire mass if your hair and, if necessary, moisten it a little with salt spray for example. Collect your hair on top or in the back of the head, depending on where you want the sock bun to be and also depending on the length of your hair. Next, tighten it with the help of an elastic band. Remove any signs of untidiness after you do so.

Now, if your hair is long, then put the bagel made of your sock on the very tip of your ponytail and begin twisting out. Your hair strands should be turning together with the bagel. Do this until you reach the base of the ponytail.

With a flashing motion, insert several hairpins in the center through the lower edge of the donut.

Conversely, if your hair is only medium-long, then the bagel should be placed at the base of the ponytail. Next, you should distribute the hair over it in order to mask the sock completely. So, the tips should be hidden under the sock and fixed with invisible hairpins.

The Messy Bun

This variation of the bun will help you create a romantic look and add lightness to your appearance. First, use hair mousse and apply it along the entire length of hair. Next, if you have straight hair, you should curl it a little. After you’re done curling, collect your hair in a not so high ponytail. Use the sock donut but this time don’t arrange every strand in a tidy manner. Arrange it in a messy, but stylish way. Make sure the messiness stays put all day by using a little hairspray.

The Babette Done With a Sock

Another hairstyle version that can be performed with a sock rolled into a bagel is the Babette. In order to create it, you will also need hair foam or mousse. In addition, you will need a large number or hair pins, as well as invisible rubber bands. Also, in case your hair is long, it would be best to prepare two donuts made of socks.

Comb through the entire mass of hair and smooth it out so that the tips are slightly tucked inward and use a little hair spray. Make a ponytail and use one or two socks. Distribute the rest of your hair over the bagels and secure them with elastic bands. Don’t forget to tease your hair a little as well since the Babette is all about the volume.


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The Wavy Bun

A perfect option for an evening out is the wavy bun. To create it, you need to curl your hair in large waves, after applying mousse to it. After curling, your hair needs to be collected in a ponytail and secured with an elastic band. Next, the elastic must be masked with the ends of your hair. You can do this by not fully tightening the elastic. This is because you will have to tuck the ends of your hair under it. Or, you can just use hair pins. The sock must be inserted as previously mentioned.

As for the height of the bun, it can be what you want: a high bun is just as good as a low bun. However, trends these days dictate sideways buns. Also, do not forget that you can turn a boring hairstyle into an elegant one using the appropriate accessories.

Combine Braids With a Sock Bun

In order to create the bun, you will need the same sock. This hairstyle is done in almost the same way as the previous versions. The difference consists in the fact that you will not use all your hair to cover the sock, but leave a few strands out. The reason why you need those is because you will braid them and then wrap them around the bun. Or, you could braid more and cover the sock with them, using the same technique as with free hair.

As for the braids themselves, the technique is up to you. You can choose to plait a simple, three strand braid or go for more complicated designs such as the fishtail or the Dutch braid.

Braids are lacy details that transform a simple hairstyle into something else. Depending on your style, it could become either more elegant or more laid back as in the hippie style. You are the one who can control this aspect.

Keep in mind that two women can look very different even with the same hairstyle. That’s why it’s important for you to find your own version of this hairstyle. If you want, you can decorate your sock bun with rhinestones, beads of different sizes and color, as well as romantic and highly accessorized hair pins. In fact, colors are able to emphasize the beauty of your hair.

In addition, do not forget to experiment! For example, release a couple of strands from under the bun and curl them. Or, so something else with your bangs!

Bun Decorated With a Side Braid

A beautiful hairstyle for an evening walk or for a date, the bun decorated with a side braid turns out to be a romantic choice. Here is how it’s done:

  • Separate a strand of your your hair that starts from your parting line and not from the very front of your forehead;
  • Braid it carefully towards the back of your head. You can leave a few strands of hair to frame your face or opt to collect all frontal strands into this braid;
  • After you’re done braiding, pull the sides gently in order to confer it more volume;
  • Gather your hair into a ponytail and then use the sock to make a version of the bun that you like;
  • Once that’s done, use the braid to wrap the bun with;
  • Using hair spray is recommended, but not mandatory.

Is the Sock Bun Suitable for You?

This hairstyle is versatile and practical. There are no strict criteria when it comes to making a bun in general. However, in order to achieve a harmonious look that’s close to perfection, take the following stylists’ recommendations into account:

  • Girls with an oval face shape shouldn’t hesitate to choose any of the available bun options;
  • Women with a triangular face should focus on low buns and add bangs to their hairstyle. Such a combination results in tenderness and femininity;
  • In case of chubby women or those with a full face or a square face shape should combine the sock bun with bangs or a few strands of hair that frame their faces;
  • A high bun is definitely not suited for girls with a short neck. So, pay attention to low bun styling options;
  • Wavy or curly hair is welcome unless you want a French chic bun. A careless, wavy bun looks natural, feminine and harmonious;
  • Two symmetrical buns are styling choices you should consider. They will add insolence and vividness to your character, as well as coquetry and lightness;
  • A restrained version of the wavy bun or a smooth bun are both suited for the office or business meetings;
  • For a festive celebration, you should choose airy and light models. Decorate them with curls, bows, ribbons and so on.

The Sock Bun – Pros and Cons

The sock bun is a popular hairstyle among both adult women and young fashionistas. It is practical and versatile, as well as undemanding when it comes to the quality and length of the hair. In addition, it pleases thanks to its variety when it comes to styling it. Moreover, the sock bun can be used as an everyday hairstyle with nothing special added to it. Even in its simple form it looks feminine, stylish, spectacular and consistent with the current fashion trends.

As mentioned before, both students and business women are encouraged to wear this hairstyle. Depending on the situation, you can focus on making a classic and restrained business bun. Conversely, if you want to look playful, you can make two sock buns, also called space buns. Another option would be a wavy bun, decorated with a diadem and flowers. This one would be a perfect choice for a wedding.

Stacking a sock bun is quick and easy once you get the hang of it. So, this is definitely a plus for any hairstyle.

More Sock Bun Hairstyles

Even if we could explain with simple words each hairstyle comprised by this article, we feel that showing you countless pictures could work best. In addition, there are also step by step images that teach you how to achieve a sock bun variation in just a few minutes, without the need of too many tools or accessories.

A fast and free hairstyle, the sock bun can be made in so many different ways that it covers a wide array of women. You might not like the French chic bun, but you could love the messy bun with braids. You never know, so browse further to find out for sure! More than 100 photos are waiting to inspire you!

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